More Energetic After the e-Therapy

Gu (M956) is a 59-year-old male from Indonesia. In early March 2010, he had coughs with blood in his sputum. He also became breathless. A CT-scan of the thorax on 25 March 2010 indicated:

  • A moderate right pleural effusion, associated with collapse of right lower lobe of his lung.
  • While there was no obvious enhancing lung mass seen, the possibility of an occult isodense mass should be considered.
  • The right upper lobe of his lung had patchy opacities, likely due to underlying infective changes.
  • Incidental finding of a 2.3 x 1.6 cm right thyroid nodule with peripheral calcification.
  • Focal erosion with surrounding sclerosis of the left L1 vertebral body. Underlying infection / tuberculous infection or metastatic deposits should be considered.

Gu underwent a pleural tapping. After the removal of this fluid, he felt better. Gu was scheduled to under an endoscopy to further define his problem.  The family was told it could be a Stage 4 cancer. In this case, he would be asked to undergo chemotherapy. Since, everyone in the family is against chemotherapy, Gu decided not to continue with this medical examination.

Gu and his family came to us for help. We prescribed Capsule A, Lung 1 and Lung 2 tea, Lung Phlegm and Bone tea. At the same time, Gu underwent three sessions of e-Therapy. His felt more energetic after the therapy.

Watch this video for more details.