How my friend Jack recovered from long Covid using herbs and supplements

When Covid-19 struck this part of the world in early 2020, I had the impression then that it would be over  within 3 to 6 months and things would be back to normal. That was naive!  As everyone know the problem dragged on and on and it has been more than a year and our CA Care centre still remained closed … and it will remaine closed for perhaps another year ? We don’t know.  My second impression of Covid-19 was that after the “flu” is cured there is nothing else to worry about any more.

Unfortunately the story of Covid does end after you are discharged from the hospital (i.e. if you do not die from it).

In an article Confronting Our Next National Health Disaster – Long-Haul Covid  published on 30 June 2021 in The New England J of Medicine, doctors Steven Phillips & Michelle Williams wrote:

  • … restoration of normality does not apply to the 10% – 30% of those who are still experiencing debilitating symptoms months after being infected with Covid-19.
  • Unfortunately … “long-haul Covid” (or “long Covid”) is our next public health disaster in the making.
  • (It is) estimated that 114 million Americans had been infected with Covid-19 through March 2021. We can conservatively expect more than 15 million cases of long Covid resulting from this pandemic.
  • Long Covid is not a condition for which there are currently accepted objective diagnostic tests or biomarkers …. Rather, according to the CDC (USA), long Covid is “a range of symptoms that can last weeks or months…[that] can happen to anyone who has had Covid-19.”
  • The symptoms may affect a number of organ systems, occur in diverse patterns, and frequently get worse after physical or mental activity.

So after Covid-19 hospitalization, some patients may suffer from l ong Covid.

Let me stay with you the story of my Indonesian friend, Jack (not his real name).

On 7 June 2021 Jack wrote me an email:

Dear Dr. Chris, 

How are you there? Thank God, we’re okay here, but people around us not okay. Friends and relatives, got COVID one by one. Sadly some of them couldn’t survived. In situation like this, staying at home is the best we can do. But unfortunately in Indonesia, many people could not keep staying at home. 

My friend in Surabaya … was under depression, since people around him got infected and some died of COVID.

Take care Dr. Chris. God bless you and your family. 

Ten days later, after receiving this “happy news” I received this sad news.

On 17 June  2021 Jack wrote:

Dear Dr. Chris, 

Just for your information, I am infected by corona viruses. Today is my 4th day of having this illness. My condition looks stable, got fever (around 37,5 to 38,0), cold, cough, tiredness. I’m also losing my sense of smell. Hope things could be better tomorrow. Take care Dr. Chris, God bless you and your family.

On 18 June  2021 Jack wrote again:

Dear Dr. Chris, 

Really need to be careful, never ever release your mask wherever you are. My son released his mask when he out for lunch and get infected although the restaurant was not crowded, almost empty. He then infected me. I’d received 2 doses of SINOVAC vaccine two months ago but still got infected and my condition today looks worse than yesterday. I pray that God take care of you and your family there. 

Update from Jack on 21 June 2021.

Dear Dr. Chris,

I was admitted to hospital since a couple days ago. I was very weak and not able even to talk. My oxygen saturation dropped to 91, so my friends urge me to go to hospital. Thank God, my condition now is much better. Can talk and saturation already in normal range. I pray that you and Mdm. Im always in our God protection. 

On 26 June  2021 Jack wrote:

Hello Dr. Chris, thank you for your prayer. I’d discharged from hospital a couple days ago but condition is still weak. Can do nothing, keep feeling tired. But condition now is improving, much better than when I was at hospital. Lost around 5 kg within 4 days at hospital. 

After being discharged from the hospital Jack did not recovery totally. From my reading I learnt that Jack is one of those who suffers from Long Covid. This is this email.

10 July 2021.

Dear Dr. Chris, 

How are you there? Hope everything is okay. It’s been more than 2 weeks after I was discharged from hospital. My condition is improving but still weak, especially in the morning. I have to struggle to wake up. Usually I wake up around 06:00, but after got Covid I wake up around 08:00 or 09:00. At school I cannot work as usual. I get tired easily.  It’s really a sad news. Many people around us got infected and passed away. Almost all hospitals in P. are in full capacity. Many patients cannot be admitted and have to stay at home. Some of them cannot survive. 

Even though I was all along not interested with problems of Covid, I could not help but have to try and help Jack who has always been helpful.  So I started to read and understand what the problem is all about. The next logical thing to do is read what I can about how the Chinese deal with Covid in Wuhan and the rest of the country.

I asked Jack if he was willing to try some herbs. Luckily Jack was happy to try. I sent him the formulae so that he could just get the herbs from the Traditional Chinese Medicine shop in his hometown. This is the quickest way to get things done! Bravo! Within just 3 days Jack’s health was restored.

Study the chart below, which Jack prepared:

DateWhat happened to me.
  27 March 2021 (1st dose) 10 April 2021 (2nd dose)  I had 2 doses of SINOVAC against Covid-19.    
  13 Jun 2021  I was infected by corona viruses, when having conversation with my son in my room without using mask (he was probably infected after going to a restaurant where he bought food on the same day).  
  14 Jun 2021  Started to have: high fever (almost 40 degree Celcius),severe headache dizzinessmuscle achetirednessred eye.  
  15 Jun 2021  Feeling better but still got headache, dizziness, tiredness and fever although not as high as previous day. Went out to public laboratory to check for Covid-19, and the result was Covid-19 positive.  
  16 Jun 2021  Condition still the same, still got headache, dizziness, tiredness,  nausea, and fever around 38 degree Celcius.  
  17 Jun 2021  Today is my 4th day of having Covid-19.  I was very weak and not able even to talk. My oxygen saturation dropped to 91.I’m also losing my sense of smell. My friends (who are doctors) urged me to go to hospital. Even though my condition was weak I was still conscious. I even went to the hospital by myself.   
  17 to 21 Jun 2021 in hospital       In hospital they did an x-ray, did some blood test and directly gave oxygen. They injected some medicine that I forgot to asked what that was.   I was on oxygen since the first day in hospital until I was discharged.   I considered myself very much better compared to another patients in the same room. I guess that was the reason why the doctor discharged me. There were many people in the line waiting for my place in hospital.  
  21 Jun 2021  I was discharged from hospital — but my  condition was still weak. Could do nothing, kept feeling tired. But condition now is improving, much better than when I was at hospital. Lost around 5 kg within 4 days at hospital.   
  10 July 2021  It’s been more than 2 weeks after I was discharged from the hospital. My condition was improving but still weak, especially in the morning. I had to struggle to wake up. Usually I wake up at around 06:00, but after got Covid  I wake up around 08:00 or 09:00. At school I cannot work as usual also. Easily get tired. 
  17 July 2021  I bought the herbs yesterday. Today I’ve drunk the concoction two times.  It’s Rp110.000 per pack (around RM33 per pack). I bought only 2 packs.  
  18 July 2021  I woke up around 5am and couldn’t sleep anymore. I was not feeling tired or sleepy like before.  I had more energy to do my activities. I also took the second herbs pack yesterday and bought another pack.  
  19 July 2021  This morning I woke around 5:30am. Feeling fresh, healthier and energized. Today I can go my office on time and preparing the third pack of herbs here. Your formula works. Thank you very much Dr. Chris.  

The following is an evaluation of  Jack’s over-all health condition.

 Scale of 0 – 10
1. Health level after discharged from the hospital3
2. After couple of days after discharge, felt better but still feeling tired.4
3. After taking the herbs for 2 times / day ( 1 packet) . Not feeling tired like the previous days.7
4. After taking the herbs for  4 times / 2 days (2 packets). Felt better.8
  Stopped taking herbs after 6 times, i.e. 1 packet twice/day. I took herbs for a total of 3 days.                                                                                       Today still feeling okay, can wake up early in the morning and not feeling tired anymore.  

Since Jack’s main problem was lack of energy, the herbs that he took was trying to boost his energy and qi. To my great surprise it worked like “magic.” Praise be to God for this blessing.

That settled, I felt that Jack needed some supplements to further boost his energy and also his immune system. So I suggested that Jack two supplements and see what happened!

  Day  Date  Took Supplement  Energy Level 0 – 10Comment  
      1      23 Jul 21      SP8Took SP around 12:00.  I felt more energize than before. I tried to do extra work at school and I was able to work until 20:00. Before that, I stop working around 17:00 or 18:00.
  2  24 Jul 21  SP8  Still the same like yesterday, feeling better, stronger than before taking SP.
      3      25 Jul 21      SP8I felt fresh and stronger, so I decided to take a walk for 6 km in the morning together with my son. After that I felt a bit tired and sleepy but could not sleep. Last night I slept very well and woke up a bit late this morning.
  4  26 Jul 21  SP7  Today is the 4th day I took SP. Feeling a bit tired. I guess it is because of the 6 km walk  yesterday.  
  5  27 Jul 21  SP + SG7  I start to take SP and SG today.  
  6  28 Jul 21  SP + SG7I feel okay.
  7  29 Jul 21  SP + SG7I have mild flu symptoms, so I asked for sick leave to rest at home. Still taking SP + SG
  8  30 Jul 21  SP + SG  8        I feel better today and start to work again at office. Taking SP + SG makes me feel full. I can even skip my lunch but still feel healthy and fresh.  

Note: What are SP/SG? To avoid being accused of doing a commercial or spreading propaganda or trying to sell supplements here, I shall withhold what these are.

Since asking Jack to take SP to boost his energy, I have a few people who had Covid. They too found that SP was very helpful.

What do I learn from my limited experience here? In life, there is always a way to solve a problem if you are prepared to learn from what others before you do!

Update: On 14 September 2021, I received this email.

Thank God, I’ve fully recovered. Many thanks for your help Dr. Chris. 

My relative condition also has recovered. He told me that your supplement works. He feels better/stronger after taking around 10 packs of your SP, M and SG.