Breast Cancer. Part 3/3: What do you expect me to do? Cure you?

SL (E-338) is a 46-year-old lady. She went to China for treatment of her breast cancer and spent more than RM 300,000. She did not get a cure. Instead, the cancer spread to her liver, bone and lung.

Gist of our conversation.

Chris: You come and see me. Let me honestly ask you, What do you expect me to do? Cure you?

SL: No. But I prefer something that is natural. I want to live life to the fullest.

C: So you do not expect a cure?

SL: Of course, I …

C: Of course, everyone wants a cure.

SL: Of course, of course.

C: But then nobody can give you a cure!

SL: Only God knows. I am very clear about that.

C: Okay, we will do the best we can.

SL: For me too, I have to do my best for myself.

Herbs – bitter and awful smell

C: The herbs that we are giving you are going to be bitter and smelly. You have to brew that.

SL: I am quite used to such smell.

Be prepared for healing crisis

C: If you think you just want to take the herbs for just a month and then stop it, then my advice is don’t take my herbs. What for? I am not saying that you must continue with my herbs. What I am trying to say  is, If that is the what you intend to do (mentality), then that’s the wrong attitude. Understand?

SL: After I take the herbs,  I go and check my blood!

C: What do you expect to find? Better? Wrong! I don’t believe that after taking the herbs for a month your blood is going to be good right away. Don’t be fooled by that notion.  I am going to tell you that for the first two weeks when you start to take the herbs, you are going to suffer – Healing Crisis. That is okay, you have to go through this. After that you will get better and better.

If no benefit after a month on herbs, don’t take them anymore. Go find someone else for help

C: If you are not getting better after one month, my advice to you is don’t take my herbs anymore. This is because within a month, you will know if the herbs help you or not. I am saying this because I don’t want to cheat you — selling you an empty promise!

An example

There is this patient, after taking the herbs for 3 months, he came back to take more herbs. I asked him: The first day you came to us and now (after taking the herbs) – are you getting better or not? He replied: Oh, I am far better off. My respond: If you are better, continue taking the herbs and don’t stop. If this patient said he was not getting better, I would have told him to stop taking the herbs and he should go and find someone else for help. Why? Some patients may misunderstand, thinking that I am going to abandon them. No that. Why are you so dumb and stupid, doing something over and over again but it does not help you? Understand? And I know that within a month, generally you will see the effect of the herbs. It is not going to cure you but you will feel something different. In your case, it is going to be more difficult because you have so many problems.

Common sense

C: You see or not, I am just using common sense to help people. I can’t blame them because when they have cancer their world is upside down, they are lost and don’t know what to do. Here we are trying to help you on a long term basis. I am going to give you herbs to help you with your lung, liver, bone, besides your breasts. We are going to take care of 4 problems, not just one.

One month on the herbs

C: You took the herbs for …

SL: One month.

C: I want to ask you one simple question. After taking the herbs for a month, are you getting any better or not? How do you feel?

SL: Ya, I feel more alert.

C: More alert – do you have more energy?

SL: Yes, yes. I moved my bowels many times a day. Every time there were a lot of stools – came out a lot. I have  to flush the toilet twice to clear away the stools. This happened the first 2 weeks after taking the herbs.