Breast Cancer: Apparently “cured”, her cancer recurred after 18 years

WC is a 69-year-old lady. About 18 years ago she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. She underwent a lumpectomy followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 session of radiotherapy. She was not given any tamoxifen.

All went well for WC after these treatments. She did not bother to go back to her doctor for routine check up either.

Sometime in September / October 2017, WC felt her left breast (where she had a lumpectomy earlier) was hard. The nipple was retracted and discharged blood.

WC went back to the surgeon who operated on her earlier and underwent a mastectomy.

  1. Tumour is positive for ER and PR receptors but negative for c-erbB2 receptor.
  2. A total of 7 lymph nodes are dissected and 5 of these show metastasis.

After the operation WC was referred to an oncologist and was asked to undergo 6 cycles of chemotherapy. Radiotherapy is not indicated since she had this treatment before.

Each cycle of chemo would cost about RM 2,500 to RM 3,000. In addition WC has to take letrozole or Femara. This means WC needs to be on this hormonal drug for 5 to 10 years.

WC came to seek our help.


There was a lady from Indonesia. She had undergone chemo, radiation and took Tamoxifen for 5 years. After 5 years her doctor said she is cured after a CT scan. Unfortunately, one year later, on her sixth year, the cancer spread extensively to her bones. According to her doctor, it is just her “luck” that such disaster happened.

Nancy, a 54-year old housewife, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. She had a mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction. No chemotherapy or radiotherapy was indicated but the doctor wanted to put her on tamoxifen (for five years!). Nancy declined.

Prior to her breast cancer, Nancy was on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). She was well aware that HRT could result in breast cancer. Her doctor checked and monitored her breast health every month to ensure that everything was under control. But it was not to be. Two years on HRT, cancer reared its ugly head in her right breast.

Nancy came to seek our help and was started on herbs. She was well. After 5 years, with her “all-knowing-attitude”, Nancy decided that she was cured and did not need our help anymore. Fourteen years later, Nancy came back to see us again. Her cancer recurred extensively in her bones. We tried to help but she died a few months later.

All patients like to hear that his/her cancer can be cured or is cured after treatment. I have been helping cancer patients for more than twenty years now and there is one bitter lesson that I learned — there seems to be NO CURE for cancer! Surviving and being well for 5 years is not a cure — but some doctors would say that is cure!

At CA Care, we tell patients that we cannot cure their cancer. If they come to us in search of a magic bullet to cure their cancer, my answer to them is: You have come to the wrong place.

Our mission is to help those in real need, and we don’t intend to mislead them by promising a “cure” — because we know deep down in our heart there is no cure!


We often remind our patients that you don’t have to die yet if you have cancer. Do remember that no one lives forever. All of us will have to die one day. If you can eat, can sleep, can move around and have no pain then what more do you want?

Learn to be contented and be grateful for each day that you have. In this way, your life would be more meaningful.




Listen, there is NO cure for metastatic cancer!

For the past few weeks, patients who came to seek our help presented with very depressing stories. For a start let us highlight two cases of breast cancer — among the many more other stories.

Patient from Sabah

This is an email.

Hi Dr Chris Teo,

How are you? I have heard of your cancer treatment through a friend, and would like to consult you for my mom. She is currently residing in Sabah and is 60 years old.

Please allow me to describe the situation for your understanding:

  1. Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 right breast cancer on 09 May 2015, metastasis to axillary, supraclavicular nodes, right hilar nodes and lungs.
  2. Right mastectomy on 13 May 2015. Specimens report – Invasive ductal carcinoma, no specific type (NST), Grade 3 (Bloom and Richardson), largest tumour diameter 85mm, 9 out of 24 lymph nodes show tumour metastasis with largest tumor deposit of 20mm.
  3. Did not proceed with suggested chemotherapy. Did Gerson therapy for 6 months, including Essiac tea, with monitoring of blood tumor markers every 2 months. No improvement, tumor marker CA 125 on increasing trend, latest report dated 02 Feb 16 results is 316..
  4. Weakness and fatigue last week. Saw doctor and CT scan showed more metastasis to brain, lungs, lymph. Doctor prescribe Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy immediately. First Radiotherapy started today.

Can we arrange an appointment with you for consultation and your suggested treatment as soon as possible? Thank you for your time, please let me know as soon as possible.

Patient from Indonesia

This is a 57-year-old Indonesian lady. Sometime in 2010,  she found a small lump in her right breast. She came to a hospital in Penang for consultation. The doctor told her the lump was not cancerous. Happily she went home rest assured that it was all fine. With time, the lump grew bigger.In July 2014, she went to a hospital in Surabaya. By that time, the lump was already 5 cm in size. A biopsy confirmed that it was cancerous. Patient underwent 4 cycles of chemotherapy. The tumour shrunk and in November 2014, she underwent a mastectomy.

After the operation, patient received 4 more cycles of chemotherapy followed by 30 times of radiation. Then she was put on Tamoxfen and took this pill for 1 year.

A follow-up check in October 2015 showed normal results. But this turned out to be untrue because 3 months later, January 2015, patient had breathing difficulties and abdominal discomfort.

She went back to her oncologist again. Her CEA was 1.55 (normal) but her CA 125 was 88.8 (high). A PET scan showed extensive metastasis to the lymph nodes, lung, liver, bone and left adrenal. There was fluid in the lung and the pericardium.


Her cancer had metastasized extensively (images above). The patient was asked to undergo 12 cycles of chemotherapy. She had one cycle of chemo on 5 February 2016 and gave up. Her condition deteriorated ( dropped) after the treatment. One cycle of chemo cost her family IDR 12 million.

She also underwent pleural tapping — about 1000 ml of fluid was removed from her lung.

The daughter was told that her mother would have only six months to live.

In late February 2016, patient came to Penang for further treatment.  The oncologist in Penang suggested the following treatments:

  1. Undergo 6 cycles of chemotherapy. Each cycle cost about RM 14,000.
  2. Take injection for her bone.
  3. Take hormonal pill, possibly Fermara.

It was at this point that the daughter of the patient wrote us an email asking to see us. It was surprising that the patient was rather “healthy-looking” and did not have much complaints. She felt a slight tightness in her chest (previous operation site) and was breathless when walking.

Lessons We Can Learn From These Cases

  1. Dr. David Agus, an oncologist said this in his book, The End of Illness: Don’t put blind faith and trust in your doctor. Be your own doctor first. When this Indonesian patient found a lump in her breast, she came to Penang and consulted a doctor. There was nothing wrong! She went home with full faith that the doctor was right. But with time the tumour in her breast grew bigger. Why allow it to grow bigger? This is human attitude — people want to believe only in good news. They want to hear or believe what they only want to hear or believe. My doctor said this, my doctor said that — after all my doctor said I have no cancer. Within 3 years the breast lump grew to 5 cm. The doctor was wrong! That was what happen if you put blind faith and trust in just one so-called “expert”.

Kathleen Phalen, in Integrative Medicine, wrote: We’ve been misguided into thinking that our doctors … are deities capable of performing the greatest of miracles.

Our advice:  Don’t just doze off after hearing what you want hear. Watch out if your condition has turned worse or better. Go for second or third opinion.

  1. Ask this question before you undergo any treatment. What is the aim of the treatment being offered? This is what patients want to hear and believe. It is going to cure your cancer. It is going to stop the cancer from spreading. It is going to prolong your life. With such sweet assurance, patients are “bought” wholesale. They would jump into the “sea” when told to do so. Read the story of this unfortunate young man below.






So, evaluate what you are told carefully. It is good if you can tap into your own commonsense and ask — Is this guy after my cancer or my money? For all the promises made, ask — At what cost — physically, emotionally and financially?

Remember, cancer is a big business — there is plenty of money to be made in the cancer healing industry. The young man above, found out that he had been sold an empty promise after spending RM 500,000. And his wife died. An expensive mistake indeed.

  1. Surgery does not cure any cancer if it is done too late. And surgery could be just meaningless if the cancer has already spread. Take the case of this Sabah patient. She had 4th stage breast cancer. The cancer had already spread to the lungs. She underwent a mastectomy and was told to undergo chemotherapy which she refused. Ask — what is the aim of the surgery? Can it not make the cancer more aggressive? Can it spread more cancer?

The Indonesian lady also had surgery followed by chemo, radiation and Tamoxifen. These treatments did not work either.

  1. When first and/or second line of treatments failed, you may be offered more of the same treatments — more aggressive, more expensive drugs, more of the so called targeted “magic” drugs. Ask — would this make any difference to your condition? Are these “additives” going to cure you? Learn from the experience of the late Amy Cohen below:

4 Amy-Cohen-No-cure

  1. If there is anything we learn about the treatment of breast cancer, here are what the experts said:


3 No-right-or-wrong-journey

  1. What then is the role CA Care with regards to the above two cases who came to seek our help?

These are what we usually tell patients when they come to us.

  • We cannot cure you. There is no magic bullet to cure your cancer — Worse still, most of you come to us when all those standard treatments failed! Nothing else worked, then you come expecting us to cure you. No way! We know many leave our centre disappointed. Yes, it is better to be blunt and honest rather than taking you for a ride.
  • At CA Care we try to help you heal yourself — we don’t cure any cancer because cancer is not the real problem. Cancer is just a symptom that something had seriously gone wrong within your. For that reason, just removing the tumour does not always work. And radiation or chemo does not work most of the time.
  • While you are told that chemo or radiation is done to kill all the remaining cancer cells or to stop the cancer cells from spreading, we believe you are being mislead. Diligent search of the medical literature shows that sometimes radiation makes cancer more aggressive! Similarly, chemotherapy has been shown to spread and makes cancer more aggressive!
  • Knowledge is power — it can save your life and your money. But it is up to you to work hard to find your own solution to your problem after you have read. But unfortunately, most patients or their loved ones who are not sick, don’t want to know or read. Sad.
  • At CA Care, we tell patients to accept reality and learn how to live with their cancer. If after following our therapy, you can eat, can sleep, can walk and have no pain — what else do you want? In a situation when no one can cure your cancer, perhaps that is the only alternative you have — to be able to lead a normal, pain-free life for the remaining time that you have on this earth. Remember, no one lives forever. All of us will have to die — irrespective of whether you have cancer or not.
  • Patients heal yourself. No one can heal you except you, yourself. We realise this is a tall order. Many patients just don’t know how to take care of themselves to get well while some don’t even want to put in any effort to get well — they just want to find the easy-to-swallow-magic bullet that does not exist! To be able to heal yourself means, you have to change your lifestyle, your diet and your mental attitude. After seeing cancer patients for well over 20 years, we came to a conclusion that healing cancer is about healing a human being, the tumour is secondary. There is something in you that is not right that creates the cancer. Are you prepared to change?

Let’s ponder the following quotations:


4 Holistic-therapy-benefit

1 deVita 2-Medical-profession-which-




Rectum-Liver Cancer: No Cure, Six Months to Live. My Experience in the Cancer Ward

I received the following emails from a patient.

14 August 2012: Thanks, Dr. Chris for your info.

I’ve rectal cancer at stage 4. Have done my surgery (in Jan, 2012), 11 cycles of chemotherapy (2011) and 25 times of radiotherapy (2011). But the tumors recur and spread to both of my lungs and liver. Now the oncologist suggested to go for another 9 to 12 cycles of Avastin and 5-FU chemo. I’ve refused. Once again, thanks a lot for your unique info for cancer. I’ve learned a lot by reading from your website. Hope to see you soon. God Bless you.

This is his story. Let’s call him Leo.

Sometime in 2010 Leo had problems moving his bowels. He took laxative but this did not work. On 11 December 2010 he went for a colonoscopy in a private hospital in his hometown. The doctor found a stenosing growth in his lower rectum.  It was an adenocarcinoma.  Since Leo did not have health insurance coverage, he was asked to seek treatment in the government hospital.

A CT scan was performed on 7 January 2011 and the results showed:

  • An irregular constricting mass measuring 4.1 x 3.3 x 4.4 cm in the distal rectum.
  • A heterogenous enhancing lesion in segment 5 of liver measuring 2.2 x 2.1 cm. Complementary USG showed ill defined heterogenous solid lesion in the segment 4 and segment 7 measuring 2.4 x 1.6 cm and 0.8 x 0.8 cm respectively. Lesion in segment 5 of liver may represent liver metastasis.
  • Multiple cortical renal cysts bilaterally.

In view of the above, Leo was told by his doctor that it was a Stage 4 cancer and he has only six months to live! He was given two options:

  1. Do nothing (and wait to die).
  2. Undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy but these may not be effective.

Leo’s life was turned upside down upon hearing this prognosis. He was in a mad rush wanting to do something but did not know exactly what to do. A week later, on 15 January 2011, he went to Kuala Lumpur for a second opinion. A CT scan was again performed.  This procedure cost him RM 1,000. The results of this repeat CT indicated:

  • A 4 cm mass in the lower rectum.
  • A 5 mm cyst is seen in the right lobe of the liver. The liver is otherwise normal.

Three days later, 18 January 2011, Leo did a PET/CT scan at another medical centre. This procedure cost him RM3,000.  The results indicated the following:

  • A FDG-avid lymph node seen in the right neck, submandibular region.
  • The lower rectum has a 4.5 cm FDG-avid focus.
  • The liver appears normal. No FDG-avid focal liver nodule.
  • No FDG-avid metastases seen.


The adventure in Kuala Lumpur left Leo more confused. The earlier examination said he had metastatic liver cancer. But according to the PET scan there was not cancer in his liver!

Leo  was referred back to the government hospital in his hometown again.  Chemotherapy and radiotherapy were recommended but this local hospital do not provide such treatments. Leo was referred to a government hospital in Johor Baru.

Leo received a total of 6 cycles of chemotherapy – Mayo’s Regime, and 25 radiation treatments over a period of 8 months.

In early January 2012, Leo underwent a surgery to remove the tumour in his rectum. He was then fitted with a colostomy bag.

In June 2012, Leo was asked to undergo more chemotherapy, this time using FOLFOX + Avastin (see report below). He was  asked to undergo 9 to 12 cycles and each cycle would cost him RM 5,200.


Leo could not afford to pay for this expensive treatment.  The doctor offered him  the oral drug, Xeloda. He took Xeloda for three cycles and decided to stop it due to the following side effects:

  • High fevers.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Pain around the colostomy bag.

Leo said he did not suffer all these side effects before taking Xeloda.

Leo decided to seek our help and was started on the CA Care Therapy in August 2012.

On 8 November 2012 Leo and his wife came to Penang for further consultation. He related his experience in the hospital’s cancer ward.

Some excerpts of our conversation.

Leo: I made a lot of friends in the hospital.

Chris: Did they ever get cured? Did they suffer?

L: (Shake head). No and most of them suffer.

C: This is the way it is. But human beings are such. They always think only  other people suffer, other people die but they never think that this can happen to them … they never die! “I am the exceptional, I want to try.” You try you suffer.

L: I stayed in the hospital for about 2 months.

C: What did you see?

L: So many people. Young and old. The youngest I saw was 6 years old.

C: Did they get better?

L: (shake head) No, all die. I stayed in a room with 4 beds, A, B, C, D. Within one night, 2 patients, C and D,  passed away. I was left with B. We both looked at each other. I also saw a patient committed suicide. He could not stand it anymore. No, cure, no money – all money spent. He went to Singapore for treatment. One million plus gone.

C: I got people who came and told me they spent about RM 600,000. So you have people who spent more than a million and still could not get the cure and eventually committed suicide.

L: I was in the hospital. He jumped down from the 6th floor. His son was sleeping by his bed in the ward. I heard him telling his son that night. “We don’t have money already. Don’t go around and borrow any more money from people. I cannot be cure already.”


This is indeed a very sad experience. Treatment means spending money. A lot of money!  But do patients ever get cured? Do we want to leave this world with piles of debts for our children to settle? That is the way it is today with “scientifically proven” cancer treatment.

I am not going to play god with patients who come and see me. I am not going to tell them when they will die or how long they can live because this is not my job. To live or die is God’s prerogative.  Giving prognosis like “You  have 6 months to live”  is most counter-productive and damaging.

17 Play-God-six-month-to-live

J.D. Frank wrote, The insensitivity of scientific medicine to the bad effects of wrong emotions is probably responsible for many failures.


I also tell everyone who come to me that I cannot guarantee that you can be cured. I don’t want to give you false hope. But if you still believe in what we do here at CA Care, then together  —  I emphasize together, we shall do our best.  Remember you are not the only one going through this “battle”. There are many others before you who have travelled the same road. They too had colorectal cancer that had spread to the liver. I am happy to say that some are doing extremely well, but some had failed miserably.  But to say to cancer patients that “You only has six months to live” is mere text book knowledge!  My experience in CA Care showed otherwise. If medical science cannot provide hope to patients, let me say that herbs and change of diet and lifestyle can! And this done at minimal cost!

Let me ask you to listen to those who have succeeded.

While ALL patients who come to see us want to be winners, unfortunately some failed miserably in their quest for recovery. I often tell patients – after talking to you for a few minutes or reading your emails, I could probably “sense” if you can make it or not.  Unfortunately some people are not “cut” or made to be winners. I always say, kiasus don’t win! Here are three examples.

  • Mr. Nut came to seek our help after surgery and chemotherapy could not cure him. His CEA due to colon-liver cancer was on the rise. Used to being a “king” in his “rubber-estate-kingdom” he proved to be too smart, too educated and too demanding for us to handle. He tried taking herbs for some weeks but these did not help him.

If there was one thing I ever remember clearly about this man was what he said when he first came to see me. He repeatedly said, I am a friend of your good friend. There is nothing wrong with this remark, except  to   remember that in CA Care, we play no politics! You don’t need to “pull strings” to get our best attention. Everyone who comes to us are treated equally.

  • There was an interesting man from Indonesia. He came to seek our help after doctors in Singapore and China gave up on him. He had liver cancer. He had no option left but to take our herbs but he would not keep to our recommended diet. His son said, “My father did take the herb from CA Care regularly, until he went in coma a few weeks before he passed away.” With the herbs he survived almost one year and half years. But he would eat anything he liked because he said after his death he did not want to end up being a hungry ghost.
  • VIP was a well known man in society. He had colon-liver cancer. He took herbs, refusing to undergo any medical treatment. He was well for more than 6 months. Since he enjoyed eating, it was hard for him to keep up to our recommended diet. In a party he attended, VIP took “the forbidden food” and his stomach was bloated soon afterwards. He was miserable for some weeks before he died.

My message to all cancer patients, You have a choice! It is up to you to decide.

10 Doctos-cant-appreciate-heal

Our Herbs Did Not Cure His Mother of Her Terminal Leukemia Within Two Weeks

H-733 was a 65-year-old lady. She came to see us on 6 November 2011. She had leukemia and was treated in the hospital in Sungai Petani, Kedah for eight days. Then she was in a Penang hospital receiving treatment from 3 October 2011 to 4 November 2011.

She received one cycle of chemotherapy consisting of seven injections. She was scheduled for four cycles but refused to undergo further chemotherapy. The only thing I could remember of this case was the patient telling me that her days in the hospital undergoing chemo were a real “hell”.

In this patient’s file are only two pieces of paper – the Disclaimer and Release of Liability form (signed by her son) and a short note about her case. There was no medical report of any kind. Understandable! She went to the government hospitals and if you are not “persuasive enough” or don’t know “your way” enough they don’t give you your medical reports.

Based on the patient’s story, I prescribed herbs for her leukemia.  Listen to my conversation with this lady after she took   our herbs for a week.

In this video conversation it was clear that the patient felt better after taking the herbs for one week.  I have told this patient (and many more  before her) that,  If after you have taken the herbs for two or three weeks and still do not seem to benefit from the herbs – i.e., do not benefit in any way, my advice is: Stop taking the herb. Go and find someone else. Do not waste your precious time.

Take note of what she said after taking our herbs for a week, I am happy now. One month in the hospital (doing chemo) was hell but now I am in heaven. Unfortunately we never get to see this patient again after this. Why did she not come back to see us again? Did she think that she was already cured after being well? Or could it be that someone had told her to stop taking our herbs and go for something else “better”? I can’t understand.  Definitely it is beyond me to comprehend why!

But as far as we are concern, her file was set aside and left forgotten. We know that a majority (70 percent) of patients who came to us were just shopping for a magic bullet. So this case is nothing unusual.

Nearly a year later, I received an email from the patient’s son. Let me reproduce the email exchanges we had. Perhaps we all can learn from this episode. The emails from Mr. Chin (that is what he called himself) are reproduced here as they are, without any editing.

Oct 16, 2012 Hello Dr Chris,

My Name is Mr Chin..I not sure you still remember last year December you have a Accute Myleoid Leukemia

Patient From Sungai Petani, Her name is Miss Ong. She was my Mother, she pass away this year March. The reason I write this letter to you, Just want to Inform you.. your medicine did not work at all for my Mother Case.. and I hope you can keep this Information for your own record. maybe Next time got the Some cancer patient, you can let them know my mother end result. Maybe 2 week also is a vey important time frame to the other Patient.

Thank you Chirs.. Regards, Mr Chin.

Reply: Yes…thank you. Is she the one who was in the hospital and she told me that she went through hell in the hospital? How long did you take the herbs? Only for two weeks? …two months or what? I cannot remember the case. Can you give me the file number? Chris.

Oct 17, 2012

Sorry I don’t have the File number with me anymore, yes My mother does mention she went through hell in hospital. But Chris to be frank, Me as a outsider, my Mother judgement on that time is not right anymore. Penang Hospital do the thing they suppose to do.. So nothing wrong with them. Just that time my mother is in pain and worries, and make such comment, and that time I just want her release her stress, so did not make a correction on that spot… My Mother took your herb for 2 week… Mr Chin.

Reply: You mean she only took herbs for 2 weeks … and you expect the herbs to cure her? I now remember, she came once to see me and never come back again. And you expect taking herbs for two weeks you can get a cure?

 Oct 17, 2012

Mr Chris.. In the first Place you mention to us, let my mother try 2 week, If this medicine is not work, then this medicine is not effective to her. please move on and try another remedy… I guess you are too busy till you did not remember your word.

The reason i make a afford to write a letter to you, just want to share information to you… and hope this info will benefit to another patient. You will do a Job with Love and Caring , and please don’t fall to the trap of hate and criticism..” May God Bless you” have a strange to care to another cancer patient….Thank you. Mr Chin.

Reply:  Yes… you are right. I have her file H 733 — your mother is 65 years old ..Ong WK that correct? She had chemo  once when she came and it was after 7 injections … she suffered the following side effects…a) rashes b) arms and legs swelling  c) fevers on and off and  d) skin peeled off.

She took herbs on 6 Nov 2011. That is the record I have. Yes, very correct …if you take herbs for 2 weeks and don’t benefit, go elsewhere. Yes, you are correct. I am here to help people but I cannot remember all the cases …I have people coming to see me everyday ….. especially if they come to see me only one time, I cannot remember them. How to remember? You are also correct that I need to know and keep my record so that I can learn and tell others. Yes, I am happy to tell others about your mother’s case. I also want to learn from your mother’s case.  So to make my record complete …Can I ask you the following questions so that I can help others understand what is going on:

a) Did your mother go for more chemo in the GH?
b) Or did she go to someone else for help?
c) She died in March 2012 — can you tell me what happened between this time? If she took the herbs for 2 weeks …it means that by December 2011 she has finished taking my herbs …. but you only wrote me this email two days ago — almost one years after this? I wonder why you only write me only now? Why wait for so long? I am not trying to blame you, I am just curious to understand what is going on.

I also want to tell you that I am not angry …. I am just curious to know what happen and how people think. I see all kinds of people and they all write different things. So this is my learning experience. Thank you for writing and if you have the time, please let me have your answers. Regards and God bless you too. Chris

Oct 18, 2012  Mr Chris. Below is the answer you wanted..

a) No my Mother just go for 1st round chemo, and GH already said she are not fit to go for 2nd round of Chemo..

b)  Yes.. we look for the China chinese doctor for help. 

c)  Her Body condition is getting weak, and putting palette and blood into her body.. also didn’t work for her anymore.

c)  Chris as i mention to you at the first place, Just share this info so that you can use it for your reference.. I am not here try to Blame anyone…In Fact In this world there is no 100% way can cure cancer. So instead wasting the time condemn people medicine did work and how harmful to people, why not take this precious time study how to solve this cancer problem. But I know this is very Challenging… Thank you! 

Reply: Thank you very much for replying. It is good for you to reply and complete the story of your mother. I would like to write this story.  I have just written a book and the last chapter is called My Patients My Teacher ….. I am sending this copy to you. May be you want to read it.

Over 16 years I have helped thousands and thousands of patients …and there is NO cure for any cancer. Everyone should know that. Everyone who has cancer all die. Even without cancer, we all also die.

If you have time, it is good if you can answer the question I asked you earlier but understand that no one is trying to blame anybody. We understand that.

What I would like to know is this —- your mother only took my herbs for 2 weeks and she died some months later….the question is: Why did you write to tell me about this only NOW … many months after she died or almost one year after coming to see me once? Why not write earlier? I may have helped better.

What about the Chinese doctor — he also cannot help her? How long did she take herbs from the Chinese doctor? Did you also write to the Chinese doctor and tell him that your mother died?

It would be good if you give your answers so that we all can understand the real story. And I also can write a good story about this so that all patients understand what is going on. Thank you again for writing me. Chris.

Oct 18, 2012

Thank you for Sharing Your Book… hope this book will be benefit for the cancer patients and theirs family.

Chris Hope You can understand , with Lose a family member is not a easy thing… and we need time to calm down ourself and get refresh to think what we suppose to do , to help another cancer victim..

If the Chinese Doctor can help, My mother will not be died…My mother take 2 month for this chinese doctor herb… Yup I  do wrote the letter to this chinese doctor, The answer from them is simple. thanks For Sharing, They will keep my mother as their study record. and thanks me for Informing them.

Chris  i Just hope you just can share my mother Case to another AML Cancer Patient, Your Medicine is not work For AML Patient Before and at least let them aware about it. If They Still want to try your method then is their choice….and I also think maybe for some Patient 2 week try period also is a very important time frame for them.. I believe some Patient Family did not report the result to you, and make you can not judge your method is workable for which type of cancer..

Reply: Chin
1. Did your mother go to China for treatment?

2. How long was your mother on this Chinese treatment? … also 2 weeks like mine?

3. Is she on any treatment when she died? Was she on the Chinese treatment or no treatment at all.

When I share this story, I need to have as much information as possible, otherwise I cannot understand and explain why.

Oct 18, 2012

1. Did your mother go to China for treatment? No her Condition is not fit to fly over there, and the Chinese doctor also mention no need her to go over there because of my mother condition.

2. How long was your mother on this Chinese treatment? …also 2 weeks like mine?  2 month

3. Is she on any treatment when she died? Was she on the Chinese treatment or no treatment at all.  No treatment at all when she died..

My mother also gave up for the Chinese Medicine after 2 month taking it… her condition is not improve at all, and at the last when i am on the mid of planning send her to try the DC-CIK treament is was too late. so I hope with Sharing this the next cancer Patient If have choice.. don’t waste the time to try the Medicine which is not work.. then with saving the time they maybe can find a better alternative way to treat this AML cancer.. Chin

Reply: You are right …don’t waste time on medicine that do not work …you tried the chemo …  it did not work, you came to CA Care and took my herbs for 2 weeks and it did not work…then you tried 2 months of herbs from Chinese hospital in Shandong and it did not work … so where do you think you can find medicine that can work?

Do you think that DC-CIK you mentioned can work? If so, how do you know that it will work? … my patient had this treatment in Singapore and then went to Japan for the same treatment and for many months …to do this treatment and he died. It did not work either.

It only means, nobody in this world can cure cancer  …. click this link and see what patients wrote me about their leukemia….

You can see they all need help…BUT who can cure leukemia????? Have you read anything about leukemia?

When I write your mother’s story, I shall explain that there is no one on earth who can cure leukemia. If and when you think you know where to find cure for cancer, please let me know. I too want to know.

And if you read the chapter of the book that I sent you…. I tell everyone who come to see me … there is no cure for cancer ….I have no magic bullet for cancer….that is why I tell you…take my herbs for 2 weeks and go elsewhere if you don’t think it helps you… simple as that.

It is good that you write me. I shall write some articles to let patients know more about cancer. It is not an easy problem. Chris.

Oct 19, 2012

Chris I know your frustration… Seeing people In front of you who’s seek for help and you can not do anything about it. Maybe Is good too, let me Paint my picture more clearly… as a Patient of the Family who do hope too Reduce the ” NOISE” during company our family member for the last journey… ” NOISE” mean’s the fault hope.. the hope that think this cancer can be fix, the hope thats make us didn’t prepare our family member will be gone.

I think if we were know this cancer can not be cure at all in the first place , then we will do a necessary preparation for it.

so please pardon me if i said it unclear…I believe my mother just a single small dot in your journey to help the cancer patient.. so with my mother result I telling you, maybe you can use it as a data. within of how many Leukemia person who come to seek for your help.. is benefit it form your medicine…and you can come out a percentage chart of a effectiveness of your herb toward Leukemia.

If the answer is only 1% then, you can tell the patient are they welling to try it or not, But If 0% then I guess you can cloose down your herb section for Leukimia.. This Happen Is GH Penang too , Doctor Goh do mention to us, with my mother condition, the 2nd Chemo will have a 15% success rate only. She Ask us to think cafully… so we decide not to go for it.. In my First Letter to you I already wrote in this world still don’t have a 100% effective way to cure the cancer.. we all know that…Chin. 

Reply: Thank you for your reply. After reading and replying to your emails, I think I need to send you the complete book that I wrote free-of-charge: Cancer – Is there another option. Take it, read it and try to understand it. It is definitely too late to save your mother, but perhaps it may be able to help others.  That is if read and understand it.

(Available at

Let me tell what you need to know that may help you in the future.

1. In the first two pages of the book, I talk about ignorance.

  • Over the past many years, many (thousands!) cancer patients had come to seek our help and advice. They wanted to know what else they could do, generally after modern medicine had failed them. Most of these patients were totally ignorant of what they were up against. Many think that they could easily find a cure for their cancers. They come seeking for that non-existent magic bullet for their cancer. Alas! Many failed to find a cure. At CA Care we don’t talk about cure, because we do not see a cure for any cancer.
  • Many patients come to us – not wanting to see the left or right – they have only one aim, expecting and wanting us to cure their cancer. No, we cannot cure you! Don’t ever expect that after you have taken our herbs the cancer will go away the next day or a few weeks or months later. Such expectation is ridiculous. The situation becomes even more ridiculous when patients who come had already undergone all the medical treatments and failed. Yet when they come to us they expect a miracle – to be cured!  When I think of this – and it happens very often – I am flabbergasted. Simple common sense tells you that it is not possible and unreasonable.
  • In cancer, it is worth noting that ignorance kills. To be able to find healing, patients should realise that they must do something for themselves, not to rely entirely on others to help them.

 2.  You are right – your mother is  just a single small dot in your journey to help the cancer patient. Yes, your mother died but it does not mean that other patients should follow her to the graves as well. Read Chapter 7 of my book:  Chronic Leukemia: Blood Improved While On CA Care’s Herbs. This lady works in the Hospital in Hong Kong and she has been taking my herbs for two years (not two weeks like your mother) and she is doing fine.

After you have read that story, click this link:

This is the story of Pak Jam’s wife (teacher) who had leukemia and was in worse condition than your mother. But she survived and could go back to resume teaching again. She came to see me beginning of this year (2012). And she was taking herbs for more than 2 years, not two weeks like your mother.

Then you want to know what? She died after she came to Penang (in 2012) – because she went to the hospital in Aceh and they put in the wrong blood for her!

3.  Same medicine, different patients

  • One lesson anybody need to learn is that you may give the same medicine but patients are different. If the medicine fails it is not because the medicine is not good – it may be the patients are not good. Human beings are not the same. They carry different baggages.
  • After helping thousands of patients over the years, I have learned that almost 70 percent of them are here to find a magic bullet or wanting to find cure on their own terms. Our therapy is not easy to follow. You need to heal yourself – and it is you and you alone who can heal you. Others can only help but you decide you own fate.
  •  No two persons taking the same path would end up at exactly the same destination. Cancer is about you as a person. If you are not able to change your mental attitude, your diet, your lifestyle, etc. no one else can help you. You are a goner if you come and tell me: If I cannot eat meat life is not worth living; I have no time to cook the herbs; The herbs taste awful, etc.

4. Accept Reality

One thing we all must do is to accept reality. If the cancer is already serious, there is nothing in this world that can cure it.  Read Chapter 12 of my book:  Mayo Clinic Gave Him Only One More Week to Live. The Doctor Is Not Convinced That Chemo Can Kill the Cancer This Time. Do you know what Mayo Clinic is? This is one of the best hospitals in the world. Kings and rich men all over the world go there for treatment. Yes, after Mayo this young man wrote asking me to help his father. Let us face reality! I understand – he wanted to do the best for his father. Like you wanted to do the best for your mother – and you thought buying herbs from China can cure your mother. 

Read also Chapter 13:  Salivary Gland (Parotid) Cancer: The Doctor Said: It Would Be Useless to Keep Him Alive. Do you know that the wife of this patient is a dental specialist?  She is medically trained. She too could not find a cure. She too wanted to do the best for her husband. But there is a limit to what anybody can do to help.

The same is true for you. Your mother went to the hospital and had chemo. When she came to me she was suffering side effects like rashes, swelling of legs and arm, she had fevers and her skin peeled. It was lucky that she did not die of the chemo. She was on my herbs for two weeks and then went for herbs from a hospital in China for two months. And you expect a cure for her leukemia when even the doctor in GH had told you the second round of chemo will only give you 15% success rate only. And you did not think 15% was good enough. What you don’t understand is success rate — success rate does NOT equal to cure. What is success rate? Nothing – it is not cure.

CA Care is the last one stop – we are people’s door mat

I jokingly tell patients – CA Care is your last one stop. The cases that come to us are usually beyond us to cure. Make no mistake, we are under no illusion. Over the years we always call a spade a spade and we face reality without any pretence. Death is a reality – it can happen to you or me, anytime – irrespective of whether you have cancer or not. Perhaps with cancer, the journey to the grave seems more certain and somewhat shorter!

I said this again and again, we at CA Care can only help you. Your healing is yours to seek and achieve. To those who truly need our help, we say this: Live and don’t give up hope. There is an option. There is hope. But if you want healing on your own terms and refuse to learn and change, then there is nothing much anyone can do to help you.

Okay, with this, I think I have written enough. I thank you again for writing. I would like to end this discussion and let me move on to help others who need my help. I hope you have time to read this book that I send you. Take your time to read and understand. It may help you or others one day. Chris.

Oct 20, 2012  Chris

Really appreciate your thoughtful and meaningful write back..Chris Please don’t miss understanding I am here judging what are you doing….In fact I don’t have a right and qualified to do this at all.I just hope I can provide my mother result as a data, so that maybe you can use it in the future..My mother AML Cancer is just a single case of so many different type of cancer. Me, by hoping provide you this info, you roughly may know your herb is more effective to which type of cancer…Lastly You mention to us just let my mother try 2 week your herb. but that time if you were tell us to try 2 years ( like a Hong kong Ladies) and follow your diet guide…then we will follow you…. That time is not we want to give up, we done that because you tell us 2 week is the limit.

Chris Really Thank you for Your Time ,and I think I took too much time from you.Please move on with GOD faith.. and continued your meaningful journey. ” God Bless You” Chris… Chin. 

Comments:  I have asked myself – why do I have to waste time replying to such emails? Let me tell you why.

  1. I realize that it is not only the sick person who needs help. At times, the caregivers and family members or even friends too need help. If you view it from this perspective, it makes sense.
  2. The message that Mr. Chin wants you to know is this: Coming to see us and taking our herbs for two weeks did not cure her mother of her leukemia.  I fully agree with him. In fact I want to add a bit more to this message.  If you come to us hoping to find an instant magic bullet for your cancer, then I am telling you plain and clear – you have come to the wrong place. Perhaps you have better luck going somewhere else. Go and find someone else who can promise to cure you.
  3. Some weeks ago, one lady came to see me. She had cervical cancer. After surgery, she took Sabah Snake grass every day. A year later, her cancer came back. She came to seek our help. I told her to go for chemo but she refused. She told me she understood the serious risk that she was taking in wanting me to help her with our herbs. She did not come to see me hoping to find a cure! I was impressed by her attitude and plan to write a full story of this case. Then there is another case of a man from Jakarta, Indonesia. He had pancreatic cancer. I told him I am not able to cure his cancer.  He told me he understood that very well and he wanted me to help him as best as I can. He knew that nobody can cure his cancer. I plan to write his story too.
  4. Do you see that Mr. Chin’s case came at an “appropriate” time indeed? Mr. Chin’s case adds another perspective to my two other stories. Here, Mr. Chin came to CA Care expecting to find a cure. And my herbs cannot cure his mother’s leukemia within two weeks.

Let me end this article by quoting my favourite author, Harold Kushner, a Jewish rabbi. This what he said, When all you’ve ever wanted isn’t enough. This is what he wrote,… the irony of the phase “the best and the brightest”… The best and the brightest was the way we described the government officials who got us into Vietnam to begin with then kept getting in deeper and deeper. They were undeniably brilliant men, honor graduates of the finest universities, armed with mountains of information from the most sophisticated computers, and still they kept making the wrong decision. They had intelligence. They had information. But they lacked wisdom… smart enough to lead, but not wise enough to know where they should be going.

It there is one lesson which I think you can learn regarding this case. Use your common sense (or be wise!) when gathering information – especially from the internet. They are a lot of “junk” information in the cyberspace. We can find all kinds of claims – this and that stuff can cure cancer. Evaluate these claims critically. Mr. Chin’s mother underwent chemo for about a month. This did not work. After one cycle she gave it up. She came to CA Care and took our herbs for two week and decided that our herbs did not cure her. The son “hunted” for more herbs – this time from China and his mother took them for two months. It did not cure her either.  Mr.  Chin was in the midst of wanting to “send her to try the DC-CIK treatment” – also in China. But it was too late – his mother died! How long can you go on trying – hopping from one treatment to another? Leukemia does not wait for anyone. You don’t have the luxury of experimenting anymore when you have cancer.  What many of us fail to realize is that healing starts from our own self first!  The real good doctor who can heal us resides within us.

Let me quote Kushner again, indeed many of us believe are smart but only … smart enough to lead, but not wise enough to know where they should be going. 


Thanks for writing! For the time ever, I received some responses after posting this article: Our Herbs Did Not Cure His Mother of Her Terminal Leukemia Within Two Weeks


Dear Dr. Chris,

Thank you for the sharing H733 story. In one if your book: “We also learned that for those who want to believe, there is no need for too much explanation or proof. But for those who do not wish to believe, no matter what evidence is provided, it is never enough. There is always something not right about it and there is always a reason to reject it.”

It was such a long time I didn’t visit you in Penang. But I never stop taking your herbs since Dec-2009 till now. BTW my recording is H237. God is good, He sent me to your place, I always remember “Our hands but God heals”. I just want to let you know I am very good now. I have been sharing my testimonial to those cancer patient but it is not easy to let people to believe especially Chinese medicine (Herbs). As usual they ask me how many cycle of herbs I need to take, my answer to them is that when is the last day God calls me home.

I have stopped my work and become a house maker for one year already. Life is great and I look healthy and young after taking your herbs for the past 3 years. I believe God will make a way for me. I want to Thank you again. Send my regards to Beng Im. God Bless you and your family. Jessie


Hi Chris,

Simple mind uses simple interpretation. Simple minded read your sentence and put a fool-stop. Well, I think about 30 to 40% of people think this way.

I observe that many church members sway in the direction by one speaker and then in another by another. This leads to a temporal understanding of Bible. Reality of the world today. With kind regards, Siew


Dear Dr Chris,

Thank you very much for sending me articles and updates regarding the good work  CA Care is doing.

I only have one of your books entitled Understanding Cancer War and Cure. i have read it many times over and i am grateful that you have devoted your time and life to help people ‘manage’ their cancer. i hope to purchase more of your books soon.

We all know you have emphasised time and again that you have no magic bullet to cure cancer but you are here to offer another option; the herb and holistic approach to life. To me, only God can heal and people like you, Dr Chris, are willing instruments for God and i thank God for that. In fact, i understand very well the frustrations you face when patients and loved ones expect miraculous healing (which can only come from our God Almighty). i remember now the video where you said, ‘if you can eat and sleep, what more do you want?’

i would like to encourage you to keep up your good work because many people are helped by you. To God be the glory! Blessings, Grace


Hi  there! Your reply to that Mr. Chin was awesome. Take care! GG


Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing this. I admire your patience with this Mr. Chin. The way I interpret his reason for emailing you after such a long time after the death of his mother would have to be he is still grieving and has not fully come to terms with the loss of his mother just yet. It is unfortunate there’s no grief counselors or support groups available for him to help him stop raving on like a ‘lunatic’.

On a brighter side, Chris, I had my yearly follow up with my oncologist last week and told her I had stopped taking Tamoxifen since March due to the side effects and guess what ? She agreed that I don’t really have much benefits at all taking Tamoxifen because my excised DCIS tumour was only 7mm so it is ok to stop it. This blew me away! I thought to myself then why did she prescribe Tamoxifen in the first place? Anyway, I didn’t want to waste my time disputing the issue. I just thank GOD for guiding me to seek you.

Thank you and God Bless, LC


Hi Chris and Im,

I have recently read the article you wrote re. the lady with leaukemia who tried your herbs for 2 weeks followed by 2 months of chinese herbs. All of this after receiving heavy doses of chemo prior to seeing you.

When I was diagnosed with stomach cancer over 20 yrs ago I was advised to try a new treatment called Chemo.  20yrs ago very few people contracted cancer and even the specialist whom I saw had difficulty explaining what Cancer is.   After I read many books on the subject I formed a basis of why I contracted this disease. I was very impressed with Dr Binzel’s work, Dr Hans Nepier and the Oasis of hope clinic in Mexico. I devoured these books in a few short weeks as I was told that i must act instantly if i wanted to live.  What i learned was that it is imperitive to take time and understand what was happening to my body and why.   I called dr Hans Nepier in germany and asked if I should come to his clinic. He asked me what treatment i have had and when I replied none, he asked what do i intend to do. I told him I was taking herbs and changed my diet and also letting go of much sadness in my life.  He seemed very impressed as he said I was on the right track and to continue with the herbs and my changed attitude to good food and letting go of emotional baggage.   He said to have more tests in 6 months and if all is well continue what I was doing for the rest of my liife.

The specialist was amazed to find no cancer and even feebly said that perhaps I did not have cancer in the first place. Boy, was i angry at this response as If I had done what he instructed I may not be alive today.

Very few then, if any survived according to the Australian statistics.  Chemo was not seen as a cure back then and many good doctors would advise their patients to have the surgery, if necessary, then follow a clean and healthy eating plan. I know a few people whom were given this advice and are still alive today.  No side effects and in fact feel the best they have ever felt.

When I contracted Uterine cancer stage 3, 4 yrs ago, I knew why and I was one of the lucky ones as I knew what I needed to do to heal my body.  You are spot on Chris when you say we are our own best doctors and with knowledge, understanding and assistance from caring people as you we can and do heal our bodies as I have long believed that the body can cure anything but first we need to know how. Mother nature is very powerful and I believe that god put on this earth everything to heal man’s ill.  You in your wisdom and training in the use of herbs and your unstoppable desire to help your fellow man should be the first port of call when told one has cancer.   I, like you see so many when they have exhausted all medical help and told “There is nothing more we can do”. I have seen so many times what this can do to the soul, when you put your trust in an establishment whom should be seeking the best treatment, whether orthodox or natural therapies. Sadly the medical system will not allow their doctors, oncologists etc., to administer any natural therapy as in their words “Where is the science behind such treatment”.   I say to them , “Show me the INDEPENDENT research undertaken to prove Chemo and radiation cures cancer. They cannot as all research undertaken is Kill the cancer.

In the turn of the 1900 century Professor John Beard from Edinburgh University found that cancer cells were trophoblast cells, which now have no pancreatic enzyme termination agents to curtail them.   When the people realise that instead of trying to kill the cancer it is best to heal the body and the best way to heal is to develop an action plan which I promote as E.K.A. Education, Knowledge, Action.   How can one fight an unknown if we do not know what we are dealing with.  Learn from the people who have had great successes, gain the know how of feeding the body good clean food, no animal, dairy, sugar etc. Raw is best and I love the new me and the energy and health I now have.

I was meant to find you Chris as I was guided to finding and reading your books.  I devoured 3 books in one evening as it made complete sense to me what you had written.   Modern societies, especially the west, is in the grip of an epidemic as cancer affects 1in2 of us.   I call it the rich men’s illness as the poor countries do not have anywhere near our shocking numbers.   Herbs have been used long before the introduction of modern medicine. They are the base of most drugs today, but sadly man made concoctions are added with terrible side effects. All in the name of medicine.   I have read many books and spoken to hundreds of medical, herbalists and scientists whom seek the truth above all else and honour the Hippocratical Oath “DO NO HARM’

They, as you have Chris, assisted many in their quest to optimal good health. I am so glad I found you and I am living proof that if one opens their mind and not give in to the fear tactics thrown at them , can and do go on to lead a long and happy life.   My surgeon is in awe that I am so well as I was told that without treatment, Chemo, I would not live any longer than perhaps 3 months.  I believe in knowing all there is to know about ones illness so as we can make an informed choice based on this information.

Most people are only too happy to give their permission to someone else to cure them, they take no active roll in their healing.  The brewing and taking of herbs, organic foods, clean water, being in control of your own happiness, deal with past traumas are all essential.  the cancer is a symptom of the disease. Rid the body of the cause and the symptom disappears. It worked for me and many whom I have assisted. They are alive and well today.

You and Im have dedicated your life to assisting others in their time of need and for that you are blessed with the knowledge that you have reached out to your fellow man and this is rare in our societies today.   Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for giving me your knowledge and wisdom of how I can heal my body of cancer.   Take heart that your time on earth was spent wisely and for the betterment of its people.

May you both live long and healthy, happy lives surrounded by those whom you love and marvel as I do at this wonderful world we live in.    I am sure I speak for many of your patients in saying, God Bless You Both and thank you for your guiding hands, caring for the many whom seek your help.

One day, Orthodox medicine will see the benefits of natural medicine and this will be the basis of treatment as the people will demand it.

Love to you both and keep up the good work, the world needs more Chris Teo’s.   xxx


On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 5:22

H-733 was a 65-year-old lady. Our Herbs Did Not Cure His Mother of Her Terminal Leukemia Within Two Weeks

Dear Chris,

I wrote after seeing the above posting. My wife SJ.57 also passed away on the 24 October 2012 at 8.15am, with cancer started from her colon, ovarian, liver and lungs.

After her ops on her colon and ovarian on 22 May, 12, she declined chemo and we supported her wishes and my daughter took her to see your Subang branch and took the prepare boiled herbs for 2 months, then we went back to Sabah to attend her father’s 10 years death anniversary for 7 days. I asked her to bring all the herbs back but she said she can take the capsule type as not convenient to cook in others’ home. Told her we get a gas tank to compensate. She said too troublesome.

While there her feet swell and subside. On return my daughter saw her swelling feet and told her to go to Sunway Medical Centre but she declined. Saying there is no cure. I told them we go to Penang to see you but she declined as she said even Dato Punch Gunalan with a Doctor son also died. My daughter had to respect her wishes. She told me no cure for mum. Two weeks later her stomach bloated.

I told her that she might as well take holy water from her church if she declined chemo and Dr. Chris herbs. Then I gave Sabah Snake Grass for 2 weeks and nothing happens but her stomach kept growing every week at the rate like a pregnant woman baby growing per month. She blamed me and the Sabah Snake Grass but told her I only administrate it after her bloating stomach.

My daughter said no cure, her liver motas and discharged liquid. Her eyes showed jaundice.  We requested the Govt. Hospital to tap the liquid. The Dr. said the motas had attacked her liver and ultrasound showed no liquid. We knew it’s a matter of time before her body system will shut down completely, yet I bullied her to fight on, until she chased me away. Saying I’m killing her faster.

Finally she agreed to go to Sunway Med. for tapping, the Dr. said there is no hope and he would not give chemo to his relatives AT THIS STAGE , but do pain management. Warded to monitor for tapping and this cost about RM10K a week to stay there. Her body was shutting down, she lost about 3 kilos fast every week. Eating 4-5 spoonful mee sauh every 3 hours. Tapping done twice. She died 5 days after the 2nd. Tap.

We thank GOD and Drs. She died peacefully with very little pain and we know we have done the best for her but we lost the battle.

I wrote to let Mr. Chin, the son of the above mentioned lady that I lost my wife, I blamed nobody but fate.
Let their souls RIP. Amen.

Ng Thian Yew

Reply: Thank you for writing. Do you mind if I share this email with others. I shall cut off your name if you want me to do so, but it is good if the name remains but with no phone number, otherwise people think I am cooking up this email. Thanks. Chris.

Dear Dr. Chris,

Please do with my name too for I wish to tell the truth. You did what you can to help others. My wife made the mistake to stop taking your herbs which help during the 2 months but she wanted a cure fast which is not possible as it was too late.

We wish to thank you, please continue to help us, as Dr. Amir wrote in the STAR saying
chemo may not be the solution (barking at the wrong tree) and the specialists should heed his warnings.

It is painful to lose a dear one and it is frustrating when no cure is found, but others were cured.

Thank you Dr. I admire what you do to fight cancer. May the GOD guide your hands.

Best regards,
Ng Thian Yew

31 October 2012

Colon Cancer: Oncologist Said Chemotherapy Would Not Cure Her or Make Any Difference –But CEA Declined After Herbs

This is an e-mail we received on 16 October 2010.

Dear Dr. Chris K.H. Teo,

My mom’s oncologist told us her cancer had recurred and if she does chemo it will extend her life by another six months, and if lucky another twelve months.  But the oncologist does not recommend chemo and thought the treatment would make her worse. He suggested waiting until her condition becomes painful or other symptoms appear. He told us chemotherapy does not cure her cancer and it does not make much difference.

I found out about you from the internet. I would like to bring my mom to see you to help treat her.

We are living in Singapore and planning to go to Penang next week to see you. I think we may need to stay in Penang but not sure how many days to stay. Are you able to advise how many days we should stay? I saw the video on healing crisis after taking your herbs. I’m afraid if we just take your herbs and go back, my mom may experience pain, vomiting or has diarrhoea, Then my mom may think the herb is not working and would not like to continue taking the herbs. I think your presence and guidance will give us confidence to face the battle against her cancer.

Here is what I know of my mom’s condition and cancer.

Histology report identified the cancer to be mucinous adenocarcinoma of the iluem which has invaded the muscular wall and peritoneal surface. Conclusion: Pseudmyxoma peritonei, stage 2B.

Surgery was done to remove 10cm of iluem and 7.5 cm of caecum. This was March 2010.

She refused to undergo chemotherapy immediately after surgery.

Subsequently doctor ordered blood tests and PET/CT scan. Her CEA marker has been rising from 5.4 to 6.3, 9.6 and yesterday the oncologist said her CEA was12.9. But the PET/CT did not show any tumour.

My mom easily gets stomach and intestine bloating and discomforts, after she takes cooling food or if it is cold/rainy weather. Even some vegetables make her have loose stools and diarrhoea. Ginger tea helps remove the wind.

Other than that she is losing weight, about 0.5 to 1 kg every 3 to 4 weeks.

She can eat, sleep and has no pain. She has been taking some Chinese medicine to help her but her condition is like above with CEA rising. We do not know what the Chinese medicine contains. Please reply as soon as you can. We pray for God’s help and yours too.

Patient (H-434) and her son came to see us in Penang on 22 October 2010.

e-mail 28 October  2010

Hi Chris,

My mom … is happy and confident about the herbs you prescribed her. She fell asleep Tuesday morning and I didn’t want to disturb her. So we did not come to see you on Tuesday. Please accept my apologies for not turning up Tuesday morning. I’ll keep you updated about her progress via email. Many Thanks and God bless you and Ms Teo.

e-mail 29 October 2010

Thanks for the update —- when she goes home, how is she? Does she feel any better now?


e-mail 1 November 2010

She feels better after taking the herbs you have prescribed. Thanks for your concern and please take care too.

e-mail 18 May 2011

Hello Dr Chris,

After taking your herbs, her cancer marker came down from 12.9 to 8.8 and the doctor advised her to come back in six months for checkup. My mom feels okay now. I made vegetables and apple juice for her once a week. But she finds them ‘cooling’ and gets diarrhea / indigestion or lots of gas after that. Taking ginger soup helps though.

The patient came to see us for the second time on 21 May 2011. Listen to our conversation that day


The doctor conveyed this gloomy prognosis:

  • Since cancer has recurred, patient had only about six months more to live – or at best with luck, a year!

Since human beings are not God, we always tell patients, Believe the diagnosis but don’t believe the prognosis. It is sad that the practitioner of noble profession has come to a point of not realizing what he says is insensitive or   damaging to the patient whom he is supposed to help. Telling patients that they are going to die soon is inflicting a nocebo effect.

The oncologist did not recommend chemo and thought the treatment would make her worse. How many oncologists would admit to the fact that there is no cure for metastatic cancers and that chemotherapy will do more harm than good? In most cases and most of the time, chemotherapy seems to be the standard fare “dished” out to all patients – irrespective of age or stage.

Given that this patient has come to the end of the road, there is no option left other than alternative medicine.  In spite of that, we often have to remind patients that they have to relax and take it easy. Face the fact squarely and fairly. Do not come expecting us to “dish” out an instant or magic cure. One patient wrote that after taking herbs and the change to vegetarian diet and juices for a month, the tumour is still growing in her colon! What do you expect? Cure cancer with herbs and juice within a month?

Another mistake that caregivers often commit is to over-react. After reading about the purported benefits of juices, raw diet, supplements, etc. they would go over-board feeding their loved ones with all these stuff, sometimes resulting in more problems. In this case, the enthusiastic  son thought that juices might perhaps cure his mother. His mother has a yin (cool) body and cannot tolerate raw food and juices. So she ended end up having diarrhea.

Listen carefully to what this patient said if you want to live well with your cancer. She had clearly accepted her lot and has a positive attitude. Relax, be happy and take life easy. Enjoy your days while there is still time to enjoy. You don’t have to give up but at the same time you don’t have to live each day with fear of dying. Go out and smell the flowers.

Update:  27 February 2012

Hello Dr Chris,

My mom is getting better. Just 2 weeks ago she went for medical test and the doctor said he cancer CEA marker has dropped to 5.9. Thank you Dr Chris. And wishing you good health.

Reply:  Wah, your mom is doing well and her CEA  is 5.9 ? What did her doctor say? Did the doctor ask her why? Did he know that she is taking herbs? And is your mom taking the herbs without stopping?

Yes my mom CEA was as high as 12. She continues to take your herbs. We now add ginger into the C-Tea so that she does not get stomach bloatedness.

Doctor did not even ask why the marker reading is low or ask whether she is taking herbs. All they do is blood tests for cancer marker. Also because her doctor got promoted he now passed my mom to one of the doctor in his team. We only found out on the day of the medical appointment. Also I learned from the nurse that the promoted doctor attends to private patients only. What a surprise to us the way they handled patient.

Dissecting Chemotherapy Part 6: Avastin Does NOT Cure Cancer

The Story of Avastin That You Need to Know

On February 26, 2004, the FDA approved Avastin (or  bevacizumab) as a first-line treatment for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, i.e., cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. Avastin  was shown to extend patients’ lives by about five months when given  as a combination treatment along with standard chemotherapy drugs for colon cancer (the “Saltz regimen” also known as IFL). IFL treatment includes ironotecan, 5-fluorouracil (5FU) and leucovorin.


Take note of this fact carefully and serious ly – nowhere in the medical literature does it say Avastin cures cancer. It does not. When given with IFL, Avastin made patients lived longer by about five months. That was all. And the average time before tumors started regrowing or new tumors appeared was four months longer than patients receiving IFL alone.

Avastin Approved As Second-Line Treatment of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

On June 20, 2006, the FDA granted approval for Avastin for use as second-line treatment of metastatic carcinoma of the colon or rectum. This recommendation is based on the demonstration of improvement in  overall survival  (OS) of patients receiving Avastin plus FOLFOX4 (5-flourouracil, leucovorin, and oxaliplatin) when compared to those receiving FOLFOX4 alone.

Mean overall survival of patients receiving Avastin + FOLFOX4 was 13.0 months while those receiving FOLFOX4 alone was 10.8 months.

Source: Source:

Take note again. Patients receiving Avastin + FOLFOX4 lived longer by only 2.2 months. Avastin did not cure. It only extended life by 2.2 months. Is that what patients want? Do oncologists clearly tell this fact to patients before they give them Avastin?

 Each Avastin injection cost a lot of money. It is NOT cheap for most people. Money is one point, Avastin comes with a bunch of devastating side effects. The most serious, and sometimes fatal side effects of Avastin are:

  • gastrointestinal perforation,
  • wound healing complications,
  • hemorrhage,
  • thromboembolic events,
  • hypertensive crisis,
  • nephrotic syndrome and
  • congestive heart failure.

The most common adverse events in patients receiving Avastin are:  asthenia (fatigue or weakness), pain, abdominal pain, headache, hypertension, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, stomatitis, constipation, upper respiratory infection, epistaxis (nose bleed), dyspnea (shortness of breath –SOB), exfoliative dermatitis and proteinuria (excess proteins in the urine).  Source:

Avastin for Colon Cancer – Any good?

A posting on 19 September 2010 has this heading:  Second Avastin Trial Shows No Benefit in Early Stage Colon Cancer. Adding Avastin to chemotherapy for early stage colon cancer didn’t reduce the risk that cancer would return. Source:

A statement released by the drug company, Roche of Switzerland ( stated that:

  • A study known as AVANT evaluated the use of Avastin plus chemotherapy in the adjuvant treatment (immediately after surgery) of early-stage colon cancer. The results did not show that it improved disease-free survival in stage III colon cancer.
  • Evaluation of Avastin in the early-stage setting, the AVANT study shows that standard chemotherapy plus one year of Avastin is NOT effective in reducing the risk of relapses in early-stage colon cancer.

In another posting on 25 Janruary2011,entitled: AVANT Says No Avastin Benefit in Stage III Colon Cancer


A second randomized clinical trial has confirmed what the first one found — adding Avastin to standard chemotherapy does not reduce recurrences after surgery for stage III colon cancer. In presenting the trial results at the 2011 GI Symposium, Aimery De Gramont, MD, PhD, concluded:

  • The addition of Avastin to FOLFOX4 or XELOX did not improve disease-free survival  (DFS) in the adjuvant treatment of Stage III colon cancer.
  • Immature overall survival data suggest a potential detriment.
  1. In the first year, there was a transient favorable effect.
  2. The treatment effect became unfavorable after one year.

What the Mass Media Said

Avastin Falls Short in Test as Colon Cancer Medicine. Source:

Andrew Pollack of the New York Times, wrote on 22 April 2009: In results from a widely watched clinical trial, the drug Avastin failed to show a significant effect on preventing the recurrence of colon cancer.  Avastin had sales of $2.7 billion in the United States alone last year.

Melly Alazrakip of Daily Finance wrote: Roche’s Avastin Fails in Early-Stage Colon Cancer Study


The top-selling cancer-fighting drug Avastin, which was once believed to have the potential to help treat many cancers, has hit another roadblock in testing. In a recent Phase III study, Avastin failed to improve disease-free survival in early-stage colon cancer patients when administered immediately after surgery.

Roche, the world’s largest maker of cancer drugs, said data from the study showed that adding Avastin to standard chemotherapy for one year after surgery wasn’t effective in reducing the risk of relapses. Indeed, the data showed better outcomes for standard chemotherapy alone.

As the world’s best-selling cancer drug, Avastin recorded nearly $6 billion in sales last year.
Avastin has experienced other setbacks this year, including Great Britain again refusing to approve Avastin for colorectal cancer on the basis of its poor cost-effectiveness, and another late-stage study showing Avastin failed to extend survival in men with advanced prostate cancer, compared to current treatments.

Take note here: Avastin is not allowed in Great Britain on the basis of poor cost-effectiveness.

In the poor developing countries, Avastin can be used? Is that logical?

Avastin for Other Cancers

In spite of its poor performance, Avastin had and is being used rather commonly for the following cancers:

  1. Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma (mRCC)
    Avastin is indicated for the treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma in combination with interferon alfa.
  2. Non–Squamous Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
    Avastin is indicated for the first-line treatment of unresectable, locally advanced, recurrent or metastatic non–squamous non–small cell lung cancer in combination with carboplatin and paclitaxel.
  3. Brain cancer.
  4. Just not too long ago, Avastin was also approved for the treatment of breast cancer.

Castle Built On Sand – Avastin for Breast Cancer

Andrew Pollack of the New York Times (23 February 2008,

reported that the FDA approved Avastin as a treatment for breast cancer – a decision that appeared rather baffling to the common mind.  But as always, we know that a FDA  approval  means an additional hundreds of millions of dollars of annual sales to Avastin.

As a breast cancer treatment, Avastin costs about UD$7,700 a month, or US$92,000 a year.

Let us look at the results of the clinical trial on which the approval was based.

  • Women who received Avastin in combination with the chemo-drug Taxol (or paclitaxel) had a median of 11.3 months before their cancer worsened or they died, in contrast women who received Taxol alone had a median of  5.8 months. This means Avastin only delayed cancer worsening by 5.5 months.
  • Women who received Avastin lived a median of 26.5 months, compared with 24.8 months for those getting Taxol alone — life extension that was not statistically significant. This means Avastin prolonged life by 1.7 months which is meaningless and this difference could just be due to chance and not real.
  • Moreover, the women receiving Avastin suffered more side effects. And 5 or 6 of them out of 363 died from the drug itself.

In spite of such miserable performance, Avastin was approved for breast cancer treatment. And many patients in this part of the world, including Malaysia, were given Avastin by their oncologists.

A castle built on sand would not last! 

Matthew Perone of the Associated Press, on 15 December 2010 wrote:

Federal health authorities recommended Thursday that the blockbuster drug Avastin no longer be used to treat breast cancer, saying recent studies failed to show the drug’s original promise to help slow the disease and extend patients’ lives.

The ruling is a significant setback for the world’s best-selling cancer drug and will likely cost Swiss drugmaker Roche hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue.

The FDA approved Avastin for breast cancer in 2008 based on one study suggesting it halted the spread of breast cancer for more than five months when combined with chemotherapy. But follow-up studies showed that the delay lasted no more than three months, and patients suffered dangerous side effects.

Roche sells the drug at a wholesale price of $7,700 a month. When infusion charges are included, a year’s treatment with Avastin can run to more than $100,000.


Avastin – it is all about big money but the results of Avastin are just miserable. It falls far short of the patients’ expectation. They expect the chemo drug to cure their cancers or at least prolong their lives for many more years! The truth is, Avastin does not and cannot do that!