Lymphoma of Nasal Cavity: No chemo or radiation. Ten years on, doing just fine.


 KC was 53 year old when he was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma of the nasal cavity. His problem started with a runny nose in 2007. His nose had a swelling.

In 2008 he had difficulty breathing and production of blood-stained phlegm. He consulted a GP who said he had an infection. Antibiotics did not help him.

KC consulted an ENT at a private hospital. CT scan showed soft tissue lesion seen occupying the left nasal cavity.

A biopsy was performed. The histology report dated 24 March 2008 indicted: Left nasal blocked for long time. Left nasal mass –  atypical lymphoid proliferation found suggestive of low grade non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The diagnosis was later confirmed by University of Malaya as Nasal type: T-cell lymphoma.

The doctor suggested 30 sessions of radiotherapy and six cycles of chemotherapy. The doctor warned KC that without treatment his nose will be blocked, his vision will be affected and he may go deaf.

KC refused further medical treatment. He came to CA Care on 4 April 2008. He told us that he has many friends who had undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy and they all died. He would not want to go through such treatments.

KC was started on herbs: NPC 1 and NPC2, Lymphoma 1 and 2, NPC Phlegm, Capsule A and detox Tea. He was also told to take care of his diet.

One day on the herbs, KC had more bleeding from the nose. The second day, his phlegm was yellowish.

Seven weeks on the herbs KC felt his nose was better.  There was less bleeding and production of phlegm. He could sleep better. He was happy with the progress. KC said he spend time jogging from 3 to 5 pm each day.

About five months later, on 19 September 2008, KC went back to see the doctor who examined him earlier. A nasal endoscopy was done. The doctor told him it was good and there was nothing inside his nose anymore. KC came to our center on 28 September 2008 to inform us of this good news.

I asked him: Did you go and see the same doctor who examined earlier? KC confirmed that it was same ENT who did the biopsy for him.

Since then KC is well and fine.

KC does not understand much English and Hokkien. I need an interpreter to communicate with him. My question to him: How are you doing? Are you okay? He would reply: Ok, ok. No problem. I can eat, can sleep well and can go anywhere I like. 

Fast forward to November 2018 — ten years later. KC came to our centre. He is doing okay. No problem.

A few years ago, KC’s brother was also diagnosed with nose cancer. KC brought his brother to see us. Unfortunately his brother did not believe in herbs. He opted for chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He died some months later.  

Questions to Ponder

  • What could have happen if KC were to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy as suggested by the doctor?
  • It has been TEN years now, and KC is doing extremely well. Is the taking of herbs and changing of diet not a proven healing method?
  • KC’s brother also had nose cancer but opted for chemo and radiation. He knew first hand that KC was doing well on our therapy. Why did he not follow KC? Is it because following our therapy means he cannot eat anything he likes?





Kidney Tumour Shrunk: Amazing healing, amazing grace!

On 1 April 2011, James (not real name), a 53-year-old Singaporean, walked into our centre asking for help. He had just gone for a routine medical checkup. The doctor found a 4.1 x 3.3 cm nodular mass in his left kidney. Since no biopsy was done, we cannot be sure if it was cancer or not, although the report said, “a renal neoplasm cannot be excluded.”

What was James going to do now?

James said his doctor suggested surgery to remove the tumour.  I told James that operation was the best option for his long-term survival. But James did not want any surgery — he believed in natural healing!

I requested James to go home first and think properly — take my advice, Go for surgery! However, if he was so a hundred sure that he did not want to go for surgery then he could come back to see again. James went home empty handed!

Six days later, James flew in from Singapore again. He had made up his mind. He did not want to go for any medical treatment. He wanted to follow our CA Care Therapy.

James presented with the following:

  • Severe pain in the hip and back.
  • Disturbed sleep — total sleep only about 3 to 4 hours each night.
  • Stomach wind.
  • Burning sensation when urinating.
  • Nose block (one side).

He was prescribed herbs.


On The Right Healing Path 

One month on the herbs and e-Therapy, James came back to see us again.

He felt better. His severe pains in the hip back was gone after the e-therapy. His sleep improved — 5 to 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. No more stomach gas. Two days on the herbs, no more burning sensation when urinating. Nose block was also gone.

James was on the right healing path. And he was real pleased.

Two years later, James came to our centre and reported that he was doing fine. His doctor was following the progress of his tumour growth. So far so good. The tumour had not grown bigger, in fact the size had shrunk slightly. 

Date Size  
14 Feb 2011 4.1 x 3.3 x 2.9 cm Before CA Care Therapy
28 June 2011 4.0 x 3.1 x 2.9 cm  
19 October 2011 3.3 x 3.0 x 2.9 cm  
4 June 2013 3.5 x 2.7 x 2.8 cm  
12 December 2013 3.2 x 3.0 x 2.8 cm  

I told James that was great — I would worry if the tumour had grown in size. We shall try to keep it that way. The wonderful thing was, James’ health had improved tremendously and he was free from pain! Can’t ask for more.

Listen to our conversation in this video.


Seven Years Later:  Amazing healing, amazing grace! 

What a surprise, James came to our centre one morning in May 2018, i.e. seven years after his first visit. 

James said he is healthy all these years. Over these seven years he had to take antibiotics only once. This was because of tooth infection. Other than that he was not on any medication — he was only on our herbs and the e-Therapy.

According to the latest USG of his kidney, the tumour is still there but it had shrunk by 40 percent.  This is indeed good news.

Listen to our conversation that morning. 


Chris: When your doctor realised that the tumour had gone smaller, did he ever asked what you did? 

James: I told him I was on herbs. He noted that down. He is not an oncologist. He is a kidney specialist who took care of me all these years.

C: All the while, you were on our therapy and also the e-Therapy, did you also take any other medication?

J: No, no. I kept as much as possible to your therapy. I came here, I believed and that’s it.

C: Who asked you to come here in the first place?

J: Some Indonesians.

C: How do they know us?

J: The Indonesians know more about you than anybody else! They gave me two addresses. One, a Chinese chap in Kuala Lumpur. I went to see him, but no. Then I came to see you.

C: After you came here — did you have any doubt at all about our therapy?

J: No, I just believe.

C: Why did you believe right away — just jump straight into the hole?

J: I read a lot before I came here. You are just telling us the plain truth.


Many people who read this story may have the impression that we have “magic potion” to make the tumour or cancer go away. Far from it. When James first came to us, I specially warned him that it would be crazy for me to say that “my herbs can make your kidney tumour go away.”

The best option for James was to go for an operation and have his kidney removed.

Based on this story, does it mean that if you have a lump in your breast or a tumour in your colon, you can escape surgery? No. I would not see you if you do not go and have the tumour removed first i.e., if the cancer is in an early stage and has not spread yet. Yes, I have sent many patients to see the surgeons first before following our therapy.

So, why the exception in James’ case? He did not go for surgery! Remember, at the beginning, I sent James home without any herbs.

But barely a week later, James appeared again and he was adamant that surgery was not what he wanted. I had to respect what his “heart says”. In this case, I am glad that it turned out that I was wrong and James was right!

Let me remind all of you are reading this. All of you want the tumour or cancer to go away. All of you don’t want to undergo surgery, but are you prepared to be like James? No, most patients come to “shop” for an easy and cheap way out. They are not prepared to do what it takes to heal themselves.

Over the years, I have learned that only 30 percent of those who come are sincere and serious enough in wanting to find their healing. The remaining 70 percent are patients who cannot be helped. I repeat, cannot be helped. They want healing on their own terms. Their excuses: The herbs are bitter — give me capsule only! I have no time to brew the herbs. If cannot eat laksa, life is not worth living. What if I was invited for a wedding dinner? What if I want to travel — can I not take the herbs for a while?

That’s it — putting in minimum effort, wanting maximum benefit.



A Tale of Two Patients: Alive and healthy — miraculous healing or fluke shot?

There is a town in Indonesia where it appears everybody seems to know everybody — that is, if you are a somebody in town. Many patients came to see us because “somebody” told them about us. For us too, we often learn about the wellbeing of our patients from “somebody” who came to visit us!

Here is a story of two patients who are from this dynamic town.

AS with Liver Cancer

AS was 65 years old when he was diagnosed liver cancer. His problem started in late December 2011 when he felt gastric-like pain in the abdomen. His doctor suspected gallbladder infection. He went to Jakarta and underwent a surgery to remove his gallbladder. During the operation, the surgeon also did a liver biopsy for suspicious liver tumour.

In February 2012, AS went to the National Cancer Centre in Singapore for follow-up treatment.  A PET / CT revealed a  3.2 x 2.6 cm in the left lobe of his liver. AS did nothing after this. But two months later,  AS did another CT scan. The tumour had grown in size.

On 3 May 2012, AS underwent a surgery to remove the tumour. The procedure cost him SGD28,000. Liver histology indicated a hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC or liver cancer) and it was 4 cm in size.

About three months after the surgery,  AS went back to Singapore for a review. A repeat CT showed NO evidence of recurrent HCC or focal liver lesion.

Unfortunately six months later (i.e. about 9 months after the surgery) another PET /CT revealed a new recurrent mass in the liver measuring 8.0 x 4.8 cm. Surgery failed and AS was asked to undergo chemotherapy.

On 22 March 2013, AS underwent TACE (transarterial chemo embolization). Unfortunately, the interventional radiologist was unable to access the tumour feeding vessel. TACE was aborted. In spite of the failure, AS had to pay S$5,000 for the procedure.

AS was discharged on 25 March 2013 and was referred to an oncologist for intravenous chemotherapy. AS was disappointed with the doctors and  decided to give up further medical treatment. He came to seek our help.

AS was prescribed Capsule A, B, C and D. In addition he had to take LL-tea, Liver 1 and Liver 2 teas. We sent him for a blood test. The results as of 15 April 2013, showed his alpha-fetoprotein = 1,064.0 and total bilirubin = 25.0. Other liver function enzymes were within normal range.

After the CA Care Therapy

Eight months after taking the herbs, a CT indicated the tumour had shrunk to 5.2 x 2.2 x 3.9 cm in size (from 8.0 x 4.8 cm).

About 2 years later, 18 January 2015, AS and his wife came to visit us. AS’s wife was very agitated and upset. Since the past few weeks AS had been taking “bad food” – food that we tell patients not to eat. On top of that AS sometimes was not taking the herbs properly.

Briefly my message to AS (and also all cancer patients) that night was very clear, crude and blunt.

  1. When patients are “half dead,” they would follow our advice without protest. But when they get well, most of them will “misbehave.” That is normal.
  2. To live or to die is your choice.
  3. There is no need to be upset about the patient’s choice. If he wants to die, let him die.
  4. My experiences have shown that if patients eat anything they like, this “good time” would probably last about 2 months. After that the cancer would recur and they would not be able “enjoy” food anymore.
  5. I also told AS, Perhaps it is time you stop taking the herbs. Go home and eat a lot of what you want to eat and “go” faster.
  6. AS had lived for almost 2 years. He should be grateful that he is still alive – healthy and without pain. What more do you want? Be grateful for what you are now!

I wish to state too that telling AS the above was not done with anger! But I suspect these words were too harsh for him. I did not get to see AS again!

Later I learned that AS is a somebody in his town! He owns rubber plantations and his son-in-law is a medical doctor!

Did his son-in-law stop him from taking our herbs? No, on the contrary, his son-in-law was the one who asked him to come and see us after the medical treatment in Singapore had failed.

It is now 2017 — it has been four years since we first met AS. What has happened to him? Many visitors from his town told us he is still healthy and doing fine!

Let’s hear what Jaya has got to tell us about AS in the video below.


Gist of our conversation

Chris: Let me ask you about your friend with liver cancer, who brought you here. I did not get to see him anymore. Is he still alive? And healthy?

Wife of Jaya: Yes, yes.

C: Have you seen him lately? When was the last time you saw him?

W: I met him and his wife in the market, a few days ago.

C: And he is really healthy?

W: Yes and he has a big tummy and his face looks pink and healthy.

C: Still alive!

W: Yes, very much alive! His son-in-law is a medical doctor. It is his son-in-law who asked him to come and see you.

C: Oh, the son-in-law did not object him taking our herbs?

W: No, no.

C: I am really happy to know that he is doing fine. That is the most important thing. Good for him. In your past conversation with him, did you ever hear him saying that the herbs are not effective and that is why he does not want to continue taking it anymore?

W: No, never. He said he is already old (72 years already). So there is no need to take anymore herbs. But he said he still takes care of his diet.

C: The last time he and his wife came here, I remember I scolded him for not wanting to take care of his diet. His wife was also mad at him. May be because of that that he did not want to see me anymore.

Jaya: Before we came here, his wife talked to me over the phone. She wanted me to send you her regards and let you know that AS is doing fine. Only that he does not want to continue with the herbs anymore.

C: That is okay. As long as he is fine, there is no need to take the herbs. Why waste time to come here and waste all the money. I am not unhappy about that. What is important is to know that he is doing okay.

Jaya with colon cancer

Another somebody in town is Jaya. Actually it was AS (above) who brought Jaya to see us in 2015.

Jaya was then 48 years old when he was diagnosed with colon cancer — T3N8X, stage 2. He underwent an operation in October 2014. This was done by a surgeon in a Jakarta hospital. A chemo-port was installed and Jaya had 2 cycles of chemotherapy with FLOFOX 6 regimen (oxaliplatin + Leucovarin + 5-FU).

The first chemo was on 16 November 2014 and the second on 30 November 2014, done in a hospital in Jakarta. Jaya was scheduled for 10 cycles of chemo,  every 2 weeks.

Unfortunately after the second chemo, Jaya developed serious infection. He was rushed to Singapore and was hospitalised for 17 days for Staphylococcus aureus infection (because of chemo-port infection).

While in the hospital he remained unconscious for 3 days. The doctor had asked the family members to “get ready.” Fortunately, Jaya recovered from this ordeal. The treatment in Singapore cost him SGD31,118.

Jaya and his wife flew together with AS and his wife flew to Penang to seek our help. Jaya did not want to continue with his chemotherapy anymore although his wife insisted that he follows the doctor’s advice.

Jaya was started on our herbs and was told to take care of his diet — no more chemo!

It has been two years now, Jaya is doing fine, like his friend AS.


Gist of my advice to Jaya

Chris: What is important now is to ensure that you maintain our wellbeing as it is now. Continue to do the right thing that you are doing now. It has been two years since you first came to see us and was started on the herbs. It seems (based on the blood test results) that everything is just fine.

But be careful and know that being good for two years is NOT a cure.

Jaya & Wife: (nodding their heads). Ya.

C: Don’t ever think that your cancer is already gone and cured. From my experience, I know that we cannot cure any cancer. It will come back! Look at one of our patients there (pointing to a picture). He was with us for more than twenty years. Doing fine. Then the cancer recurred (because he did something wrong). Now he is dead.


When AS with recurrent liver tumour first came to see us, we told him that he had a serious problem. I was not sure if I could help him in anyway. I can only do my best. Back in my mind, in a case such as this — 8 cm recurrent tumour in the liver — at best, survival would be six months! I did not expect him to survive! But as this story has it, it has been 4 years now and AS is still healthy.

AS had given up further medical treatment after surgery and attempted TACE had failed him. He took herbs and changed his diet. And he survived. That’s amazing!

Then you have Jaya. After surgery, he did the so called “right thing” medically. He had two shots of chemo which almost killed him. He had to be rushed to Singapore for help — to clear off his severe infection. Luckily he survived the ordeal when even the doctors thought that he would die.

I remember clearly when AS, Jaya and their wives came to see us that night. Jaya wanted to give up chemotherapy. Jaya’s wife wanted him to continue with the chemo. Later commonsense prevailed. Jaya decided to follow our therapy.

It has been two years now and Jaya is as healthy as anyone else — yes, without chemo!  He took herbs and watch out for his diet.

Often patients are being told, If you don’t operate you die! You don’t do chemo you die! You take herbs — that’s unscientific and unproven! Quackery. In the USA, they call people like me, snake oil salesman!

Which do to prefer? Snake oil or chemo that may kill you?

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Colon Cancer: Go, have it removed!

RS is a 51-year-old Indonesia lady.  About two years ago, she passed out blood-stained stools. The doctor in her hometown said she had a tumour in her rectum.  RS was told to have it removed. She refused to undergo an operation. She said, I was afraid! She then opted for herbal therapy.

  • RS was given three types of herbal capsules. The herbalist told her that within three months she would be cured.
  • Three months came, nothing much happened. RS was told to take other capsules for another three months. Again nothing happened.
  • RS continued taking the capsules for another three months.
  • After a total of nine months on the herbal capsules, something happened. Her condition deteriorated!

RS  then switched to taking daun binahong tea and also used a type of spray for the mouth. You can read how great these products are in the internet. The spray that she used cost IDR 1.8 million per bottle.

RS never found any relief (let alone cure) from what she did. She and her daughter came to consult a doctor in a private hospital in Penang.

A colonoscopy confirmed an ulcerative tumour at the distal rectum involving the anal canal. CT scan showed an irregular lesion in the lower rectum measuring 1.5 to 2.0 cm in thickness. No evidence of distant metastasis.

RS’s daughter wrote me an email (unedited):

dear Dr Chris,

advise doktor that my mom has to operation, cut her rektum. is it only the way dok,? but we hope with another way. now my mom at XX hospital dok, do colonoscopy and ct scan. may i sent you the result of medical check up before we come. thank you.

Reply: No need to send the reports. Just come and see me and I’ll tell you what to do.

RS and her daughter came to CA Care. Listen to our conversation that morning.



The gist of our conversation

Part 1: Go for surgery

Chris: Tell me what happened from the very beginning.

Daughter: She passed out blood in her stools.

C: When was that?

RS: About two years ago.

C: What did you do?

R: I went to see a doctor and did a colonoscopy. There was a tumour in the rectum.

C: The doctor asked to operate but you did not want? Why?

R: I was afraid!

Herbal Capsule — Herbalist said can cure!

C: So did you go to the bomoh (sharman) and do jampi-jampi (chanting)?

R: No. I went to a herbalist and he gave me three types of herbal capsules.

C: How long were you on this capsules?

R: About 9 months. After that I stopped.

C: Before you took the herbal capsules, did you ask if these can cure you?

R: I did ask and he said, yes — can cure!

Daughter: The herbalist said can cure.

C: Can cure? After how  long?

R: The herbalist said take the herbs for 3 months, and I would be cured.

C: And did it cure you after 3 months?

R: No. So the herbalist said take for another 3 months?

C: Was it the same herbs? And are they more expensive?

R: He gave me different herbs. Yes, it cost more now.

C: So, you took the herbs for another 3 months.

R: I took a total of 9 months and I gave up. It did not cure me and I had more pain.

C: Did you ask him why the herbs did not cure you?

R: He asked me to continue taking the herbs!

Switched to binahong tea and spray

R: I stated to take herbal tea — binahong. The leaves of a creeping plant.

D: Boil the leaves as tea.

R: And I took it every morning.

D: Mom also use a spray (for the mouth). It is actually a nutritional supplement. It cost IDR 1.8 million per bottle.

C: Are you on all these now?

R: No more.

Doctor in Penang

C: Then you came to Penang and did a colonoscopy. What did the doctor ask you to do after that?

D: Operate, but mom did not want it.

C: Did you ask the doctor is surgery is going to cure you?

R: Never ask.

C: Did he say you need chemo after the operation?

D: The doctor said after the operation, mom can live a normal life.

C: Did he said, mama need to use a colostomy bag?

D: Ya. The doctor also said, if the cancer has spread, then mom has to go for chemotherapy.

C: How much is the operation going to cost you?

D & R: About RM25,000.

Go to Dr. X to your surgery

C: Removing the tumour would not kill you! It is okay. But remember that NOT all doctors are the same. Some do a good job, some don’t. If I were you, I would NOT think too much. Believe me, go for the operation. But let’s find a good surgeon for you! Yes, this is important — who can do a good job for you.

I know of one colorectal surgeon who is good. I have sent a few patients to him. He is a good person and did a good job. But I also want you to know that I do not get any financial incentive (professional they call it referral fee!) by asking you to go and see him. NO, I don’t do such thing — making money that way. What knowledge God gives me, I would share that with my patients without any fee.

So, I suggest that you go to Dr. X for the surgery. If you don’t want to go to Dr. X, of course, you can go to Singapore. But that is going to cost you three times more!

After the surgery, the doctor may want you to do chemo. If you want to do chemo, go ahead. But if you don’t want to go for chemo, you can come back to see me again after that, about 2 weeks after the surgery. Bring along all the medical reports.

If you don’t want to go ahead with the chemo, let the doctor know that you want to take herbs. As I have said, a few of my patients just did that. They had the operation but no chemo.



Part 2: My advice — why you need surgery

D: Actually we were supposed to go for surgery yesterday. But I consulted my friends in Surabaya. They suggested that I try to find out another option. One of them send me your name card. Mom does not want surgery if possible.

C: You were supposed to go for surgery and you deferred it. The doctor was angry with you?

D: No, he said it’s okay. I told him that we need to discuss with our family members first. .

  1. The cancer has not spread yet

C: Okay, Ibu. If you come with a tumour in your brain, liver, pancreas or lung, I would not encourage to go for an operation. But your case is different. There is a tumour is your rectum.

According to the report, the cancer has not spread to other organs yet. So you are lucky. If the cancer has spread to the liver, then it could meaningless for go for the operation.

In your case, the cancer has not spread yet. So it is best that you have it removed.

  1. No reason for you to suffer

C:  Ibu, you have made a mistake earlier for not going for an operation. The tumour is growing bigger and bigger. And now it is causing you so much pain and discomforts.

If you want to live a bit longer without sufferings, my advice is to have it removed. The tumour is growing in there. It will get bigger. You will have bleeding, pain and find it difficult to move your bowels. Why do you need to suffer like that? I hope you understand.

D: Yes.

  1. You are still young

Think properly, Ibu. You are still young. There is no reason why you need to die of this cancer. If you are at my age, perhaps there is no need to think of going for an operation.

There was a 80 plus-year-old lady who had colon cancer. Her children came to seek our help. The doctor was angry because the family declined surgery. The reason being, at that age, she might just die on the operating table. I gave her the herbs. She had pain after taking the herbs. After two weeks she was okay. She survived a few years and died of old age. No, her cancer was okay.

So Ibu, if you are as old as that lady — 80 plus,, then I would NOT push you to go for an operation.

  1. Herbs do not cure cancer

So please listen — don’t take the wrong path again! Taking herbs for 3 months and hoping the cancer would go away is absurd, not intelligent, not honest and not right. Outright stupidity.

If that herbalist said his capsules can cure your cancer, then we might as well close all the hospitals in this world. Everybody goes to him for a cure. It is not true, Ibu.

I have come across such case like yours before. A herbalist ask patients to take herbs and promised the cancer would be cured. Yes, he made money. The cancer does not go away. The patients go back to him again. This time, he will say, I have a better herbs for your problem. You pay more for this herbs. He makes more money the second round.

Now, do you want to go and see the herbalist who says he can cure you? You want to go to him? He would guarantee you a cure? You want?

R: No, don’t want.

C: Ibu, I have Jesus in my heart. I believe that God is with me in my work here at CA Care. I want to be honest to my patients. I will give my advice truthfully. I don’t want to bluff anybody. I also do not want to sugar-coat what I say. I know that sometimes what I say is something you don’t want to hear. Yes, truth hurts. Some patients come here wanting to hear only what they want to hear.

Even if you take my herbs, I cannot say that the tumour will disappear. My guess is, it will not disappear.

From my experience no one on earth can cure any cancer. Please know that. It is not that I don’t want to cure you. The truth is I cannot do that. This is my honest assessment of your situation. If my herbs can cure you, then we can tell all the hospitals to close shop!

  1. No need to rush — think carefully

C:  You have been living with this cancer for the past two years. So there is no need to rush to make your decision. Take your time — one week or one month — think carefully what you want to do. Remember what I have told you. But as I have said earlier, I do not think what you did earlier was right — wrong path.

If I am here only wanting to sell you my herbs, then I would surely tell you to take our herbs NOW. Take our herbs and don’t go for the operation. But I know right down in my heart, that is not the right thing to do.

  1. Follow your heart

C:  Mama, if you don’t want to follow my advice, I would not force you. It is up to  you. Yes, take my herbs and then some months or years down the road you may suffer. The cancer spreads to your liver. Of course you would not die yet — then you come to me again. What can I do?

Ibu, you are still young but if you want to “go home” faster or sooner, that’s okay. After all we learn that Up There Above is a better place than right down here! Right? So, can go home if you like.

  1. Pray and ask Jesus for guidance

C: Have peace in your heart and consider what you want to do next. For now there is no need for you to take my herbs yet. It would not make any difference and it is just a waste of money. Go home and pray first. Talk to Jesus what you have to do. But Ibu don’t tell Jesus what to do like saying I don’t want to operate. I don’t think that is right. Ask Jesus to guide you — open a way for you.

I know many people came to see us because they said god sent them here — some said Buddha asked to come, some said Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) asked to come.

Okay, do you want to ask any more question? Mama, you are still young, you look healthy. There is no reason why you need to die because of this cancer. Please go home and discuss with your family first. And most important talk to God.


On 8 May 2017, I received this email from her daughter:

dear Dr Chris,

terima kasih Dokter, mama sudah operasi oleh Dr X, dokternya baik dan Helpful. saat ini mama tinggal pemulihan pasca operasi. terima kasih banyak Dokter. Tuhan Yesus menyertai dan memberkati pelayanan Dokter. amin.

(Thank you Doctor, mama already had surgery by Dr. X. This doctor is kind and helpful. Currently mama is in postoperative recovery. Thank you very much Doctor. May our Lord Jesus be with you and bless Doctor’s ministry. Amen.)

I spent talking to RS and her daughter for almost one and a half hours. I accept no professional fee. The greatest satisfaction I have is to be able to help people in need. I am glad that RS’s daughter wrote back to say that her mom had been operated on and was recovering in the hospital. When she left our centre, I thought I would not hear from anymore — because that is what usually happen!

To those of you who are reading this article, please also know that if you have a tumour in your colon or rectum, know that I would ask you to have it removed first before taking our herbs. This is if the cancer has not spread yet. If it has already spread to other organs, than it is a different story.



Brain Tumour & Diabetes: 1. His prayer answered in an unexpected way!

In an earlier article, I wrote about one bad morning at CA Care —  sharing with you a disappointing story. But luckily, not all days are like that — although you need to know that only 30 percent of patients who come to see us benefit from our work. The remaining 70 percent don’t. They just cannot benefit because of all kinds of reasons or excuses that they have. But to be frank, I am well prepared for such disappointments because I know I cannot win all! And most important of all, I know I cannot change the attitudes of human beings!

Not all days are cloudy though. Let me share with you what a great and blessed morning is like. A morning like this is worth many times the bad mornings!

Amar (not real name) is a 49-year-old Indonesian. In early December 2016 he had two seizures. He was unable to talk and had to be hospitalised. His blood sugar was extremely high, more than 600 mg/dl. Amar was asked to take three medications — Nocid, Eclid and Glucophage. In addition he had to be given insulin injection, Novorapid,10 units three times per day.

A CT scan and MRI on 9 December 2016 showed a 4.26 x 5.16 x 2.2 cm lesion in his brain. This was diagnosed as vertex meningioma. The doctor in Jakarta asked Amar to undergo an operation but he refused.

In January 2017 Amar and his wife came to a private hospital in Penang. He was asked to continue taking his medication:

  1. Dilantin(phenytoin) — an anti-epileptic drug.
  2. Hepamax — for his liver.
  3. NovoRapid® — insulin injection.

A month later, February 2017, he came back to Penang again with the main purpose of undergoing  an operation. This surgery would cost him RM35,000.

Chris: Did you ask the doctor if the surgery would cure you?

Patient: The doctor said some parts of the lesion can be removed! Even that the most serious risk of such surgery is getting a stroke. In addition, my hands and legs may become weak.

The night before the scheduled operation, Amar and his wife prayed to God for guidance! If possible, he would not want to undergo the operation!

Listen to this video!



Who ask you to come to our centre?

Gist of our conversation

Amar: The night before my scheduled operation, my wife and I prayed telling God that if possible, I do not want to undergo this operation. But I knew in my heart that this was not possible! After our prayer, that same night, we were told to come and see Pak Teo first before undergoing any operation.

Chris: Who asked you to come and see us?

A: My wife’s friend in Jakarta.

C: (Asking the wife). Tell us what happened.

Wife: I phoned my best friend in Jakarta that night. I told her about my husband’s operation. Then she told me, Don’t do any operation yet. Go and see Pak Chris first. She gave me your address. The next morning, we came to see you. I showed your address to the Grab driver and he brought us here.

C: So, you did not do the operation?

A: No. I went to see the doctor in the hospital that morning and told him that I was not ready to undergo the operation. I need some time to sort things out.

C: The doctor was not angry that you decided to postpone the surgery?

A: No. So we came to see you after that.

C: When you came here, did you believe what we told you?

W: Yes, absolutely.


At CA Care we encourage patients to talk to their God — never mind who you believe in. Just pray to God to help you. We believe if you sincerely pray, God will answer your prayer! But remember, the answer you get may not be what you want!

Many patients told us many “amazing stories” how they came to know us. One lady once told me that she was very desperate and did not know what more to do for her sister who had been hospitalised for some two months already. So that night she prayed (she is not a Christian!) before she went to sleep (in the hospital taking care of her sister). The next morning, she switched on her lap-top. She could not remember what she did but there it was the CA Care website that popped out in front of her!

I once asked a lady who go home and pray to her God first before deciding to take our herbs. She replied, I have already done that. The Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin) told me to come and see you!

In this case, you can hear for yourself how Amar and his wife came to know CA Care just the night before Amar was to undergo his brain operation! It is just like a fairy tale, but is that not a miracle? God works in mysterious ways, if only you sincerely ask Him for guidance and help.

But don’t misunderstand. Coming to CA Care is not the ultimate answer. We are not bomohs (sharmans) or magicians. The tumour will not go away. We cannot cure your cancer — get that straight and clear! Nevertheless many patients who came to seek our help benefited from our advice and what we do. Some live a normal life without the surgery!

In the next article, let us hear why Amar was  “fortunate” not to undergo his surgery yet!



Holistic Healing of Cancer — Sharing our 20 years of experience

Forty-three Video Clips on Workshop by Chris Teo, organised by CanSurvivepc-workshop_0002



Part 1 IntroductionWe are not anti doctors:

Part 2: Medicine is broken:

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Part 4: Treating the Incurable:

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9  Prolong life or prolong misery:

10 Making sense of what is going on:

Part 5: Is doing nothing an option?:

Part 6: Mission of CA Care & Sharing of Information:

13  Miraculous Healing:

14  More Healing Stories:

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16  The CA Care Therapy:

17  Challenges to Healing:

18  Healing Journey of a Patient:

19  Cancer is about YOU — Change!:

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21 Gratitude:

A Time to Share

1 Truth from different perspectives:

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Question Time

1  Belief & Commitment:

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3  Health is your responsibility:

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15  Kidney failure — Go see your doctor:



Brain Tumour: No to Surgery


Jenny (not real name) is a 35-year-old Indonesian lady from one of the islands of Riau. For about six months she had been having headache and dizziness. Om 23 May 2016, she went to a hospital in Tanjung Pinang (Indonesia) and did a CT scan. There was a tumour in her brain.


The doctor suggested surgery to remove the tumour. Jenny’s family refused surgery. Jenny was sent home with the following medications:

  1. Kalium diklofenak
  2. Citicoline
  3. Lansoprazole
  4. Ramtidin
  5. Beta histinemesilate
  6. Pheytonin sodium
  7. Methylpredinsolone

Jenny’s husband came to know about CA Care and came to seek our help.


Our Advice

  1. It was indeed a “hard” morning, having to face such a case.
  2. From what I could guess from the pictures, the tumour in the brain is really big. And I really don’t know what to say. If you come and see me hoping to find a cure, then I must say right away that I cannot cure your wife. But if come here to find help, maybe we can help.
  3. You turned down the doctor’s suggestion of an operation. Surgery may not cure her and she may end up with more problems later. Over the years I have seen many of such pathetic results of surgery. So I would not push you to go for surgery.
  4. But on the other hand, to tell you not to go for surgery does not sound right. Anyway, you have decided not to go for surgery and I think you have made a wise decision.
  5. However, if you decide to change your mind and want to go for operation, then go to Singapore. Perhaps your chances of getting better results is higher a bit. But I know this could mean having to spend a lot of money. Husband replied: Yes, we cannot afford such treatment in Singapore.
  6. Now, we have no choice. I would take on this case with the understanding that you know beforehand that herbs cannot cure your wife’s brain cancer. Herbs may be able to help her — yes, that may be possible.
  7. I am not “plucking this kind of hope” from thin air. Over the years, I have seen that our herbs and our therapy did help brain cancer patients.

For those interested to know more, click this link:

To know who brain cancer patients wrote to us, click this link.

  1. So what is your decision? Husband: Please help us. We want to try your herbs.


Jenny was prescribed Capsule A, C, D and M besides taking Brain 1 and Brain 2 teas.

About three months later, we received an email from Jenny’s husband. This is what he wrote:

Nyeri kepala sudah mulai berkurang walaupun masih ada sedikit sedikit
Tidak muntah muntah lagi
Sudah masuk kerja walaupun tidak setiap hari
Badan sudah mulai berisi dan ada tenaga
Bicara sudah mulai lancar

Keluhan sekarang penglihatan masih agak kurang terang, masih kabur.

Jenny’s condition had improved, in spite of not undergoing the brain surgery. What is most encouraging is that her health did not deteriorate — this perhaps is the most important point to note. She is not getting worse. After taking the herbs, the frequent day long headache had subsided, she did not vomit anymore. She was able to go back and work on and off (not everyday yet). She had more energy and started to gain weight (which I think is not important! But to the Indonesians, it is important). Before the herbs Jenny had difficulty talking, fumbling to form words. And now, according to her husband, her speech is now going back to normal. Unfortunately, her blurred / double vision still persist.

In an earlier posting,, thirty-two-year-old Amar underwent an operation and radiotherapy for his brain cancer. Two weeks after the treatment, Amar was blind.

Jenny did not do anything invasive. She only took the bitter herbs and took care of her diet. Now she is still doing fine. Praise God for this blessing, We pray that she continues to improve with time. We cannot ask for more.




Listen, there is NO cure for metastatic cancer!

For the past few weeks, patients who came to seek our help presented with very depressing stories. For a start let us highlight two cases of breast cancer — among the many more other stories.

Patient from Sabah

This is an email.

Hi Dr Chris Teo,

How are you? I have heard of your cancer treatment through a friend, and would like to consult you for my mom. She is currently residing in Sabah and is 60 years old.

Please allow me to describe the situation for your understanding:

  1. Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 right breast cancer on 09 May 2015, metastasis to axillary, supraclavicular nodes, right hilar nodes and lungs.
  2. Right mastectomy on 13 May 2015. Specimens report – Invasive ductal carcinoma, no specific type (NST), Grade 3 (Bloom and Richardson), largest tumour diameter 85mm, 9 out of 24 lymph nodes show tumour metastasis with largest tumor deposit of 20mm.
  3. Did not proceed with suggested chemotherapy. Did Gerson therapy for 6 months, including Essiac tea, with monitoring of blood tumor markers every 2 months. No improvement, tumor marker CA 125 on increasing trend, latest report dated 02 Feb 16 results is 316..
  4. Weakness and fatigue last week. Saw doctor and CT scan showed more metastasis to brain, lungs, lymph. Doctor prescribe Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy immediately. First Radiotherapy started today.

Can we arrange an appointment with you for consultation and your suggested treatment as soon as possible? Thank you for your time, please let me know as soon as possible.

Patient from Indonesia

This is a 57-year-old Indonesian lady. Sometime in 2010,  she found a small lump in her right breast. She came to a hospital in Penang for consultation. The doctor told her the lump was not cancerous. Happily she went home rest assured that it was all fine. With time, the lump grew bigger.In July 2014, she went to a hospital in Surabaya. By that time, the lump was already 5 cm in size. A biopsy confirmed that it was cancerous. Patient underwent 4 cycles of chemotherapy. The tumour shrunk and in November 2014, she underwent a mastectomy.

After the operation, patient received 4 more cycles of chemotherapy followed by 30 times of radiation. Then she was put on Tamoxfen and took this pill for 1 year.

A follow-up check in October 2015 showed normal results. But this turned out to be untrue because 3 months later, January 2015, patient had breathing difficulties and abdominal discomfort.

She went back to her oncologist again. Her CEA was 1.55 (normal) but her CA 125 was 88.8 (high). A PET scan showed extensive metastasis to the lymph nodes, lung, liver, bone and left adrenal. There was fluid in the lung and the pericardium.


Her cancer had metastasized extensively (images above). The patient was asked to undergo 12 cycles of chemotherapy. She had one cycle of chemo on 5 February 2016 and gave up. Her condition deteriorated ( dropped) after the treatment. One cycle of chemo cost her family IDR 12 million.

She also underwent pleural tapping — about 1000 ml of fluid was removed from her lung.

The daughter was told that her mother would have only six months to live.

In late February 2016, patient came to Penang for further treatment.  The oncologist in Penang suggested the following treatments:

  1. Undergo 6 cycles of chemotherapy. Each cycle cost about RM 14,000.
  2. Take injection for her bone.
  3. Take hormonal pill, possibly Fermara.

It was at this point that the daughter of the patient wrote us an email asking to see us. It was surprising that the patient was rather “healthy-looking” and did not have much complaints. She felt a slight tightness in her chest (previous operation site) and was breathless when walking.

Lessons We Can Learn From These Cases

  1. Dr. David Agus, an oncologist said this in his book, The End of Illness: Don’t put blind faith and trust in your doctor. Be your own doctor first. When this Indonesian patient found a lump in her breast, she came to Penang and consulted a doctor. There was nothing wrong! She went home with full faith that the doctor was right. But with time the tumour in her breast grew bigger. Why allow it to grow bigger? This is human attitude — people want to believe only in good news. They want to hear or believe what they only want to hear or believe. My doctor said this, my doctor said that — after all my doctor said I have no cancer. Within 3 years the breast lump grew to 5 cm. The doctor was wrong! That was what happen if you put blind faith and trust in just one so-called “expert”.

Kathleen Phalen, in Integrative Medicine, wrote: We’ve been misguided into thinking that our doctors … are deities capable of performing the greatest of miracles.

Our advice:  Don’t just doze off after hearing what you want hear. Watch out if your condition has turned worse or better. Go for second or third opinion.

  1. Ask this question before you undergo any treatment. What is the aim of the treatment being offered? This is what patients want to hear and believe. It is going to cure your cancer. It is going to stop the cancer from spreading. It is going to prolong your life. With such sweet assurance, patients are “bought” wholesale. They would jump into the “sea” when told to do so. Read the story of this unfortunate young man below.






So, evaluate what you are told carefully. It is good if you can tap into your own commonsense and ask — Is this guy after my cancer or my money? For all the promises made, ask — At what cost — physically, emotionally and financially?

Remember, cancer is a big business — there is plenty of money to be made in the cancer healing industry. The young man above, found out that he had been sold an empty promise after spending RM 500,000. And his wife died. An expensive mistake indeed.

  1. Surgery does not cure any cancer if it is done too late. And surgery could be just meaningless if the cancer has already spread. Take the case of this Sabah patient. She had 4th stage breast cancer. The cancer had already spread to the lungs. She underwent a mastectomy and was told to undergo chemotherapy which she refused. Ask — what is the aim of the surgery? Can it not make the cancer more aggressive? Can it spread more cancer?

The Indonesian lady also had surgery followed by chemo, radiation and Tamoxifen. These treatments did not work either.

  1. When first and/or second line of treatments failed, you may be offered more of the same treatments — more aggressive, more expensive drugs, more of the so called targeted “magic” drugs. Ask — would this make any difference to your condition? Are these “additives” going to cure you? Learn from the experience of the late Amy Cohen below:

4 Amy-Cohen-No-cure

  1. If there is anything we learn about the treatment of breast cancer, here are what the experts said:


3 No-right-or-wrong-journey

  1. What then is the role CA Care with regards to the above two cases who came to seek our help?

These are what we usually tell patients when they come to us.

  • We cannot cure you. There is no magic bullet to cure your cancer — Worse still, most of you come to us when all those standard treatments failed! Nothing else worked, then you come expecting us to cure you. No way! We know many leave our centre disappointed. Yes, it is better to be blunt and honest rather than taking you for a ride.
  • At CA Care we try to help you heal yourself — we don’t cure any cancer because cancer is not the real problem. Cancer is just a symptom that something had seriously gone wrong within your. For that reason, just removing the tumour does not always work. And radiation or chemo does not work most of the time.
  • While you are told that chemo or radiation is done to kill all the remaining cancer cells or to stop the cancer cells from spreading, we believe you are being mislead. Diligent search of the medical literature shows that sometimes radiation makes cancer more aggressive! Similarly, chemotherapy has been shown to spread and makes cancer more aggressive!
  • Knowledge is power — it can save your life and your money. But it is up to you to work hard to find your own solution to your problem after you have read. But unfortunately, most patients or their loved ones who are not sick, don’t want to know or read. Sad.
  • At CA Care, we tell patients to accept reality and learn how to live with their cancer. If after following our therapy, you can eat, can sleep, can walk and have no pain — what else do you want? In a situation when no one can cure your cancer, perhaps that is the only alternative you have — to be able to lead a normal, pain-free life for the remaining time that you have on this earth. Remember, no one lives forever. All of us will have to die — irrespective of whether you have cancer or not.
  • Patients heal yourself. No one can heal you except you, yourself. We realise this is a tall order. Many patients just don’t know how to take care of themselves to get well while some don’t even want to put in any effort to get well — they just want to find the easy-to-swallow-magic bullet that does not exist! To be able to heal yourself means, you have to change your lifestyle, your diet and your mental attitude. After seeing cancer patients for well over 20 years, we came to a conclusion that healing cancer is about healing a human being, the tumour is secondary. There is something in you that is not right that creates the cancer. Are you prepared to change?

Let’s ponder the following quotations:


4 Holistic-therapy-benefit

1 deVita 2-Medical-profession-which-




Stomach Cancer: No to surgery and chemo. Why?

EK is a 66-year-old female. About 2 years ago, she felt stomach discomforts after eating. If she had soft diet, then she was okay. She did nothing about this problem. During the Chinese New Year, 2015, she felt something blocking when she took food. Then she vomited. The problem went away after that. In June 2015, she went to a medical clinic and the doctor said she might have thyroid problem. However, an endoscopy and biopsy in July 2015 indicated stomach cancer.

EK and her son came to seek out help after being told that EK had to undergo chemotherapy followed by surgery. EK did not want to undergo these procedures. Why? Listen to our conversation that day.



Summary of our conversation

Chris:  Does your mother know about this?

Patient: Yes. When doing the scope, the doctor told me on the spot that I have cancer. The doctor then asked me to undergo chemo. Must decide immediately. Chemo is to shrink the tumour first. After that, they will operate me, to remove my stomach.

Son: He was trying to convince her to immediately proceed with the treatment. But when I did research on line the chemo does not work so well with diet causing cancer.

C: I understand. You are not the only one. Many others are like you too. You do not get cancer only yesterday. Perhaps it has been there for the past 5 or even 10 years already.

P: Only 2 years ago.

C: Perhaps 5 years ago it was already there but it did not show up and you did not feel anything. Most people do not “listen” to their body. For you, only now it shows up. What do you want to do? You have to decide. Correct, on the one hand you can have it removed and maybe it is gone. Do you want to operate?

P: I don’t want to operate. The doctor told me if I do not operate the tumour will grow. It may cause blockage and  bleeding. And it is going to be very painful.

C: The doctor said you have to do chemo first and then surgery. Did you ask him if these procedures are going to cure you?

P: No doctor would guarantee that.

S: Why I feel not satisfied is every time we discuss with the doctor — he never want to tell us the probability. They don’t know. Depend on patient, this can happen, that can happen. They don’t know and dare not go into this subject.

P: The doctor told me it is going to be 50: 50.

S: They never tell us about the side effects. What can happen after that? I spent about 2 weeks researching (in the internet) I know that there are a lot of (side effects).

C: Okay, take it easy. Relax. Go home and think about it and decide. Listen to your heart and not your head. If your heart says operate, then go for the operation. If your heart says no operation, then don’t do the operation.  Take it easy.

This is a major surgery. The whole stomach has to be removed. Understand this. If the cancer does not spread, then removing it is good. Clean and throw it away and it is gone. But if the cancer has already spread, that is where the problem is. If it has already gone to the liver, what do you do? Cut the liver also? It is hard for us to decide what is the best thing to do now.

After removing your stomach, you can’t eat anything you like any more. You need to adjust your diet. It is going to be a bit difficult.

Then that 50:50 chance — may be it may not end up 50:50 at all — we don’t know.

You can’t blame the doctor because that is all they know.

Then, back to this again. What if you do not do operate? First, the tumour may grow and block (the passage way). You cannot eat and vomit. So, you may have to face these problems.

All these basically mean — you cut, you die; you don’t cut you also die. But everybody also has to die. The question to ask is: How do you want to die? That is the most important thing.

If you go for surgery, you may die on the table. We don’t know.

P: Yes, that was what the doctor told me. If something goes wrong, you die.

C: You also need to know this. If you cut, you also need to suffer later … due to the chemo, etc. Go through all these sufferings and die. May be not worth it. This is one scenario. Another scenario is, now you are still well with no problem. If you can take care of yourself, maybe you don’t have to die sooner, may be you don’t have to suffer so much. But know that one day you have to die. So, which one do you want” Think for yourself.

You come and see us — can we cure you? No, we are not god. But we also know that we have helped a lot of people already. They don’t die that soon. But they have to learn how to help themselves. Learn how to live with your cancer. Tell your cancer — you stay in there but don’t disturb me, and I don’t disturb you. If I die, you (cancer) also die.

If there is blockage, then you have to go for surgery. If not, relax.

We know this is dangerous, we know this is a rare cancer. In one year, we do not see many case like this.

Okay, do you want to go home and think first what you want to do?

P: No, I don’t want surgery. Then go for chemo — no, my whole body would collapse! The doctor also told me that even if I did the operation, he would not be able to remove everything. May be something may be left behind. Because of that, I want to go for natural therapy.

C: Do you understand that it may not cure you? People come and ask us to cure them. Our answer is, No we cannot cure you. Because we know that cancer cannot be cured, but to help you — YES. But you have to want to help yourself first. But how long you want to help yourself is up to you. Some people get well after 6 months — they forget what we taught them after that!

S: Professor. Thanks for reminding us. I know in terms of diet, it is not easy to change.


EK and her son were desperate. And they need help. The doctor wanted her to go for chemo and surgery for her stomach cancer that had probably spread to the liver, pancreas, spleen and lymph nodes. In simple language, this is an advanced cancer,  where surgery alone cannot cure her.  The cancer cannot be totally removed. That means, the chance of recurrence is very high. In addition EK has to undergo chemotherapy. EK knew what she was asked to go into and decided not to follow the medical way.

EK and her son clearly need help. CA Care was set up to exactly to do this — to help those in need of direction and help. And we are ready to help. But for those who come to CA Care in search of “magic bullet” or any easy way out, then we say you have come to the wrong place. Please go elsewhere to shop for your cure.

EK’s son took time to browse the internet for more information. He was clearly unhappy that he could not discuss anything with the doctors. Understandable, doctors are busy people and they don’t have the time to explain things to the patients or their family members.  Read what Dr. Heymann wrote:

Doctor visit 12 minutes

It is unfortunate that doctors do not have the time to show much concern about the patients. EK was told right there and then, while doing the scope, that she has cancer and chemo has to be done immediately. The message came like a bomb. No doubt about, the “death sentence” as many like to call it, caused much anxiety and distress not only to the patient but also the entire family. Patients and their family members want to know MORE, but they cannot get much information from the doctor. At CA Care, we try our best to answer your concerns and provide information as honestly as we can — to empower you with knowledge so that you can make informed decisions.


While in the midst of writing this story, a patient came to our centre. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has spread extensively to his liver. After the CT scan, the doctor told him: We cannot operate you. We cannot chemo you. Go home, eat anything you like and go and play as much golf as you like. The patient told us, I know what that mean. The doctor virtually told me to go home and wait to die. It was indeed a great let down. We don’t know how he took it, knowing that this man was once the deputy head of a state government, a VVIP.  He and his wife spent about one and half hours at our centre. We answered everything that they wanted to know. No doubt, they were satisfied. They now know what they CAN and NEED to do next.

Read again what Dr. Jody Heymann wrote:

Hospital not concern of patients

Pose this question to the Power-that-Be, Given the above situation, what can we do to improve the situation? Is building more hospitals  the answer? Perhaps we don’t need expensive hospitals but train people who run hospitals with a more “human heart”.

I am fully aware too that during our consultation, I am often very blunt. To most people, may be the mention of the word “death” is a taboo and is very objectionable. But at CA Care, we often bring this subject up with the patients. This is because we want them to understand the bigger picture of the problem. We fully understand, ALL patients want to be cured of their cancer, no matter how advanced their disease may be. Many patients say they want to “fight” to the end. Well said, but do you still want to fight with the SAME weapons,  if you know with almost certainty that you are going to lose the war. In addition, you  suffer as a consequence. Some even leave a “big hole” in their bank account for the next-of-kin to settle. The only winners in the game are the doctors, hospitals and drug companies!

Perhaps you may wish to reflect on these two quotations:




We are not implying here that patients with terminal cancer should just give up — go home and wait to die like the case of the VVP above. Far from it. Perhaps the question to ask is, If the expensive, scientific medicine cannot cure your cancer, can there be another option? At least another option which can allow patients to live in peace without suffering, even though we all know that cancer cannot be cured.

EK and the VVIP above did not give up. At least they came to CA Care and they found “peace” and a new “hope”.




Breast Cancer: No chemo or radiation. Only on CA Care herbs

Eda – 49-year-old female from Indonesia – had a lump in her right breast. USG and mammography showed an irregular isodenesity radioopaque lesion (9×7 mm) in the upper outer quadrant of right breast with spiculated sign, highly suggestive of malignancy. Enlarged lymph nodes were seen in both axilla, the right axilla being 10 mm in size.

Eda came to a private hospital in Penang in May 2010. A whole body CT scan showed no metastatic spread. Eda immediately underwent a lumpectomy. The right breast lesion was 15 x 10 x 10 mm. It was an invasive lobular carcinoma, Grade 2. The surgical margins were not involved. Eda underwent a second round of surgery to remove the right axilla sentinel nodes. These were cancer-free.

The tumour cells were positive for estrogen and progesterone receptors but negative for P53 and e-Erb2.

On  follow up, a few weeks later, Eda was asked to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She promptly refused and came to seek our help.



Almost five years later, January 2015, Eda met up with us and said that she was doing fine!

The blood test results over the years are as follows:

ESR Platelet CEA CA 15.3
25 Oct 2010 19 317 0.9 2.5
3 May 2011 23 H 316 0.7 1.7
5 May 2012 12 352 1.0 3.4
14 May 2013 15 321 Less than 0.5 4.5
25 April 2014 10 316 Less than 0.5 4.8
31 Jan 2015 18 322 1.6 3.3


Lessons we can learn from Eda

Lesson 1:  Eda underwent surgery twice but refused chemotherapy or radiotherapy as recommended by her surgeon. Even if her tumours were positive for estrogen and progesterone she was not on Tamoxiffen. She was taking a great risk, as far as medical believers are concerned. But does it mean that after surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy and Tamoxifen she will be cured of her cancer? Not necessarily. Read this sad story. Breast Cancer: When a so-called “cure” was not a cure  In this case, due to a thumb-sized lump, MT had a mastectomy followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments. She took Tamoxifen for 5 years. MT was told by her doctor that her breast cancer was at an early stage and that she had a 90 percent chance of complete cure with the treatments that she had undergone. MT believed her doctor and did exactly as what was told. Each year she came back to her doctor for routine checkup. At every visit she was told that she was fine.

After 5 years, MT was told to stop Tamoxifen because she was already cured. But barely a year later, in April 2011, MT started to have pains in her tail bone and shoulder blade. Then her legs started to hurt as well. She became breathless and was unable to walk far. MT returned to her doctor and was told that  her cancer had recurred in her bone and lung. MT asked her doctor why the cancer recurred. The doctor’s answer,  “ I do not know why. But don’t blame yourself. It is your fate.  Also the recurrence has nothing to do with what you eat. It is just your fate.”

Here is another tragic story. Breast Cancer Went Wild After Surgery, Chemo-Radiotherapy. E-Therapy Helped Relieve Her Pains

Ask yourself this question, what could have happened to Eda if she were to undergo chemotherapy as recommended by her doctor? Will she suffer the same fate as these unfortunate patients?

To rub salt to the wound, MT was told by her doctor that recurrence was just due to her luck. It is like saying “One-Big-Fool” was running a casino “Up-There.” The destiny of mankind down-here was determined by the rolling of a dice. It seems  more acceptable for the educated to promote this theory than admitting that “scientific medicine” had failed her.

Dr. Lorraine Day was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. She had invasive breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. But the tumour soon recurred and became very aggressive. She decided to break rank and refused chemo or radiation …”because those therapies often lead to death.” Dr. Day cured her cancer by rebuilding her immune system through natural therapies. Read her story here,

Paula Black, followed Dr. Day’s foot step; she had an aggressive breast cancer. Without chemo and radiation, the doctor said Paula would have only 3 to 6 months (maximum) to live. Paula had a double mastectomy but refused chemo or radiation. She went on to cure herself through natural therapies. Read her story,





Lesson 2: It is now almost 5 years since Eda was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Is she cured of her breast cancer? We told Eda, NO! Don’t be fooled by believing that cancer is cured after surviving 5 years. When patients go to their doctors or when they come to us, they WANT a cure for their cancer. Cure means it is gone and never come back again. Unfortunately, this never happens in the real world of cancer. Our aunty’s cancer recurred after 13 years and she died. A member of our church had breast cancer and she survived 9 years before the cancer spread to her brain. She had radiation and died.

We tell Eda (and also all patients who come to us). Stay on the course, don’t go back to your old lifestyle again. Continue with what you are doing that made you well – why change?




Colon Cancer: Oncologists said,” Try chemo.” But one doctor said, “If he is my relative, I won’t put him through the torture.”

TS (E211) is a 58-yer-old gentleman. On 28 January 2013 he went to see a doctor for abdominal pain, distention and bleeding.  His CEA was normal, at 2.5 but his liver enzymes were elevated: AST = 45, ALT = 29 (normal), Alkaline phosphatase = 137 and GGT = 79. His white blood cell count was at 12.9 (high).

A CT scan indicated an irregular mass at the rectosigmoid region measuring about 6.1 cm in length. It caused narrowing of its lumen. “Features are suggestive with carcinoma rectum with local infiltration and liver metastases.”

Rectum tumour biopsy confirmed infiltrating moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma.

TS underwent surgery on 31 January 2013. Due to the cancer infiltrating the small bowel with perforation and intra-loop abscess, TS was fitted with an temporary ileostomy bag.

TS was referred to an oncologist and was prescribed oral drug, Xeloda plus Leucovorin. TS completed two cycles of these without problem. However, after the third cycle, he started to feel the side effects. He had rashes and dry itchy skin. He became tired, had muscle pains and problems with the taste buds.

By the fourth cycle (i.e., in early July 2013) the muscle pains became worse and he was not able to walk. The doctor advised to take a longer break before going for the next cycle. TS decide to stop the drugs.

On 1 August 2013, TS had shortness of breath during the early morning and was rushed to the hospital. He was said to have a heart attack. He responded well to the emergency treatment in the ICU.

On 2 August 2013, a chest X-ray indicated left lung pneumonia and TS was treated with antibiotics. CT scan of the thorax suggested lung metastases.

From 4 to 7 August 2013, TS’s condition worsened day by day. He was short of breath and needed oxygen all day. His mental alertness was sharply reduced, drifting in and out of sleep most of the time. He had no appetite and felt weak and drowsy. Three doctors attended to him. Two doctors suggested TS undergo chemotherapy but another specialist whispered to TS’s wife, “If he is my relative, I won’t put him through the torture.”  Since the family had bad experience with the Xeloda, they decided to give up chemotherapy.

On 8 to 9 August 2013, TS was still on antibiotics and these were the most critical 2 days. His breathing became very difficult and he was not able to eat. His condition deteriorated drastically and the family were expecting the worse. The pastor came to give the last rites. According to the wife, “He was almost gone”.

From 10  to 12 August 2013, by the grace of God, TS’s condition improved and he was discharged from the hospital since there was not the doctor could do after declining chemotherapy. TS was brought home in an ambulance to “rest” .

At home, TS was under the care of Hospice. The Hospice doctor was told that the family wanted to try herbal therapy. The doctor was understanding enough and said, “It is your choice. You can try but I don’t think it will work.”

20 September 2013. TS his wife and daughter came to CA Care, Penang.

Listen and watch the videos below carefully.




On 29 April 2014, TS wrote:
1. My skin peeled off months ago and new skin have grown at least 6 months ago.
2. I am now experiencing pain when I stand up. When walking my legs feel heavy.
3. I feel numb from stomach area downwards.
4. The Hospice doctor told me my nerves are damaged as a side effect from previous oral chemo Xeloda.

I will plan to visit you asap. God bless.

On 1 May 2014, TS wrote again:

I am now into the 8th month of taking your herbs and capsules. Eat ok, sleep ok, bowel movement now 2-3 times a day. When I came back from the hospital last August my weight was 45kg. Now it is almost 49kg. So there is improvement except for the numbness and pain in my soles when I walk.

Before  undergoing any treatment, patients should always ask yourself or your doctors!

1. What are the side effects of the Xeloda?

The most common side effects are:




sores in the mouth and throat (stomatitis),

stomach area pain (abdominal pain),

upset stomach,


loss of appetite,

and too much water loss from the body (dehydration).

Other common side effects are:

hand-and-foot syndrome (palms of the hands or soles of the feet tingle, become numb, painful, swollen or red);


dry, itchy or discolored skin;

nail problems;

hair loss;






pain (including chest, back, joint and muscle pain);

trouble sleeping;

and taste problems.

Patients could have more side effects related to their heart. The cardiotoxicity observed with Xeloda includes:

myocardial infarction/ischemia,



cardiac arrest,

cardiac failure,

sudden death,

electrocardiographic changes,

and cardiomyopathy.

With the above list of side effects, nobody can tell you what you may end up with if you swallow Xeloda. It’s a matter of your luck – you strike gold or misfortune. So that much about the so-called scientifically proven medicine.

Ask these questions.

1. In August, TS had a “heart attack” after completing 3 cycles of Xeloda a month before that. What triggered that “heart attack”? Cardiotoxicity mentioned above? Was TS warned about this before taking the drug? Or does everyone assume Xeloda is perfectly safe since the doctors prescribe it? This heart episode almost killed TS.

2. When you are told you have cancer, we understand that you are desperate. You don’t know what else to do. You need help – but don’t you think it is wise not to add oil immediately to the burning fire? Don’t you want to hold on for a while so that you can read a bit more rather than blindly follow advice – to be seen to do something immediately?

3. One amusing account is what the “open-minded, understanding” Hospice doctor said. He did not object to herbal therapy, but he weight in and said, “It is your choice. I don’t think it will work, but you can try.” A fair statement. From the view of medical science, herbs are just hocus pocus, unproven snake oil, bla, bla.

But looking at it realistically, for this case and many other cases documented in this website, did TS ever get worse by taking the herbs and NOT doing chemo? If herbs can do what the chemo cannot do, why go for chemo then?

Watch the videos again.

Can you learn something from this case? Or are you still wanting to stick to your biased view that herbs are not effective and unproven? Do you want to still say, “I don’t think it will work”?

Lung Cancer Success Stories

by  Chris K H Teo & Ch’ng Beng Im

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Kim: The Story of My Mom’s Lung Cancer

y 1 y 2 y 3 y 4 y 5 y 6 y 7 y 8



(Note: For the past few days I was toying with the idea of presenting our message in the form of cartoons, sketches, etc. Since I can’t draw the only way is to use video snapshots … etc. Later I shall venture into clip arts (to make things less serious!). Oh, this is the time when I wish I know how to draw! But when I was in school, I never get any score beyond D in drawing! Anyway, let me know how you like this type of presentations. Chris)

Stage 4 Stomach Cancer: She Came, She Believed And She Got to Keep Her Stomach Intact

The file of YM laid buried among the pile of papers on my desk – almost forgotten. But about two months back (mid-2013), a medical doctor came to seek our help. When asked who sent him here, he replied it was his neighbour, YM. I asked the doctor how YM is doing. He replied, Very well. This episode make me go back to my old files and I started to track YM’s case. This is her story.

YM was diagnosed with stomach cancer in July 2007. A biopsy confirmed a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the stomach.  She underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy. She took Xeloda for two weeks and stopped. Apparently the doctor suggested that her stomach be removed. YM was in a dilemma, not knowing whether to go for the operation or not. I recalled it was at this point in time that YM called me and we spoke on the phone. YM had just started taking our herbs. On 30 December 2007, YM and her family came to our centre in Penang.

This is the recording of our meeting that day.

The following are e-mails that give more details about YM’s cancer experience.

4 January 2008: Dr Chris,
I have come to see you last Sunday. My file number is T-711. I am a lecturer at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. I have decided to hold on to my surgery and take your herbs for a long-term basis. I hope your herbs will prevent the need to do a surgery.  I am taking capsule A, C-tea, Stomach 1 and 2. I am trying my best to adhere to your advice on the diet but I still have the following questions and hope you can answer them for me:

1. Does it matter when I take the stomach tea? Should I take it on empty stomach? Is it ok if  I take it after juice or right after my dinner?

2. Can I take C-tea with Capsule A together or any other supplements like multi-vitamin. calcium, vitamin c, and plant oil?

3. I know that I should take stomach tea and C-tea at separate time. What is the minimum time interval between the 2 teas?

4. I read from your website that capsule A is for detox purpose. But C-tea is also for detox purpose (as told by you). Why am I asked to take 2 things with the same function?

5. Is capsule A made from the plant called “rodent tuber”?

6. May I use other organic sauce or seasoning for taste, besides sea salt and liquid aminos that you are selling at your center?

7. May I consume soup that boiled with chicken (kampung chicken or organic chicken)  or pork but without taking the meat? I know I am not supposed to take meat but I need to know whether drinking meat soup is as bad as well.

8. How about soup with “ikan bilis”?

9. Is it ok to take the following food: “nangka” or jackfruit, peanuts, and small dried prawns? Even if in small amount?

Please do not get upset in answering the questions especially the questions about food. You may have answered them thousands of times but we, the patients, need to hear from you for sure.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Reply to her questions:

1. Better to take after food. Timing? When convenient.

2. Not a good idea. Take Capsule A on empty stomach if no gastric pain. Later take whatever.

3. Okay.

4. Same function but many ways of healing. Attack from all angles not enough.

5. Yes, but with 10 other herbs to balance it.

6. I don’t know what other organic sauce is. Sure it is good stuff? I don’t know.

7. No, no. no. Nothing from things that move with their legs.

8. Yes, but don’t overdo. One tea spoonful of bilis powder maximum.

9. Aya, very bad and my answer is NO.

10. The stomach regurgitates or reflux. Try to take herbs after food and see what happens.

13 February 2008: Dr Chris, I did have intravenous chemotherapy — that was why I was in hospital for a day for each treatment. So the cost includes the intravenous chemo done in the hospital plus 2-3 weeks supply of Xeloda and vitamins. There were 6 treatments like this for the whole course. It cost about RM33,000 in total.

Below is the breakdown of a typical bill:

Room                    RM128 (I wanted to be hospitalized)
Office                    RM45
Lab                        RM200.90
Pharmacy             RM4,523.88
Sterile Supplies    RM132.79
Consultation         RM90
Insertion of Intravenous RM477.47 (insertion of needle into my vein)

I have been taking C-tea, capsule A, stomach 1 and 2 since 1 January 2008, only for one-and-a-half months. I am doing fine so far. Although I do not feel significantly different from before the herbs, I feel well and normal, and I got some good comments like I look better from my face. I believe in the herbs and the natural way of healing, so I will continue taking the herbs and other nutrients and watching my diet. Of course, I will consult doctor and monitor my condition from time to time.

In fact mine is a cancerous ulcer in the stomach. It is not a tumor. It has spread to nearby lymph nodes, therefore, classified as stage 4. It is under controlled after the chemotherapy. Now I wish to keep it under control as long as I can with the herbs and diet. I will take whatever you think is good for me especially it is targeted to cancerous ulcer. I strongly believe that, in my case, it was caused by the Pylori bacteria, which was preventable. I wish I have known much earlier the danger of being infected by this type of bacteria.

20 August 2008:  Dear Dr Chris,
How are you doing? I know that you are a very busy man and I try not to disturb you too much.

If you may recall, I went to see Mr Lee and you end of last year, December 2007. I started to take your herbs 1 January 2008. You asked me to do a blood test at that time I saw you and I did. That was the beginning of the consumption of your herbs.

Seven months after consuming the herbs–Stomach 1 and 2, C-tea, and capsule A–I went to do a scope in my stomach and a full blood test at Subang Jaya Medical Center on July 23, 2008. I asked back the same doctor who did the scope and biopsy on me about a year ago. He was the one who delivered the bad news that I had stomach cancer stage 4. I remember very clearly he said that I had a very big ulcer in my stomach. And a year later he delivered the good news to me. He saw a perfect stomach with no ulcer–it was healed!

My blood test results looked ok too–all tumor markers were within the range except CA19.9, it was 36 (the upper range was 35 based on the report.) My white blood counts was a bit low with a rating of 2.9. I think the lower range was about 4. Anyway, the doctor said that the CA19.9 of 36 was not alarming and I may need to see a blood specialist for the low white blood cells. He declared me cancer-free for now. I just need to monitor closely from now on.

I am aware that I have a low white blood count since I started my chemo treatment last year,  August 2007. If I am not wrong, there is not much I could do about it. It may affect my immune system and so far I am ok without getting sick.

I will continue my diet and herbs regime and will do a check up within half a year or so. I have cut out meat completely and for white sugar and salt, I cut them down as much as I can. I can’t be avoided completely if I eat out, hence I will not eat out unless I go traveling or for special occasions.

Anyway, Dr Chris, I believe in your herbs and I intend to continue taking it as long as I could. I understand that I am cancer free now but this does not guarantee anything. I will not be shocked if it comes back. I just try my best to prevent it from coming back. If it does come back, I will just deal with it accordingly. Of course, I hope that it will not come back with my diet regime and herbs therapy plus the supplements (OMX, plant oil, vitamin C, and complex enzyme) that I am taking.

So much about my updates. Thank you.

 22  August 2008  Many thanks for your prompt reply. I am trying to close the gaps in my understanding of the story. If you don’t mind, can you clarify:

Question: What happened before July 2007. Were you suffering from something?

Answer: Prolonged bloating and a very uncomfortable stomach, no appetite, felt like vomiting. 

When did this doctor say it was stage 4. After the biopsy result in July 2007? And it was stage 4?


You had a big stomach ulcer — your stomach must be bleeding? Lost a lot of blood? He did not treat you for ulcer?  Surprisingly I had no bleeding in the stomach based on what I know–if my stomach bleeds, my stool would be black in color. But my stool was not black but normal color to me. I did bleed but it was red, fresh blood, because I have piles. The doctor who did the biopsy did give me some pills for the ulcer but I went for chemo right away. I still finished the pills anyway.

What did he say about being alive — or his prognosis?

He did not say anything about that because he is not an oncologist. He referred me to an oncologist right after the biopsy results. The referred oncologist (a lady) came to see me and based on the conversation with her, I knew I was very serious and I needed treatment fast. So I decided to go for the chemo treatment within 2 days of the biopsy results.

Did you ask him if there was a cure?

I did not ask him since he is not an oncologist. But my oncologist mentioned to me that I just had to try the drug Xelox first. I might end up in the good basket and I might not be. (Note: XELOX regimen  consisted of taking oral Xeloda plus injection of oxaliplatin.)

Did he ask you to go for surgery? Or chemo?

The oncologist asked me to go for chemo first and when I got response she advised me to go for surgery. The oncologist suggested chemo treatment and it was done within the next 2 days after the biopsy.

You said you have 6 cycles of chemo — Was it from August 2007 onwards? And when did it end? What drugs did they use?

The chemo started  2 August 2007  and ended 23 November  2007 with 6 cycles at 3-week interval. That is, one cycle every 3 weeks. Xelox was the regimen (Xeloda plus injection of oxaliplatin.)

Then you had 2 weeks of Xeloda and stopped the Xeloda — was this after you had completed your i/v chemo?

I was given 2 weeks supply of Xeloda for every cycle of chemo treatment.

After the chemo and Xeloda — were you okay?

Of course there were side effects like numbness in my hands, slight blurred vision, poor appetite, dropping more hair, and low white blood count. Other than that, I was feeling ok generally.

In December 2007 CT scan indicated everything fine. What did the doctor say about this report.

The oncologist was pleased with the results and suggested that I go for surgery to remove part or whole of the stomach so as to remove the source of the cancer within a month after the last chemo treatment, before the drug worn out.

Since response of the treatment was so good, why did you come to see us and want to take the herbs?

I came to see you because I read the book entitled “Cancer Cured Naturally” by Betty Khoo-Kingsley. I believed in it and based on the contact information at the end of the book, I located CACARE. I was reluctant to go for the surgery. I was told by the surgeon (I went to consult a surgeon) about the side effects of having the stomach removed and I would be made very weak. I went to see you to get your opinion as well, and you were very upset by what the oncologist  told me. You said that surgery might not be necessary especially if the cancer had spread. You asked me to give myself 3 months to take the herbs and to do blood test and PET scan within that 3 months. I took the herbs and did blood test but I did not and still have not done any scan yet.

Now that it is healed. Did the doctor tell you why your cancer had disappeared?
The doctor who did the scope for me did not explain anything. He knew that I have gone through the chemo treatment. And I did not go back to see my oncologist since my last treatment in December 2007. 

Did he ask you if you took anything else besides chemo and Xeloda?
As I mentioned above, this doctor did not ask anything and I have not seen any oncologist since December last year.

Your health conditions — before you took the herbs and after you took the herbs — were there any difference? I am trying to find out if the herbs helped you in any way?
Before I took the herbs I was still suffering from the chemo side effects and of course my health condition was not as good. After the chemo and taking the herbs, I feel fine, not lethargic, good appetite, sweat or perspire easily. The only thing is I have lost about 8 kgs or 17 lbs since the treatment and no-meat diet. But I feel healthy.

But I think that what is more important is to see whether the herbs help prevent the cancer spreads further (if is still there) or help prevent the cancer comes back (if I was “cancer-free” after the chemo treatment). I have consulted other oncologists for second opinion and they said the same thing. I should and should have done the surgery before the chemo drug wore out, which should be within a month or two after the last chemo treatment. If the herbs can prolong a relapse or keep cancer away then the herbs is considered effective. Also, if I, the patient, believe in the herbs and help keep my spirit and hope high, definitely the herbs is considered beneficial. Dr Chris, once we believe  that cancer can be cured naturally, then taking herbs therapy is inevitable.

If you were NOT on the herbs — or you have NOT found us — would you have followed the oncologist’s advice and go ahead to have your stomach removed?
Yes. I would have gone for the surgery if the cancerous ulcer was still there. I had already talked to a surgeon before I went to see you.

Even after you have found us, why did you not follow the oncologist’s advice? What made you want to opt for our herbs — knowing that your problem was serious at that time — or you did not consider your situation serious at all?
Although I responded very well to the chemo treatment, I would not think that I was “cured”. I expected my cancerous ulcer was still there and I was facing two options — one is going for the operation, and the other one is taking an alternative treatment. After talking to you, I decided to give it a try on the herbs.

Latest update 19 August 2013: Yes, YM turns up occasionally to collect Cap A, or she sends someone on her behalf.  She has put on some weight and looks very well.  We saw her a few weeks ago when she brought a friend who has breast cancer.

6 Believer-and-non-believer

8 Believer-dont-ask

 A Point to Ponder

What do you think YM’s life is like if she was to follow the doctor’s advice and have her stomach removed?

Ovarian Cancer 2: After Recurrence She Again Refused Chemo. Why?

Lucy was asked to undergo chemotherapy after the cancer had recurred. She again declined and came to seek our help on 7 September 2012. We cautioned Lucy to seriously consider undergoing chemotherapy.  After all the cancer had spread and she should not expect much from us. Also, please don’t blame us if things don’t work out the way she wanted!

She was not receptive to chemo. Listen to our conversation that day.

The doctor in the government hospital asked Lucy to undergo chemotherapy immediately. She hesitated and asked for some time to think over it. The doctor also queried why she did not do chemotherapy the previous year after she had the surgery.

Lucy asked the doctor what would happen if she do not want to do the chemo. The doctor said he would not see her again if she declined chemo this time. Next time when it becomes serious, sorry! Don’t come and see me.

In spite of this stern warning, Lucy was adamant and refused chemotherapy. She came to seek our help on 7 September 2012.

Chris: Okay, let me ask you. You have been taking the Sabah Snake Grass – did it help you?

Lucy: If it helped me, I don’t have to come and see you anymore. See, the good of this plant has been published widely in the papers!

C: The problem is just because it is published in the newspapers, you beiieve it all. I never read the newspapers these days.

Surgery did not cure,

Sabah Snake Grass did not cure,

Chemo would not cure,

My herbs would not cure!

Why don’t try chemo then?

Please don’t blame me if things don’t work out the way you want!

This is what I told Lucy:

Lucy was again adamant. She said, Today I come here, of course, I am not going to go for chemo. And of course, I am not going to blame you if something went wrong.

Lucy admitted that before this she had been taking all kind of food. After meeting us, she decided to take care of her diet and change her lifestyle. Yes, this we hope she would do!

Why Do You Not Want to Undergo Chemotherapy?

I did not ask Lucy specifically this question. It was not one year later that I got to meet up with Lucy and learnt the answer to this question.

Lucy had a friend who underwent surgery and then chemotherapy. After the treatment – and after much suffering from the side effects – the cancer came back again. So according to Lucy, why go for chemo if it would not cure? Why go through all these and suffer?

Then probably more relevant was her father’s experience. Lucy’s 60-yer-old father had nose cancer. He underwent radiotherapy and then chemotherapy.  After two cycles of chemo, he was not able to withstand the treatment anymore. The family stopped the treatment. One month later, he died.

To this I told Lucy, I understand you.


Those who do not know anything about chemotherapy could not understand Lucy. If you have a family member or close friend undergoing this treatment, there is no need for anyone to say much. You know the difficulties and agony.  I too have not gone through such experience but from my readings, I learnt from other people’s experience to be able to know what it is like. Some told me it was HELL.

The following are information and data obtained from the internet and oncology text books regarding ovarian cancer.

What You Need to Know About Ovarian Cancer

  • Around the world, more than 200,000 women are estimated to develop ovarian cancer every year and about 100,000 die from the disease.
  • According to the National Cancer Registry, ovarian cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women in Peninsular Malaysia, making up five per cent of all female cancer cases.
  • Epithelial tumors represent the most common histology (90%) of ovarian tumors. This type of cancer often spreads on the peritoneal surfaces –  e.g.,  undersurface of the diaphragms, paracolic gutters, bladder, surface of the liver,  mesentery and serosa of the large and small bowel, omentum, uterus, and para-aortic and pelvic lymph nodes.
  • Most ovarian cases are diagnosed in an advanced stage and their prognosis is closely related to the stage at diagnosis. Overall, prognosis for advanced-stage patients remains poor. Overall 5-year survival of ovarian cancer is 45 percent.
  • As I have always told patients – we don’t have to believe this statistics but we also don’t want to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that everything will be okay. We need to know the reality and then try hard to beat the odds. 


  • Currently, the standard treatment for stage 3 ovarian cancer consists of both surgery (surgical debulking) and chemotherapy.
  • Unfortunately, less than 40% of patients experience long-term survival following standard treatment.
  • Approximately 60-80% of patients with stage 3 cancer will experience a recurrence of their cancer, even after complete surgical removal of cancer.
  • Nearly all patients with stage 3 disease have small amounts of undetectable cancer that have spread outside the ovary and were not removed by surgery. These cancer cells cannot be detected with any of the currently available tests and are referred to as micrometastases. The presence of micrometastases causes cancer recurrence.

Chemotherapy for Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

  • The chemotherapy drugs used to treat ovarian cancer are fairly standard. Typically doctors combine a platinum-based drug such as carboplatin or cisplatin with a taxane such as paclitaxel (Taxol) or docetaxel (Taxotere).

Perez, C.P. et. al, (in Clinical Oncology, 8th Edition, Health Science Asia, pg. 489) wrote: The combination of paclitaxel plus a platinum compound is considered by most to be the first-line adjuvant chemotherapeutic regimen in patients with advanced ovarian cancer.  The pathologic complete response is only 20 to 26 percent (Table below).


Source:   Thigpen, J.T. (in Clinical Oncology Pt.2, 2nd Ed., Harcourt Asia, pg. 2026)

  • Ovarian cancers are very sensitive to chemotherapy and often respond well initially. Unfortunately, in most cases, ovarian cancer recurs.
  • Fewer than 20% of patients treated with a platinum compound and paclitaxel survive without evidence of cancer recurrence 5 years following treatment.
  • Unfortunately, even in patients who respond, the disease eventually becomes resistant to the first-line drugs, and the cancer returns. Some ovarian tumors are resistant to platinum drugs. Once cancer recurs or continues to progress, the patient may be treated with more chemotherapy.
  • Despite the development of several new chemotherapy drugs over the past few years, there is no substantial evidence that any of the treatments have increased the number of women cured of ovarian cancer.
  • Gemcitabine (Gemzar) is also used in combination with carboplatin for women with advanced ovarian cancer that has relapsed. Other drugs include doxorubicin (Adriamycin, Doxil), etoposide (Vepesid), and vinorelbine (Navelbine).

Side Effects of Chemotherapy

  • Chemotherapy can cause side effects during and after treatment. The type and severity of these side effects depends upon which chemotherapy drugs are used and how they are administered.
  • The most common side effects are nausea, vomiting, mouth soreness, temporary lowering of the blood counts, and hair loss.

Surveillance After Treatment

  • At the end of treatment (both surgery and chemotherapy), a patient is considered to have a “complete response” if her physical examination is normal; there is no evidence of cancer on imaging studies (such as a CT scan); and the blood level of the tumor marker like CA-125 is normal.
  • However, even when all of these criteria are met, microscopic amounts of residual cancer (i.e., not visible on imaging studies) can still be present. Growth of these microscopic tumor cells is probably responsible for tumor recurrence at a later date.
  • To monitor for the possibility of recurrence, blood tests, physical examinations, and imaging tests are to be done.

Signs of Recurrence

  • The likelihood of a tumor recurrence is highest in women with more advanced-stage disease at diagnosis, particularly if the initial debulking surgery was unable to remove all visible tumor.
  • The earliest evidence of recurrent ovarian cancer can be indicated by a rising blood level of one of the tumor markers (CA-125)  and symptoms such as abdominal pain or bloating with or without back pain, or presence of pelvic mass.

What Can I Expect After Chemotherapy Treatment?

  • Surgery plus chemotherapy drugs can get rid of ovarian cancer, but often they can’t keep it away forever.
  • Surgery and chemotherapy are usually effective in treating the cancer so it will go away for a while, but in most cases the cancer ends up coming back.
  • Often, the cancer will return within one to two years after treatment is finished. If  the cancer does return, another round of chemotherapy is necessary.