Workshop – 17 September 2016 by CanSurvive


Holistic Healing of Cancer: Sharing our 20 years of experience 

 by Chris K H Teo, Ph.D. —

This seminar comes in five parts.

Part 1 examines the reality of today’s problem and discusses our suggestions of what we can do about it. Mainly the solutions are: to seek information and be an empowered patient, taking full responsibility for our health and not to be misled. We need to ask questions and evaluate critically the answers given. Then make our own decision based on what our “head and heart” say. Above all, if you are told that you have cancer, do not panic. Don’t let others dehumanize and trap you!

Part 2 focuses on the present day medical treatments of treating the incurable disease. Prof. Gershom Zajicek warned us, You want to be cured. Unfortunately most chronic illnesses, e.g. cancer, are essentially incurable …. cure is unrealistic. Patients are told that chemotherapy prolongs life, improves quality of life or stops cancer from spreading. How true are these claims? Be aware of the initial positive results which could be deceptive. Lastly, know that medical treatment for cancer is not cheap!

Part 3 lays out the options you have — that is, the option of doing nothing, go for alternative / complementary therapy or go for medical treatment. What if we do nothing?

Part 4 discusses our CA Care Therapy – an approach to cancer healing which we have adopted with good results over the past 20 years. We teach you to live with your cancer, not waging war with your cancer. Our experience tells us that there is no cure for cancer. At a point in time in the future, the cancer can came back again. In this seminar we also bring up the topic about death — it is the ultimate healing for all our problems. Unfortunately, it is an unpleasant topic; but at CA Care we are very pragmatic. We will all die one day. To deny this possibility is a grave mistake. We tell our patients — if you can eat, can sleep, can move around and have no pains — be grateful. Be grateful for what you are and what you have! Be grateful for being able to wake up in the morning and have another day!

Part 5 is Question & Answer time. Grateful thanks to our special guests: Jessie Tee, Heng Jet Geong, Hj. Hanafi Awang,  Manmeet Kaur, Anita Tee and Seah Koo Nee. They shall be sharing their cancer experiences with us.