Sixteen-Year-Old Down With Dengue and Covid

Health Restored After Herbs

A 16-year-old Indonesian female was admitted to the government hospital in Surabaya, due to dengue fever. Later she was tested positive for covid  and was moved to the isolation ward with many other patients.

Here are her answers to our questions:

  • When did your problem start? 25 February 2022.
  • Did you do any test to confirm if it was covid or not?    Yes. Both Rapid Antigen Test and PCR were positive.
  • Doctor said you had covid and also said you got dengue? Yes. The cause of my covid infection was due to the dengue fever that I had.
  • Were you on any doctor’s medication? Yes.
  • What medicine? I forgot the name.
  • When in the hospital, did you need to use oxygen? No, just infusion.

Herbal Therapy while in the hospital.

  • When did you start taking the Ko-Gen herbal tea?2 March 2022.
  • What happened after 1st dose of Ko-Gen?  30% better.
  • What happened after 2nd dose of Ko-Gen?  45% better.
  • What happened after 3rd dose of Ko-Gen? 60% better.
  • What happened after 4th dose of Ko-Gen? 70% better.
  • In total how many times did you take Ko-Gen? 6 times.
  • How are you now? Health 100%.  I forget the exact date, but it was a few days after being released from isolation. Oh yes, I was isolated for 1 week while in the hospital.
  • How many days were you in the hospital? Exactly one week.
  • Did you have any problem with the taste of the herbs?  Bad taste, too bitter for me.


1. This 16-year-old patient had covid. She had received two vaccinations with Sinovac before this infection. What does that mean? Simple – vaccination does not protect you from covid! So understand that.

2. Her  sister learned about the herbal tea for covid and decided to ask the patient to take the tea while she was still in the hospital. Yuk, the patient said. The hebal tea has such a bad taste – it is too bitter for me! Well, most people want things the easy way out. Do the minimum and hoping for the maximum. I have no apology for such attitude. Anyway, she had no other way out. She still had to drink the herbal tea!

Do you think the Ko-Gen herbal tea helped you?  This was her answer: Yes. I was in the isolation room with other covid patients and I was the earliest patient to be discharged from the hospital. I improved quickly after drinking Ko-Gen.

3 Drank herbal tea while in the hospital? Is that right? And she was better and was discharged? Believe that?