Stage 3 Colon Cancer: On Herbal Therapy Without Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

Tan (M-73) was 50 years old when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Prior to her diagnosis Tan had been passing out blood in her stools. She took various kinds of herbs but they were not effective. In December 2002, Tan came to a private hospital in Penang and underwent a colostomy operation. A temporary “bag” was fitted. After five months, April 2003, colostomy reversal operation was performed whereby the colon was reconnected and there was no need to use the bag anymore.

The histopathology report dated 19 December 2002 indicated: moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of the rectum, Duke Stage C (infiltration into pararectal lymph node). Resected margin: clear. Pararectal lymph nodes: metastatic adenocarcinoma (1/5).

The surgeon suggested that Tan undergo radiotherapy. She refused. She also did not wish to undergo chemotherapy. Tan came to seek our help on 18 April 2003 and was started on herbs: Capsule A, GI 1 and GI 2 teas, and C-Tea.

Three months on the herbs, Tan reported improvements in her health. She looked better and felt better. Before taking herbs, she had difficulty moving her bowels but with the herbs, there was no problem. An ultrasound done on 4 July 2003 showed normal results.

Tan come to Penang every year to see her doctor for routine check up. So far, nothing is amiss. On 3 July 2009, Tan dropped by our centre and reported that everything was fine. It has been more than 6 years that she is on herbs. Over this period she came to see us five times. The following are excerpts of our video conversation during these visits.

First visit: 18 April 2003

Tan came with a companion and it is her companion who spoke to us.

Companion:  The doctor wanted to do radiotherapy. She refused. She also refused chemotherapy.

Second visit, after 3 months on herbs: 4 July 2003

Tan came with a companion and it is her companion who spoke to us.

Chris: After 3 months on the herbs, were you okay?

Compassion: She is  better.

Ch: Are you more energetic?

Com: Sure.

Ch: You felt better, no pains?

Com: Yes.

Third visit, 6 months on herbs: 21 November 2003

Tan came with a companion and it is her companion who spoke to us.

Chris: When did you do this (referring to X-ray)?

Companion: Today.

Ch: What did the doctor say?

Com: Good results.

Ch: Please take care of your diet. Also continue to take the herbs.

Fourth visit, 5 years on herbs: 4 July 2008

Tan came alone, without her companion.

Chris: Wah, it has been 5 years …

Tan: Six years (after her diagnosis).

Chris: No radiotherapy, no chemo …. Did you take care of your diet?

Tan: Yes.

Chris: You went to see you doctor – what did he say?

Tan: Very good … it has been 6 years now (after her diagnosis).

Chris: Did the doctor know that you are taking herbs and that you did not go for chemo or radiotherapy?

Tan: Yes, he knew. When I took the herbs, I felt well. I take the herbs everyday.

Chris: Let me tell you this – if I were you, I would continue to do what you have been doing – don’t change. Now you feel good but we will not know when the cancer would come back.

Fifth visit, 6 years on herbs: 3 July 2009

Tan came alone, without her companion.

Chris: How long now?

Tan: Seven years (since the diagnosis).

Chris: You came here to see your doctor?

Tan: Yes, I saw him just now. The doctor said: Good. He did not give me any medication but asked me to continue to take the herbs. The doctor said the herbs are already my medication.

Chris: The doctor said that? He did not scold you for taking the herbs?

Tan: No, no. I showed him your herbs.

Chris: As a person, are you okay – any problem? Did you take care of your diet?

Tan: Sometimes, I miss out a bit. I ate a bit of chicken meat. Then I will take herbs after that.

Chris: What happen if you did not take the herbs?

Tan: I had the urge to move my bowels. With the herbs after taking chicken, I felt okay. .

Comments: This is a Stage 3 cancer. Normal convention is that Tan must undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy as suggested by her surgeon. But she declined further medical treatment. There is no recurrence or metastasis as of this writing. The question to ask is: Why did the doctor ask her to undergo radiotherapy in the first place? Was it just a procedural advice – to comply with medical convention? Let us ask this question: What could have been the result if Tan were to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy? Would these treatments be more damaging and cause misery to her life?

It must be emphasized that Tan’s healing is not due to the herbs alone. Her diet is just equally important. At CA Care, we ask patients to abstain from meat, sugar, table salts, dairy products and oil. To do well patients must change to a healthy diet and lifestyle.