Surgery and Radiotherapy but No Chemotherapy

Fay discovered a small lump in her breast in April 2000. She did not seek medical help immediately but opted to take herbs instead. A year on herbs and a change of diet did not make the lump go away. Disappointed, she gave up herbal therapy and went on to eat anything she liked. The lump in the breast flared up and became very itchy. Fay decided to undergo a lumpectomy in July 2001. This was followed by fifteen times of radiation. She declined chemotherapy but took tamoxifen for two months and then stopped. She switched to CA Care Therapy in January 2002, i.e., taking herbs and changing her diet and lifestyle. It has been seven years and Fay has led a normal, happy and healthy life.

On 27 August 2007, we requested Fay to share her healing experience with us. The following are excerpts of our conversation.

After removing your lymph nodes, what else did the doctor want to do?

He wanted me to do radiation and chemotherapy. One of my relatives knew this doctor.  We also found out that the treatment at the University Hospital (UH) was cheaper.  So, I requested him to write me a referral letter to UH.  He wrote the letter for me.

What happened at UH?

I saw Dr. N.  She was quite a young lady. She said since my cancer was Stage I, I need to do radiation and chemotherapy. But I told her:  If it is Stage 1, why must I do chemotherapy?  If you want, you can do radiation for me.  No need for chemotherapy. Dr. N looked at my file and said:Okay.  We’ll do the radiation, fifteen times.

Why did you not want to do chemotherapy?

Because I did not want to lose my hair. I saw my sister-in-law – all her hair dropped.  Patients in the oncology ward were all bald.  I did not want to go through that.

If chemotherapy did not cause “baldness”, perhaps you would have gone along?

Yes.  That was the reason at that time. I did not know then that all these chemo-drugs were so toxic.

How did you get to know us at CA Care?

One day my sister brought a photocopied book, Food & Cancer that you wrote. This was given by her friend, Raja Mariam (you and I do not know her). My sister and I were looking at the book. Then my sister said: We should follow what the book says about cooking oil. Since the CA Care centre is just nearby she asked me to go over and get the original copy.  I came and met Khadijah.  I cannot remember what she told me, but she also asked me to take the herbs. I explained that I may not be able to afford them. But she asked me not to worry about it.  I took the herbs home and consult my sister and brother-in-law. I asked Tok (brother-in-law) whether the herbs were appropriate for me.

You brought back the herbs and asked Tok about them?

I said: I heard that these herbs can cure cancer.  He said: Ya. Ini baik. (Yes. This is good.  Note: Tok is a Muslim spirit and he talked Malay through Fay’s brother-in-law).

Then I said: I heard that tamoxifen is not good.  If I take it,  may it cause uterine cancer? He said:Lama-lama boleh jadi. Ini tamoxifen jangan makan. (After some time, this can happen. Do not take tamoxifen.)  When I asked what to do with the tamoxifen he had blessed, he replied: Take the tamoxifen that I have blessed for three months. After that, do not take the tamoxifen anymore. Take the herbs instead.

That was what you did. You took tamoxifen for three months?

Yes.  He asked me to take the herbs. They would cure my cancer.

After being told all these, how did you feel?

I felt comforted. I did not go back to the oncologist anymore. I believed the herbs would help me.