Book Review: Leaving No Stone Unturned

“To leave no stone unturned” is an idiom that means to do everything possible to find something or to solve a problem.


The Author: This book is write by Dorit Rishoni-Mandil, artist and author. She lives in Israel with her two sons and her partner. website:

At age 43,in 2007, Dorit was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. The doctor assured her that the cancer was likely to be suppressed after surgery, radiotherapy (28 sessions) and six months of chemotherapy. It was not to be. Less than two years after the medical treatments the cancer recurred in her backbone. Dorit underwent surgery and radiotherapy again. And again the cancer came back after three years. She was again treated with radiation. A year later, the cancer recurred for the fourth time — it is now defined as Stage 4. She suffered severe abdominal pain, nausea and severe weight loss.

Perhaps enough is enough? Remember what Albert Einstein said?

Dorit decided to investigate non-conventional ways of dealing with the disease. She said, I find it hard to understand why people turn to alternative medicine so late. If it’s a result of ignorance, then I will now contribute my share to the mass of knowledge. Perhaps it is due to a prejudice that only doctors and drugs can resolve health problems.

Why Did She Write this Book? I wrote this book because I wanted to propagate the fact that it’s possible to live with cancer in full health. January 15, 2017

Dorit decided to know more about alternative treatments for cancer. For three months, day and night, I sat at the computer and read stories of American survivors. I crossed-referenced my information and searched for articles that confirm the effectiveness of the substance they take.

In her face book she posted a notice asking cancer survivors in Israel to share their experiences. She said, In doing so, you will encourage others … In other words, you can help save the lives of cancer victims — perhaps a new one every day! Thus I began my search …. it was not an easy task.

To start with, here are some inspiring words that inspired Dorit.

  • Recovery depends on many factors, including mental factors and the type and severity of the cancer ~
  • You deserve to be healthy. You are blessed beyond your wildest dreams ~ Luoise Hay.
  • We take 100 percent responsibility over our lives, acquiring the power to release and fix things that are stuck in our lives ~ Ho’oponopopo method of healing.
  • Cancer starts from the soul, and that the combination of mental healing and proper nutrition is critical ~
  • Severe emotional events could remove an organ from the right frequency, hindering its optimal functioning. That’s when a disease appears ~ Hamer, New Medicine.
  • If you get cancer, know that you can live with it in harmony for years. Living with cancer in perfect health ~ Gershom Zajicek.

Dorit sought and went on to meet many cancer survivors in Israel. She learned and noted down the methods they used to “win” over cancer. Knowing or reading is of no value if you don’t practise what you know! Dorit practised and tested on herself what she learned from these cancer survivors.  As a result of her strong commitment  Dorit healed herself. She survived beyond her prognosis

In this book, Dorit shared the experiences of her cancer journey. In addition, she documented the healing stories of 28 other people who survived their cancers. They are “heroes” and they are unique in their own ways solving their life’s challenges BUT they showed some basic similarities.

  1. Taking responsibility of your own health. If you don’t help yourself no one can help you. You reap the consequences of your decisions and actions.
  2. Change of diet is essential to your healing. Eating only natural, unprocessed foods and removing sugar from the menu.
  3. Using herbs and dietary supplements – plants have tremendous healing power.
  4. Following your intuition. Use your heart not your head to be constantly attentive to what’s right for me and makes me feel good.
  5. Letting go of repressed emotionseven if it seems everything is fine now, there are some things from my past that I should process, deconstruct, and let go.
  6. Living a full life with cancer. Elevating positive emotions on a daily basis – constantly searching for what I already have, what’s good, what pleases me, and what I’m thankful for. Always acknowledging what’s good in my life.
  7. Getting help – I have learned and still learn every day how important it is to ask people for help and to tell those dearest to me about the path that I chose, in regards to physical aspects and when making decisions about various treatments.


I am glad that Dorit had found the path to her healing. She tried medical treatments thrice — surgery, chemo and radiation. Thrice she failed.

She decided to look at the “other side” (the so call unproven, unscientific, quackery) and Dorit found healing and survived to write this book.

Her path to healing is not easy. She put in her heart and soul to make her well and she was well rewarded. Success does not come to patients who are only interested in easy “handouts” by just sitting under a coconut tree hoping for some magic potions to fall from the sky. Dorit worked hard, day and night with full commitment to find her healing. And she found it. I salute her. I recommend that you read her book. You can get it from

I admired her desire to share what she learned with others. How many of us want to “waste” time doing that? I once told a cancer patient, By sharing and helping others you also cure yourself. From my own experience, by talking with patients and writing their stories, I too benefit and learn to heal my life. It is more blessed to give than to receive!

We started CA Care in 1995 — more than two decades ago. At that time I knew nothing about cancer. I did not even know the difference between radiotherapy and chemotherapy! I started with a blank slate. I read and read. I talked to cancer patients who are really my teachers. With time, I learned a lot and later could write more than a dozen books on the subject. There over 600 articles in our website and almost 900 videos in YouTube. And I have not stopped learning. I am still reading and writing.

The CA Care Therapy which we advocated some twenty-years plus ago benefited many patients.

The core of CA Care Therapy


The journey we went through was very much like Dorit’s journey in Israel.  The language of healing is universally the same, no matter where you are on this planet.

If you are sincere and honest in wanting a find a solution to cancer, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist. You don’t have to go to a medical school. Just read and use your commonsense and you can come up with a near correct answer.

Dorit is a artist. When she had cancer she went through surgery, chemo and radiation which did not cure her. In short, she learned life’s lesson the hard way. After a few months of intense reading, talking and researching she found something to save and prolong her life. And yet for many, they are we still saying that medical treatment is the only answer to cancer! Wake up, please.