Nose (NPC) Cancer: Eleven Plus Years on Herbs Part 5: My Advice to Cancer Patients

  • Why are we here? We are not here to die – there is a purpose in life. This is where the belief in God has to be very strong – to make you understand why you are in this world.
  • Do not ask God “why”, but “how” you can go through this.
  • Try to understand why this happened – examine your diet, your lifestyle and your environment.
  • If I were to get cancer again, this is what I would do – open my mind to new possibilities – to alternative medicines, herbs, etc. The options should not be confined to just chemo or radiotherapy.
  • What have you got to lose if you get to know more about cancer? The more you know the better prepared you are. Demystify cancer!
  • Now that you are alright – what would be your reaction if I say that you can go back to your old lifestyle again?

No way! For me it is no sugar, no Ovaltine, no Milo, no salt  – since I am with you. There is no sugar in my house! No milk … brown rice. Most of my friends told me – Oh, my goodness, it is so difficult.

  • You have not missed your old lifestyle? No, I never missed that – I go on. I just continue growing. The perception is that the quality of things depends on what you did in the past. Excuse me I am enjoying my life. My standard of quality cannot be the same as I was before. I am now at a much higher level (of awareness). Right now my life is different. I enjoy things differently.
  • I don’t drink beer. I don’t drink any alcohol. I used to indulge in those things when I was with my friends. But now I still go out with them but I just drink my water! When I have dinner with them, they eat their food – pork and meat etc. but I have my own food! Why must someone impose their values on you? Their idea of quality of life need not be the same as yours.

My Comments

The healing path advocated by CA Care is not an easy path to follow. Healing does not come easy. Many patients write us e-mails everyday. What they are looking for is an “instant, magic bullet” believing that they can find “cure” to their problems by just sitting in front of the computer in the comfort of their home.  Again I say, our healing path is not easy to follow. Don’t come to us if you are not prepared to change – change your diet, change your lifestyle and change your attitude. We cannot help you if you cannot change.

Dr. Dan Chesnut, M.D. (in Lying with Authority) said this, “Every person who was successful in finding safe alternatives decided at some point in their illness to open their mind to change and to learn solutions outside the accepted norms”.

May I add one more advice to cancer patients – Healing or curing cancer is not about undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy or taking of  the so called “scientific” medicines. These alone are not enough or could even be disastrous.  You can heal cancer by using you own common sense. If you are offered an invasive treatment that does not make sense to you – how do you respond to that? Healing cancer is all about educating yourself so you can stop doing the things that causes cancer and start doing the things that heal cancer. This means you need to take the responsibility of healing upon yourself and not passing on that responsibility to others or the “experts”.

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