Ella Found CA Care After Turning Into The Wrong Road

One of our favourite questions we ask patients is: Who ask you to come here? Or, How do you know us? Over the years, we were given many interesting answers. The answers made us believe that in this Universe, we don’t live in isolation. Human beings are interconnected and things happened for a reason.

Ella, is an Australian. Many years ago she came to know about CA Care. Let her tell you what happened that day.



Ella’s mother died in the hospital. She went to pick up her ashes and the container was placed by her side as she drove home. With a heavy heart, probably saddened with her mom’s death, Ella drove into a “wrong” road instead of going straight on home.

Ella ended up at a garden centre. She did not know why she was there. Ella believed that mom is always her guardian angel. She turned to her “mom” and asked, “Are you trying to tell me something?”

Ella walked into the garden centre, eyes still filled with tears. She told Jim, the owner of the centre, that she did not why she was there in the first place. Jim asked Ella, “Are you alright? Do you have cancer?” Ella did not have cancer at that time, but she has a charity that helps cancer patients. Jim led Ella to his office and showed her our CA Care books.

That’s how Ella got to know us! Simple story but it has a lot of implications if you care to ask and reflect on this event.

  1. This happened somewhere in Melbourne, Australia — not Malaysia!
  2. Why was Jim so nice to Ella. She did not even know why she ended in Jim’s garden centre. She was not a prospective customer.
  3. How does Jim know CA Care? Jim is a Malaysian who knew Chris a long time ago. They were both from the Agricultural College.
  4. Why did Ella take the wrong turn to go home? Talking to her mom’s ashes, she asked, “Are you trying to tell me something?”
  5. For most people, the story just ends there. But Ella felt there is something to what had happened. She visited Malaysia in June 2007 and took time to meet Chris in Kuala Lumpur. From then, we kept in touch.
  6. In November 2008, we received a three-page fax from Australia with the following message:

“Here are the results of the tests. I am going in for an operation tomorrow 28 November 2008. I will call as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your support and love. Good health and lots of laughter. Love, Ella.”

  • The medical report indicated, “in the pelvis, the uterus is markedly enlarged with extensive heterogenous soft tissues measuring 7 x 10 cm in maximal diameters, entirely consistent with endometrial tumour.Conclusion: Intrauterine tumour. Poorly differentiated carcinoma favouring uterine origin. No evidence of tumour spread elsewhere.”
  • Immediately, Ella had an operation.
  • She was asked to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. Without these follow up treatments, the surgeon said she would probably have 3 months to live!
  • Ella opted for CA Care herbs and turned down further medical treatment (it is now, 2015 and Ella is doing fine. More of this later).
  1. “Mom, are you trying to tell me something?” Mother has always been a loving and caring person. Even if mom was gone, she is still Ella’s guardian angel.

“Nothing in this world happens without a reason. That we are all exactly where we are supposed to be, and that the pieces of the puzzle have a tendency to come together when you least expect it.”
 Jane Green, The Beach House