Prostate Problems: Herbs helped him!

IR is a 57-year-old Indonesian. He came to seek our help in early January 2017. His problems started in November 2015 when he had difficulty urinating. There was blood in his urine. He went to a hospital in Jakarta and underwent a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). In this procedure the doctor inserted an instrument up the urethra to remove the blockage. After this procedure, IR was able to urinate normally.

Three months later, IR ate hai som or sea cucumber cooked in vinegar, soy sauce and chilly. The next morning he was not able to urinate again!

He  came to a private hospital in Penang. His PSA was 11 plus and he was prescribed a drug for his condition. After taking this medication his PSA dropped to 6.

But a check done on 5 January 2017 showed the PSA had gone up to 8.99. IR was unhappy about this and he came to seek our help. He presented with the following problems:

  1. Coughs with dry and itchy throat.
  2. Feeling of urine blockage. As a result he had to go the toilet frequently to release this urine.

We prescribed IR: Capsule A, C, D and M. Besides that he was given Mt. Guava Detox Tea, Prostate A and Prostate B tea. In addition he was prescribed Cough 11 and Cough 10 teas for his cough.

After a month, IR came back and reported that the problem with his cough resolved after taking the cough herbs. He took Prostate B tea for two weeks and his urine flow was normal — no more blockage. His PSA as of 11 February 2017 was 8.22 (a slight drop from 8.99).

IR was very happy with the above results. HIs PSA did not increase! When he was on doctor’s medication, his PSA dropped for a while and started to increase.

Chris: Did you take care of your diet?

IR: Yes, I followed your advice.

Listen to our conversation that morning.