More Than Six Years On Herbs, Relapse After Bad Food

WC was 58 years old when he was diagnosed with rectum cancer. He had a surgery on 26 December 1995. It was a Duke’s Stage C. Subsequently, he underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy – a total of 48 sessions of treatment.

Barely a year later, October 1996, he suffered a relapse and this time the growth was found in his pelvis. On 15 October 1996, he underwent another operation. Due to the operation, he was unable to control his urination. Urine flowed out through a tube tied to the leg. He was also unable to have erection.

He came to us on 9 May 1997 and was started on herbs. He improved and was well. We were very happy to see him doing well. He took herbs very regularly. He was one of our star patients.

Almost six years after we first saw him, i.e., 14 March 2003, his wife came with a panic look on her face. She told us that since the last few months, WC had been eating bad food. He feasted on wan than mee, sar-a-fun, lor mee, char bee hoon, etc. These are the famous forms of noodles – the hawker’s delight of Penang. As a result his health started to deteriorate two to three months afterwards. His legs swelled. He had severe back pains.

We prescribed some herbs. His condition improved. His fevers subsided and he was in less pain. The doctor suggested chemotherapy but at that time the hospital had run out of chemo-­drugs, so his treatment had to be put on hold for a while. It was with sadness that in June 2003, he died.