Nose (NPC) Cancer: Eleven Plus Years on Herbs Part 2: An Angel Led Me to CA Care

The CA Care Therapy

  • An “angel” – my secretary – read about CA Care in the net. She made copies of your articles and left them on my table. She saw my sufferings and was very much against what I was doing.
  • From your website I got to know what you are doing.
  • In CA Care you talk about healing and that is what I am looking for – the approach fits into my scheme of thinking.
  • To me herbs are the way to go to build up my immune system to “fight” whatever is the cause of my problem.
  • This is my wake up call. God talked to me – “Cancer is not my way of torturing you.” This cancer is God’s way to making me realize that something has gone wrong in my life.
  • Healing is also related to my diet and the environment.
  • The taste and smell of the herbs are bad – what was your reaction to that? I am a Chinese brought up in a Chinese family – we learn that good medicine is supposed to taste bitter. It did not matter to me.
  • Cancer healing requires change – did you change? Having cancer requires that I change – my diet, my lifestyle, my perception towards life – and I will change. I want healing as promised by God. God does not talk about curing.
  • I have been taking the herbs since 2001 until now (as of this writing – 2012 – eleven years). There is no adverse reaction or side effects of the herbs.
  • After taking the herbs, I felt much better – I can sleep well – my piles problem had resolved – that’s the good side effect.
  • What do you think are the main contributing factors that make what you are today? Change – change of lifestyle, change of diet and reliance on the herbs.


  • Empowerment comes from knowledge generated by your own experience. It is a learning process.
  • This is where the role of your CA Care comes in.
  • With knowledge you are always challenged – to see things critically. Why is this not good and why is that not good. Living today you are challenged all the time. This is why knowledge is so important.
  • With the experience that you have gone through and with the experience that you have acquired – do you need to fear if the cancer comes back again? It is not that I don’t fear – I always hope that I don’t get it again. But even if I get it again I know what I am going to do. This is the crux of empowerment. Most people, after their treatments would go home and don’t know what to do – wondering when cancer would strike again.

My Comments

Dr. Barry Boyd (in The Caner Recovery Plan) wrote, “Many doctors don’t bother to counsel their patients after treatment. Once cancer treatment is completed, most patients are left on their own to cope with the rest of their lives. This is what I call falling off the cliff. Patients are left in free fall.”

At CA Care we take a different approach to healing cancer. To us, cancer is not just about a tumour in your nose, breast or lung. It is about you, as a human being. Our experience tells us that if you want to heal yourself, one most important thing you must do is change – change your attitude, your lifestyle and your diet. There is no two ways about it.

The prime goal of CA Care is patients’ empowerment. If cancer patients want to live, they must use their commonsense and have guts to act accordingly. They should not simply accept whatever is being dished out to them. If you take everything that is offered to you and accept your fate as pronounced by the experts, you are like what people say: lambs led to the slaughter.  Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. wrote, “I am convinced that the best protection against evil that lurks among us – and make no mistake that it lurks among us – is information.”

To know is knowledge, but knowledge without practice is no use! There is no point knowing if you don’t want to practice what you have learnt. To practice means to change. Most people find it very hard to make changes. They like to keep old habits, live the same lifestyle and keep doing the same things. How can they ever become better?

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