Endometrial Cancer: Clean after surgery but one oncologist said go for chemo, another said radiation!

Wati is a 73-year-old Indonesian lady. In April 2019 she suffered vaginal bleeding. This lasted for about a week and then the bleeding stopped. But two weeks later the bleeding recurred.

In  May 2019, Wati underwent an operation – TAH-BSO,  in a Surabaya hospital. The histopathology report indicated endometriod adenocarcinoma.

Wati was asked to undergo 6 cycles of chemotherapy. She was not sure of what to do.

Wati and her family came to a private hospital in Penang for a second opinion. Before meeting the oncologist, she and her family came to consult us first. My advice to her: Since you have already made an appointment to see the oncologist, why don’t you go ahead and listen to what he has got to offer you! After the consultation, if you need my help then come back and see me again. Wati did exactly that. I did not ask her to take any herbs.

MRI of the pelvis was done on 23 May 2019. The report said, Past total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy for uterine carcinoma, with post surgical changes noted around the vaginal stump extending into the right adnexal region. No evidence of local recurrence or regional lymphadenopathy noted.

I received an e-mail from Wati’s daughter asking for an urgent appointment to see me again. Yes, I agreed to meet the family immediately that Friday evening.

The gist of our conversation.

  1. The oncologist told Wati that everything is “clean”. There is no need for her to undergo chemotherapy. However, the oncologist recommended that Wati undergoes 20 sessions of radiation treatment.
  2. I asked Wati if the oncologist ever tell why she has to undergo radiotherapy when everything is clean. After all it is just a Stage 1 cancer. Wati was told that undergoing radiotherapy is to prevent the cancer from recurring in the near future.
  3. I explained to Wati and her family that radiation can cause cancer. This is a fact. Click this link: https://www.webmd.com/cancer/qa/can-radiation-therapy-cause-cancer.
  4. We also know that radiation can cause the cancer to spread. It can also make the cancer more aggressive Click these links: https://twgbreastcancer.com/2017/02/20/radiation-therapy-can-cause-cancer-spread/ https://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20080610/treatment-can-make-cancer-stronger#1
  5. Undergoing radiotherapy would be “fine” if it is not cancer-causing or if it has no long-term side effects.
  • There was a man who had radiation-induced sarcoma after receiving radiation for his nose cancer.
  • There was a lady who underwent radiotherapy after her hysterectomy. Soon after she ended up going in and out of the hospital because her abdomen was full of smelly pus. Then the cancer spread to her liver. Some four years later, her urinary bladder was affected and she discharged “rotten tissues”. The doctor had to install “urinary tubes” to help pass her urine. Her problem, according to her doctor, was due to previous radiation treatment.
  1. Even though MRI showed she is “clean” it does not mean that the surgery had removed all the cancer inside her. It may just mean that MRI cannot detect the cancer cells inside her.
  2. I made it clear that taking our herbs and following our therapy will not guarantee that she will be cured. The cancer can come back if she is not careful. Besides taking the herbs, she has to change her lifestyle and diet. Go for exercise and learn to cultivate peace of mind.
  3. I suggested to Wati and her family to discuss among themselves and make their own decision. I can only help but I cannot promise a cure.
  4. Wati decided not to undergo any chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  5. It is a big surprise that the person who did most of the talking this evening was her daughter. And she lives in Beijing, China! Perhaps this daughter knows what herbs can do!


After the surgery, MRI indicates everything is “clean”. It is just a Stage 1 cancer. The oncologist in Surabaya suggested that Wati undergoes 6 cycles of chemotherapy. The oncologist in Penang suggested 20 sessions of radiotherapy and it is not necessary to undergo chemotherapy.

Let me ask: Who do you think gave the “right” advice? Or did both of them gave a bad advice? Do you ever wonder where is the “proven science” in treating this case? Does it ever strike you that someone is gambling with your life?

Wati is already 73 years old. As it is now, she is leading a normal healthy life after the surgery. Is there any necessity for her to go to war with her cancer? In any war, there will always be casualty and suffering. Is it not better that she learns how to live with her cancer?

I was glad that Wati and her family members decided “not to do anything”! She wanted to take herbs instead.

When Wati’s daughter sent me a message that Friday afternoon, I readily told her to see me at 5 pm at the centre. I am glad that I did that. After our consultation, I came to understand that Wati’s daughter had to take a flight back to Beijing the next morning. Sometimes, a small favour extended to others, can lead to good things! The whole family was satisfied and  happy.