Breast Cancer. Part 2/3: Does chemotherapy make sense?


SL (E-338) is a 46-year-old lady. She went to China for treatment of her breast cancer and spent more than RM 300,000. She did not get a cure. Instead, the cancer spread to her liver, bone and lung.

Gist of our conversation.

Chris: First thing, I want to ask you. You have done all these — chemo, iodine-seeds, stem cells …. Before undergoing these treatments did you ever ask if they are going to cure you?

SL: I didn’t ask that question.

C: You did not ask because you were afraid of the doctors? Or because you believed that the doctors can do everything for you?

SL: No, no … I was told it was not curable. For me, I basically trust God to heal me.

C: So, you knew from the very beginning that the doctor could not cure you?

SL: Yes.

1. Selling Empty Promise

Read this story ….

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 (The above failed treatment in Singapore cost about RM 500,000)

2. I am glad that you have not fallen into the same trap – there is no cure for cancer!

3. All of us have to die. It is a matter of how we die that is of concern. When you are still alive, do not suffer and when you have to go, go in peace without suffering.

4. There is no right or wrong way. There is only one way and that is YOUR way. Do what you think is right. Everyone else does not have a cure for your cancer. There is no cure, you only move from one hospital to another. And along the way you need to spend a lot of money.

5. The only way is look into yourself and try to lead a happy life. One way to live a happy life is to LET GO. Open up. Do not keep anything bottled up inside. Every day when you wake up, be grateful for what you are. You must be at peace with yourself because there is no cure. In your case, the cancer has already gone to bone, lung and liver.

6. Does chemo make sense? This is what you need to know about chemo.



C: When you ask the doctor about chemo, he would say: Oh,  chemo cannot cure but it can control the cancer. It can stop the cancer from spreading. Ask this question – if chemo can control, if chemo can stop cancer from spreading, why then patients die? Patients should not die if chemo can control the cancer or can stop it from spreading!

Does chemo really not make sense?