Endometrial Cancer: Her Cancer Recurred Four Years After Surgery. More and more chemo would not cure her!

Eka is a 56-year-old lady from Jakarta. She was diagnosed with endometrial cancer by a doctor in Jakarta and underwent a total hysterectomy. The histopathology report dated 11 July 2013 indicated cervical polyp with cyst; endometrosis duplex — endometroid carcinoma.

After the surgery, Eka was asked to undergo chemotherapy. She refused the treatment. Eka sought a second opinion from another doctor in Jakarta. She was told to take hormonal drugs, instead of chemo. Not satisfied, Eka came to consult another doctor in a private hospital in Penang.

A check-up in Penang indicated everything was okay. Her CA 125 was normal.

In 2017 (i.e. four years later), Eka had pains in her back. She came back to Penang again and consulted with the same doctor she had met earlier.

A CT scan was done and there was a 9 cm cyst in her peritoneal cavity. Eka underwent another operation to remove the cyst. The histopathology report confirmed a high grade peritoneal serous carcinoma — left pelvic cyst wall. This operation cost her RM30,000.

From January 2018 to April/May 2018, Eka underwent chemotherapy. The drugs used were Carboplatin and Paclitaxel. Each cycle of chemo cost RM2,900. Eka received a total of 6 cycles. (Note: The same treatment using the same drugs costs SGD7,000 (RM21,000) per cycle if done in Singapore by a well known oncologist).

After the completion of the treatment, USG in May 2018, indicated everything was clean — okay! Her CA125 was normal. Eka was told to come back for review every three months.

In August 2018, CT scan done at the cancer hospital where she had her chemotherapy showed good results. Everything was okay.

In May 2019 (less than a year), CT showed the cancer had recurred.

  • Lung – 2 mm nodule seen in the left upper lobe.
  • Heterogenous lobulated mass in the left pelvis measuring 4.9 x 4.5 cm seen abetting the adjacent bowel loops.

Impression: New peritoneal deposits or nodal metastasis in keeping with disease recurrence.

On 13 May 2019, her CA125 was at 158.4. Ten days later, 23 May 2019, her CA125 shot up to 385. Eka was asked to undergo chemotherapy immediately as the cancer seemed to be aggressive. She was scheduled for 6 cycles of chemotherapy using the same drugs used earlier — Carboplatin and Pactitaxel.

After Eka received one cycle of this chemo, she received a message in her hand phone asking her to see us. So a day after receiving her chemo, Eka and her husband came to seek our help. Listen to our conversation this morning:

Chris: What do you want to do now? Do you want to still continue with your chemo? Actually what is your expectation when you come here? What do you expect me to do for you?

Taking Herbs While On Chemotherapy

Husband: From your website, I read that your therapy is just a supplementary treatment. We hope that in addition to the medical treatment, we can  also take your herbs (Note: This perception is not quite right!).

C: If you want to take the herbs and at the same time undergo chemotherapy, I suggest that you tell your oncologist first. Ask him if this is okay.

H: I have never asked the doctor about that.

C: It is better that you ask your doctor first. He may be angry with you. What if he says, “no herbs while on chemo”? So, what you want to do next? I know that most oncologists will not allow their patients to take herbs while on chemo. On top of that, I also know that they may blame the herbs if the cancer comes back after the chemo!

Eka: Oh, you mean if the cancer recurs, that is because I take your herbs during the chemo?

Husband: We have never taken herbs before.

C: Your story of recurrence after chemotherapy is common. Cisplatin, carboplatin, etc. — read the medical literature and you will know that it does not cure the cancer. The cancer recurs after such treatment. And that is also what happened to you. After 6 cycles of carboplatin + Paclitaxel, the cancer recurred after a year. So what happened to you is nothing unusual … a common story. But what can I do? People believe the doctors!

Pray and ask God for His Guidance

C: Let’s pray and ask God to tell you what to do.

Husband: We feel that God led us to see you.

C: Yes, many patients often tell me the same.

Husband: I just got to know you. Tell us if we should continue with the chemo or start taking your herbs.

C: I cannot answer that question.

Husband: We want to take your herbs because we believe God had sent us to see you.

Eka: Doctor, since I was had cancer in 2017, 2018 and 2019, no one has ever told us about you. We have never heard of CA Care. Then in 2019 after my CA125 started to increase, I discussed my problem with my WhatsApp group. I got messages pointing me to Pak Kiantoro. His message was to seek your help. I did not know who he is. Then my husband. He had never discussed my problem with anyone. He too started to have messages (not WhatsApp group) informing him to come and see CA Care. We started to think how could this be.

Before Undergoing Any Treatment Ask These Questions First

C: I always tell patients that before they proceed with any treatment (or surgery) always ask the doctor these questions. One,  can the treatment or procedure cure me? Two, how much does the treatment cost? Three, what are the side effects.

Eka:  The oncologist had already said chemotherapy is not going to cure me. The cancer will recur and recur.

C; That is why I said — before doing anything ask first. But unfortunately many patients do it the other way round. After they have undergone all the treatments and these failed, only they would start asking their doctors why there is no cure.

 Think First Before You Follow Our Therapy

 Husband:  We want to try your herbs … we want to try.

C: Okay. You need to know that only you and you alone who can cure yourself. My herbs are not magic portions. But I can also tell you that I have seen miracles happen after patients follow our therapy. They need to change their diet, lifestyle, attitude, etc. So let’s be patient. We can’t rush.

Learn to Live With Your Cancer

 C: I often tell patients to learn how to live with their cancers! Like you, there is a lump in your body. If you don’t do the scan you don’t even know that there is a lump in there. For now, even the lump is there, you can still live a normal life. So if you take care of yourself — even for the next ten years — the lump will be still there. Let it be. Learn to live with your cancer. Tell the cancer, please don’t disturb me and I will not disturb you. Let us live together in peace.

This cancer is not an “outsider” — it is your own. Tell the cancer, if I die you (cancer) will also die. So let’s live together. I am asking you to regard cancer as your friend not your enemy. Look at the world today, what happen to the countries and their people if they fight with each other. So there is no need to fight with the cancer within you.

This is why I don’t encourage to go for a scan months after months. Ask this question: So what can I do if there is a mass inside there? Go for more chemo? The mass may disappear for a while and then comes back again. Then you go for more chemo again! There is no end if you start a war.

Most Important: Do You Get Better or Worse After Taking the Herbs?

C: The only question I ask you after taking the herbs for a month: Do you get worse or better? If you are getting better, then proceed to do what you are doing that makes you better. But if you say that the therapy makes you worse, then I must say I really don’t know how to help you anymore. It is better that you stop taking our herbs.

Let me tell you, very often I “win in this game”. But you need to know that it is you and you alone who can cure yourself. So don’t worry so much. Pray and God bless you.


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