Helping a Six-Year-Old with Cancer of the Brain Stem

Ros (S-321) is 6-years old. For about a year, when she was 5 years old, she had been vomiting and having headaches. In December 2012, her parent brought her to the hospital where a CT scan was performed. The doctor in Aceh, Indonesia said there was a tumour in her brain. It was not operable. Ros was asked to go to Jakarta for further treatment.

Her parent decided to bring her to Kuala Lumpur instead.  MRI performed on 14 December 2012 indicated a well-defined mass measuring 3.2 x 3.5 x 2.9 cm, compressing onto the adjacent 4th ventricle. The lateral and 3rd ventricles were dilated. This was diagnosed as pontine tumour.


The doctor said the tumour was not operable and there was also no medication for her. Back in Aceh, Ros’s parent started her  on herbs like Soursop leave tea, Sarang Semut, etc.

On 20 January 2013, her father came to Penang to seek our help. Surprisingly, Ros did not have much symptoms. She would only suffer headaches if she had fevers. She had squint or cock eyes, otherwise she was alright.



Ros was prescribed Capsule A, Brain Tea 1 and 2 plus C-tea and Brain Leaf. Due to her age, she was asked to take only at half dosage. We warned her father that the herbs are bitter and his daughter might have difficulty taking them. His reaction was, We will try.



Our Herbs Helped Her

To our surprise Ros’s auntie came back to see us on 22 February 2013 – a month after taking the herbs. Ros did not have difficulty drinking the bitter and awful tasting herbal teas! And she had improved. There were no more fevers. Her eye movements had improved. There no more headaches or vomiting. Indeed the herbs had helped Ros tremendously.

There was one problem though! The family wanted Ros to bring fried bananas to school. Our answer was, Absolutely no! No fried stuff.  Since taking our herbs, Ros seemed to have frequent urination at night. Sometimes she even urinated in bed without knowing. Since Ros did not come to see us, there was nothing we could do to assess her bladder energy using the AcuGraph. We suggested that we would let the problem take care of itself.

Two months later, i.e. 26 April 2013 (and Ros was already 3 months on our herbs), Ros’s father came to see us again. He was happy and said that Ros had improved tremendously. Her eyes seemed to be normal now. If she reads too much then her eyes become juling (cockeye or squint). Otherwise she is okay. Since taking the herbs Ros did not have any more headaches. She did not vomit either.

The family had solved the problem of her night urination! If Ros were to take the herbal teas way pass 6 p.m. she would urinate frequently at night. If she was to take all teas before 6 p.m. there would be no urination problem!



Current Medical Knowledge About Pontine Cancer and Its Treatment

The brain stem consists of the midbrain, pons and medulla as shown in the diagram below.

brain pons

About Pontine Glioma

  • Pontine gliomas are cancerous tumours that originate from the part of the brain known as the pons or the brain stem. It is often referred to as diffuse pontine glioma.
  • This cancer accounts for 10 to 15 percent of all childhood brain tumours. They rarely occur in adults.
  • It affected children aged 5 to 10 years old but it can occur at any age in childhood.
What is the cause of this cancer?

Currently there is no answer!


  • It is a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumor.
    • Prognosis is poor.
    • Survival past 12 to 14 months is uncommon.


Each child may experience symptoms differently.

Pontine tumors affect the cranial nerves, causing symptoms related to the nerves that supply the muscles of the eye and face, and muscles involved in swallowing. This may give rise to symptoms such as:

  • double vision,
  • squints  ( a condition where the eyes point in different directions. One eye may turn inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards while the other eye looks forward.
  • inability to close the eyelids completely,
  • dropping one side of the face,
  • facial weakness,
  • problems chewing and swallowing.

The tumor also affects the “long tracks” of the brain, with resultant

  • weakness of the arms or legs and difficulty with speech and walking.
  • weakness in the arms and legs
  • problems with walking and coordination
  • difficulty with tasks like handwriting
  • changes in personality and behaviour.

Tumors may also block the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, causing increased pressure with headaches and vomiting resulting in:

  • headaches,
  • nausea and vomiting.

Symptoms usually worsen rapidly because the tumor is rapidly growing.

Treatments options
  • Radiation therapy. Radiation therapy has been the main treatment approach.  The patients’ symptoms often improve dramatically during or after six weeks of irradiation. Unfortunately, problems usually recur after six to nine months, and progress rapidly.
  • Experimental chemotherapy.
  • Surgery is not generally possible because these tumors are widely spread within the brain stem and cannot be removed. Surgery may be possible in the few patients where the tumor is very localized. Surgical resection is not an option because of where the tumor is located. Surgery in this part of the brain can cause severe neurological damage.

According to from the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA,  website many specialized brain tumor treatment centers have now specialists who deliver complementary or alternative medicines. These treatments, which may help control pain and side effects of therapy include the following.

  • acupuncture/acupressure
  • therapeutic touch
  • massage
  • herbs
  • dietary recommendations.

The above information is obtained from the following websites:

  1. Diagram from:
  2. The Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA.
  3. The Royal Marsden, London, UK.
  4. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, USA.

Video Presentation: Talk by Chris Teo, 11 May 2013 Kuala Lumpur

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Pt 3 Overblown Statistics and Empty Promise

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Pt 6 Does Chemo Make Sense? Are Doctors Truly Honest?

Pt 7 Chemo Treats or Promotes Cancer?

Pt 8 Don’t Panic, Heal Yourself

Pt 9 Believe the Diagnosis Not the Prognosis

Pt 10 Chemo Almost Kill, Herbs Kept Him Alive

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Pt 13 Doctor’s Bullying Ways and Self-interest

Pt 14 The CA Care Therapy

Three Sisters With Cancer: One Died Two Alive and Well – WHY?

On 16 November 2012, I had a chance to sit down for a chat with Henry (not real name).  This is our conversation that day.



Let me highlight some of things that we talked about that day.

Henry has four sisters in his family. Sister No:1 was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2010. She was the third member of the family to have cancer. Sister No:3  had breast cancer about ten years ago. She was the first member of the family to have cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and died within a year. Then Sister No: 4 had breast cancer in April 2004 – the second  member of the family with cancer.

Dramatically we can put it this way (this is what the number-professionals do, i.e., massage and sweeten the data):

  • 75 percent of the sisters ended up with cancer; and
  • 50 percent had breast cancer.

Let us hope that this is NOT the kind of statistics the world has to contend with in the future.

Sister No: 1 with Lung Cancer – Alive

She was 66 years old.  On 7 June 2010 her CA 19.9 was at 191.0. On 17 June 2010 a trucut biopsy confirmed she had lung cancer.

Chris: It is about two and a half years now, is she okay?

Henry: According to the CT scan, the tumour had grown smaller.

C: All these years, did she ever face any problem?

H: No problem at all.

C: And she did not go for any treatment – chemo or anything else?

H: Nothing, except taking your herbs.

C: Did she take care of her diet?

H: Yes. She took care of her diet and so far no problem.

C: I have not met her before.

H: No, no. All her problems seemed to go away. The cholesterol level went down, high blood pressure down and sugar level down after a few months on the herbs. Everything became normal.

C: Amazing!

H:  She started off with a big tumour in her lung and now it has gone smaller.

Doctor said: Operate and chemo – otherwise you will die within 3 months

H: The doctor said she only has 3 months.

C: What do you mean?

H: The doctor told my sister if you don’t do chemo you will die within 3 months. And I told my sister if you want to live listen to me, don’t listen to the doctor. I told her if you operate, you die within 3 months! The doctor wanted to operate on her and then do chemo. The doctor didn’t want to give us back her medical report. I called the doctor and argued with him. If you don’t want to release the report, I shall make a police report. But I hope we don’t have to go to that extent. We just want the medical report back. The doctor asked me:  What do you want to do? Go to another hospital? I told the doctor, we wanted to go for alternative medicine. He said: What is it? I replied: I have no problem sharing with you on this but I believe you are not interested to hear about this. He even asked me: Are you a doctor?  No, no, I am not.

C: You mean you called the doctor and said all these?

H: Yes. I argued and argued. I told him I wanted to do a police report. Then I would come to see him with the police to get the medical report. That is the worst thing I can do. Ah, then he agreed to give us back the report.

C: I cannot understand this. You paid for his services, for the scan, etc. These are yours.

H: Money, money! He was asking for RM 60,000 plus for the treatment.

C: To do the surgery and the chemo?

H: Yes. I told her doctor: My sister did not have the money, but I have the money. But this is not about money. It is about life. The doctor said: What do you mean? I said: You do chemo you die! You operate you die! The doctor countered: But you are not a doctor! I answered him: Yes, I am not a doctor but I have read and I have experiences to tell me so. Then the doctor said to me:  You don’t do, you only have 3 months. I told the doctor: If you insist, I shall bring her to see you after 3 years!

Lung tumour shrunk – Started CA Care Therapy on 2 July 2010

C: Are you sure that the tumour has shrunk?

H: Yes, yes. After about one and a half years but I don’t know exactly when.

C: Amazing but nobody is going to believe what you have said.

H: I told my sister’s daughter to ask the doctor two questions and get straight answers from him:

  1. Is her current condition under control? I want that answer.
  2. Do we still continue to do what we are currently doing based on this result?

C:  Did you go back to the same doctor (who you argued with earlier)?

H: No, no.

C: Tell me again. When the doctor said she only has 3 months, did you talk to the doctor personally?

H: Yes. He also told my sister’s son: If you don’t operate you only have 3 months. Then they (family members) made a lot of noise. You see, the eldest son (my nephew) is almost the same age as me. The son wanted to follow the doctor’s advice. But my sister knew the experiences of what our two other sisters had gone through. My sister trusted me because I am the most educated in our family. Generally our family members will consult me and ask for advice.

C: Your sister wanted to follow you but her son wanted to follow the doctor? So you all fight?

H: No need to fight. I told my nephew. I am paying for your mother’s medical treatment. If you want to pay for her bills you go ahead! As simple as that! If your mother takes the herbs, I pay for her. If you want to go for medical treatment you pay! You take the full responsibility. Just look at your auntie (our 4th sister) – she is doing so well.

C: Request from CA Care. If you have a chance, please bring her complete medical reports / scans. We would like to make a study of this case.

Sister No: 3 with Breast Cancer – Died after surgery, chemo and radiation

C: The first time. Your sister No: 3 –  you didn’t know (what to do)?

H:  I did not have any experience with cancer before that. But actually I already knew about you but I was not sure – it did not come to my mind. They did not consult me. She went for surgery and chemo without letting me know. I did not know about it.  Only after the (recurrence) and the second round of chemo that they told me about it.

C: Where do they live? From kampung (village)?

H: Yes, kampong.

C: Kampung people are very simple minded and they will follow whatever the doctors say.

H: I also brought her to Kuala Lumpur and talked to the oncologist there. At that time I did not know much about this.

C: Fair enough. You have to pay to learn.

H: Then I started to read. I have already known  you after the TV and newspapers appearances.

Sister No: 4 with Breast Cancer – Still alive and well on CA Care Therapy

His 4th sister had breast cancer and underwent an operation to remove her breast. She was then asked to undergo chemo and radiotherapy, Henry objected to these treatments and brought his sister to see us in May 2004. More of this story in: As of this writing, 2012 – more than 8 years now, this sister is still doing fine. She is the second member of the family to have cancer.

C: So when the second one had cancer, you knew exactly what to do?

H: She went for the operation and then the doctor told her to go for chemo. She called me and I told her: If you want to live, you listen to me. Our third sister is an example for you already.

C: Yes, I remember that –both of you were here arguing about chemo! Now this sister is in Johor Baru – is she fine today? I was told she did not work anymore?

H:  She is a volunteer (in a Buddhist organisation). Before she had cancer, she was a manager in a plastic company. She resigned her job after she had breast cancer.  She is doing fine. She is normal and goes for blood test regularly. Nothing wrong with her.


From Henry’s story, it seems that an encounter with the doctor can be as tragic as being told that you have cancer.  Why the arrogance – why the threat or instilling of fear? That unfortunately is the way patients are “beaten” into submission. And such unfortunate incidents happened not only in Malaysia but everywhere too! Dr. Morton Walker, D.P.M., (in  Cancer’s cause, cancer’s cure)  wrote about his experience with the oncologists at the  Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA.

  • I was astounded at how distorted the physicians’ presentations … The doctors appeared to become almost like used-car salesmen in a pitch for their surgery, radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy.  I know something about medical practices and oncology from my work as a medical researcher and as a former practicing podiatrist. In my opinion, the information the oncologists gave my fiancee was hardly an honest assessment of the relative benefits and risks associated with the recommended treatments … Both radiation and chemotherapy oncologists went about selling their separate treatments to the patient, her sons, and me … The oncologists were steadfast in their declarations. I knew they were lying.


Often to keep patients in line or quiet, they will say: You doctor or I doctor?  Henry was not intimidated by such remark. In fact I would say the doctor had barked at the wrong tree! No amount of bullying, threat or fear-mongering is going to make Henry toe the doctor’s line. Henry knew better through his own experience. His third sister had breast cancer – undergone surgery, chemo and radiation. Within a year she was dead. Do you really have to die within a year?  Even if you do nothing you don’t die from breast cancer within a year!

When his fourth sister again had breast cancer he would not want her to travel the same road again. His sister did not go for chemo or radiation although she was under pressure for months by the doctor to do so. I knew of this because she was my patient.  So when Henry’s first sister was diagnosed with lung cancer, and the doctor said she only had 3 months to live if she did not go for surgery and chemo, Henry knew the game just too well. No amount of pressure was going to work on him.

You don’t need an MD to understand things. What you need is just to have commonsense. It was commonsense that enabled Henry to tell his sister that if you want to live you listen to me but you want to die then listen to the doctor.




Henry had learnt his lesson. When his third sister died, he knew why. He began to read books and learned from what others have got to say, besides reflecting on his own experiences.  Unfortunately knowledge does not come easy served on a silver platter. You need to do your part to be learned and be knowledgeable. Read and read and read – that’s the only answer.

Unfortunately not many people like to read.  Why don’t people want to read? To them ignorance is bliss. Why want to know so much? Let the doctors take care, they know best. Reflect again seriously on the three quotations above!

And to those who want an easy way out, good luck!

Our Herbs Did Not Cure His Mother of Her Terminal Leukemia Within Two Weeks

H-733 was a 65-year-old lady. She came to see us on 6 November 2011. She had leukemia and was treated in the hospital in Sungai Petani, Kedah for eight days. Then she was in a Penang hospital receiving treatment from 3 October 2011 to 4 November 2011.

She received one cycle of chemotherapy consisting of seven injections. She was scheduled for four cycles but refused to undergo further chemotherapy. The only thing I could remember of this case was the patient telling me that her days in the hospital undergoing chemo were a real “hell”.

In this patient’s file are only two pieces of paper – the Disclaimer and Release of Liability form (signed by her son) and a short note about her case. There was no medical report of any kind. Understandable! She went to the government hospitals and if you are not “persuasive enough” or don’t know “your way” enough they don’t give you your medical reports.

Based on the patient’s story, I prescribed herbs for her leukemia.  Listen to my conversation with this lady after she took   our herbs for a week.

In this video conversation it was clear that the patient felt better after taking the herbs for one week.  I have told this patient (and many more  before her) that,  If after you have taken the herbs for two or three weeks and still do not seem to benefit from the herbs – i.e., do not benefit in any way, my advice is: Stop taking the herb. Go and find someone else. Do not waste your precious time.

Take note of what she said after taking our herbs for a week, I am happy now. One month in the hospital (doing chemo) was hell but now I am in heaven. Unfortunately we never get to see this patient again after this. Why did she not come back to see us again? Did she think that she was already cured after being well? Or could it be that someone had told her to stop taking our herbs and go for something else “better”? I can’t understand.  Definitely it is beyond me to comprehend why!

But as far as we are concern, her file was set aside and left forgotten. We know that a majority (70 percent) of patients who came to us were just shopping for a magic bullet. So this case is nothing unusual.

Nearly a year later, I received an email from the patient’s son. Let me reproduce the email exchanges we had. Perhaps we all can learn from this episode. The emails from Mr. Chin (that is what he called himself) are reproduced here as they are, without any editing.

Oct 16, 2012 Hello Dr Chris,

My Name is Mr Chin..I not sure you still remember last year December you have a Accute Myleoid Leukemia

Patient From Sungai Petani, Her name is Miss Ong. She was my Mother, she pass away this year March. The reason I write this letter to you, Just want to Inform you.. your medicine did not work at all for my Mother Case.. and I hope you can keep this Information for your own record. maybe Next time got the Some cancer patient, you can let them know my mother end result. Maybe 2 week also is a vey important time frame to the other Patient.

Thank you Chirs.. Regards, Mr Chin.

Reply: Yes…thank you. Is she the one who was in the hospital and she told me that she went through hell in the hospital? How long did you take the herbs? Only for two weeks? …two months or what? I cannot remember the case. Can you give me the file number? Chris.

Oct 17, 2012

Sorry I don’t have the File number with me anymore, yes My mother does mention she went through hell in hospital. But Chris to be frank, Me as a outsider, my Mother judgement on that time is not right anymore. Penang Hospital do the thing they suppose to do.. So nothing wrong with them. Just that time my mother is in pain and worries, and make such comment, and that time I just want her release her stress, so did not make a correction on that spot… My Mother took your herb for 2 week… Mr Chin.

Reply: You mean she only took herbs for 2 weeks … and you expect the herbs to cure her? I now remember, she came once to see me and never come back again. And you expect taking herbs for two weeks you can get a cure?

 Oct 17, 2012

Mr Chris.. In the first Place you mention to us, let my mother try 2 week, If this medicine is not work, then this medicine is not effective to her. please move on and try another remedy… I guess you are too busy till you did not remember your word.

The reason i make a afford to write a letter to you, just want to share information to you… and hope this info will benefit to another patient. You will do a Job with Love and Caring , and please don’t fall to the trap of hate and criticism..” May God Bless you” have a strange to care to another cancer patient….Thank you. Mr Chin.

Reply:  Yes… you are right. I have her file H 733 — your mother is 65 years old ..Ong WK that correct? She had chemo  once when she came and it was after 7 injections … she suffered the following side effects…a) rashes b) arms and legs swelling  c) fevers on and off and  d) skin peeled off.

She took herbs on 6 Nov 2011. That is the record I have. Yes, very correct …if you take herbs for 2 weeks and don’t benefit, go elsewhere. Yes, you are correct. I am here to help people but I cannot remember all the cases …I have people coming to see me everyday ….. especially if they come to see me only one time, I cannot remember them. How to remember? You are also correct that I need to know and keep my record so that I can learn and tell others. Yes, I am happy to tell others about your mother’s case. I also want to learn from your mother’s case.  So to make my record complete …Can I ask you the following questions so that I can help others understand what is going on:

a) Did your mother go for more chemo in the GH?
b) Or did she go to someone else for help?
c) She died in March 2012 — can you tell me what happened between this time? If she took the herbs for 2 weeks …it means that by December 2011 she has finished taking my herbs …. but you only wrote me this email two days ago — almost one years after this? I wonder why you only write me only now? Why wait for so long? I am not trying to blame you, I am just curious to understand what is going on.

I also want to tell you that I am not angry …. I am just curious to know what happen and how people think. I see all kinds of people and they all write different things. So this is my learning experience. Thank you for writing and if you have the time, please let me have your answers. Regards and God bless you too. Chris

Oct 18, 2012  Mr Chris. Below is the answer you wanted..

a) No my Mother just go for 1st round chemo, and GH already said she are not fit to go for 2nd round of Chemo..

b)  Yes.. we look for the China chinese doctor for help. 

c)  Her Body condition is getting weak, and putting palette and blood into her body.. also didn’t work for her anymore.

c)  Chris as i mention to you at the first place, Just share this info so that you can use it for your reference.. I am not here try to Blame anyone…In Fact In this world there is no 100% way can cure cancer. So instead wasting the time condemn people medicine did work and how harmful to people, why not take this precious time study how to solve this cancer problem. But I know this is very Challenging… Thank you! 

Reply: Thank you very much for replying. It is good for you to reply and complete the story of your mother. I would like to write this story.  I have just written a book and the last chapter is called My Patients My Teacher ….. I am sending this copy to you. May be you want to read it.

Over 16 years I have helped thousands and thousands of patients …and there is NO cure for any cancer. Everyone should know that. Everyone who has cancer all die. Even without cancer, we all also die.

If you have time, it is good if you can answer the question I asked you earlier but understand that no one is trying to blame anybody. We understand that.

What I would like to know is this —- your mother only took my herbs for 2 weeks and she died some months later….the question is: Why did you write to tell me about this only NOW … many months after she died or almost one year after coming to see me once? Why not write earlier? I may have helped better.

What about the Chinese doctor — he also cannot help her? How long did she take herbs from the Chinese doctor? Did you also write to the Chinese doctor and tell him that your mother died?

It would be good if you give your answers so that we all can understand the real story. And I also can write a good story about this so that all patients understand what is going on. Thank you again for writing me. Chris.

Oct 18, 2012

Thank you for Sharing Your Book… hope this book will be benefit for the cancer patients and theirs family.

Chris Hope You can understand , with Lose a family member is not a easy thing… and we need time to calm down ourself and get refresh to think what we suppose to do , to help another cancer victim..

If the Chinese Doctor can help, My mother will not be died…My mother take 2 month for this chinese doctor herb… Yup I  do wrote the letter to this chinese doctor, The answer from them is simple. thanks For Sharing, They will keep my mother as their study record. and thanks me for Informing them.

Chris  i Just hope you just can share my mother Case to another AML Cancer Patient, Your Medicine is not work For AML Patient Before and at least let them aware about it. If They Still want to try your method then is their choice….and I also think maybe for some Patient 2 week try period also is a very important time frame for them.. I believe some Patient Family did not report the result to you, and make you can not judge your method is workable for which type of cancer..

Reply: Chin
1. Did your mother go to China for treatment?

2. How long was your mother on this Chinese treatment? … also 2 weeks like mine?

3. Is she on any treatment when she died? Was she on the Chinese treatment or no treatment at all.

When I share this story, I need to have as much information as possible, otherwise I cannot understand and explain why.

Oct 18, 2012

1. Did your mother go to China for treatment? No her Condition is not fit to fly over there, and the Chinese doctor also mention no need her to go over there because of my mother condition.

2. How long was your mother on this Chinese treatment? …also 2 weeks like mine?  2 month

3. Is she on any treatment when she died? Was she on the Chinese treatment or no treatment at all.  No treatment at all when she died..

My mother also gave up for the Chinese Medicine after 2 month taking it… her condition is not improve at all, and at the last when i am on the mid of planning send her to try the DC-CIK treament is was too late. so I hope with Sharing this the next cancer Patient If have choice.. don’t waste the time to try the Medicine which is not work.. then with saving the time they maybe can find a better alternative way to treat this AML cancer.. Chin

Reply: You are right …don’t waste time on medicine that do not work …you tried the chemo …  it did not work, you came to CA Care and took my herbs for 2 weeks and it did not work…then you tried 2 months of herbs from Chinese hospital in Shandong and it did not work … so where do you think you can find medicine that can work?

Do you think that DC-CIK you mentioned can work? If so, how do you know that it will work? … my patient had this treatment in Singapore and then went to Japan for the same treatment and for many months …to do this treatment and he died. It did not work either.

It only means, nobody in this world can cure cancer  …. click this link and see what patients wrote me about their leukemia….

You can see they all need help…BUT who can cure leukemia????? Have you read anything about leukemia?

When I write your mother’s story, I shall explain that there is no one on earth who can cure leukemia. If and when you think you know where to find cure for cancer, please let me know. I too want to know.

And if you read the chapter of the book that I sent you…. I tell everyone who come to see me … there is no cure for cancer ….I have no magic bullet for cancer….that is why I tell you…take my herbs for 2 weeks and go elsewhere if you don’t think it helps you… simple as that.

It is good that you write me. I shall write some articles to let patients know more about cancer. It is not an easy problem. Chris.

Oct 19, 2012

Chris I know your frustration… Seeing people In front of you who’s seek for help and you can not do anything about it. Maybe Is good too, let me Paint my picture more clearly… as a Patient of the Family who do hope too Reduce the ” NOISE” during company our family member for the last journey… ” NOISE” mean’s the fault hope.. the hope that think this cancer can be fix, the hope thats make us didn’t prepare our family member will be gone.

I think if we were know this cancer can not be cure at all in the first place , then we will do a necessary preparation for it.

so please pardon me if i said it unclear…I believe my mother just a single small dot in your journey to help the cancer patient.. so with my mother result I telling you, maybe you can use it as a data. within of how many Leukemia person who come to seek for your help.. is benefit it form your medicine…and you can come out a percentage chart of a effectiveness of your herb toward Leukemia.

If the answer is only 1% then, you can tell the patient are they welling to try it or not, But If 0% then I guess you can cloose down your herb section for Leukimia.. This Happen Is GH Penang too , Doctor Goh do mention to us, with my mother condition, the 2nd Chemo will have a 15% success rate only. She Ask us to think cafully… so we decide not to go for it.. In my First Letter to you I already wrote in this world still don’t have a 100% effective way to cure the cancer.. we all know that…Chin. 

Reply: Thank you for your reply. After reading and replying to your emails, I think I need to send you the complete book that I wrote free-of-charge: Cancer – Is there another option. Take it, read it and try to understand it. It is definitely too late to save your mother, but perhaps it may be able to help others.  That is if read and understand it.

(Available at

Let me tell what you need to know that may help you in the future.

1. In the first two pages of the book, I talk about ignorance.

  • Over the past many years, many (thousands!) cancer patients had come to seek our help and advice. They wanted to know what else they could do, generally after modern medicine had failed them. Most of these patients were totally ignorant of what they were up against. Many think that they could easily find a cure for their cancers. They come seeking for that non-existent magic bullet for their cancer. Alas! Many failed to find a cure. At CA Care we don’t talk about cure, because we do not see a cure for any cancer.
  • Many patients come to us – not wanting to see the left or right – they have only one aim, expecting and wanting us to cure their cancer. No, we cannot cure you! Don’t ever expect that after you have taken our herbs the cancer will go away the next day or a few weeks or months later. Such expectation is ridiculous. The situation becomes even more ridiculous when patients who come had already undergone all the medical treatments and failed. Yet when they come to us they expect a miracle – to be cured!  When I think of this – and it happens very often – I am flabbergasted. Simple common sense tells you that it is not possible and unreasonable.
  • In cancer, it is worth noting that ignorance kills. To be able to find healing, patients should realise that they must do something for themselves, not to rely entirely on others to help them.

 2.  You are right – your mother is  just a single small dot in your journey to help the cancer patient. Yes, your mother died but it does not mean that other patients should follow her to the graves as well. Read Chapter 7 of my book:  Chronic Leukemia: Blood Improved While On CA Care’s Herbs. This lady works in the Hospital in Hong Kong and she has been taking my herbs for two years (not two weeks like your mother) and she is doing fine.

After you have read that story, click this link:

This is the story of Pak Jam’s wife (teacher) who had leukemia and was in worse condition than your mother. But she survived and could go back to resume teaching again. She came to see me beginning of this year (2012). And she was taking herbs for more than 2 years, not two weeks like your mother.

Then you want to know what? She died after she came to Penang (in 2012) – because she went to the hospital in Aceh and they put in the wrong blood for her!

3.  Same medicine, different patients

  • One lesson anybody need to learn is that you may give the same medicine but patients are different. If the medicine fails it is not because the medicine is not good – it may be the patients are not good. Human beings are not the same. They carry different baggages.
  • After helping thousands of patients over the years, I have learned that almost 70 percent of them are here to find a magic bullet or wanting to find cure on their own terms. Our therapy is not easy to follow. You need to heal yourself – and it is you and you alone who can heal you. Others can only help but you decide you own fate.
  •  No two persons taking the same path would end up at exactly the same destination. Cancer is about you as a person. If you are not able to change your mental attitude, your diet, your lifestyle, etc. no one else can help you. You are a goner if you come and tell me: If I cannot eat meat life is not worth living; I have no time to cook the herbs; The herbs taste awful, etc.

4. Accept Reality

One thing we all must do is to accept reality. If the cancer is already serious, there is nothing in this world that can cure it.  Read Chapter 12 of my book:  Mayo Clinic Gave Him Only One More Week to Live. The Doctor Is Not Convinced That Chemo Can Kill the Cancer This Time. Do you know what Mayo Clinic is? This is one of the best hospitals in the world. Kings and rich men all over the world go there for treatment. Yes, after Mayo this young man wrote asking me to help his father. Let us face reality! I understand – he wanted to do the best for his father. Like you wanted to do the best for your mother – and you thought buying herbs from China can cure your mother. 

Read also Chapter 13:  Salivary Gland (Parotid) Cancer: The Doctor Said: It Would Be Useless to Keep Him Alive. Do you know that the wife of this patient is a dental specialist?  She is medically trained. She too could not find a cure. She too wanted to do the best for her husband. But there is a limit to what anybody can do to help.

The same is true for you. Your mother went to the hospital and had chemo. When she came to me she was suffering side effects like rashes, swelling of legs and arm, she had fevers and her skin peeled. It was lucky that she did not die of the chemo. She was on my herbs for two weeks and then went for herbs from a hospital in China for two months. And you expect a cure for her leukemia when even the doctor in GH had told you the second round of chemo will only give you 15% success rate only. And you did not think 15% was good enough. What you don’t understand is success rate — success rate does NOT equal to cure. What is success rate? Nothing – it is not cure.

CA Care is the last one stop – we are people’s door mat

I jokingly tell patients – CA Care is your last one stop. The cases that come to us are usually beyond us to cure. Make no mistake, we are under no illusion. Over the years we always call a spade a spade and we face reality without any pretence. Death is a reality – it can happen to you or me, anytime – irrespective of whether you have cancer or not. Perhaps with cancer, the journey to the grave seems more certain and somewhat shorter!

I said this again and again, we at CA Care can only help you. Your healing is yours to seek and achieve. To those who truly need our help, we say this: Live and don’t give up hope. There is an option. There is hope. But if you want healing on your own terms and refuse to learn and change, then there is nothing much anyone can do to help you.

Okay, with this, I think I have written enough. I thank you again for writing. I would like to end this discussion and let me move on to help others who need my help. I hope you have time to read this book that I send you. Take your time to read and understand. It may help you or others one day. Chris.

Oct 20, 2012  Chris

Really appreciate your thoughtful and meaningful write back..Chris Please don’t miss understanding I am here judging what are you doing….In fact I don’t have a right and qualified to do this at all.I just hope I can provide my mother result as a data, so that maybe you can use it in the future..My mother AML Cancer is just a single case of so many different type of cancer. Me, by hoping provide you this info, you roughly may know your herb is more effective to which type of cancer…Lastly You mention to us just let my mother try 2 week your herb. but that time if you were tell us to try 2 years ( like a Hong kong Ladies) and follow your diet guide…then we will follow you…. That time is not we want to give up, we done that because you tell us 2 week is the limit.

Chris Really Thank you for Your Time ,and I think I took too much time from you.Please move on with GOD faith.. and continued your meaningful journey. ” God Bless You” Chris… Chin. 

Comments:  I have asked myself – why do I have to waste time replying to such emails? Let me tell you why.

  1. I realize that it is not only the sick person who needs help. At times, the caregivers and family members or even friends too need help. If you view it from this perspective, it makes sense.
  2. The message that Mr. Chin wants you to know is this: Coming to see us and taking our herbs for two weeks did not cure her mother of her leukemia.  I fully agree with him. In fact I want to add a bit more to this message.  If you come to us hoping to find an instant magic bullet for your cancer, then I am telling you plain and clear – you have come to the wrong place. Perhaps you have better luck going somewhere else. Go and find someone else who can promise to cure you.
  3. Some weeks ago, one lady came to see me. She had cervical cancer. After surgery, she took Sabah Snake grass every day. A year later, her cancer came back. She came to seek our help. I told her to go for chemo but she refused. She told me she understood the serious risk that she was taking in wanting me to help her with our herbs. She did not come to see me hoping to find a cure! I was impressed by her attitude and plan to write a full story of this case. Then there is another case of a man from Jakarta, Indonesia. He had pancreatic cancer. I told him I am not able to cure his cancer.  He told me he understood that very well and he wanted me to help him as best as I can. He knew that nobody can cure his cancer. I plan to write his story too.
  4. Do you see that Mr. Chin’s case came at an “appropriate” time indeed? Mr. Chin’s case adds another perspective to my two other stories. Here, Mr. Chin came to CA Care expecting to find a cure. And my herbs cannot cure his mother’s leukemia within two weeks.

Let me end this article by quoting my favourite author, Harold Kushner, a Jewish rabbi. This what he said, When all you’ve ever wanted isn’t enough. This is what he wrote,… the irony of the phase “the best and the brightest”… The best and the brightest was the way we described the government officials who got us into Vietnam to begin with then kept getting in deeper and deeper. They were undeniably brilliant men, honor graduates of the finest universities, armed with mountains of information from the most sophisticated computers, and still they kept making the wrong decision. They had intelligence. They had information. But they lacked wisdom… smart enough to lead, but not wise enough to know where they should be going.

It there is one lesson which I think you can learn regarding this case. Use your common sense (or be wise!) when gathering information – especially from the internet. They are a lot of “junk” information in the cyberspace. We can find all kinds of claims – this and that stuff can cure cancer. Evaluate these claims critically. Mr. Chin’s mother underwent chemo for about a month. This did not work. After one cycle she gave it up. She came to CA Care and took our herbs for two week and decided that our herbs did not cure her. The son “hunted” for more herbs – this time from China and his mother took them for two months. It did not cure her either.  Mr.  Chin was in the midst of wanting to “send her to try the DC-CIK treatment” – also in China. But it was too late – his mother died! How long can you go on trying – hopping from one treatment to another? Leukemia does not wait for anyone. You don’t have the luxury of experimenting anymore when you have cancer.  What many of us fail to realize is that healing starts from our own self first!  The real good doctor who can heal us resides within us.

Let me quote Kushner again, indeed many of us believe are smart but only … smart enough to lead, but not wise enough to know where they should be going. 


Thanks for writing! For the time ever, I received some responses after posting this article: Our Herbs Did Not Cure His Mother of Her Terminal Leukemia Within Two Weeks


Dear Dr. Chris,

Thank you for the sharing H733 story. In one if your book: “We also learned that for those who want to believe, there is no need for too much explanation or proof. But for those who do not wish to believe, no matter what evidence is provided, it is never enough. There is always something not right about it and there is always a reason to reject it.”

It was such a long time I didn’t visit you in Penang. But I never stop taking your herbs since Dec-2009 till now. BTW my recording is H237. God is good, He sent me to your place, I always remember “Our hands but God heals”. I just want to let you know I am very good now. I have been sharing my testimonial to those cancer patient but it is not easy to let people to believe especially Chinese medicine (Herbs). As usual they ask me how many cycle of herbs I need to take, my answer to them is that when is the last day God calls me home.

I have stopped my work and become a house maker for one year already. Life is great and I look healthy and young after taking your herbs for the past 3 years. I believe God will make a way for me. I want to Thank you again. Send my regards to Beng Im. God Bless you and your family. Jessie


Hi Chris,

Simple mind uses simple interpretation. Simple minded read your sentence and put a fool-stop. Well, I think about 30 to 40% of people think this way.

I observe that many church members sway in the direction by one speaker and then in another by another. This leads to a temporal understanding of Bible. Reality of the world today. With kind regards, Siew


Dear Dr Chris,

Thank you very much for sending me articles and updates regarding the good work  CA Care is doing.

I only have one of your books entitled Understanding Cancer War and Cure. i have read it many times over and i am grateful that you have devoted your time and life to help people ‘manage’ their cancer. i hope to purchase more of your books soon.

We all know you have emphasised time and again that you have no magic bullet to cure cancer but you are here to offer another option; the herb and holistic approach to life. To me, only God can heal and people like you, Dr Chris, are willing instruments for God and i thank God for that. In fact, i understand very well the frustrations you face when patients and loved ones expect miraculous healing (which can only come from our God Almighty). i remember now the video where you said, ‘if you can eat and sleep, what more do you want?’

i would like to encourage you to keep up your good work because many people are helped by you. To God be the glory! Blessings, Grace


Hi  there! Your reply to that Mr. Chin was awesome. Take care! GG


Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing this. I admire your patience with this Mr. Chin. The way I interpret his reason for emailing you after such a long time after the death of his mother would have to be he is still grieving and has not fully come to terms with the loss of his mother just yet. It is unfortunate there’s no grief counselors or support groups available for him to help him stop raving on like a ‘lunatic’.

On a brighter side, Chris, I had my yearly follow up with my oncologist last week and told her I had stopped taking Tamoxifen since March due to the side effects and guess what ? She agreed that I don’t really have much benefits at all taking Tamoxifen because my excised DCIS tumour was only 7mm so it is ok to stop it. This blew me away! I thought to myself then why did she prescribe Tamoxifen in the first place? Anyway, I didn’t want to waste my time disputing the issue. I just thank GOD for guiding me to seek you.

Thank you and God Bless, LC


Hi Chris and Im,

I have recently read the article you wrote re. the lady with leaukemia who tried your herbs for 2 weeks followed by 2 months of chinese herbs. All of this after receiving heavy doses of chemo prior to seeing you.

When I was diagnosed with stomach cancer over 20 yrs ago I was advised to try a new treatment called Chemo.  20yrs ago very few people contracted cancer and even the specialist whom I saw had difficulty explaining what Cancer is.   After I read many books on the subject I formed a basis of why I contracted this disease. I was very impressed with Dr Binzel’s work, Dr Hans Nepier and the Oasis of hope clinic in Mexico. I devoured these books in a few short weeks as I was told that i must act instantly if i wanted to live.  What i learned was that it is imperitive to take time and understand what was happening to my body and why.   I called dr Hans Nepier in germany and asked if I should come to his clinic. He asked me what treatment i have had and when I replied none, he asked what do i intend to do. I told him I was taking herbs and changed my diet and also letting go of much sadness in my life.  He seemed very impressed as he said I was on the right track and to continue with the herbs and my changed attitude to good food and letting go of emotional baggage.   He said to have more tests in 6 months and if all is well continue what I was doing for the rest of my liife.

The specialist was amazed to find no cancer and even feebly said that perhaps I did not have cancer in the first place. Boy, was i angry at this response as If I had done what he instructed I may not be alive today.

Very few then, if any survived according to the Australian statistics.  Chemo was not seen as a cure back then and many good doctors would advise their patients to have the surgery, if necessary, then follow a clean and healthy eating plan. I know a few people whom were given this advice and are still alive today.  No side effects and in fact feel the best they have ever felt.

When I contracted Uterine cancer stage 3, 4 yrs ago, I knew why and I was one of the lucky ones as I knew what I needed to do to heal my body.  You are spot on Chris when you say we are our own best doctors and with knowledge, understanding and assistance from caring people as you we can and do heal our bodies as I have long believed that the body can cure anything but first we need to know how. Mother nature is very powerful and I believe that god put on this earth everything to heal man’s ill.  You in your wisdom and training in the use of herbs and your unstoppable desire to help your fellow man should be the first port of call when told one has cancer.   I, like you see so many when they have exhausted all medical help and told “There is nothing more we can do”. I have seen so many times what this can do to the soul, when you put your trust in an establishment whom should be seeking the best treatment, whether orthodox or natural therapies. Sadly the medical system will not allow their doctors, oncologists etc., to administer any natural therapy as in their words “Where is the science behind such treatment”.   I say to them , “Show me the INDEPENDENT research undertaken to prove Chemo and radiation cures cancer. They cannot as all research undertaken is Kill the cancer.

In the turn of the 1900 century Professor John Beard from Edinburgh University found that cancer cells were trophoblast cells, which now have no pancreatic enzyme termination agents to curtail them.   When the people realise that instead of trying to kill the cancer it is best to heal the body and the best way to heal is to develop an action plan which I promote as E.K.A. Education, Knowledge, Action.   How can one fight an unknown if we do not know what we are dealing with.  Learn from the people who have had great successes, gain the know how of feeding the body good clean food, no animal, dairy, sugar etc. Raw is best and I love the new me and the energy and health I now have.

I was meant to find you Chris as I was guided to finding and reading your books.  I devoured 3 books in one evening as it made complete sense to me what you had written.   Modern societies, especially the west, is in the grip of an epidemic as cancer affects 1in2 of us.   I call it the rich men’s illness as the poor countries do not have anywhere near our shocking numbers.   Herbs have been used long before the introduction of modern medicine. They are the base of most drugs today, but sadly man made concoctions are added with terrible side effects. All in the name of medicine.   I have read many books and spoken to hundreds of medical, herbalists and scientists whom seek the truth above all else and honour the Hippocratical Oath “DO NO HARM’

They, as you have Chris, assisted many in their quest to optimal good health. I am so glad I found you and I am living proof that if one opens their mind and not give in to the fear tactics thrown at them , can and do go on to lead a long and happy life.   My surgeon is in awe that I am so well as I was told that without treatment, Chemo, I would not live any longer than perhaps 3 months.  I believe in knowing all there is to know about ones illness so as we can make an informed choice based on this information.

Most people are only too happy to give their permission to someone else to cure them, they take no active roll in their healing.  The brewing and taking of herbs, organic foods, clean water, being in control of your own happiness, deal with past traumas are all essential.  the cancer is a symptom of the disease. Rid the body of the cause and the symptom disappears. It worked for me and many whom I have assisted. They are alive and well today.

You and Im have dedicated your life to assisting others in their time of need and for that you are blessed with the knowledge that you have reached out to your fellow man and this is rare in our societies today.   Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for giving me your knowledge and wisdom of how I can heal my body of cancer.   Take heart that your time on earth was spent wisely and for the betterment of its people.

May you both live long and healthy, happy lives surrounded by those whom you love and marvel as I do at this wonderful world we live in.    I am sure I speak for many of your patients in saying, God Bless You Both and thank you for your guiding hands, caring for the many whom seek your help.

One day, Orthodox medicine will see the benefits of natural medicine and this will be the basis of treatment as the people will demand it.

Love to you both and keep up the good work, the world needs more Chris Teo’s.   xxx


On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 5:22

H-733 was a 65-year-old lady. Our Herbs Did Not Cure His Mother of Her Terminal Leukemia Within Two Weeks

Dear Chris,

I wrote after seeing the above posting. My wife SJ.57 also passed away on the 24 October 2012 at 8.15am, with cancer started from her colon, ovarian, liver and lungs.

After her ops on her colon and ovarian on 22 May, 12, she declined chemo and we supported her wishes and my daughter took her to see your Subang branch and took the prepare boiled herbs for 2 months, then we went back to Sabah to attend her father’s 10 years death anniversary for 7 days. I asked her to bring all the herbs back but she said she can take the capsule type as not convenient to cook in others’ home. Told her we get a gas tank to compensate. She said too troublesome.

While there her feet swell and subside. On return my daughter saw her swelling feet and told her to go to Sunway Medical Centre but she declined. Saying there is no cure. I told them we go to Penang to see you but she declined as she said even Dato Punch Gunalan with a Doctor son also died. My daughter had to respect her wishes. She told me no cure for mum. Two weeks later her stomach bloated.

I told her that she might as well take holy water from her church if she declined chemo and Dr. Chris herbs. Then I gave Sabah Snake Grass for 2 weeks and nothing happens but her stomach kept growing every week at the rate like a pregnant woman baby growing per month. She blamed me and the Sabah Snake Grass but told her I only administrate it after her bloating stomach.

My daughter said no cure, her liver motas and discharged liquid. Her eyes showed jaundice.  We requested the Govt. Hospital to tap the liquid. The Dr. said the motas had attacked her liver and ultrasound showed no liquid. We knew it’s a matter of time before her body system will shut down completely, yet I bullied her to fight on, until she chased me away. Saying I’m killing her faster.

Finally she agreed to go to Sunway Med. for tapping, the Dr. said there is no hope and he would not give chemo to his relatives AT THIS STAGE , but do pain management. Warded to monitor for tapping and this cost about RM10K a week to stay there. Her body was shutting down, she lost about 3 kilos fast every week. Eating 4-5 spoonful mee sauh every 3 hours. Tapping done twice. She died 5 days after the 2nd. Tap.

We thank GOD and Drs. She died peacefully with very little pain and we know we have done the best for her but we lost the battle.

I wrote to let Mr. Chin, the son of the above mentioned lady that I lost my wife, I blamed nobody but fate.
Let their souls RIP. Amen.

Ng Thian Yew

Reply: Thank you for writing. Do you mind if I share this email with others. I shall cut off your name if you want me to do so, but it is good if the name remains but with no phone number, otherwise people think I am cooking up this email. Thanks. Chris.

Dear Dr. Chris,

Please do with my name too for I wish to tell the truth. You did what you can to help others. My wife made the mistake to stop taking your herbs which help during the 2 months but she wanted a cure fast which is not possible as it was too late.

We wish to thank you, please continue to help us, as Dr. Amir wrote in the STAR saying
chemo may not be the solution (barking at the wrong tree) and the specialists should heed his warnings.

It is painful to lose a dear one and it is frustrating when no cure is found, but others were cured.

Thank you Dr. I admire what you do to fight cancer. May the GOD guide your hands.

Best regards,
Ng Thian Yew

31 October 2012

Salivary Gland Cancer: A Miracle Did Happen

I received an email from HB of Indonesia on 9 October 2009. Later, HB wrote another email in response to my questions. These two emailed are merged and edited mildly for clarity and easy reading. I have tried to retain the original writing as much as possible.

Dear Prof. Chris,

Thank you very much for your newsletter. It is very important to build up my spirit. Regarding chemotherapy and radiotherapy it is very hard to know the truth.

I was diagnosed with mucoepidermoidcarcinoma. (Note: This is the most common type of cancer of the salivary or parotid gland).

The treatment I would undergo were surgery and radiation, at least thirty times.

I underwent a major operation – radical neck resection, in November 2008. The cancer was at the base of my tongue but it had already spread to the lymph nodes. All these were removed. The doctor said it was already a stage four cancer.


(Above photos by HB)

One month after the operation, I went to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) for routine check up. I told my doctors that my shoulder, wound, both ankles and the right side of my jaw were very painful. All the three doctors that I met at SGH said: You should go for radiation first, and then come back here for check up. 

We asked if I were to undergo radiation, what would be the percentage that the cancer would come back, or if I did not take radiation what would be the percentage that it will come back again? The doctor answered: Seventy percent chance that the cancer will come back without radiation, and fifty percent chance if I take radiation.

In my mind there is only a difference of twenty percent. It is not significant enough considering the side effects from radiation that I have to suffer. So we decided not to take radiation and came back to Jakarta.

But I felt very scared. My spirit was very upsetting. I felt very bad. I felt scared to undergo the radiation and at the same I felt scared not to undergo radiation.

In Jakarta I went to consult with four doctors and all of them claimed that my cancer had already spread to my jaw, kidney and bone (ankle). Under this situation, they said I should undergo radiation and / or chemotherapy, if not, my life will worsen and it would be dangerous to my health.

I felt sad and hopeless. I thought my life could only be counted by the days. I prayed to Jesus and asked:  Do I really need this radiation, or not. My life was going to end and my condition was still weak, tired and it was difficult to swallow any food.

In this desperate situation my family and I always prayed. My friends also prayed for me. We pray for a “miracle”. The miracle came through your book – KANKER: MENGAPA MEREKA TETAP HIDUP. Suddenly inside me, I said: Do not go for radiation, I need herbal. Yes, my wife and I felt very peaceful after taking this decision not to go for radiation. So we went to Penang.

One of my doctors in Jakarta had previously told me that I should undergo radiotherapy. Later he met with his friend, a professor from Holland who reviewed my case and restudied my cancer slide. He then sent my slide to his professor friend who is an expert in my cancer type. The conclusion is that my cancer NEEDS NO further treatment. If I were to undergo radiation, my condition will become worse, and the cancer could become more malignant. In my mind I imagined that if I were to undergo radiation as recommended by the doctors, I would be already dead. This is indeed a true “MIRACLE”.

While I consume your herbal, I went to see Doctor Nephrology, who had previously informed me that my cancer had already spread to the liver or kidney. This was because the laboratory test showed blood in my urine. This time Dr. Nephrology checked me again and told me that my liver and kidney were clean. The pains and the swollen ankles might be due to rheumatism. At that time I could barely walk and my ankles were very, very painful. There were pains in every position.

I went to see Doctor Rheumatism. From my laboratory report he said my autoimmune was very high and this attacked my ankles and the wound. So my shoulder was like carrying a 50 kg weight. My neck was very tight and I could not turn to the right or left.

Doctor Rheumatism said that my autoimmune should be suppressed. But if we do that then the cancer would be made stronger. I informed him that I am consuming the herbals for controlling the cancer. Doctor Rheumatism agreed to infusion medication to suppress my autoimmune. The result was very good. My shoulder got better, lighter and my ankles also felt lighter but there were still pains. However, the swelling was gone and I could walk again.

Two weeks after the first infusion, I went for a second infusion. My body was getting better again. The laboratory report also showed better results and my ankles were almost normal with no more pain.

I am still consuming the herbs: Capsule A, Oral 1 and Oral 2 teas, beside fruit and vegetable juices.

My condition is very good. The laboratory test, scan and USG are all very good – clear of cancer.

Thanks GOD, JESUS CHRIST, my savior. And thank you also to Prof. Chris who wrote many books on cancer and give help to people.

Best regards, HB. 

On receiving the above e-mails, I wrote HB for some confirmation because I would like to share his experience with others. HB replied:

Dear Prof. Chris,

Thanks for your attention, and hope my experience could help other people too. 

Question: When you came, your neck muscle was very tight and painful. You said it was like 50 kg weight on your shoulder – how are you now? Is the weight lighter?

HB: Now already normal, only around the wound I still feel sensitive.

Q: Do you still have the same level or pain – or it is better?

HB: Now no more pain, already normal.

Q: You cannot exercise because your hand cannot stretch – how is it now?

HB: I can do a bit of exercise, and every morning I do this as much as I can.

Q: You said you cannot turn when you sleep – how is it now?

HB: Now I am already normal. 

Q: You legs were swollen and painful and you had difficulty walking – how is it now?

HB: Now already normal. I can already play badminton, running, carry some goods, driving car, etc.

Q: Tell me, do the herbs help you or not?

HB: The herbs are very helpful.

Q: You were taking juices, etc., from the nutritionist – do you still continue this? You still pantang(avoid certain food) like we told you?

HB: Yes, I still continue all these until now. I still pantang, but not so strict like previously after the operation. Before the operation I was 72 kg in weight, then it reduced 53 kg and now I am 60 kg. 

HB’s first visit to our centre in Penang was on 6 February 2009. Below is our video recording of his visit that day.



In the foreword for the book: Prayer, faith and healing by Kenneth Caine and Brian Kaufman, Dr. Bernie Siegel wrote: Though prayer and faith are generally not a part of any medical school curriculum, I have clearly seen the healing role that they have played in my life and, as a physician, in those of my patients. 

Not many doctors are like Dr. Siegel who would interpret life’s events in a spiritual way. More often, in this materialistic world, we only see OURSELVES as the creator of our own success. The hand of God is often never acknowledged. A psychiatrist, Dr. Frederic Flach (in: Faith, healing and miracles) wrote:  I’m not sure we really appreciate how much we have received or where these wonders have come from. Consistent with the materialism of our age, we take credit for having made these amazing advances all on our own, and fail to see them as God’s providence and continuing revelation about the nature of our world, to say nothing of his mercy and compassion. 

After my talk at the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration many years ago, a lady who was one of those listening to my talk, walked up to me and said: I am surprised that as a scientist, you brought up the subject of God in your presentation. I was surprised too by her comment and replied: I make no apology about that because in healing I experienced God’s healing hands. I am not ashamed to acknowledge that it is only “our hands but God who heals”. 

No doubt about that, in science and medicine, God has no place and plays no role. You make yourself a fool among the scientific community, if you champion such a cause! A great psychologist, Freud, considered all religious faith to be a form of mass delusion. Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of the 20th century, did not believe in God, though he acknowledged the existence of a Supreme Order. I wonder where then is the difference?

In this story, HB declared that his healing is a miracle – an answer to his prayer. Do you see miracles happening here? No, no, I am not saying that HB is miraculously cured of his cancer. Nevertheless, I do see many miracles happening in the story of his life. It is just a matter of how you see things – to believe whether the glass is half empty or half filled. These are what I see:

1.      The doctors have done a miraculously job of removing the tumour and his infected lymph nodes. Doctors are smart and skillful. Credit to the doctors! Blessing from God? Depends. 

2.      Almost all the doctors that HB consulted were very sure that he must undergo radiotherapy. HB was in a dilemma. He said a simple prayer: Lord Jesus: Do I really need this radiation or not.

At CA Care we encourage patients to seek comfort through Spirituality. We tell patients to go home and pray to your “God”. We know that by doing this you would be able to find peace within you and to heal yourself.

Dr. Bernie Siegel (reference mentioned above) said: When you run into a situation that you do not know how to handle, you will no longer be at a loss as to what to do. You will pray and when you do, you will give God a home and roots with which to grow and reside on Earth and make His presence conscious.

Dr. Frederic Flach (in: Faith, healing and miracles) wrote:  By surrendering ourselves to God’s will, faith frees us of the futile need to control the uncontrollable forces that act upon us in our lives … faith can ease our way and counteract the destructive physical and psychological effects that any state of prolonged helplessness is likely to induce.

Can you see how prayer had helped HB in facing his cancer? With faith his confidence grew and he felt in control. Is this not a miracle in itself?

It is said that God will answer every prayer but it need not be in a way that you wish it to be. In human language it may mean “no, wait or yes”. In HB’s case, the answer came in the form of a finding a book in the bookstore. HB knew this. He said: The miracle came through your book – KANKER: MENGAPA MEREKA TETAP HIDUP. Suddenly inside me, I said: Do not go for radiation, I need herbal. Yes, my wife and I felt very peaceful after taking this decision NOT to go for radiation. Of course for some people, undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy is considered a miracle for them but to HB, he believed that if he were to undergo radiotherapy, he would not have been alive today, or for that matter, may not be what he is today. Is this not a great miracle that happened? HB was led to do what his heart wanted to do and he found peace and confidence to move forward.

While on this point, I am reminded of two patients. This young lady was a nurse and she had breast cancer. Her boss, who is a doctor, gave her the book: Cancer Yet They Live, and said: If you believe in what this book says, go and see him. No, the nurse did not believe in herbs and she went for radiotherapy, hormones and chemotherapy after her surgery. She did not find her cure. Later she turned to us but it was too late. Her abdomen was swollen and the cancer had spread to her liver and bones, etc. She died about two weeks after seeing us. Then there was Jee Sun from Johore. After his kidney surgery, a friend gave him the book: Cancer Yet They Live and the giver said similar words:This is something which can help you. Read this book and then call Dr. Chris. This incident happened in 1997 and today Jee Sun is still living a healthy life. The nurse versus Jee Sun – do you see any miracle there?

3.      I also see a third miracle. After HB and his wife came to see us, he went home but he did not sit under a coconut tree waiting for God to do something. He explored further and met Dr. Rheumatism who told him about his high autoimmune problem. He received two infusions and the so-called 50 kg weight on his neck, swelling, etc., all disappeared. His health recovered to the extent that he can now play badminton. Cancer patients go to the oncologists and radiologists – that is what almost 99.9 percent of cancer patients would do. But HB went to Dr. Rheumatism. This is the first time that I hear such thing. What made HB follow that path? Who was whispering into his heart? I believe it was the Divine and I see the miracle in His guidance.

4.      You may wish to ask me why I did not say that God had miraculously cured HB? Let me be plain and clear. I do not wish to make use of God’s name in vain and for propaganda purposes to serve my own ends. A cure, to our understanding, means the cancer will disappear totally and not come back again. Therefore, it is not possible for any human being to say that HB is cured of his cancer. Doctors tell patients that they are cured of cancer if they can survive five years. That is wrong – a spin, only good for business but not based on scientific fact. I know of a lady who had a mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for her breast cancer. Nine years later the cancer recurred in her brain. She had radiotherapy and died while undergoing the treatment. So, where is the cure?  My auntie had cervical cancer. She underwent medical treatment. The cancer came back and attacked her lungs thirteen years later and she died. Again where is the cure? Scientific data show that patients have to live for twenty-five years to be able to say that they are cured of cancer. Take note – 25 years not five years! Based on this, it would be foolish of me to say that HB is miraculously cured.

While on this, let me relate an evening gathering I went to some years ago. There was this lady who walked up the stage and declared to the many hundreds of people listening to her that God had cured her nose cancer (NPC). Then she went on to say that about nine months earlier she was diagnosed with NPC and had undergone radiotherapy. A follow up with her oncologist confirmed that there was not more cancer after the radiation. Bravo, it was a miracle. God had cured her. That evening I felt real sorry. Any educated mind knows that after medical treatment, whether chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the tumour will shrink or even disappear. But this does not mean the cancer is cured. Basic cancer biology tells us that there are still thousands, if not billions, of dormant cancerous cells still floating in the blood stream that cannot be seen even under the microscope, let alone the human eyes or CT scan. So how could anyone ever claim a cure? It does not fit into the scientific thinking at all.

Not long ago, I received an email from a patient who said that she took our herbs and then went for surgery to remove the tumour in her colon. A follow checkup showed that her CEA had gone down tremendously. She wrote to thank me and said that the herbs were very effective and caused the declined of her CEA. Well, people may be flattered by such a remark. It makes good propaganda. But I wrote her and said that it was her surgery that caused the CEA to come down, not the herbs. Patients should know that after surgery, generally the tumour maker declines significantly. So let us not try to claim credit so soon.

Lastly, let me highlight what HB wrote: My condition is very good. The laboratory test, scan and USG are all very good – clear of cancer. I asked HB: You were taking juices, etc., do you still continue this? You still pantang like we told you? HB replied: I still “pantang” but not so strict like previously after the operation. 

To all cancer patients, remember this: the fact that you feel well now does not mean that the cancer is gone. The scans may show no cancer, your doctors may say you are in the clear but believe me, you are still not out of the woods. So, to read that I still “pantang” but not so strict like previously after the operation is something sad. No let up please!

Pray to Milk God? 

In my book, Faith and prayer in the healing of cancerI wrote about Spirituality and how it can help cancer patients. Let us not be mistaken – just because we pray, it does not mean that all our troubles will disappear. C. S. Lewis wrote: If God has granted all the silly prayers I’ve made in my life, where would I be now? Treating religion as a means to an end or manipulating faith for the sole purpose of wanting to get health benefits can bring greater unhappiness or worse health than better health. Meister Eckhart once said: Most people use God like a cow – for the milk and cheese He can produce. Manley Hall said: There is a type of person in whose mind God is always getting mixed with vitamins.

In this respect I am very impressed by how HB prayed. It was only a short prayer but was a really great prayer. I too pray everyday and often. But I am a person who does not believe in reciting a long prayer, giving God a long list of chores that He should do for me each day. I believe God already knows my problems. Make no demands. I only ask for guidance and strength to do what is right according to His will. Let God open our eyes so that we can see other possibilities beyond our vision.

Let us pray this beautiful American Indian prayer together. 

Mother, sing me a song that will ease my pain,

Mend broken bones,

Bring wholeness again.

Show me the Medicine,

of the healing herbs;

The value of Spirit;

The way I can serve.

Mother, heal my heart so that I can see,

The gifts of yours,  That can live through me.

Latest update:

26 March 2012: Dear Prof. Chris,

I’m now active in the Support Group of my church, GKI (Gereja Kristen Indonesia) Kayu Putih. This Supporting Group works with people who has cancer or other’s.

16 July 2012: Dear Prof. Teo,

Thanks for your email. Regarding your writing of my story, there is no need for you to cover my face. Please use it.  Hopefully it (shows) the spirit to our GOD and also the story helps other people. If you need more photo’s we will send you.

Today I’m already normal, very healthy. The food is still selective, if possible no meat, no fried, no butter, no sugar, no preservatives, etc. Every day for breakfast we (our family) eat papaya, apple, pineapple and flaxseed. All are blended. Besides I also like to inform you that we have already written my story and it is already published. We will send you some copies and I hope it is useful for supporting other patients. Best regards. HB.

30 July 2012: We received two copies of Jangan Minta Beban Ringan, Mintalah Bahu Kuat – Kesaksian Penderita Kanker.

This is an adeptly titled book written by HB himself – Do Not Ask for a Lighter Load, Ask for Strong Shoulders – Testimony of a Cancer Patient. Indeed HB’s message is in accord with our message to all patients.

 Let me conclude by asking you to ponder these:

  1. What could have happened if HB were to follow his doctor’s advice and underwent radiotherapy?
  2. Would he not suffer short-term and long-term side effects of the radiation?
  3. Would he be as healthy as he is today?
  4. At the time when he did not know what to do, he found our book and that gave him the Light. What an amazing grace resulting in an amazing healing!

Cervical Cancer: A Miraculous Healing

Patient is a 56 year-old-female from Medan, Indonesia. Sometime in March-April 2012, she had abdominal pains followed by bleeding. She had nausea with bloating of her abdomen. The doctor in Medan diagnosed it as cervical cancer. Patient came to a private hospital in Penang because she was unable to pass urine. She was told that this was due to the swelling of her kidney. A catheter was installed. She was then referred to a gynaecologist who told her that her cancer had spread to her bladder.

CT report dated 27 April 2012 indicated: Multiple simple renal cortical cysts seen bilaterally. Moderate right hydronephrosis and hydroureter as well as mild left hydronephrosis and hydroureter seen. Grossly distended urinary bladder. Fuzzy, irregular cervical edges noted. Impression: 1. Grossly distended urinary bladder with bilateral urinary tracts ? back pressure. 2. Fuzzy, irregular cervical edges. Suggest gynaecological assessment.

A biopsy was done and the histopathology report dated 28 April 2012 indicated: Poorly differentiated non keratinising squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix infiltrating the cervical stroma.

Patient was then referred her to an oncologist. The oncologist suggested radiotherapy. Patient and her family refused the treatment and returned to Medan. Patient was told to return of Penang again after three months. However, after a month and a week at home, she was unable to urinate again. The problem was resolved after the previously installed catheter was replaced. Nevertheless, patient suffered pains, nausea and vomiting. She was unable to move her bowels for the past five days and then her urination was blocked again. An attending doctor had to change a catheter to resolve her problems.

1.    Found CA Care

Her children surfed the net for help and found CA Care. They wrote (translated from Bahasa Indonesia):

9 June 2012: Dear Sirs,

On this occasion I beg Dr. Chris K.H. Teo to help treat my mother. I have attached a form that contains information and some problems experienced by my mother. I really hope Dr. Chris K.H. Teo can immediately notify me what to do to help my mother. My family and I always pray for the healing of our mother, and I am very grateful to have been able to know Dr. Chris KH Teo. For giving me your attention I thank you. Sincerely, Az.

Reply: From North Sumatra? Come and see me in Penang. Bring all the medical reports / scans. And also please read: 

13 June 2012: Dr. Chris K.H. Teo.

Through this email I wish to inform you about my mother’s condition. She is so weak that she cannot go to Penang to meet with Dr. Chris. However, our family shall send my father to see Dr. Chris in Penang. Our family plead that Dr. Chris help our mother. For your kind attention, I thank you. Sincerely, Az.

Reply:  Meet me at 10.30 a.m. Friday morning.

15 June 2012: Patient’s husband – Darwin – came to our center and presented this story.

We prescribed her the following herbs: Capsule A, Cervical 1 and Cervical 2 teas, Constipation tea, Bladder tea and Stomach Function tea.

June 19, 2012: Dr. Chris K.H. Teo,

Greetings. Through this email I wish to inform you that after taking the herbal teas from 17 June to 19 June – two days – my mother suffered the following:

a) Sometimes she had fevers (hot-cold) and even chills and shivered.

b) She had no strength to stand up. Today she fell.

c) She passed out blood-red urine with tiny clots – could be blood clots.

d) A part of her stomach felt hot.

e) Her whole body ached.

We request information from Dr. Chris about this development. I would like to know if my mother can take vitamin to improve her stamina. If possible, tell us what is good according to Dr. Chris? We hope for the response from Dr. Chris. Thank you for your attention. Yours truly, Az.

Reply: Only two days on herbs, don’t expect cure that soon!

June 24, 2012: Dr. Dear Chris,

I want to give a report about my mother:

Since taking herbs from 17 June to 21 June 2012 my mother’s condition are as follows:

a)      Hot in the stomach area.

b)      She feels chills.

c)       Whole body with tingling pains in the bones.  She needs help to sit up, stand or walk.

d)      Urination is smooth and she passed out many small, moss-like clumps.

e)      Bowel movements are good.

From 22 June 2012 to today, 24 June, my mother:

a)      Is able to sit and walk by herself because no more pains in the bones.

b)      Heat in the stomach and feeling of chills and shivering have all gone.

c)       However, she has twisting feelings in the abdomen (below the navel).

d)      The pains in the hip come and go. She also has nausea and vomiting.

We pray for your guidance and advice.

13 July 2012: The patient’s husband, Darwin, came to CA Care and reported that his wife’s health has started to improve further from 28 June onwards, i.e., twelve days after taking our herbs.

Darwin is indeed an amazing man. He did all the chores of brewing his wife’s herbs and took full control of caring for her. He produced a diary where he wrote what had happened to his wife each day (see below).

Since this is indeed an amazing healing story, I asked Darwin if I need to cover his face in our video presentation. His replied: No, no need to cover! He would like to share his wife’s healing story with all of us.

Transcription of our conversation on 13 July 2012

2.  The Healing Crisis

Husband: I have been keeping a record of what happened every day since she started to take the herbs.

Chris: You came here in June (15 June 2012) and this is now July (13 July 2012) and she has been taking the herbs for about a month now? Your wife did not come, right? You came on her behalf?

H: That’s right.

C: After taking the herbs for a week – did she suffer?

H: Yes – exactly! These are the details.

  • She had high temperatures – fevers.
  • She felt dizzy.
  • Her abdomen was heaty.
  • Sometimes she trembled or shivered.

C: Before the herbs, did she suffer such problems?

H: No, not at all.

C: After taking the herbs, she had all these problems? For how long?

H. The problem started three days after taking the herbs.  Her abdomen had twisting pains, her whole body ached, her abdomen itched. The problem persisted for about ten days.

C: What happened after the ten days?

H: Her condition stablised. Her appetite improved. By the 12th day her condition returned to normal. On the 16th day she had difficulty urinating. I brought her to the hospital and the doctor replaced her urinary catheter (a urinary catheter is a latex, polyurethane or silicone tube that is inserted into a patient’s bladder via the urethra. This allows the urine to drain freely from the bladder for collection). With the new catheter she was able to pass urine again.

C: Was this done in the hospital?

H: Yes, she was in the hospital for seven days. As the urine flowed out, it also allowed the waste to come out. She started to discharge pus, pieces of rotten tissues – sometimes string-like – with strong foul smell.

C: What? Things like these come out through the tube with her urine?

H: Yes, pieces of rotten flesh and very smelly. Some looked like plastic strings. Sometimes there was blood and pus. Finally the tube got blocked by the debris. A new catheter has to be installed.  To help with the flow, I had to press the tube to break up the debris.

C: Okay, let’s see if I get it right. All these discharge – the rotten tissues, pus, etc – happened before you brought her to the hospital?

H: Yes, before going to the hospital.

C: It means that after taking the herbs, she had all the sufferings you mentioned and on top of it, rotten tissues and pus were discharged through the catheter. Is that right?

H: Yes.

C: It also means that your wife already had a catheter before she started to take the herbs? This was to help her discharge her urine. And after she took the herbs, all these rotten tissues and pus were discharged through the catheter until the device was clogged.

H: Yes, because of that I had to bring her to the hospital and a new catheter was fitted. And she stayed in the hospital for seven days.

C: While in the hospital, did the doctor give her any medication for her cancer?

H: No, only medication to help with her urination.

C: What happened after she came out of the hospital?

H: She became well! But she still continued to discharge these “waste.”

C: And the rotten tissues still came out?

H:  No, no. No more tissues but only pus but only a little – not as much as before.

C: Before you took the herbs, did such thing ever happen?

H: No, no, nothing like that!

Similar Thing Happened in the Philippines

C: Amazing, amazing! I now remember of a similar case. There was a patient from the Philippines. He had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The doctor could not do anything except to insert a tube into his abdomen.  After taking the herbs rotten-minced-meat-like tissues flowed out through the tube. It was very smelly. The colour was very dark brown. This rotten tissue kept flowing out of the tube for a few weeks. After two months on the herbs he regained his health. Later an ultrasound showed no more growth in his pancreas.  (For more on this patient:

3.   Health Restored After Herbs


H:  From my thinking, my wife had to undergo a cleansing process. There are too much “germs” inside her and these have to come out. Because of that even the catheter get clogged up. I brought her to the hospital. I told the doctor that she (my wife) is taking herbs for her cancer.

C: What did the doctor say about that?

H: The doctor had no objection with the herbs. It is okay.

C: Amazing! Some doctors get angry if you take herbs. But your doctor is agreeable. That’s the kind of doctor who can help us and co-operate with us. Good, I am happy to hear that.

H: When I met the doctor I asked him to only help drain her urine from the bladder. That was all that I wanted him to do. Even if he prescribed medications, my wife did not take them. The only medications I allowed my wife to take were painkiller and the drip they gave her to help with the urine flow.

Herbs Certainly Helped Her

C: This is really amazing. Do you think that the herbs had helped your wife?

H: Yes, of course. You see doc., after the herbs she had fevers, nausea, vomiting, etc.

C: Okay, when she was in such a condition, what was in your mind?

H: I encouraged my wife to continue with the herbs. Healing was taking place – a cleansing was happening. The cleansing process started from the top and by the 8th day it went down to her lower abdomen and she had so much pain. All her joints and bones all over the body were painful. When she had fevers she trembled.

C: Were you not afraid and wanted to give up?

H: No, she continued to take the herbs. I was giving her all the encouragement.

C: But it was only you who were “pushing” her. What about other people in the family?

H: I was the main person taking care of her. I boiled her herbs. I didn’t trust others to do this chore.

C: Did it not cross your mind that after a week on the herbs – and she had all these problems – you wanted to give up?

H: Sometimes, I did think of that! But your wife and also you doc., did warn me about this healing crisis when I was here for the first time. So I was even more encouraged to proceed. So I persisted. So this month, I did not sleep much having to take care of my wife!

Suffering Before Healing

C: Okay, this is the kind of patient I really want and admire – patient who has such belief and “fighting spirit.” Many patients will write to me after taking herbs for two or three days. They have pains here and there and wanted me to explain why this and that happened. But how am I to know? I am here in Penang and they are there – somewhere so far away in Indonesia, Singapore or Australia. How do you expect me to know and explain everything? But what I know is this – patients would suffer healing crisis after taking the herbs. If you are not prepared to go through this “hump” you will not succeed. This is what I consider the “law of healing.” But many patients will “chicken out” with the slightest discomfort. But good for you that you did not give up and continued taking the herbs.

She Recovered After Twenty-six Days on Herbs

H: Two or three days before I left home to come here today, my wife had recovered. There were no more pains.

C: If you look at her – does she look healthy?

H: Yes, healthy. She can now walk around the house even with her catheter. She could even talk on the phone and laughed. To me she looked healthy.

C: Before the herbs, what were her conditions?

H: She was lethargic and lacked energy.  She had difficulty talking to me over the phone. Her voice was weak and she had pains in her lower abdomen. It was on the 26th day after taking the herbs that I could see her coming to life again and well.

No Poisons for Her

C: What you did for her was correct. We still need the doctors to help us. But what we don’t want is to put poisons into her body.

H: Antibiotics? No, no. We refused that. What we accepted from the doctors were vitamins – okay; painkiller, okay But antibiotics, No!

C: This is a great story. It is patient like this that I really admire.

 4. Beware. The Cancer Can Strike Back

C: You must be aware that her healing journey has just begun. It is not over yet – she is still in the healing process.

H: Yes, exactly.

C: Many patients – after they feel well and don’t feel like dying anymore – they would want to eat this and that.

H: No, no (waving his hands violently). That is not right!

C: So you must be very careful.

H: I am aware of that!

C: Let me warn you again to be careful with what she eats. When she was sick, you took care of her very well and she recovered. Don’t ever change her diet now. After she gets wells, you can slowly introduce one “new” type of food at a time. If that “new food” does not give any problem – you can then introduce another “new” food and see what happens. I can anticipate what your next problem is going to be – it is all about food. So be careful.

Healed Pancreatic Cancer That Turned Rotten

C: Take the case of the patient from the Philippines who had pancreatic cancer I told you earlier. The doctor said he had only three to six months to live. He took herbs and after two months became well. He lived for one and half years! He was able to back to his job –  repairing air-con and fridge. Later, the doctor told him that he was “cured” – no more tumour. He stopped taking the herbs and went back to his “bad” diet. He suffered a relapse and died.

Remember, if your wife suffered a relapse, I am not going to be able to help her again. There is nothing much more that I can do for her.

Don’t Ever Go Back to Your Former “Bad” Diet

C: So this is my reminder again. Now that she has recovered. Remember don’t ever go back to her “bad” diet again. Apart from this diet problem, I do not see any other problem. This is because I have given her enough herbs for her problems. And I am not going to change any of these herbs for now. The only thing is her diet – this is the greatest mistake all cancer patients committed after they get well.

Her Current Problems

C: What are her problems now?

H: Only the urination.

C: Be patient. And did she still discharge those rotten tissues?

H: No more rotten tissues but there is still pus. No blood. No more nausea and vomiting. Even the bloating of her abdomen was resolved.

C: Okay, no need to take that Stomach Function tea for her stomach wind anymore.

H: Yesterday my brother-in-law had a bloated stomach. I gave him the Stomach Function tea. After one night and two days his stomach was flat and he was alright! The herbal tea was effective! (There is no need to cover my face in our video conversation. I would like to share my experience with others).

Part 3: She Found Hope in CA Care

In mid-May, our sister-in-law in Singapore called to inform us that her sister had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She became the fourth person in her family down with cancer. She requested to see us. Of course, we are here to help those who need our help.

We were indeed happy to know that after two and a half hours of conversation with us, Corinna had found hope in what we are doing. We did not promise her a cure – but we promised to do our best to help her! Are we just providing “false hope”? To cancer patients and skeptics, we have this message for them:

As we talked to Corinna that day, we saw the transformation in her! Watch this video!

Let me reproduce the e-mails that Corinna wrote.

26 May 2012

Hello Corinna, I spent the whole of Saturday editing your videos. What stood out is that the first hour at CA Care was probably the darkest hour of your life — never even smile! Then after that there was magic! You put on your sweet, infectious smile! What happened? Look at those photos —  would you like to tell us what happened inside you? We can share that will those who are going to read your story!

                                                         Her first hour of gloom

                                                     The break of dawn!

Dr Chris,  Thank you very much for the photos.

The first two pictures clearly reflected my fear, my frustrations and confusions.

Having been told by the Singapore oncologist that I have no hope and he couldn’t cure me, I was on the verge of giving up. Will this man (you,Dr Chris) who is talking to me now offer me any solution and hope? I was praying then that GOD will show me HIS direction. The 3rd photo showed my eyes closing talking to GOD.

When you started talking, I became more alert and your words slowly flowed to me and I experienced calm and peace.

I just felt at that moment GOD was communicating to me through you. God was telling me that HE will not abandon me, HIS child. You told me you are not the one curing me but GOD. Your words already healed me then as I have never spoken to any human who puts GOD above himself.

You have helped so many cancer patients, yet you are so humble and did not claim any credit for yourself but gave all to GOD as you believe HE did all the healing. You believe and witnessed many miracles. You helped reinstall my faith in GOD. I was lost but I found my way.

The last 4 photos showed my joy in knowing that it is not the end of the world. I will fight this battle with GOD’s help for my family, all who show me so much love and to you Dr Chris who brought life back to me.  

19 May 29012  Hi Dr Chris/Beng Im,

My husband Gerard, daughter Andrea and I would like to thank you both for the great hospitality on 17th May.

Prior to seeing you, I was lost and confused. I wanted very much to go ahead with chemo despite knowing that my chances of survival were extremely slim, if not zero. I am glad to have made the trip to Penang. You and your wife gave us so much warmth and love.

My faith in GOD has strengthened tremendously after hearing all your talks and stories. I felt like GOD was talking to me through you. I knew immediately then that if GOD brought me to this world so beautifully, why do I want to destroy the clean and pure body that he gave me with chemicals? We always say, Let Nature takes its course – so why don’t I let the herbs and plants from Nature and God Almighty heals me.

I have started taking all the herbs on 18 May and they are so sweet smelling, reminds me of what our parents used to give us when we were young. I didn’t feel any pain throughout the day except vomited once in the evening, probably receiving too many visitors and tired myself out.

I slept last night from 11pm to 3.30 am without taking any further painkiller. My sleep was probably disturbed by my colleague sms  telling me that she lost her job. I felt sorry for her as she is under great pressure.

This morning, Gerard and I went to the beach for a stroll. My back was aching but I feel so great now after taking your herbs. I have faith in all your herbs and GOD above will help me walk this difficult path too.

Thanks once again for everything Dr. Chris and I will continue to update you on my progress. May GOD Bless you and Beng Im always as this world needs you both to bring joy, hope and happiness.

Warmest regards

22 May 2012  Good afternoon Dr Chris,

Guess who called me earlier? I was shocked that he called me personally — The Oncologist !!!!! He asked me why I didn’t follow up with him after seeing him last Monday 14 May. He said I should go for treatment as he thinks there is still hope for me (??????).

I told him I have decided to go for herbal and he repeated that I should reconsider chemo. He said he has read my blood and urine test and I should seriously consider chemo. He asked me to go down to his clinic for further advice as he feels I should give him a chance to talk to me.

I am surprised that someone who dashed my hope reversed his gear so fast. Suddenly he thinks there is hope when in the first place he didn’t even read all my test reports last week when I was in his clinic. I would have waivered if not for the faith you built in me. I am glad that I am strong enough to know what I myself want.

I have already put all my trust in GOD and in your herbs and I will stand by my own decision.

Today is my 5th day on your herbs and I am already feeling so much better. The pain has sudsided a lot and I am much stronger, happier and able to sleep well at night.

Once again I thank you very much for helping me and enlightening me in my most difficult time of my life.  

24 May 2012  Dear Dr Chris,

Thanks very much for your reply and great advice. I would like to update you on my progress as today is my 7th day taking yr herbs. For the past few days, I am able to go to the beach for a walk every morning for half to an hour. But when I am back, I will feel a little tired, on/off nauseous and some discomfort when I cough with spasms from my abdomen once or twice. Strangely thereafter, I would look forward to taking your herbs and every day after the first bowl, all my tiredness, nauseating and discomfort disappeared.

By noon, I become very lively and energetic and I don’t even feel that I’m sick. I know that the herbs are working well on me as my appetite has improved tremendously. I’m following the strict healthy diet recommended by your wonderful wife and I’m glad I have the discipline to do so.

Yes, you can go ahead and write my story even with my name / identity and face. There is no need to mask my “pretty” face – ha, ha, ha!!!! I give you my full approval. I believe God sent you to heal me as you give me so much joy and comfort at my darkest moment in my life when I’m lost and confused. I would have given up and surrendered if not for my prayers been answered by GOD to show me direction to find life again.

Tks vm

Warmest regards, Corinna

Her full story:

Part 1: An Encounter with an Oncologist – A great disappointment

Part 2: Conversation with Chris Teo in Penang

Part 3: She found Hope in CA Care 

Note: After taking herbs for 2 to 3 weeks, patient decided she wanted to go for chemotherapy. While of chemo, she died in the early morning of 12 December 2012.

Colon Cancer Part 2: Her Treatment in India

India is cheaper with medical treatments and they have similar equipments to advanced countries.

CT scan revealed the tumor was almost obstructing the rectum, the surgeon suggested an emergency surgery to divert the stools so as to prevent blockage. I have had thirty radiation treatments and three cycles of chemotherapy.

You had radiotherapy at the same time took xeloda? Did they tell you radiotherapy is going to cure or shrink your tumour? Why did you agree to do the radiotherapy? Did you suffer any side effects when on radiation?

They told me radiation would shrink the tumor so they could do the surgery because I did not want a permanent colostomy.  Now that I think back, if the tumor was truly about to block the rectum, then I would not be having normal size bowel movements. But my bowel movements were normal in size, I guess they deceived me there again.

I had side effects; my bladder was on fire (burning)! Every time I urinated I cried because it burned as I urinated, I reduced my liquid intake because I did not want to urinate. I was urinating about every 30 minutes.  When I told the radiologist about the pain, he said it was impossible; it was too early to have any symptoms. I started having symptoms after the first week. I lost all my genital hair.  My whole genital area was irritated and which itched and itched and itched! Nothing relieved this itch.  One of the doctors said “you’re young, you should be able tolerate the pain”.  They then gave me Urispass after I complained for 3 weeks, to help with the burn when urinating.

A week after I started radiation was when I started to sweat excessively.  I have bouts of internal heat even when I am in an air-conditioned room. My whole head/face/back and chest would look like I poured water on it.

Also, with the chemo, I had nerve tingles in my hands and feet. I also had prickly sensation all over my body occasionally. I don’t get the tingles anymore, but the prickly sensation still appears once in while.

I was not informed about any side effect of radiation. The only thing they did was to ask if I am married. I said no, and they proceeded. I asked, begged for the doctors to talk to me, all I got was, we are trying to help you, calm down be grateful and take the pain.  But eventually I got tired of them saying they were trying to help me, I quit for three weeks after I had a fight with the clinic.  The doctor actually said “you are going to die if you stop the treatment, the disease is advanced” and I yelled, it’s been advanced for almost two years I AM STILL ALIVE!!!  They then told me, if I do not continue the treatment the only surgery they could do was take out the whole rectum and take out the vagina and if they should try to do that, it would result in death. I cried, my mum cried, nobody cared that I was just another random paying patient!

I asked to know the amount of radiation I was getting, they said they couldn’t tell me, I asked to view my file, they said I couldn’t.  I know every patient has a right to view their file upon request because they paid for it!

I have refused surgery because the surgeon plans to take out the whole rectum and vagina.   I refused Chemo IV after the first, gave me bad burns on both my arms and close up my throat.

When did you complete all these treatment?   

Radiation was completed in October. I stopped taking Xeloda December last year (2011).

What are your plans after treatment?

My plan is to start a fulfilling job in the health industry and enjoy the life I have prevented myself from enjoying for all these years.   Everyone that can afford it wants to eat what Americans are eating.  They need someone to teach them to stick to their own food.

Give us an idea of what it cost to be treated in an Indian hospital.

  1. Visit to oncologist,what is the consulation?  Less than US$20 per visit
  2. Total cost of opeation for colostomy?  About US$6,000
  3. Total cost of 30 radiation?  US$8,000 including tests.
  4. One cycle of Xeloda? Around US$5 per pill. Around $270 for a cycle.
  5. Are the facilities good — clean? The facilities are okay since it’s an international hospital.  About 50percent overall cleanliness, but the toilets were 20 percent clean. I bought my own bleach and cleaning supplies because I am very fussy about clean bathrooms.
  6. Are the doctors and nurses pleasant to deal with, well trained?

For every ten nurses, only two spoke English at a level that can be fairly understood.  I believe they are well trained but the nurses don’t follow procedures like I believe they were trained. I had to remind them to clean the injection site with alcohol/spirit before giving the injection. They rarely wear gloves so there could be cross contamination among patients.

I had to inject myself a few times because they didn’t know how to administer Intramuscular injections in the thigh. My butt was in a sea of pain, because they don’t administer pain medications through the IV unless in the ICU.  However, most of them are pleasant!  The doctors are well trained and spoke good English. The surgeon was trained in France.  I think that is one of their strongest qualities, general surgery, transplant/orthopedics, cosmetic surgery.

What are your experiences with the doctors in indian hospital?

They feel the doctors have the final say and know all, even the nurses dare not question the doctors.  It was surprising that, aside from Indian food, patients were provided junk food like French fries.  The fresh juices were again loaded with sugar.  They didn’t seem to understand that sugar feeds cancer. I declined dextrose IV because it caused pain since it was sugar. They thought it was in my head.  They ignored me until I pulled out the IV myself.

There were flies in the hospital and the food had stones and hair in them.  Most people don’t wear shoes in the hospital with the amount of diseases in the hospital.  In the clinic I went to receive radiation, I was told I would not receive treatment if I do not remove my sandals, meanwhile people walk barefoot on the street, so there really is no difference between those wearing shoes and those walking barefoot. We are all bringing in the same dirt.

I noticed the doctors don’t follow-up with their patients.  If you don’t show up for an appointment, they don’t even bother to ask the nurses to find out the status of the patient.  I stopped seeing my surgeon since October 2011. It wasn’t until I went to the hospital in January 2012 that he saw me walking by and asked “Oh, are you okay?”

The Oncologist

Your article made me remember when I was arguing with the oncologist a few months ago about chemo.  I accused him about the so-called cure and ask for the percentage rate. He said the best is 25%!!! I was flabbergasted! And even when radiation is included the maximum is 30%. Then he proceeded to suggest I have chemo for one whole year. I laughed and said that’s not going to happen, God forbid I stay on chemo for a year. He looked at me as if I didn’t know the severity of the illness. I told him, But you know that chemo and radiation cause secondary cancers.  He told me to stop reading the internet and all those are not true! I smiled and made a mental note not to share anything with him again.


Before radiation, nobody ever bothered to explain the side effects to me, I knew that there would be some effects with my reproductive organs, I asked for a fertility center, so I could at least preserve my eggs. They said there was none in the state and I stupidly believed them.  After twenty bouts of radiation later, I found a clinic, they said they couldn’t help by then.  I cried so much and had a fight with the doctors for acting like they were God and the sole decision maker. I was very upset. I learned that because the cancer was stage 4, they didn’t think I would survive to be able to have children anyway.

Before the treatment you were not told about the side effects of chemo or radiation?

They told me nothing with radiation. But for chemo, they said nausea, hair loss and fatigue but, I didn’t have them.  Instead, I had terrible heart burns that felt like a heart attack.  I still have hair on my head. I’m sure the oncologist will have a heart attack if he sees me without my hat/scarf.

Did the oncologist / radiologist know that you are taking supplements and herbs?

The radiologist said I should not take anything. These might make the side-effects of the radiation worse. The oncologist said not to take anything that may reduce the efficacy of the chemo.  I told them I was only taking one multi-vitamin but continued taking all my supplements.

Did they oppose or support your desire to take herbs and supplements? What did they say?

They opposed as they didn’t think it could have positive effects, only negative. When I informed the oncologist I was going to use herbs to improve my WBC, he said herbs won’t work, that I was better off taking the injection to boost it. When I asked  where I could find alternate treatments, they said only the temple/church.

Then you found cancer care? How do you know us then? Any one told you about us.

God pointed me in the direction of CA Care. Nobody told me. Nobody I know knows CA Care. I prayed during my ordeal and I told God, I don’t want all these chemicals, they are hurting me. I was always sad when taking these treatments. I wanted to be better and not become more sick. A few days later, I started seeing advertisements on TV about Malaysia.  It would show pictures of Malaysia and how beautiful it is, and encouraged tourists to visit.  The commercial always ended with “Malaysia, truly Asia”. I told my mum, I want to visit Malaysia. One of my friends promised me a vacation after I get out of the hospital, and asked where I would like to go. I said Malaysia. I didn’t know anyone or anything about Malaysia but, my spirit wanted to go for some reason. My subconscious knew something I didn’t know.  A few weeks later, I said a prayer and got on the internet just searching. I don’t remember the specific thing I was searching for. I was just searching, knowing God will lead me where I needed to go and I came upon

I don’t believe in coincidences and I know everything happens for a reason. I went through the site and it clicked in my mind, this is why I have been seeing Malaysia on TV.  Since then, I have not seen that commercial on TV. God is indeed wonderful!



Ben Died, My First Lesson from Heaven – Death is not a failure!

The first patient who took our herbs was Ben. He had colon cancer that had spread extensively to his liver. This happened way back in July 1995. Ben wrote, “There would be no medicine for me. I was advised to prepare my will as soon as possible. I was stunned for a moment. My wife, Cindy and I broke down. I thought I am going to die.“

Ben underwent palliative chemotherapy and at the same time started to take herbs, starting 20 July 1995.  His health turned for the better.  Ben and Cindy came to our house every week to help take care of other cancer patients, as more and more patients came to seek our help.  For Ben to be able to live a quality life was an inspiration for us. At that time, we knew “nothing” about cancer. So through Ben we started to learn many things about cancer.

In the early morning of 29 October 1996, Ben passed away, rather unexpectedly.  According to Cindy, Ben asked for an extra pillow. As she went to take it from the cupboard, Ben put his hands together and went home peacefully. According to the doctors, most parts of his liver had stopped functioning months before.  It was a great wonder that he could still continue to live for more than a year. According to Cindy, one of the doctors commented that, Someone Above was helping him along!

I was at Ben’s grave site, a broken person.  When they buried Ben, I felt as if half of me also followed Ben into the grave.  It was a sad day indeed.  My heart mourned and cried out “I want to give up Cancer Care.  There is no point for me to carry on … Ben had lost his battle against cancer … I have failed!  What is the point of going on? Indeed this failure was a big blow to my ego! I was naive then. But, later I learnt that I was not the only healer who feels this way. These  two famous doctors also felt likewise.

However, in this time of grief, it dawned upon me that I have erred terribly … Chris Teo,  are you playing God?  No one lives forever.  No mortal on earth can decide who lives or who dies or for how long.  Life is God’s prerogative.  He gives and He takes away.  I soon realized that instead of abandoning what we had built, we should instead build upon it.  We should take note of how Ben had benefited from the herbs and count those blessings.

Death comes sooner or later to everyone, to the healthy as well as the sick.  Death is never the issue. Life is. To live is a challenge. It needs determination, courage and wisdom.  Someday, when you are tired, sore or bored with life, death becomes a healing.

As we begin to take account of the blessings in Ben’s case, we realize again that there is no reason for grief.  The doctors gave Ben two months to live but Ben lived one year, three months and eighteen days.  However, it is not the length of time that mattered.  What is more important is the quality of life Ben had.  Ben lived a full happy life.  He did not take life for granted.  He anticipated and made preparations for his departure.  He enjoyed whatever time he had with Cindy, having daily picnics and enjoying Penang’s natural spots under those shady trees.  Ben even designed his own grave!  He taught Cindy how to manage the chores of daily life without him like paying utility bills, taking care of the car, etc.  When he departed, it was neither a sudden good-bye nor a slow painful death. Perhaps on this point alone, we take consolation that many people who were on the herbs died without much pain and their death came easily and peacefully.

From our experience with Ben, we realize that having only herb capsules A and B is not adequate to help the cancer patients.  We need to do more research and find herbs that can alleviate pain, coughs, and a host of other problems that often afflict cancer patients.  On this point, as I was writing this passage, the phone rang.  It was from a lady who had come to see me the previous week.  Her father had a severe stabbing pain in the back. The doctor prescribed pain killers but they were not effective. He took the Pain Tea only twice and the pain disappeared.  There was no need for any pain killer drug!  She called to relay her father’s thank you.

Unfortunately, Ben did not live long enough to benefit from this discovery.  Many after him benefited.  But we all owe it to Ben, our experiences with him widened our vision and understanding of the needs of cancer patients. One fact that amazed Cindy very much was that Ben never before believed in taking herbs! He was so particular that he would not even touch any medicine unless it was prescribed by his doctor.  And then we had this same Ben taking herbs given by a complete stranger. When a friend from his church suggested our herbs he immediately agreed to take them without any hesitation.  In retrospect, we always believe the Almighty God works in ways we cannot understand or foresee. When Ben completed his mission, he left us for Eternal Rest, his ultimate healing.

We now realize that we are not alone if we feel miserable or like a failure.  Such feelings are normal but we must not allow these “failures” to affect us because there are actually not failures!  Dr. Barbara Joseph said this:

Nose (NPC) Cancer: Eleven Plus Years on Herbs Part 2: An Angel Led Me to CA Care

The CA Care Therapy

  • An “angel” – my secretary – read about CA Care in the net. She made copies of your articles and left them on my table. She saw my sufferings and was very much against what I was doing.
  • From your website I got to know what you are doing.
  • In CA Care you talk about healing and that is what I am looking for – the approach fits into my scheme of thinking.
  • To me herbs are the way to go to build up my immune system to “fight” whatever is the cause of my problem.
  • This is my wake up call. God talked to me – “Cancer is not my way of torturing you.” This cancer is God’s way to making me realize that something has gone wrong in my life.
  • Healing is also related to my diet and the environment.
  • The taste and smell of the herbs are bad – what was your reaction to that? I am a Chinese brought up in a Chinese family – we learn that good medicine is supposed to taste bitter. It did not matter to me.
  • Cancer healing requires change – did you change? Having cancer requires that I change – my diet, my lifestyle, my perception towards life – and I will change. I want healing as promised by God. God does not talk about curing.
  • I have been taking the herbs since 2001 until now (as of this writing – 2012 – eleven years). There is no adverse reaction or side effects of the herbs.
  • After taking the herbs, I felt much better – I can sleep well – my piles problem had resolved – that’s the good side effect.
  • What do you think are the main contributing factors that make what you are today? Change – change of lifestyle, change of diet and reliance on the herbs.


  • Empowerment comes from knowledge generated by your own experience. It is a learning process.
  • This is where the role of your CA Care comes in.
  • With knowledge you are always challenged – to see things critically. Why is this not good and why is that not good. Living today you are challenged all the time. This is why knowledge is so important.
  • With the experience that you have gone through and with the experience that you have acquired – do you need to fear if the cancer comes back again? It is not that I don’t fear – I always hope that I don’t get it again. But even if I get it again I know what I am going to do. This is the crux of empowerment. Most people, after their treatments would go home and don’t know what to do – wondering when cancer would strike again.

My Comments

Dr. Barry Boyd (in The Caner Recovery Plan) wrote, “Many doctors don’t bother to counsel their patients after treatment. Once cancer treatment is completed, most patients are left on their own to cope with the rest of their lives. This is what I call falling off the cliff. Patients are left in free fall.”

At CA Care we take a different approach to healing cancer. To us, cancer is not just about a tumour in your nose, breast or lung. It is about you, as a human being. Our experience tells us that if you want to heal yourself, one most important thing you must do is change – change your attitude, your lifestyle and your diet. There is no two ways about it.

The prime goal of CA Care is patients’ empowerment. If cancer patients want to live, they must use their commonsense and have guts to act accordingly. They should not simply accept whatever is being dished out to them. If you take everything that is offered to you and accept your fate as pronounced by the experts, you are like what people say: lambs led to the slaughter.  Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. wrote, “I am convinced that the best protection against evil that lurks among us – and make no mistake that it lurks among us – is information.”

To know is knowledge, but knowledge without practice is no use! There is no point knowing if you don’t want to practice what you have learnt. To practice means to change. Most people find it very hard to make changes. They like to keep old habits, live the same lifestyle and keep doing the same things. How can they ever become better?

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Breast Cancer: Herbs and e-Therapy Restored Her Wellbeing After 106 Times of Radiation Treatments Part 7: My Journey of Ignorance

Acknowledgment: Permission to use this video without having to hide her identity is granted by the patient.

This is a bitter-sweet story of Le, a 37-year-old female from Indonesia. She came to us on 14 October 2011 after having been diagnosed with breast cancer that had probably spread to her lungs. She had undergone 106 radiation treatments besides taking a variety of supplements.

1. I found a small lump in my breast in 2003. I ignored it. In 2009, the lump grew bigger and I felt it while lying down. I went to see a doctor who told me to do a biopsy. I declined. I did not want to do chemo or radiation.

2.  Why did you go and see the doctor then? Le: Just to know if the lump was cancerous or not!

3. The doctor confirmed it was a cancer. I declined medical treatment and opted for supplements and alternative therapies instead.

4. I took “something.” I did not what the concoction was. This cost me six million rupiah per month. The tumour grew bigger.

5.  After taking the concoction, the tumour grew bigger – didn’t you realize that you were not on the correct path?  Le: No, I never thought of that!

6. I didn’t know where else to go. I bought all kinds of products to take. One supplement that I took for a year cost me 700,000 rupiahs per day – each gulp of this supplement cost 700,000 rupiah.

7. The tumour grew bigger and eventually burst.

8. I had no choice. I agreed to go for radiotherapy.

9. After the radiation the tumour shrunk. But four months later another tumour recurred at the collarbone. It was a small lump and then grew bigger until I had a very big lump around my neck.

10. Why did you wait for it to grow so big before going for another round of radiation? Le: I was hoping by taking the supplements the lump would shrink.

11. Since the lump grew bigger and bigger when you were taking the supplements, why did you continue taking them – even when they didn’t seem to help? Le: I just continued taking them. I waited and waited until the lump grew bigger and bigger. 

12. Then I went for more radiation (in total I had 106 radiation treatments). Later they radiated my ovaries for six times. 

13. Before the completion of all my radiation treatments, another lump recurred in my abdomen. 

14. While undergoing the radiotherapy, I was asked to take Tamoxifen. Ten days on Tamoxifen my wrists swelled and I could not bend my fingers. After a month on Tamoxifen I could not walk. 

15. I had to use the wheelchair and my husband had to carry me.

16. My good friend from Makassar called. She told me my body could not take the radiation anymore. I should stop the treatment. But where do I go? I have tried all the alternatives and failed. My friend to me, “Go to Chris Teo. You can check him out on the internet.”

17. Let me ask you this question – if you were to start all over again from 2009 when you felt the lump in your breast – what would you have done? Le: I would come to see you. I would not want to go for medical treatments.

18. When you had that small lump, you went to see the doctor but why did you not want him to do something for you? Le: I went to see a “sinseh”. He told me I had this disease because of my sins. What kind of “sinseh” was that?

19.  What I wanted to know is, do you know that if you have a cancerous lump in your breast, the best option is to have it removed by the doctor? Le: If I were to have met you then, it is most likely that I would follow your advice and have the lump removed. Because after that I can take the herbs, okay – that I would agree. But I don’t want to go for chemotherapy or radiotherapy after the surgery. Unfortunately, I did not know about you then.

It is with sadness to learn that Le had to be hospitalized after her return to Surabaya because the cancer had spread to her liver. She died on 6 January 2012

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Breast Cancer: Herbs and e-Therapy Restored Her Wellbeing After 106 Times of Radiation Treatments Part 6: Four Days of Healing at CA Care

Acknowledgment: Permission to use this video without having to hide her identity is granted by the patient.

This is a bitter-sweet story of Le, a 37-year-old female from Indonesia. She came to us on 14 October 2011 after having been diagnosed with breast cancer that had probably spread to her lungs. She had undergone 106 radiation treatments besides taking a variety of supplements.  She presented with aches and pains throughout her body, especially the joints. Bodily movements were difficult.  She could not sleep well and she had coughs.

After four days here, how do you feel now? Le: Healthier. I feel better.

When you came here last Friday (four days ago), compared to to-day, do you feel you are better? Le: Yes. I can walk faster now. I have more energy. It is like I was before I had cancer. When I came here I was still tired and lethargic. But yesterday I could walk from the apartment to the market. My husband took the wrong turn and we missed the market. We had to walk up and down everywhere. But I was alright. I had no problem walking. And I also walked fast. Before I had to drag my feet when walking and my back was hunched.

What about your sleep? Le: Before I came here, I had to wake up five times a night to urinate. I coughed. So my sleep was not good and disturbed. I often had dreams of my loved ones who had died. They came to invite me to “go home”. After I took the herbs and did the e-Therapy I could sleep well. I had no more dreams.

In terms of bodily movements, are you more agile now? I realized the first day you were here, you had difficulty moving your hands, etc. Le: I am back to being a normal person now. I can do the following (demonstrate all the actions):

  1. Raise my arms up high and straight up.
  2. Put my hands behind my heads to tie my hair. Before when I had long hair my daughter had to tie my hair for me.
  3. I can hold the broom and sweep the floor. I can swing my arms.
  4. I can make my bed and fold the blanket.
  5. I can bend down and touch the floor with my hands.
  6. I can bend my wrists.
  7. I can undress and wear the bra by myself.
  8. I can fold my legs and cut my toe nails.
  9. I can climb in bed right away without any having to slide in slowly.
  10. I can fold my arms and use my little finger to clean my ear.
  11. I can clap my hands – no pain.
  12. I can use my hand to smack the mosquito – no pain. Before it was painful even to touch the skin.
  13. I can snap my fingers and make this clicking sound.
  14. I can grasp something and bend my fingers.
  15. When I breathe deeply, there is no more tightness in my chest.
  16. This morning I walked faster than my husband.

Now you seem to have regained your movements and quality of life. Are you happy? Le: Yes. This is what I have been hoping for. When I was unable to walk I told my pastor that I wanted to die. I have lost all hope. This is because

  • Movements were so difficult.
  • I can’t even scratch my buttock when I felt itchy. My husband had to help me scratch.
  • I could not button my trousers – my husband had to do this for me.

See now, I can twist my body to the right or left without any pain, I can stand on one leg and I can eat rice with my hand.

Now do you still want to die? Le: No, no more.

I really don’t know why I did what I did that Friday night (four days ago). Usually I would only ask you to take the herbs first for a few weeks or months before going into the e-Therapy. However, that night I sensed that you were having much difficulties and so we decided to put you on the e-Therapy right away. I did not know why I did that. Perhaps it was God who was helping you!

Okay, four days on the Therapy. Did you feel good? Le: Absolutely good.

Are you confident now? Le: Absolutely confident. When I came here, I knew that this is God’s answer to my prayers.

When you go home, take the herbs as instructed. Then you must take care of your diet as we have taught you. Exercise. Don’t think too much – relax and take it easy. Don’t stress yourself too much. What is important is to try to live a normal life. Le: My facial appearance looks good now. More “glow”.

Okay, I am real happy. Please take care when you are at home. Remember what we have told you. Do not do anything that is not right. And above all, remember that healing takes time. Have patience. 

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