They Say Herbs Is Not A Proven Therapy

Jack (A160), a 53-year old male, passed out watery stools. Later was diagnosed with colon cancer in June 1999. He underwent an operation in which ten inches of his colon was resected. It was a Stage 1 cancer with no metastasis. His surgeon said: You have a 20% rate of success, but you must go for chemotherapy.

He declined chemotherapy, came to see us in August 1999 and was started on herbs. Two weeks later his appetite and sleep improved tremendously. He also felt more energetic.

Jack told us this story. His surgeon who was then at the government hospital had moved to a private hospital. He now had to see another surgeon during this follow up visit. The new surgeon asked him why he did not go for chemotherapy and insisted that he do so. He told the surgeon: I am taking herbs. The surgeon replied: That is not a proven remedy.

About one and half years later, in January 2001, he had a colonoscopy. The doctor said everything was fine. On 28 March 2001 his CEA was at 0.6. Everything was alright and he had put on weight. He had gone to see his surgeon who told him: You are lucky. He reminded his doctor that he was taking herbs. The doctor made a note of this on his medical record and kept quiet.

He continued taking the herbs up to March 2003 and then stopped. He told one of our friends that he was already cured. As of this writing, November 2004, he is still doing fine. It has been more than five years since he first came to see us. He had led a normal life since the day he was diagnosed with cancer.