Extensive spread to liver after seven shots of chemo

PR is a 33-year-old Indonesia. This is an email (translated and edited from Bahasa Indonesia) I received from him on 10 October 2017.

Part A: Medical history

A year ago, I often had stomach pains on the left side. I consulted doctors in Indonesia and Malaysia and did USG, CT Scan and colonoscopy. There was a tumor inside the colon. After a biopsy, I had surgery.

After operation the result was malignant tumor and I was required to undergo chemo for 8 times (infusion) and take medication (Xeloda) for 2 weeks and rest of 1 week.

After 4 cycles of chemo I did a CT scan again. The cancer had spread to the liver. I have to chemotherapy until 7 times. Then I did a CT scan again. The result was still the same, I decided to stop chemo and I chose my own herbal consumption (garlic mixed with honey).

Part B: Are you currently taking herbs?

No. I consumed herbs 1 month ago, some kind of  root, but it was not effective. I now feel pain and uncomfortable in the upper right abdomen and waist and shoulder.  For more than 2 weeks I stopped taking the herbs again. I am now taking painkillers from the doctors (Ultraset and Acorxia).

Part C: Current health condition

The more detailed information you provide, the better we can understand your problems.

  1. Do you feel pain? Where, how often and how serious? I often experience pain at the bottom of the right rib, pain when exhaling and also often uncomfortable at the waist, shoulders, and abdomen.
  1. Can you sleep? I have trouble sleeping. While sleeping only briefly and often woke up again.
  1. Do you feel tired? Sometimes.
  1. How often have you had a bowel movement? Is it difficult, with blood? Defecate sometimes 1 to 2 times a day, no bleeding and no pain.
  1. How is your appetite? Normal appetite, but I eat less because of stomach feeling full.
  1. Any bleeding? Where? No bleeding.
  1. Do you have a problem: digestion? diabetes? high blood pressure? No diabetes or high blood. Only when defecate feeling less satisfied (stools only a little bit sometimes).
  1. How often do you urinate? With blood? Normal, and no blood.
  1. Do you cough? With phlegm, what color (white / yellow)? Throat itchy? No cough, just throat often feel thirsty. 
  1. Breathing difficulties? Yes, sometimes with pain in the upper abdomen right under the ribs.
  1. Any other complaints: The stomach, shoulders and waist feel uncomfortable. The portion of the pit of the stomach is rather hard. Body often feels hot but cannot stand the cold weather.

PR came seek our help after this email.

Listen to our conversation that morning.

Gist of our conversation.

His problem started about 2 years ago when he lost his appetite and had difficulty moving his bowels. After a medical checkup he was told there was a mass in his colon. He went to a private hospital in Melaka for a colonoscopy. It was colon cancer and he underwent an operation in July 2016. The operation cost RM 30,000.

Chris: Did you ask the doctor if the operation can cure you?

PR: Bisa sembuh (yes, can cure!). But after the operation the doctor said the cancer was aggressive. I have to undergo chemotherapy.

C: So you have chemo?

P: Yes, after the fourth chemo, CT scan showed the cancer had spread to the liver. Then, I have more chemo and stopped after the 7th chemo.

C: Did the cancer go away?

P: No, the liver got worse. 

CT scan: 6 October 2017 

  • Liver metastasis in both lobes, predominantly right lobe. The conglomerate of nodules in right lobe measures 11.4 x 15.1 x 18.1 cm. Mild ascites seen.
  • Multiple para-aortic adenopathies, largest 1.8 x 2.2 cm.

Chest X-ray: Left lower zone nodules seen. Lung metastasis.

Blood test: 6 Oct. 2017

ESR 42 H
Platelet count 245
AST (SGOT) 150 H
ALP 256 H
GGT 211 H

C: How much did you spend in all for the treatments?

P: The operation cost about RM 30,000 and the 7 cycles of chemo (including Xeloda) cost RM5,000 / cycle.

C: Let me ask you this — before the operation did the scan show any cancer in your liver?

P: No, there was no liver metastasis.

C: Before the chemo — was there any cancer in your liver?

P: No cancer in the liver.

C: But after 4 shots of chemo, CT scan showed the cancer had gone to the liver?

P: Yes.

C: So, what did the doctor say?

P: Continue with the chemo!

C: What is the whole idea of doing more chemo when you got worse? What do you think made the cancer spread to the liver?


To answer the last question, perhaps you may want to reflect to the following reports.

Shock study: Chemotherapy can backfire, make cancer worse by triggering tumor growth

The extremely aggressive therapy, which kills both cancerous and healthy cells indiscriminately, can cause healthy cells to secrete a protein that sustains tumor growth and resistance to further treatment.

The scientists found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein called WNT16B which

“WNT16B, when secreted, would interact with nearby tumor cells and cause them to grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy,” said Nelson.

In cancer treatment, tumors often respond well initially, followed by rapid re-growth and then resistance to further chemotherapy.

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/shock-study-chemotherapy-backfire-cancer-worse-triggering-tumor-growth-article-1.1129897

Chemotherapy could spread cancer cells and lead to more advanced tumours, says study

Chemotherapy is used to kill cancer cells and stop tumours from growing – but a new study suggests it could in fact help the disease spread, leading to more aggressive forms of cancer.

While the treatment was found to shrink tumours in the short term, chemotherapy drugs increase the chance that cancer cells will migrate to elsewhere in the body and may trigger a ‘repair’ system which allows them to grow back stronger, according to a team of US researchers.

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/chemotherapy-cancer-spread-cells-tumours-more-advanced-treatment-study-breast-metastatic-albert-a7826461.html

Treatment Can Make Cancer Stronger

Doctors use radiation and chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells. About half of patients are cured — that is, all of their tumor cells die.

The other half of the time, some tumor cells survive treatment. These cancer cells are more aggressive than they were before treatment, says Mark W. Dewhirst, DVM, PhD, professor of radiation oncology at Duke University.

“When you give a tumor treatment, whatever cells survive are going to be more resistant to that treatment,” Dewhirst tells WebMD. “Those not killed are healthier cancer cells.”

Source: https://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20080610/treatment-can-make-cancer-stronger#1

Why do chemotherapy drugs cause liver damage?

Chemotherapy drugs may cause liver damage because they are toxins and they place added stress on the liver’s filtering function. The liver removes toxins and chemicals from the blood stream and changes them into products that can be readily removed through the bile or urine. If toxins accumulate in the body faster than the liver can process them, then liver damage will result.

Source: http://cancer.unm.edu/cancer/cancer-info/cancer-treatment/side-effects-of-cancer-treatment/less-common-side-effects/organ-problems/liver-damage-hepatotoxicity/

Read our two articles:

Chemotherapy SPREADS and MAKES cancer more AGGRESSIVE

Chemotherapy Spreads Cancer and Makes It More Aggressive: Articles From the Internet



Pain gone, Slept well, Went shopping

Part 3: Four days on CA Care Therapy

22 July 2017: Dear Mr. Chris kh Teo,

Hi there, My name is M and I have pancreatic cancer with metastasis to the liver and lung. I found your web site while I’m searching for alternative medication for my cancer. I’m a Filipino but residing here in Australia. I am interested to try your herbal medicine. I want to know how could I get it.

Do I need to come there in Malaysia or can you ship your herbal medicine here in Australia. Or can I see you personally so that you could discuss to me all the information that I need to know. If I need to come there in Malaysia can you book me an appointment as soon as possible. Is there any fees do we need to pay and how much does it cost to buy your herbal medicine

Hope you can give me more information about your herbal medicine and hope to see you soon.

Reply: There is NO cure for such cancer —- I am not sure if you even travel  with such condition … the best is for you to send someone to come and see me …. that someone must know your health condition ….then I can give the herbs …. Chris

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I am able to travel to see you. I’m still in good condition as of now. I will travel with my husband. Is there any specific day and time that I can visit you?  Please I really want to see you.

Reply: Are you from Sydney / Melb / Perth? My concern is the air travel — too taxing. But if you want to come — I am okay. Monday to Friday at about 11 am ….. go to my website www.CancerCareMalaysia.com and click what to do next . You get all the details.

I need to see all medical reports and scans …. and then please read this.

 Some important points for you to know before you see me


a) Most patient who come here, have already undergone medical treatments – surgery, radiation or chemo. Do these cure you?

b) If you come here expecting me to cure you, know that I too cannot cure your cancer. From my experience, NO one on earth can cure any cancer. After some years cancer comes back again!

c) But if you want me to help you – to give you another option, to have a better quality of life   — may be it is possible. But it all depends on you. Because your health is your responsibility. Are you willing to help yourself? Are you willing to change your lifestyle, your diet, etc.? 


a) Besides the bad taste and smell.

b) You need to boil the herbs a few times a day — that’s a lot of work!

c) You need to take two, three or four types of teas each day.


a) You cannot eat anything that walks – meaning, no meat, no egg, no milk, etc.

b) Don’t take sugar (sugar is food for cancer).

c) Don’t eat oily or fried food, table salt. 


a) May be the first 2 weeks on our therapy, you may suffer more pain, more tired, etc. That’s healing crisis. Don’t stop. Hopefully after 3 to 4 weeks you may feel better.

b) If after a month on our therapy you still don’t feel better — the herbs are not helping you in anyway — then stop following our therapy. Please ask someone else to help you.

c) If you feel better, continue with our therapy.

If you are still on chemo or radiotherapy (or are planning to do chemo or radiotherapy), or are taking other treatments elsewhere, go ahead and continue with these treatments first, do not take our herbs yet.

Good morning Dr. Teo. I am from Perth.  Me and my husband would love to travel to see you. We will try to get flight the soonest as possible maybe this week or early next week. I just have one question do we need to stay there while I’m taking your medication or can we go back to Australia and bring the medication here.

Thank you very much may God Bless You always.

Reply: Just see me for an hour or two … you can take the herbs home and start taking them at home ….. so one or two days in Penang is good enough.

Pain gone, Slept well, Went shopping


Our advice


 Mei’s pain was gone and she became a “normal” person — can eat, can sleep, etc. just after a day in Penang! Is this a placebo effect?

After returning home to Australia, Mei wrote: Thank God… I’ve been drinking the tea for 5 days now so far I don’t have any problem I don’t have any pain. I’m still in good condition. Thank you very for your concern.



Shopping for an illusive cancer cure!

A young Indonesian man and his sister came to our centre, trying to “shop” for a cure for their father’s cancer. They came with a long, rolled piece of fax-paper.

The following were written on that paper.

  1. August 2013. Father was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum which had spread to the liver.
  2. Went to a private hospital in Singapore for a biopsy.
  3. Underwent chemotherapy in a private hospital. Drugs used: Oxaloplatin + Leucovorin + 5-FU + Erbitux.
  4. After 4 cycles of chemo, underwent robotic surgery of the rectum in October 2013.
  5. One month after surgery, underwent 8 cycles of chemotherapy again. In total he had 12 chemos. His CEA reduced to less than 5.0. Metastases in liver disappeared!
  6. Took oral drugs: Xeloda and TS One.
  7. CEA shot up again.
  8. More chemo — 8 cycles. Drugs used: Compto + Leucovorin + 5-FU + Erbitux (note: same as before except for Compto instead of Oxaloplatin).
  9. CEA was 10.
  10. Through recommendation of his doctor in Indonesia, went to a doctor at NUH Singapore for surgery to remove the tumour in segment 5 of liver. This was in October 2014.
  11. Underwent radiofrequency ablation (RFA) in June 2015, in Mount Elizabeth, Singapore.
  12. Back in Indonesia, underwent TACE in Gatot Subroto Hospital, Jakarta in July 2015.
  13. CEA shot up to 40.
  14. Went back to the same private hospital in Singapore to undergo more chemo. Received 2 shots of chemo using the same previous drugs: Compto + Leucovorin + 5-FU + Erbitux.
  15. CEA reduced to 15.
  16. Continued with 6 more cycles of chemo with a private hospital in hometown, Semarang.
  17. CEA increased to 50.
  18. Continued with 4 cycles of chemotherapy in Semarang. Drugs used: Avastin + FOLFOX.
  19. Not effective.
  20. Chemo drugs changed to: Compto + Leucovorin + 5-FU + Erbitux (previous drugs as in Singapore).
  21. CEA reduced to 4.
  22. In February 2017, took Stivarga — oral drug (regorafenib).
  23. CEA shot up to 300 and in March 2017 it was at 800.
  24. Suffered severe side effects besides being not effective.
  25. Came to Penang cancer hospital and had one shot of chemo. Drugs used: Paritumumab (or Vectibix) + 5-FU + Irenotecan. One shot of this chemo cost RM 10,000.

After two weeks in Penang, this young man came to our centre. He came to know about CA Care from the internet and wanted to know more about our therapy.

While waiting to talk with me, this young man and his sister was given this notification to read.

Some important points for you to know before you see me


  1. Most patient who come here, have already undergone medical treatments – surgery, radiation or chemo. Do these cure you?
  2. If you come here expecting me to cure you, know that I too cannot cure your cancer. From my experience, NO one on earth can cure any cancer. After some years cancer comes back again!
  3. But if you want me to help you – to give you another option, to have a better quality of life — may be it is possible. But it all depends on you. Because your health is your responsibility. Are you willing to help yourself? Are you willing to change your lifestyle, your diet, etc.?


  1. Besides the bad taste and smell.
  2. You need to boil the herbs a few times a day — that’s a lot of work!
  3. You need to take two, three or four types of teas each day.


  1. You cannot each anything that walks – meaning, no meat, no egg, no milk, etc.
  2. Don’t take sugar (sugar is food for cancer).
  3. Don’t eat oily or fried food, table salt.


  1.  May be the first 2 weeks on our therapy, you may suffer more pain, more tired, etc. That’s healing crisis. Don’t stop. Hopefully after 3 to 4 weeks you may feel better.
  2. If after a month on our therapy you still don’t feel better — the herbs are not helping you in anyway — then stop following our therapy. Please ask someone else to help you.
  3. If you feel better, continue with our therapy.

If you are still on chemo or radiotherapy (or are planning to do chemo or radiotherapy), or are taking other treatments elsewhere,

Go ahead and continue with these treatments first,  do not take our herbs yet.


While waiting for me to talk to them and after reading the statements above, the daughter said: I don’t think my father can keep up with your therapy!

During the meeting I asked both of them the following questions:

  1. Why did you come to see me after everything else has failed?

Answer: Oh, we never knew that it is another option. We only thought medical treatment is the only way out.

  1. How much did the family spend for all these treatments?

Answer: Oh, could not count! So much.

  1. You were in Penang for 2 weeks already, what makes you take that long to come and see us?

Answer: I could not find CA Care!

  1. But, if you go into the websites: http://www.CancerCareMalaysia.com or CancerCareIndonesia.com, we have a google map in there that shows you exactly where we are.

Answer: Oh, I did not go into the website! I called your number but could not get through.

  1. We only answer phone from 10 am to 1 p.m. We close at 1 p.m. That is also stated in the website.

Response: I used my Indonesian hand phone and could not get through.

  1. Did you use the correct country code?

Answer: I just dialed without the country code!

  1. This a quotation:

Response: I agree.

  1. This is another quotation:

Response: I also agree with that.

After spending about 30 minutes with them, I sent them home to think carefully about the above.

I never get to see them again!

Let me close with another quote from an oncologist:





Look at the Bigger Picture Part 2. You don’t have to “swallow” everything that they offer you!

Look at the Bigger Picture Part 1. Misguided advice about your diet!

Ina called to ask if she could come to our house. She was so excited and wanted to share with us the “good” news after meeting her doctor.

Who is Ina?  She is our patient and also a friend. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2012,  almost 3 years ago. She had a mastectomy but declined chemotherapy, radiotherapy and taking of Tamoxifen. Indeed a daring lady!

Ever since after her surgery to this day, Ina had been under pressure from her doctor urging her to go for chemo and radiation. Ina flatly refused! Then the doctor insisted that at least she should take Tamoxifen!

Why was Ina so excited and wanting to see us?  Two reasons.

Reason number two.  Her liver was just doing fine! Now, her doctor did not bring up the subject of her liver metastasis and this time did not “pushed” her to go for chemotherapy!

A misdiagnosed liver metastasis?

For the past two years Ina had been living under stress. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2012 and had a mastectomy, her doctor insisted that she undergo chemotherapy.  Her doctor was unhappy that Ina was adamant not to follow his advice! In fact, the doctor was also not happy with a Chris Teo for not pushing Ina to go for chemo!

Ina’s doctor became more unhappy after the result of an USG on 20 January 2013. The doctor told Ina that her cancer had spread to her liver based on the result below:

A few hypoechoic cysts measuring 9.6 to 18.4 mm are seen in the right and left lobe of liver. No solid component is seen within these cysts. No other focal liver lesion is seen.

Ina was asked to go for a PET scan, and an X-ray. Ina refused these procedures.

Then, about a year later, a follow up USG showed the following:

  • The right lobe of liver shows mildly hyperechoic module close to the IVC and the medial part of the right hemidiaphragm. This measures about 38 x 27 x 36 mm. Apart from this, there is at least another mildly hyperechoic solid nodule in the right lobe in segment 8, measuring about 12 mm.
  • Smaller nodules cannot be excluded in the right lobes of the liver.
  • There are two simple cysts in the right and left lobes of the liver, measuring about 25 and 12 mm.

Impression: In view of past history, I would suggest further imaging to exclude metastatic disease. Haemangionmas may also give a similar appearance.

The doctor insisted that Ina go for a PET scan! Ina again refused. The doctor asked Ina, Don’t you tell Chris Teo that the cancer has already gone to the liver?  The doctor wrote Chris Teo a letter below!


It is nice of her doctor to caution me with this note. But yes, I was very much aware that breast cancer can spread to the liver, bone, lung or the brain. I have also seen cases after cases of metastatic cancer before (agreed, not as many as the doctors!). Let me remind you what I wrote in my book, Your Breast (pg.120, 135 and 139).

Pg 120 Pg 135 Pg 139

The questions we posed to Ina were basically this:

  1. Okay, you were asked to do the PET scan – to know if the cancer had spread to any other parts of the body. But do you want to follow up with medical treatments. Go for chemo or radiation or even surgery again if there was a spread to somewhere? Ina said, NO – I would not want any more medical treatments. That being the case, why go for a PET scan then? What benefit do you get from just wanting to know?
  2. Now, the doctor implied said that there were secondaries in her liver. Ina needed chemotherapy right away. Ask the doctor first, Can chemotherapy cure her metastatic liver cancer?

Before her death, Amy Cohen Soscia – a breast cancer patient in the US, said: There is no cure for metastatic breast cancer. It never goes away. You just move from treatment to treatment.

Was Ina’s liver metastasis a misdiagnosis?

In May 2015, we requested Ina to go for a checkup since at that time she was concerned about a lump in her right breast (Part 1 of this story).  USG of the abdomen was done and the following were the results.

  • The right lobe of the liver shows a simple cyst measuring about 28 mm. There are two mildly hyperechoic solid right lobe hepatic nodules which are probably haemangiomas. They have not changed significantly in sizes since the previous examination.
  • The larger lesion seen near the IVC measures about 37 x 28 x 37 mm. The smaller lesion seen more peripherally measures about 9 mm in the right lobe of the liver.
  • The left lobe of the liver also shows a small cyst measuring about 9.8 mm in size.

The results of Ina’s liver function test were as follows:

Liver function
ALT 15
AST 23
GGT 19
Alkaline phosphatase 49


Based on the above results, the doctor “stopped” talking about Ina’s liver problem. The question of her undergoing chemotherapy for her liver metastasis just vanished! Ina was very much at ease. So happy — NO more pressure from her doctor!

After about 3 years later, someone has decided that the “perceived” liver metastasis is probably not a cancer after all. The question which I would like ask is this, What could have happened to Ina if she were to follow her doctor’s advice and went for chemotherapy for the “perceived” liver metastasis? Would she be as healthy as she is today or dead? Your guess would be as good as ours!

Bravo, after taking the liver herbs the results were clear. The liver nodules have not changed significantly in sizes since the previous examination. If the herbs were not helpful, the nodules would have grown bigger. Right? No? And more important, if the herbs were useless, Ina would have been very sick by now! No?

We always tell patients to learn to live with their cancer! We praise God for this blessing.

Ina’s liver nodules are not giving her any problem – and she is well, healthy with no pain; can eat, can sleep and can go about doing her normal daily routine – what else does she want? That is looking at the bigger picture! She need NOT do things to please her doctor!

As a gentle reminder, can you learn something from these two sad stories? Or do we have to write more of such stories to make you understand?

2.3 cm Malignant Breast Lump: Surgery, Chemo and Radiation — Disaster


Selling Empty Promise ?: https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2014/05/21/breast-cancer-part-23-does-chemotherapy-make-sense/


 (The above failed treatment in Singapore cost about RM 500,000)

Breast Cancer: It is all about you — your human nature and attitude

SM was 53 years old when her CA 15.3 was elevated (on 15 October 2009). Follow up examination indicated left breast cancer. SM underwent a mastectomy. The histopathology report indicated:

“a Stage 2 (T2NoMx, 5 cm tumour, resected margins, areola and nipple free (of cancer). Left axillary lymph nodes Sinus histiocystosis (7/7).”

SM did not go for any chemotherapy or radiotherapy. She came to seek our help and was started on herbs. She was told to take care of her diet. But it was not to be. SM thought it was easier to follow her doctor’s advice — she took Tamoxifen instead. Preparing and taking herbs was too much of a hassle. Not being able to eat what she liked did not make life that “meaningful.”

Every 6 months, SM came back to her doctor for routine check up. Everything was okay.

Year 2010

On 7 May 2010, her CA 15.3 was at 13.4 (normal). Ultrasound of left axilla on 24 May showed:

“an ill defined 17 x 17 x 23 mm hypoechogenic area and another 18 x 14 x 11 mm well defined hypoechogenic area in the left axilla. Conclusion: metastatic deposit and lymphadenopathy.”

(Note: The first sign of trouble coming. Human nature: Why bother? You are not dying yet!)

Year 2012

On 19 June 2012, SM’s CA 15.3 still remained normal, at 13.7

(Note: Human nature: Nothing serious! Normal. So far so good. This is what you want to always hear!)

Year 2014

On 18 November 2014, SM’s CA 15.3 increased to 76.4. For the first time her CEA also increased, to 7.9. Previously her CEA was always below 5.0 (normal).

Since her CA 15.3 had risen so much, SM was told to stop taking her Tamoxifen.

In spite of her worsening CA 15.3, mammogram of her right breast showed “no evidence of malignancy.” Unfortunately no imaging was ever done on the left side.

USG of abdomen showed everything was fine.

(Note: Human nature: Nothing serious! Mammogram showed no cancer in the breast (but was it the wrong breast that they checked?).  Anyway, this is what you want to hear!)

Year 2015

SM came back to see her doctor in March 2015 — another routine check up.

Her CA 15.3 on 10 March 2015 had increased to 173.6. Her CEA also increased to 14.8.

CT scan indicated:

  • Enhancing left axillary lymphadenopathy, measuring 1.8 x 18.9 x 14.3 mm.
  • Several ill-defined hypodense lesions seen in the left lobe of liver measuring 10 mm. Conclusion: Left axillary lymphadenopathy and liver metastasis.

In view of the above, the doctor suggested that SM undergo chemotherapy. She refused and came to seek our help instead.

Why did SM stopped taking the herbs? She preferred to follow her doctor’s advice. She took Tamoxifen. According to her it was easier — no need to cook the herbs, no need to take care of her diet. So while on Tamoxifen, SM ate what she liked — based on the usual standard medical advice.

Like many others, SM came to us after things got worst. In March 2015, SM was started on herbs. Barely 2 months later, 4 May 2015, her CA 15.3 was 135.4 (reduced from 173.6) and her CEA was at 4.8 (reduced from 14.8).


Often we tell patients. Cancer is about you — your nature and your attitude towards life. We also say, Your life is in your hands. Decide what you want to do. We need to understand that we cannot eat the cake at the same time keep it. You can decide what you want to do but unfortunately, you cannot determine the outcome of your choice.

SM’s cancer showed sign of progression one year after her mastectomy, in 2010. The USG result showed he cancer had spread to her arm pit. She did nothing about it. After all it was not an emergency.

In 2014, her CA 15.3 increased to 76.4 and her CEA increased to 7.9. What did SM do? Nothing. Perhaps the alarm bell was not loud enough.

It was only in 2015, after the cancer had spread to her liver and when the doctor wanted her to go for chemo that she “ran” to us for help. That too is an understandable human attitude!

After talking to SM for a while, I knew in my heart the kind of person I had to deal with. She only wanted to win by the easy way — not prepared to “sacrifice” if she can have her way. That was why she came to us after reaching the “dead end” of her path.

SM took the herbs for about 2 months. Her CEA and CA 15.3 dropped. To patients it is already lucky if the markers do not increase or stabilize. The markers drop? That’s a great blessing. What else do you want?

What say you about the effectiveness of the herbs in this case? Still quackery? Still hocus pocus?

One last note. There is nothing to celebrate here! The drop of CEA and/or CA 15.3  would not last forever. These markers will rise again, if you decide to “misbehave.” So SM is not out of the woods yet.

What have you got to say about these quotations?

1 Babara-Tamoxifen-does-not-c 2 Jane-Plant-No-to-tamoxifen 3 John-Lee-Tamoxifen-more-har 4 Sellman-Tamoxifen-danger 5 Sellman-Tamoxifen-initiate-






Metastatic Colon-Liver-Lung Cancer: Surgery, Chemo, etc., But Where is the cure?

LK is a 52-year-old male. His problem started in January 2014 when he had problems moving his bowels. Later, LK was told that he had cancerous tumour in his colon which blocked the passage of his stools.

LK underwent surgery. This cost him RM 19,000. After surgery he had six cycles of chemotherapy. Each treatment cost him RM 3,000 plus. LK and his family members, did not know what chemo-drugs were used. However, LK know that he was also on oral Xeloda.

Although LK was scheduled for eight cycles of chemotherapy, the oncologist stopped the treatment after the sixth cycle because the treatment was not effective. Then the oncologist offered LK two options:

  1. Continue with more chemotherapy using new drug regimen.
  2. Or no more chemotherapy and go home!

The following are details of his medical records.

Histopathology report dated 18 June 2014

Cancer of rectum, lower 1/3, left lobe liver nodule, biopsy taken.


  1. a) Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma with extensive infiltration into perirectal fat, pT3 tumour.
  2. b) Lymphatic and vascular channel invasion found.
  3. c) Six of 14 nodes involved by tumour.
  4. d) Liver nodule – metastatic adenocarcinoma confirmed.

PET scan dated 10 July 2014

  1. There is an FDG avid left paraaortic nodal metastasis.
  2. There are multiple FDG avid liver metastasis.
  3. There are multiple non-FDG avid lung nodules seen in both lungs which may represent garnulomata or early lung metastases.

Blood Test Results

Date Platelets CA 19.9 GGT AST ALT
8 August 2014 199 2,101 43 14 17
30 Aug 2014 151 740 47 18 18
20 Sept. 2014 117 775 47 26 25
9 Oct 2014 78 660 51 38 35
7 Nov 2014 86 n/a 64 42 35
6 Dec 2014 93 10,922 99 45 41

Note: With more chemo – the platelets diminished, CA 19.9 initially decreased but eventually increased 10 times the initial value. Liver function parameters (GGT,AST, ALT) increased.

CT scan on 11 December 2014

Liver nodules are larger and more in number compared with previously. Three largest nodules are 2.7×2.5 cm and 2.7×2.4cm in the right lobe and 2.7×2.2cm in the left lobe.

Lung nodules are seen in both lung fields and the largest is 1×1 cm. The rest all tiny nodules.

Rectum and colon wall at the anastomotic site appear thickened.


  1. Recurrent ca. colon.
  2. Worsening liver metastasis.
  3. Lung metastasis.


Based on the results above, the cancer had spread to the liver, lymph nodes and also the lung. This is a Stage 4 cancer that cannot be cured. But was the patient told about this?

The chemo treatment initially caused the CA 19.9 to decrease from 2101 to 740 and eventually to 660. As I have pointed out earlier this drop of the tumour marker is MEANINGLESS. In October, the CA 19.9 was 660 but with more chemotherapy the CA19.9 increased to 10,922 in December.

The blood test results also confirmed that with more chemotherapy the platelets dropped from 199 to 93. The liver function parameters – GGT, AST, ATL, deteriorated.

Eventually a CT scan in December 2014 confirmed that LK suffered recurrence of colon cancer. His liver metastasis worsened.

The game was up! The oncologist suggested “new bullets” probably more expensive as well. The patient declined and lost confidence in his doctor and came to seek our help.

I told the patient and his family, “I am not god and I cannot cure your cancer.” And I am telling this to all patients as well. There is no cure for cancer — you just move from treatment to treatment. And after spending you life’s saving you die.


Reflect on these quotations

17 One-thrid-dont-respond-to-c

10 Chemo-not-responsive-useles

8 Chemo-no-benefit-response-n

7 Chemo-good-moneyPatient-hop




Colon-Liver-Lung Cancer: Hunting For The Magic Bullet

A lady school teacher came to see us in early 2012. Her husband is a medical doctor (later, I got to know that her daughter is also a medical doctor).  She did not come with any medical report – she just wanted to tell me her story and based on that prescribe her herbs.

She had colon cancer that had spread to her liver.  She had completed her chemo and had also undergone a RFA treatment (radiofrequency ablation). In spite of that, her CEA was rising.

The first question I asked her, “What do you want me to do? What do you expect to get when you come and see me?”  Her answer, “I want to find a cure.” To that I told her, “No, I am sorry I don’t have anything to cure anybody. My herbs are not magic.”

Then I asked her to read my two books, Cancer – Why They Live and What You Need to Know About Chemos … She would not even look at the books! But she insisted on wanting to try my herbs. My answer was, “No.  For now, I would not prescribe you any herbs. Go home and pray to your god (s) after you have gone through my websites – www.cacare.com and www.CancerCareMalaysia.com

Were we being cruel to send her home without giving her the herbs? Sometimes we need to be “apparently” cruel to be kind and honest. While we fully understand that patients who come to us are helpless, desperate and lost – it is extremely unfair and wrong for us to make them believe that we can offer them a cure for their cancers. Our experience over the past 18 years dealing with cancer patients tells us this fact clearly – No one on earth can cure cancer! You just have to learn to live with your cancer and heal yourself. Saying that the treatment gives you a response does not mean a cure. To achieve a tumour shrinkage after treatment is equally meaningless. Shrinkage generally does not translate into a cure. And saying that if you remain alive for 5 years means your cancer is cured is scientifically baseless.

These are the “truths” that you may have missed out or you have not been told.  Read the medical literature, no one ever talks about cure for cancer. If they do, they generally mean being alive for 5 years. That is not cure! It is only a remission.  We have seen cancer recurring even long after that. My aunty had a recurrence after 13 years. Her cancer spread to her lungs and she died.

So when we sent this lady teacher home to “learn” more we were just being truthful – we cannot cure any cancer. Unfortunately she did not want to learn. She portrayed as a well-informed patient who knew all the medical terms — “after all I am the wife /also mother, of medical doctors.”

Patients who come to us with this kind of “shopping-for-magic-bullet” mentality, are sure to be very disappointed with us. We would send them home without any herbs and ask them to think over.

We understand most patients who come to us are generally medically given up – they have gone though all possible medical treatments and failed. They have nowhere else to turn to for help. I used to jokingly tell patients, “Yes, we are the last one stop.” Given that situation what do patients expect us to do? Cure their cancers? And we, at CA Care, promising them a cure?  Don’t be misled – we cannot cure your cancer. We also do not cure your medical results. At CA Care we want to heal you as a person. Healing is different from cure. Healing happens at all levels – physical, mental and spiritual.

Fast forward, April 2014 – about 2 years later. This same lady teacher came to see us again. I could not recongise her. She was dark (due to too much chemo?). I asked for her medical reports. Again – like before – she did not bring any. And she started to rattle her story below.

P: I was diagnosed with colon cancer in September 2010. I had an operation followed by 8 cycles of chemotherapy. I was okay for about 6 months. After that the tumour marker (CEA) started to go up. The cancer had gone to the liver. I did one time RFA (radiofrequency ablation). After one month, it seemed to be okay but my CEA did not go down. It was still climbing.

I did a PET scan and the result showed 2 tiny lymph nodes (collar bone) was infected, but the liver was okay.

I was started on chemo again – another 8 cycles. The CEA went down. It seemed to be okay. While on chemo, I was also given Avastin. After the chemo was completed, I was still on Avastin as maintenance.

A bit less than 6 months later, I did a PET scan. The doctor said everything was okay. But after the PET scan, the CEA started to go up again.

About a month later, I did a CT scan. There were tiny nodules in my lungs.

The oncologist started me on chemo again. This was the third round and I had 12 cycles. I was also given Erbitux.

After 12 cycles of chemo my CEA went down to 1.7 (normal 5). I continued to receive Erbitux as maintenance.

A scan later showed the nodules in the lung were still there but there were no other additional metastasis.

In October 2013, my CEA started to go up again. It was like 1.9.

My oncologist sent me to see a surgeon, to see if the infected lymph nodes could be removed. But the surgeon asked me to do a PET scan first before considering surgery. I did a PET scan.  The result showed everything was clear except for one nodule in my right lung. This could be an early metastasis. The surgeon was unable to proceed with the surgery because the nodule was too small. So nothing was done.

Today my CEA started to go up again. And all this while I was still on Erbitux.

Just before the Chinese New Year (January 2014) the oncologist started me on 5-FU (chemo again). My CEA was going up and Erbitux was not effective anymore. That was why the doctor added the 5-FU. I received this every week.

Even with the added 5-FU my CEA had gone up to 5 (from 1.7 before October 2013).

I have been going  for the chemo but for a few times now, I started to feel restless 5 or 10 minutes after receiving the drug. I felt restless and did not know where to put my legs, where to put my hands. I could not concentrate. When I talk to you, my eyes cannot focus on you. I am just restless and don’t know what to do. I don’t know whether this is the effects of the drug or it is psychological effect.

Two weeks ago, when they put the drug in, I felt very difficult. They called the doctor in. The doctor wanted to give me steroid (prednisone). But the week before I have asked the oncologist to take off the prednisone because it made me very drowsy. So when they wanted to give this again, I said no!

Last week I went to see my oncologist again. He stopped the Erbitux and said I was already too long on this. So he just gave me only 5-Fu. But I still felt restless even with only 5-FU.

In total I am on chemotherapy  for three and half years. (Note: 3 rounds of chemo with a total of 28 cycles besides the weekly 5-FU, maintenance Avastin and Erbitux).

Chris: To be honest, I am surprised that you are still alive today. I really don’t know what I can do to help you. What do you expect me to do in this situation? Because I don’t believe that by taking the herbs your CEA is going to come down, honestly. Now it is just at 5.

Patient: But I am scared that it will  go up.

C: Why do you worry wanting to get the CEA down – CEA is not going to kill you.

P: But every time the CEA went up, I went for a scan and they found something in there.

C: That is normal. We all know that. Nobody can cure any cancer. That’s my experience. What is more, even when you get cancer, they tell you to eat anything you like.

P: But I did “pantang” (abstain from certain food).

C: But the way you “pantang” is not the way we teach you to “pantang” at CA Care. It is useless if you don’t do it right. Follow what I tell you fully or don’t. No half measure.  Again let me tell you. If you come and see me hoping that your CEA can come down, no, I don’t think that is the correct logic. Honestly, I don’t think it will come down. For three and a half years the doctors could not get it down, and you expect me to do it!

P: It will not come down but I hope it will not go up.

C: I don’t know. You need to know that cancer cells are not the same, they are different. After round and round of chemo, some cancer cells are killed, but some can still remain alive or are not affected by the chemo drugs. Because of that some patients suffer from “more aggressive” cancer after chemo. Researchers have shown that chemo makes cancer more aggressive. That is why chemo does not work.

This is the attitude of patients. When all else have failed they come to us and expect me to do magic. How could I do it? My answer to you is, I am not going to be able to do it – as simple as that.

Other people may say, “Yes take this and take that, your CEA will go down, etc., and etc.” But I am not sure if this is going to be true or not. Why don’t you come back to see us only after you have decided you don’t want to do anymore chemo?

P: I thought of stopping the chemo.

C: It is not a matter of thinking you want to stop chemo. You have to decide – do you still want to continue with your chemo. If you want to continue, go ahead with the medical treatment. You have to be clear about this. I suggest that you go home and continue with your chemo.

Come and see me only after you have decided to give up chemo totally. When you reach that point, and you don’t want to do chemo anymore, and you have nowhere to go, then come and see me. Then we will try the herbs.

For now, don’t take the herbs yet. Go back and when you tell yourself. “I don’t want any more chemo and I have nowhere else to go,” then come and see Chris Teo. Then I’ll give you the herbs.

P: Now, I want to take a break from chemo and I want to take the herbs.

C: Take the herbs for how long?

P: Your wife suggested to try the herbs for one month.

C: You can take the herbs for one month, but I am going to tell you it is not going to give you any significant effects. No way. You have been on medical treatment for three and a half years and it never worked and you can’t expect to take the herbs for a month and it is going to work!

P: Not to go down but to see if it can control it or what.

C: Let me tell you again. When doctors have failed to help you for three and a half years, how can you expect my herbs to help you in a month. No way.

P: But Dr. Teo, I have a friend in Kuala Lumpur. He has lung cancer. The doctor said he only has 3 months to live. He did not go for medical treatment and he took your herbs instead. He is still alive today. It has been one year already.

C: Of course, patients who have not gone for chemo do better with our herbs!

I am obliged to prescribe this patient some herbs. She came back to collect the herbs the next day. She asked my wife:

a) What are the side effects of the herbs?

b) What are these herbs?

c) Some herbs could be dangerous and affect the kidney, etc.

My wife replied: No one has died because of our herbs. And many have been taking these for years. If you are afraid of the side effects or think they are dangerous, please don’t take them!

Comments: For those who have cancer and who know how to read, I strongly suggest that you read my recent book, Cancer – What Now?

Cover Front JPGIn this book I have discussed many topics that are important to you and your survival. Going for whatever treatment for your cancer is about you and your choice. Your life is in your hands.  When you get cancer, it is also about you. YOU, the person. It is not just about the tumour or the rising CEA, etc., etc.

I have written many articles trying to let you all know that shrinkage of tumour and decreasing of CEA are often meaningless. It makes you feel good for a few months and the cancer comes back again. Is this not what happened to the lady teacher above? PET scan said okay, all clear but soon something pop up again somewhere! More chemo again. When do you stop chemo?

In Chapter 3 of the book I talked about the types of patients who come to see us and their attitudes – wanting to find a magic cure when there is NONE. Of course, you can go for chemo, surgery, take this supplements and that supplements – beware of the empty promise! In Chapter 6, I wrote about the virtue of doing nothing!

I am aware that my way of dealing with cancer is rather non-conventional and against the commonly accepted norms. If you are following my writing in the websites, you will know that what we do in CA Care do help many patients. It is just whether you want to believe or not!

Look out for another story after this one. This is about a man with colon cancer who was at the point of death in the hospital and was asked to do chemo! His wife preferred to do nothing and brought him home in an ambulance! Like the Chinese say, if you have to die, die at home! This man remained alive at the point of time when I am writing this article.

Two Billion Rupiah, Chemo And Surgery Failed: Patient said, ” I’ll die not because of my cancer. It’s because of the chemo.”

Part 1:  Two Billion Rupiah, Chemo And Surgery Failed:. Oncologist said, “More chemo, you just have to trust  me!”



Chris: After 12 cycles of chemo had failed the oncologist said you have to keep on trusting him and you were asked to go for more chemo, and you spent 1.5 billion rupiah. What happened after that?

Son: My father nearly died. He could not eat. His body weight was down to 55 kg from 75 kg.

C: Before the chemo, how was his condition?

He was normal but now everything  is not right with him. And these are his problems.

List of problems

1. Both hands and legs – pins and needles / tingling. Very severe and is the main concern.

2. Legs – weak, no strength.

3. Can’t walk far – becomes breathless.

4. Sudden hot and cold – fevers.

5. Headaches.

6. Gastric problems and bloated stomach.

7. Feels heaty inside.

8. No appetite.

C:  After the 12 cycles of chemo, did you go for more chemo (as advised by the oncologist)?

No, no more chemo. 

C: Did you go and see another doctor?

No. My father said, “I’ll die not because of my cancer. It’s because of the chemo.”


Two Billion Rupiah, Chemo And Surgery Failed. Oncologist said, “More chemo, you just have to trust me!”

Part 2: Two Billion Rupiah, Chemo And Surgery Failed: Patient said, ” I’ll die not because of my cancer. It is because of the chemo.”

This is an e-mail I received from Alex.

Selamat malam Dr Chris: Saya Alex dari Jakarta. Saya mau minta tolong Dr Chris untuk mengobati papa saya yang kena kanker paru dan setelah kemo dan operasi, kanker tersebut malah tumbuh di liver dan limpa. Saya rencana besok hari minggu, 20 April 2014 berangkat dari Jakarta ke Penang untuk konsultasi dengan Dr Chris … Saya mohon Dr Chris mengobati papa saya. Terima kasih banyak Dr Chris. Salam.

(Good evening Dr. Chris. I’m Alex from Jakarta. I wish to ask Dr. Chris to help treat my father who had lung cancer. After chemo and operation, the cancer spread to his liver and lymph. I plan to fly from Jakarta to Penang for consultation on 20 April 2014. I request Dr. Chris treat my father. Thank you.)

The next day, Alex came to our centre in Penang and related the tragic story of his father’s cancer treatment in Singapore.

Before that, I asked him,  “Who asked you to come here?”  Apparently after 2 years of treatment and spending about 2 billion rupiah (RM 600,000?) Alex’s father ended up with more cancer and suffered badly form the side effects of the treatment. Desperate and lost,someone in Sydney told Alex about a Chris Teo in Penang. He immediately googled “Cris Teo Penang” and found CA Care. He then bought a plane ticket and flew here the next day!

Indeed it is dramatic but this showed us his concern for his father’s health. Alex came with almost a bagful (his luggage) of medical reports and PET scans.  This is his story (all in italic).




I come for my father, he is 62 years old. Yes, I bring all the medical reports and PET scans.

The problem started in March 2012. He went for a routine check up for his heart in Singapore. The CT scan showed a mass in his lung. PET scan was done followed by a biopsy. It was cancer. The tumour was about 3 cm and it had already spread to the lymph nodes.


CT scan report dated 21 March 2012:  Presence of a 3.9 cm spiculated soft tissue density mass in the right lower lobe. A 0.9 cm right hilar lymph node is noted. The liver is normal with no focal nodules.

PET scan report dated: 18 April 1012: Bronchogenic malignancy, 3.5 x 2.6 cm. FDG avid right infra-hilar adenopathy.

The doctor  suggested surgery but my father declined. However, he agreed to undergo chemotherapy. This was started in May 2012. He received a total of 12 cycles. Each cycle consisted of 2 injections. Each cycle started with an injection on day 1 and day 7. Rest for 14 days and then started with the next cycle.

Chris: Did you know what drugs they used on him?

??? Not sure! (later, the son found out that his father was given: Chemo drugs: Gemzar and Cisplain. Others:  Zometa for the bone, Eprex (epoetin A) and Gran – blood boosters).

C: Why did you want to do chemo? Don’t you know that chemo is not good?

We didn’t know that. The only thing I know was that the effects were bad. But the oncologist told us: “If you were a member of my family, I would also ask you to do chemo.”

C: Did you fully believe what he told you?

Yes. But with time I learned from the internet chemo does not cure!

C: Did you ever ask the doctor if chemo is going to cure?

Yes, I did ask him. The oncologist said, ” We need to try first. There would be 30 percent chance of cure, the remaining 70 percent cannot be cured!

C: Which means that you only have a 30 percent chance of success and he asked you to try? Is that reasonable?

After 3 cycles of chemo, the oncologist said my father belonged to the 30 percent success group – can be cured!



Study the above. The initial reaction to chemotherapy was significant shrinkage of tumour (but if you know enough this is just an illusion. It may not last – meaningless)

PET scan report on 13 February 2013: Reduction in uptake and size of the mass in the lower lobe of the right lung. Prior size 2.3 x 1.6 cm to 3.8 x 2.6 cm.

C: So you continued with the chemo?

Yes, until 12 cycles. But there was no cure.

C: Did you ask the doctor why earlier on he said you belonged to the 30 percent can-cure group but now he had failed to cure your father? What was his reaction to that?

He said, “You just need to trust me.”

So he asked you to trust him – what does that mean and what could this lead to?

He said, “Do more chemo.”

By then, did you still trust him?

(Shaking his hands negatively).

C: Only after 12 cycles of chemo – only then you realised that you could not trust him anymore?  And did you continue with more chemo?




Study the above and you will note that more chemo does not make any difference now!

PET scan report on 8 October 2013: The previously noted hypermetabolic right lower lobe pulmonary mass appears to be larger. Current size 6.5x 4.2 cm versus prior size of 5.2 x 3.6 cm. There is interval development of a subcentimeter mildly FDG avid lymph node posterior and inferior to the right main bronchus.

From April 2013 (i.e. one year after diagnosis) until October 2013, my father did not receive any treatment. On 9 October 2013, he underwent an operation to remove the tumour in his lung. After the surgery he was not on any medication. On 14 April 2014, my father did a PET scan and there was no recurrence in his lung, but PET scan showed the cancer had spread to his liver and lymph nodes.



 PET scan report 14 April 2014: Multiple FDG avid lesions in the liver – segments 7 and 8 (size of 6.5 x 3.6 cm); segment 2 (3.0 x 2.4 cm) and segment 5/6 (2.5 x 4.3 cm). No suspicious hypermetabolic pulmonay nodules are detected. Multiple FDG avid lymph nodes in the abdomen – peri-portal regions (size of 2.2 x 2.8 cm); retrocaval (1.8cm) and aorto-caval regioin (1.8 cm).

The doctor asked my father to undergo chemotherapy again or take oral chemo drug. My father refused to do both.

Total Cost of Treatment

The chemo treatment came to about 1.5 billion rupiah (approximately RM 0.5 million). The surgery cost an additional  0.4 plus billion rupiah. So the total cost of 2 years of treatment in Singapore came to about 2 billion rupiah.


Is this story unique? Not at all. It happened most of the time with lung cancer patients.  Story 5 in our book, Lung Cancer – What Now? tells of a lung cancer patient who underwent similar treatment by the same doctor! The family spent 8 billion rupiah (approximately SGD 1 million). The result: The same, disastrous ending. He died soon after coming to see us.

Over the years dealing with patients, I began to see a very clear pattern emerging in the medical treatment for lung cancer. If you wish to know more, just read the following and learn to become an empowered patient. Perhaps you don’t have to die suffering and at the same time leave a “big hole” in your bank account.


Available: http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=75


(Available http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=73)


Rectum-Liver Cancer: No Cure, Six Months to Live. My Experience in the Cancer Ward

I received the following emails from a patient.

14 August 2012: Thanks, Dr. Chris for your info.

I’ve rectal cancer at stage 4. Have done my surgery (in Jan, 2012), 11 cycles of chemotherapy (2011) and 25 times of radiotherapy (2011). But the tumors recur and spread to both of my lungs and liver. Now the oncologist suggested to go for another 9 to 12 cycles of Avastin and 5-FU chemo. I’ve refused. Once again, thanks a lot for your unique info for cancer. I’ve learned a lot by reading from your website. Hope to see you soon. God Bless you.

This is his story. Let’s call him Leo.

Sometime in 2010 Leo had problems moving his bowels. He took laxative but this did not work. On 11 December 2010 he went for a colonoscopy in a private hospital in his hometown. The doctor found a stenosing growth in his lower rectum.  It was an adenocarcinoma.  Since Leo did not have health insurance coverage, he was asked to seek treatment in the government hospital.

A CT scan was performed on 7 January 2011 and the results showed:

  • An irregular constricting mass measuring 4.1 x 3.3 x 4.4 cm in the distal rectum.
  • A heterogenous enhancing lesion in segment 5 of liver measuring 2.2 x 2.1 cm. Complementary USG showed ill defined heterogenous solid lesion in the segment 4 and segment 7 measuring 2.4 x 1.6 cm and 0.8 x 0.8 cm respectively. Lesion in segment 5 of liver may represent liver metastasis.
  • Multiple cortical renal cysts bilaterally.

In view of the above, Leo was told by his doctor that it was a Stage 4 cancer and he has only six months to live! He was given two options:

  1. Do nothing (and wait to die).
  2. Undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy but these may not be effective.

Leo’s life was turned upside down upon hearing this prognosis. He was in a mad rush wanting to do something but did not know exactly what to do. A week later, on 15 January 2011, he went to Kuala Lumpur for a second opinion. A CT scan was again performed.  This procedure cost him RM 1,000. The results of this repeat CT indicated:

  • A 4 cm mass in the lower rectum.
  • A 5 mm cyst is seen in the right lobe of the liver. The liver is otherwise normal.

Three days later, 18 January 2011, Leo did a PET/CT scan at another medical centre. This procedure cost him RM3,000.  The results indicated the following:

  • A FDG-avid lymph node seen in the right neck, submandibular region.
  • The lower rectum has a 4.5 cm FDG-avid focus.
  • The liver appears normal. No FDG-avid focal liver nodule.
  • No FDG-avid metastases seen.


The adventure in Kuala Lumpur left Leo more confused. The earlier examination said he had metastatic liver cancer. But according to the PET scan there was not cancer in his liver!

Leo  was referred back to the government hospital in his hometown again.  Chemotherapy and radiotherapy were recommended but this local hospital do not provide such treatments. Leo was referred to a government hospital in Johor Baru.

Leo received a total of 6 cycles of chemotherapy – Mayo’s Regime, and 25 radiation treatments over a period of 8 months.

In early January 2012, Leo underwent a surgery to remove the tumour in his rectum. He was then fitted with a colostomy bag.

In June 2012, Leo was asked to undergo more chemotherapy, this time using FOLFOX + Avastin (see report below). He was  asked to undergo 9 to 12 cycles and each cycle would cost him RM 5,200.


Leo could not afford to pay for this expensive treatment.  The doctor offered him  the oral drug, Xeloda. He took Xeloda for three cycles and decided to stop it due to the following side effects:

  • High fevers.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Pain around the colostomy bag.

Leo said he did not suffer all these side effects before taking Xeloda.

Leo decided to seek our help and was started on the CA Care Therapy in August 2012.

On 8 November 2012 Leo and his wife came to Penang for further consultation. He related his experience in the hospital’s cancer ward.

Some excerpts of our conversation.

Leo: I made a lot of friends in the hospital.

Chris: Did they ever get cured? Did they suffer?

L: (Shake head). No and most of them suffer.

C: This is the way it is. But human beings are such. They always think only  other people suffer, other people die but they never think that this can happen to them … they never die! “I am the exceptional, I want to try.” You try you suffer.

L: I stayed in the hospital for about 2 months.

C: What did you see?

L: So many people. Young and old. The youngest I saw was 6 years old.

C: Did they get better?

L: (shake head) No, all die. I stayed in a room with 4 beds, A, B, C, D. Within one night, 2 patients, C and D,  passed away. I was left with B. We both looked at each other. I also saw a patient committed suicide. He could not stand it anymore. No, cure, no money – all money spent. He went to Singapore for treatment. One million plus gone.

C: I got people who came and told me they spent about RM 600,000. So you have people who spent more than a million and still could not get the cure and eventually committed suicide.

L: I was in the hospital. He jumped down from the 6th floor. His son was sleeping by his bed in the ward. I heard him telling his son that night. “We don’t have money already. Don’t go around and borrow any more money from people. I cannot be cure already.”


This is indeed a very sad experience. Treatment means spending money. A lot of money!  But do patients ever get cured? Do we want to leave this world with piles of debts for our children to settle? That is the way it is today with “scientifically proven” cancer treatment.

I am not going to play god with patients who come and see me. I am not going to tell them when they will die or how long they can live because this is not my job. To live or die is God’s prerogative.  Giving prognosis like “You  have 6 months to live”  is most counter-productive and damaging.

17 Play-God-six-month-to-live

J.D. Frank wrote, The insensitivity of scientific medicine to the bad effects of wrong emotions is probably responsible for many failures.


I also tell everyone who come to me that I cannot guarantee that you can be cured. I don’t want to give you false hope. But if you still believe in what we do here at CA Care, then together  —  I emphasize together, we shall do our best.  Remember you are not the only one going through this “battle”. There are many others before you who have travelled the same road. They too had colorectal cancer that had spread to the liver. I am happy to say that some are doing extremely well, but some had failed miserably.  But to say to cancer patients that “You only has six months to live” is mere text book knowledge!  My experience in CA Care showed otherwise. If medical science cannot provide hope to patients, let me say that herbs and change of diet and lifestyle can! And this done at minimal cost!

Let me ask you to listen to those who have succeeded.

While ALL patients who come to see us want to be winners, unfortunately some failed miserably in their quest for recovery. I often tell patients – after talking to you for a few minutes or reading your emails, I could probably “sense” if you can make it or not.  Unfortunately some people are not “cut” or made to be winners. I always say, kiasus don’t win! Here are three examples.

  • Mr. Nut came to seek our help after surgery and chemotherapy could not cure him. His CEA due to colon-liver cancer was on the rise. Used to being a “king” in his “rubber-estate-kingdom” he proved to be too smart, too educated and too demanding for us to handle. He tried taking herbs for some weeks but these did not help him.

If there was one thing I ever remember clearly about this man was what he said when he first came to see me. He repeatedly said, I am a friend of your good friend. There is nothing wrong with this remark, except  to   remember that in CA Care, we play no politics! You don’t need to “pull strings” to get our best attention. Everyone who comes to us are treated equally.


  • There was an interesting man from Indonesia. He came to seek our help after doctors in Singapore and China gave up on him. He had liver cancer. He had no option left but to take our herbs but he would not keep to our recommended diet. His son said, “My father did take the herb from CA Care regularly, until he went in coma a few weeks before he passed away.” With the herbs he survived almost one year and half years. But he would eat anything he liked because he said after his death he did not want to end up being a hungry ghost. https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2011/12/24/liver-cancer-better-to-become-a-full-stomach-ghost-than-a-hungry-ghost/
  • VIP was a well known man in society. He had colon-liver cancer. He took herbs, refusing to undergo any medical treatment. He was well for more than 6 months. Since he enjoyed eating, it was hard for him to keep up to our recommended diet. In a party he attended, VIP took “the forbidden food” and his stomach was bloated soon afterwards. He was miserable for some weeks before he died.

My message to all cancer patients, You have a choice! It is up to you to decide.

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Breast Cancer: After Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Cancer Spread to Her Liver

LP (H588) is a 34-year-old mother of two. During her second pregnancy (sometime in July 2009), she felt a lump in her left breast. She ignored it. She gave birth on 5 September 2009. She breast-fed her baby for a month. Her left breast produced little milk. The doctor thought it was due to infection and prescribed her antibiotics. The lump became more prominent. Her gynaecologist suggested removal of the lump.

LP was referred to a breast surgeon. A excision biopsy was performed on 26 October 2009. The specimen revealed features of an invasive ductal carcinoma. Lymphatic invasion was noted. The tumour was less than 1 mm from the surgical margins.  The tumour was negative for oestrogen and progesterone receptors but strongly positive for C-erb-2. DNA Probe Kit detection confirmed HER-2/neu gene amplification. The surgery cost RM 6,000.

In view of the above, a mastectomy was recommended but LP refused. She, however, agreed to a second surgical intervention to remove more margin and the lymph nodes.  A report on 12 November 2009 indicated that all the margins were free of cancer. All the left 26 axillary lymph nodes were free of metastasis. At the same time, her right hookwired breast lump specimen showed lactating adenoma. A chemo-port was installed on the right side above the breast.  The entire surgical procedure cost RM 20,000.

A CT of her thorax, abdomen and pelvis on 11 November 2009 showed NO metastasis in the chest, abdomen or pelvis. A total body bone scan on 12 November 2009 showed no evidence to suggest any osseous metastasis.

LP subsequently underwent chemotherapy. The first three cycles was with FEC (5-FU, epirubicin and cyclophosphamide).  This three-cycle treatment cost RM 12,000. The fourth, fifth and sixth cycles consisted of Taxol plus Herceptin. The total cost of these three cycles was RM 46,000. The last chemo-treatment was in May 2010.

From June 2010 to August 2010, LP received thirty sessions of radiotherapy. She was “well” after that.

Unfortunately, a whole body PET-CT scan done on 29 December 2010, showed a solitary liver metastasis. The lesion was 3.4 x 3.0 x 3.0 cm in size.  There were also multiple non-specific uptake of FDG in the vertebrae but no bone destruction was seen in the CT.

LP was asked to undergo surgery for her liver metastasis. She declined. Desperate, LP took Tian Xian Liquid for a month. The she and her husband went to Cambodia to undergo a treatment using Marijuana oil (MO). She stayed in Cambodia for two months.

An ultrasound on 11 March 2011 however showed that the right lobe liver lesion increased in size from 3 cm a few months ago to 7 cm.  In addition, the radiologist report indicated: “there is suggestion of a small lesion adjacent to this measuring 9 mm and ? another lesion in the left lobe measuring 8.5 mm.” Impression: liver metastasis increasing in size and number.

An ultrasound done on 15 April 2011 showed multiple liver metastases with progression of disease. The radiologist report said: “The previously seen metastatic lesion in the right lobe was significantly larger measuring 12.3 x 7.5 cm occupying almost half of the right lobe. In the left lobe there are at least 4 – 5 lesions, the largest measuring approximately 1 cm.”

  Figure 1: Ultrasound and PET scan showing the liver tumour

LP again took Tian Xian Liquid – this time it was the Super variety with triple dosage costing about RM 12,000 per month. Not satisfied, LP and her husband came to seek our help on 21 April 2011.

After hearing her story, we proceed to read her meridians using the AcuGraph 4. We then prescribed LP Capsule A and B, Liver 1 and Liver 2 teas, Breast M and LL-teas. Due to her low Spleen meridian energy we also asked LP to take A-Sp-7 herbs.

LP came back to see us again on 23 May 2011, i.e. after a month.  According to LP, she did not feel any change in herself after taking the herbs. Below is a comparison of her AcuGraph readings (Figure 2 and 3).

Figure 2: First visit, 21 April 2011

 Figure 3: Second visit, 23 May 2011

During her first visit on 21 April 2011, her meridians showed disharmonies of the LU, PC, SI, SP, LR, KI and BL meridians.  After being on herbs for a month, her meridian reading was very much improved. Only SI, SP, KI and ST meridian showed disharmonies.


This is indeed a sad and tragic case.  Before we ask some hard, searching questions, let’s listen to the conversation we had on 21 April 2011.

Journey to Disaster

Like most patients, LP and her husband totally believed in medical science. Doctors are the “experts” and what they advised, LP and her husband followed without a slightest sense of doubt. After the surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, LP was apparently well for a while. She went back to her old way of life – and eating everything “under the sun.” This was what her doctor told her she could do – “Eat anything and everything you like!” As her husband said: “We would only listen to the doctor’s advice.”

When LP was asked to undergo surgery, she did not ask her doctor if surgery would cure her breast cancer. There is no reason to ask such question. Because she and her husband had total confidence in the doctors – they will do the right thing and cure LP!

Can chemo cure her cancer? LP did not ask her oncologist that very important question either.  Her husband said: “We were given the impression by undergoing chemotherapy all her problems would be settled – using the best chemo drugs, etc.  In fact the doctor said LP would be better off if she would continue receiving Herceptin for another two years! Take note, LP paid about RM 15,000 for a cycle of Taxol and Herceptin. Perhaps if LP could afford the Herceptin treatment for two more years she would have done it not realizing that Herceptin does not cure anything!

Asking the Hard Questions

I asked LP: “What was your health like before and after treatment? Which one was healthier? The husband replied: “Before receiving all the treatments.” LP said: “With a large tumour in my liver, I am not any better at all.” In simple language, by going to the hospital and spending all the money and receiving all the so-called “scientifically proven” treatments, LP was worse off in health than if she were to do nothing. That was the impression I got from the replies of LP and her husband. Is this not a tragedy?

Let me zero down on the CT scan report dated 11 November 2009. This was the CT scan done before LP underwent chemotherapy. It said: “The liver is enhancing homogeneously with a few small cysts within less than 5 mm in diameter. Impression: No metastasis in the chest, abdomen or pelvis.”

From this report, as far as the oncologist was concerned, the cancer had not spread to her liver or any other parts of the body. A few months after LP had chemotherapy and radiotherapy, a 3-cm tumour was found in her liver.  What had gone wrong? What had caused that tumour to appear so soon?

I proposed two possibilities – you decide which possibility makes sense.

  • The CT scan done in November 2009 somehow was wrong somewhere! The scan did not detect the tumour in LP’s liver. Alternatively, could the person who interpreted the CT scan was incompetent or negligent? Could it be that the “few small cyst within less than 5 mm in diameter” were actually metastases? That is to say, the cancer had already spread and this was misinterpreted? If you disagree with this proposal then what about another possibility?
  • Could it be that the treatments – FEC, Taxol and Herceptin or radiotherapy – might have caused the cancer to appear in LP’s liver? Meaning, the treatment itself was the cause of her liver cancer. LP paid a hefty sum for her chemo and radiation treatments and she ended up with a liver metastasis.

Some important questions to ask: Oncologists tell patients that after surgery, chemo is necessary to “mop up” all the remaining bad cells left behind floating in the blood stream. As a result LP was given 5-FU, epirubicin, cyclophosphamide, Taxol and Herceptin. If the cancer cells were already in the liver, obviously these expensive drugs   did nothing at all! If the cancer cells were not yet in the liver before the chemotherapy, did it not imply that the liver was weakened or damaged to the extent that cancer cells were able to make a new home in her liver? For the radiation treatment, the fact is obvious. The radiologist used the “gun and fire power” but they aimed “blindly” at the breast while the cancer cells might have already been in the liver! Target missed.

When the PET-CT scan in December 2010 showed a 3.4 x 3.0 x 3.0 cm lesion in the liver, the doctor advised surgery to remove it – only surgery, no chemotherapy was indicated. LP refused. I asked her why she refused to follow her doctor’s advice this time. She and her husband had lost faith in her doctor.

Unfortunately, LP and her husband had learned a bitter lesson the hard way – and probably a bit too late.

A Romanian proverb said this: “Only the foolish learn from experience — the wise learn from the experience of others.”

I recall what my dear friend, the late Mr. Chew, said: “I went to the oncologist. I saw so many people doing chemotherapy, and so many people doing radiotherapy. In my mind, this must be the correct way. So I went back to the oncologist and asked him to do chemo for me. Later, when I suffered a recurrence and the tumour grew in size, I then realized that I was on the wrong track.”

I told LP this: “Don’t worry – we will do our best to help you. You are not the only one who got into such a mess. Many others are like you too. So take it easy.” I said these words because I understand that spiritually all of us are here on Earth to learn certain experiences. In this learning process, we do make mistakes. At the end of it all, whether we do it right or wrong, we still die.

Seeking Alternative Therapies

CA Care was started in 1995 – we’ve been around for sixteen years now. Almost all people who came to seek our help were medically written off or were in a similar situation like LP – where medical treatments had failed them.  Our experience showed that there are two types of people. One, the desperate but sincere ones who came to seek another avenue out of their predicament – like my good friend Chew mentioned above or for that matter, LP. After talking to her and her husband I felt she was the kind of patient we like to work with. Unfortunately, there is another group of people who come “shopping” for instant “magic bullets’. In spite of the fact that they have spent thousands and thousands of dollars paying their medical bills, they want healing on their own terms.  Our statistics showed that 70 percent of those who come to us fall into this category.  We find it extremely hard to help this group of people.

What we teach our patients about diet is in direct collision course with what oncologists tell their patients.  We have written numerous articles about this matter and you can read some of our articles by clicking this link:  http://ejtcm.com/category/dietnutrition/

In his book: Weather warfare – the military’s plan to draft Mother Nature, Jerry Smith wrote: “In order to change, science (and individual scientists) must admit fallibility – something that most people of education are reluctant to do. Who wants to admit they were wrong? How much harder would it be to admit being wrong if advancing your career depended on your being right? Also, position within the scientific community (and grant money) does not go to mavericks. This institutionalized resistance to new theories has resulted in it routinely taking from 50 to 100 years for new discoveries to move from ridiculed “nonsense” to revered facts.”

In spite of the thousands and thousands of research showing that diet plays a vital role in cancer cure, doctors are telling their patients to eat anything they like! Perhaps it will take another 50 to 100 years more for the medical community to fully appreciate this fact and come to terms with it.  For now we need to be content with the voices of some brave souls who dare to speak up.

Russell Baylock, neurosurgeon and clinical assistant professor at the Medical University of Mississippi wrote:

  • During my four years in medical school we did not have a single class on nutrition.
  • In fact, to provide your patients with nutritional supplements opened up to ridicule from your colleagues.
  • Oncologists HARM their patients by giving them cancer-promoting nutritional advice.

In his book, Alive and well, Dr. Philip Binzel Jr. wrote:

  • There is nothing in surgery that will prevent the spread of cancer.
  • There is nothing in radiation that will prevent the spread of the disease.
  • There is nothing in chemotherapy that will prevent the disease spreading.
  • The only thing known to mankind today that will prevent the spread of cancer within the body is for the body’s defense mechanisms to once again function normally. That is what nutritional therapy does – it treats the defense mechanism, not the tumour.

A Sad Update

Hi Chris, 

I would like to informed u that my wife has pass away yesterday night. I would like to thank u for all the valuable advices and help.

Thanks       30 July 2011