Breast Cancer: When a so-called “cure” was not a cure

Acknowledgement:  MT granted us her permission to use these videos without having to mask her face.

MT (S-127) is a 44-year old female from Batam, Indonesia. In August 2005, she found a thumb-sized lump in her right breast. She went to a hospital in Melaka, Malaysia for medical treatment. MT underwent a mastectomy followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments. Then she was prescribed Tamoxifen, which she took for 5 years.

MT was told by her doctors that her breast cancer was at an early stage and that she had a 90 percent chance of complete cure with the treatments that she had undergone. MT believed her doctor and did exactly as what was told. Each year she came back to her doctor in Melaka for routine checkup. At every visit she was told that she was fine.

After 5 years, MT was told to stop Tamoxifen because she was already cured. MT spent a total of about 60 million rupiahs for her medical treatment.

Barely a year later, in April 2011, MT started to have pains in her tail bone and shoulder blade. She ignored the problem and did not go back to see her doctor. Then she started to take “jamu” (Indonesian herbal). The pains did not go away but rather became more intense. Then her legs started to hurt as well. She became breathless and was unable to walk far. She became tired easily when walking.

On 27 February 2012, MT returned to her doctor in Melaka. Examination indicated a lump in her chest bone and another lump in her head (see pictures).

Medical reports on 27 February 2012 are as follows:

Mammography: There are 2 round left axillary nodes seen ? reactive node ? metastasis ?

Ultrasound: There is mild to moderate left hydronephrosis.

Chest: Density of the right mid-zone with adjacent crowded ribs due to ? fracture or pleural base mass. There is blunting of right costophrenic angle possible of mild effusion or pleural thickening. Left lung is clear.

Blood test:

EST 118   H
WBC 7.3
RBC 3.6    L
Platelet count 521   H
Total protein 88     H
Albumin 31     L
Globulin 57     H
AG ratio 0.5    L
ALT 12
AST 17
ALP 79
GGT 39
Rhematoid factor 51.6   H
AFP 2.7
CEA 59.8   H
CA 19.9 109    H
CA 15.3 166    H
CA 125 75.8   H

MT asked her doctor why the cancer recurred when she was told earlier that she had been cured. The doctor replied,     “ I do not know why. But don’t blame yourself. It is your fate.  Also the recurrence has nothing to do with what you eat. It is just your fate.”

MT was asked to perform a PET scan but she refused. Instead, on 9 March 2012, she came to Penang to seek our help. She presented as follows:

  • She had pains in both the left and right thigh.
  • She had pains in the lumbar region or back bone around the pelvis.
  • Sometimes there were pulling pains in her head.
  • She was constipated. She moved her bowels once every 2 to 4 days.
  • She lacked energy and was easily tired if working or walking some distance.

She was prescribed Capsule A, Breast M, Bone, Lung 1 and Lung 2 and C-tea.

After Two Months on CA Care Therapy


About two months on the herbs, 6 May 2012, MT came back to see us again. Her health had improved. The Pain Tea had helped her. There was no more pain after taking the Pain Tea but after she stopped taking the Pain Tea, the pain came back. Since MT was staying in Penang for a week, we decided to put MT on the e-Therapy for her pains.

After three days on the e-Therapy all her pains were almost gone. Click this link, to know how MT benefited from the e-Therapy.


There are many lessons we can learn from this case.  The doctor told MT: “You are cured after 5 years.  I do not know why you have a recurrence. It is your fate.  The recurrence has nothing to do with what you eat.”

1.  It is not true to say or believe that if you survive 5 years you are totally cured of your cancer. Passing the 5-year mark is no magic at all. There is no science in that number “5”. The reality is you have to survive 25 years to be able to say that you are cured of your cancer. Patients can’t wait that long to hear such good news. So someone, somehow “cooked” up  that number of 5 from nowhere so as to make patients happy.  Listen to what Dr Susan Love said – and remember, she is one of the world’s most outstanding breast cancer doctor!

2.  The current state of affair is that we don’t know why people get cancer and we also don’t know why patients suffer recurrences. I tend to believe that the problem lies in not wanting to really “know the problem” and not asking the right question. If you don’t search at the “right place” you can’t find the answer!

3.  Medicine is supposed to be scientific and to say that your recurrence is due to fate is tragic, probably fueled by   ignorance or could not care less attitude. If indeed it is due to our karma or fate, then why must MT spend all the money to undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy and take Tamoxifen (for 5 years)? It is not cheap and it is not fun!

4.  Where does that leave cancer patients with? They are left high and dry after all the supposedly scientific medical treatments have failed them. They become hopeless, disempowered and frustrated. But don’t be disheartened, my experience shows that cancer patients can do something to reduce that risk of recurrence. Change your diet and lifestyle, exercise and have a positive attitude about life. If you do that you can life longer! You are not as hopeless as doctors tell you. Many others can do it, why can’t you if you are prepared to change. But the problem is with patients who are not prepared to listen and change!


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