Ovarian Cyst & Fibroid Gone After 3 Months on Herbs

Ida (M690); a 41-year-old Indonesian lady,  came to see us today (9 October 2014) and shared her story. She and her husband also agreed to allow us to use this video without having to cover her face — Let all those who have similar problems know!


  •  In 2003 she had a laparoscopic surgery to remove a 1.6 cm ovarian cyst. After the surgery she was pregnant and had a baby.
  • In 2010 there was again a 2.7 cm ovarian cyst and a uterine fibroid. Ida was asked to undergo surgery again. She declined.
  • Ida came to seek our help on 5 February 2010. She presented with backache. Her menses blood was dark and there were clots. She had white discharge which caused itchiness. Sometimes she had discomforts due to bloated stomach.
  • Ida was prescribed GY 5 and GY 6 herbs.
  • On 10 May 2010 — 3 months after taking these herbs, Ida came back and told us that her gynae could not find any more cyst and fibroid.
  • We told Ida to stop taking the herbs since her problems had resolved.
  • It is now 2014. I asked Ida if she suffered any problems since 2010. She answered, “No”. Did you go back and see your gynae again? “No.”

Fibroid and Ovarian Cyst Gone After Herbs

Jane (not real name, H-237) was 43 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Earlier Jane had undergone surgery to remove a small ovarian cyst. Unfortunately an ultrasound in August 2010 showed:

  • The uterus contains a 1.2 cm fibroid in the anterior wall.
  • A 3 cm thin walled cyst in the left ovary which appears benign.




Jane was prescribed GY 5 and GY 6 herbal teas in addition to the other herbs she was taking for her breast cancer.

Jane continued to take the herbs and in May 2013, I got to see Jane again and reviewed her case. She was doing well and happy. The fibroid and cyst were gone. Below is our conversation that day.