When a magic is not a magic

JS is a 66-year-old Malaysian lady. Her problem started about six months ago (in March 2019). She could not eat anything and vomited. The family brought her to a private hospital where she underwent a check-up for her heart! Not satisfied with the doctor, she went to another private hospital for a scope of her stomach. She was told she had stomach cancer.

JS was referred to another private hospital for CT scan. There was a blockage in the stomach due to the swollen pylorus and antrum. JS was asked to undergo an operation immediately. About half of her stomach was removed.

After the surgery, JS was referred to the oncologist for further management. The family was told it was a stage 4 cancer. JS underwent the first cycle of chemotherapy. This treatment cost her about RM4,000 plus. She was scheduled for six cycles but decided to give up after her first cycle.

In May 2019, JS went to a hospital in Melaka for alternative treatment. She was treated with high dose Vitamin C, ozone (?) therapy and dietary change. JS underwent these treatments for about three months. These cost her about RM80,000. She had to travel from Penang to Melaka every three weeks for the treatment.

Unfortunately the treatment in Melaka was not effective and the doctor gave up on her.

In August JS went back to the oncologist in Penang again and underwent a second shot of chemo. She decided to gave up further chemo treatment due to the severe side effects. She suffered headache, vomiting, hair loss, etc.

A CT scan of 14 August 2019 showed the presence of two ill defined liver lesions measuring 1.2 x 1.2 cm and 1.4 x 1.4 cm, suggesting that the cancer had spread to her liver.

It was at this point that I received an email from JS’s daughter asking for help. JS and her family members came to CA Care on 27 August 2019. From the beginning I told the family that I cannot cure any cancer. There is no magic, but I shall do my best to help in any way I can.

Let us examine JS’s blood test results.

  1. When JS went to the Melaka hospital in June 2019 for alternative treatment, the blood test done in the hospital showed her CA 19.9 was at 89. In August her CA 19.9 increased to 737.0. Her liver function enzymes were way out of range but her total bilirubin was still normal. Perhaps because of this the alternative doctor gave up and told JS and her family to go home and discontinue the treatment. There was no magic!
  2. JS underwent a second chemo shot in August 2019. At that time her CA 19.9 was at 3,674.6 and her biliburin level had increased to 22.6 (high).

A repeat of the blood test was done two weeks after the chemo, on 22 August. Her CA 19.9 increased to 7,362. The  bilirubin level increased to 67.  All her liver function enzymes were way out of range. This blood was done in a private hospital where JS had her chemotherapy. There was no magic in chemotherapy either.

  1. After her chemo, JS decided not to go for more chemo. She wanted us to help her. So JS was started on our herbs and dietary practice. About a week later, JS went to see her oncologist, not to do chemo but to do a blood test. The result was magical!
  • Her CA 19.9 decreased from 7,362 to 3,800.
  • Her liver enzymes values had also improved tremendously.
  • Her bilirubin level was normal.

All the members of JS’s family were very happy. They all thought a magic had happen! The only person who was not happy was ME!  I told all present – I don’t believe the results of the blood test! Yes, I understand this test was ordered by the oncologist and it was done in his own hospital but I suspect there is something wrong with the results. Herbs cannot do such a magic!  One of JS’s daughters was not convinced — cannot be! How can a blood test result be wrong! I told her, I have tasted “enough salt” to know and understand this issue.

  1. Another blood test was done two weeks later — ordered by the same oncologist and done in the same hospital’s laboratory. The results looked more “reasonable.” JS’s CA 19.9 was at 6,662 and her bilirubin was at 121 and the liver enzymes were still out of range. Now, the magic had disappeared — in reality, no magic ever happened at all. The hospital’s laboratory could have returned the wrong results!
  2. To know what actually had been going on, I suggested that JS do a blood test in a private laboratory where we have been referring patients to for the past two decades. The results from this private laboratory done on 25 September, returned a more “reasonable” result. JS’s CA 19.9 was at 1,890. Her liver function enzymes had improved slightly but her bilirubin level was stubbornly high, at 146.

Not knowing what actually had happened, the oncologist told JS to come for more chemotherapy.

I asked JS if she wanted to go for more chemo. She flatly said, NO.

Is she feeling better after taking the herbs? He answer was definitely YES.

Now, her problem was itch and feeling “heaty” inside. This is probably due to her high bilirubin level. We prescribed JS cold jaundice tea.  She seemed to improve.

Is there going to be a magic cure? My frank and truthful answer to everyone who come to seek our help. It is NO.

But can we help JS to have a better quality life? Most probably YES!