No Chemo Only On Herbs

It was some years ago that I last spoke to Juni, a lawyer friend. Then one fine morning in January 2005, I had a surprised call from J. As we spoke she reminded   me that her uncle was doing so well on our herbs. To be honest, I have totally forgotten about this case. After the conversation, I decided to write to Bob, the patient’s son to seek for more clarification. The patient is fromSingapore. It was indeed wonderful that Bob was very co-operative and took time to reply to my enquiries. The following is our e-mail communication.

Dear Bob, for my record, may I ask you a few questions:

When did your dad has his cancer? What was his age then?

Bob: Sometime in the end of June 1997. He was then 67 years old.

What cancer? Colon or rectum?

Colon cancer.

He had an operation?

He had the operation in the Singapore General Hospital on 4 July 1997.

After the surgery, did he do any chemotherapy or radiotherapy or both?

He did not do chemotherapy or radiotherapy as advised by myself after reading your book.

After he had the operation, what did the doctor say about the stage of the cancer?

According to him, it was in the early mid-stage. Luckily the cancer was detected early.

Was the cancer confined to the colon or has it spread to any other organs? The cancer was confined to the colon although there was a spot in the left lung. Luckily the cancer did not spread to other organs.

Did the doctor ask him to go for chemotherapy or radiotherapy?

The doctor asked him to go for both therapies but I have discussed with my dad and we decided against it because he was rather weak.

I assume that when he declined all medical treatments, you (not your dad?) came to see me in Penang? Sorry, I can’t remember this case.

We did not get to see you in Penang because my dad was sick. We communicated by faxes and telephones most of the time. My aunt (J, the lawyer above) was the main coordinator during this time.

When did he start taking the herbs?

Yes! He took those herbs that were prescribed by you prior to the operation.

Was he taking anything or doing anything else besides my herbs?

No other medications or herbs were taken.

How is he now?

My father is in good health as he has changed his lifestyle. Walks regularly and practices careful food consumption.


It has been almost eight years, since Bob’s dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was on herbs and changed his lifestyle and diet. It was indeed worth all the efforts. I would not venture to say that Bob’s father took a calculated risk (gamble some may want to say). This is because it has never been a gamble for patients to opt for another path to healing. Or could we turn it the other way round? Could it be a gamble if one were to take the established, popular route?