Eight Years On Herbs

Lan (A822) was a 73-year old female. She was diagnosed with a Stage 3 sigmoid cancer in March 2000 and underwent an operation. Her family member came to us on 23 April 2000 and took herbs for her – Capsule A, deTox Mt. Guava and GI tea. As I was reviewing and writing this paper, her daughter came to the centre. She told us that her mother has been taking the herbs regularly since April 2000. It has been more than four years now and she was doing very well.

Her mother went for a routine check up every six months and everything was alright. She confirmed that her mother never had any chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Before she left she said this:Actually my nephew is a medical professor. Then I asked: Oh, was he the heart specialist who faxed and asked me to give his mother herbs because he would not want her to go for chemotherapy?She replied: No. He is actually a gastrointestinal specialist!

Note: According to our record, the last time her daughter came to collect herbs from us was June 2008 – that is, she had been taking the herbs for 8 years.