Pancreatic Cancer: Is There Another Option?

Pancreatic Cancer is one of the deadliest cancer, killing 95 percent or more of it’s victims within five year of diagnosis. Dr. Martin Scurr wrote in an article: Why MOST doctors like me would rather DIE than endure the pain of treatment we inflict on others for terminal diseases: Insider smashes medicine’s big taboo, in the Daily Mail, UK, 14 February 2012.:

  • … having illnesses such as advanced pancreatic cancer means there’s only a tiny chance of survival.
  • But most people — patients and their relatives — have hugely unrealistic expectations about what modern medicine can do to help those with life-threatening illnesses.
  • With pancreatic cancer, for example, which is often diagnosed late, the average length of time between diagnosis and death is usually less than six months.
  • If I had the disease, I would not attempt any of the treatments for it, such as chemotherapy, because it can be gruelling and misery-making, and the success rate is extremely low. I would rather have painkilling palliative care, which can do great things in helping to make you feel comfortable while you are dying.

Is There Another Option?  Yes, there is but you need to understand your responsibility, your commitment and your reality. There are two stories for you to ponder on.

Story 1: Pancreatic cancer – declined medical treatment – lived for over three years 

Chai was 39 years old when he was diagnosed with carcinoma of the pancreatic head on 16 September 1999. MRI done in Singapore on 21 September 1999 indicated an irregular mass in the head of the pancreas measuring 4.4 x 5.7 x 4 cm. The doctors gave Chai three months to live.

Chai declined further medical intervention and opted for herbs.

On 30 May 2003,Chai’s sister told us that Chai had died in April 2003, ten days before his forty-third birthday. He complained of pains in the chest a week prior to his death but he ignored the symptoms. His sister also told us that Chai put on weight since he started taking herbs. He was doing very well and went around telling his friends that he did not have cancer any more. Unfortunately, being a vibrant young man, Chai did not follow our dietary advice. He ate whatever he liked. On top of that, he also smoked and drank liquor. He paid for his misadventure dearly. For example, on 3 January 2001, his sister informed us that Chai had pains in the abdomen and was hospitalised. His face was swollen and he was severely jaundiced.


A terminal case of pancreatic cancer with a prognosis of only three months to live survived for more than three years without any medical treatment but by just taking herbs. This is indeed an amazing healing.

No medical intervention means no costly medical bills to settle, no suffering and an ability to lead a normal life. This is a great blessing indeed. We could not have asked for more.

I am reminded of what Claude Bernard wrote in 1865:

  • A physician who tries a remedy and cures his patients, is inclined to believe that the cure is due to his treatment. But the first thing to ask them is whether they have tried doing nothing, i.e., not treating other patients, for how can they otherwise know whether the remedy or nature cured them? 

Story 2: Healing of Pancreatic Cancer Turned Rotten

This is a letter we received from Ms. Koreena Mabalot Locke (use of real name with permission), on 27 February 2003.

Dear Dr. Teo,

I am writing to thank you for all the help your organization and herbs have given to me and my father. My father, Conrado Mabalot, who is from the Philippines, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in mid-2002. The tumour was very large, 18 x 13.4 x 2.4 cm and was pressing on all the other internal organs. The doctor in Baguio City, Philippines said it was inoperable and wouldn’t suggest further chemo as he is already old.

(In our conversation: Koreena said that the doctor did an open and close operation. He fitted a by-pass tube which hangs out of the stomach. The doctor also told her mother that the patient has only 3 to 6 months to live and said: Whatever he wants to eat, just give him. Sounds like a desperate advice!).

I came to know about CA CARE through two of your books that were lent to me by a pharmacist friend. At that time she advised me that your methods were rather radical if compared to the medical profession. Your use of the rodent tuber as part of your herbal remedy was not really accepted.

My husband urged me to contact you after reading your books. As the prognosis given by the Philippines doctors was 3 to 6 months to live, my husband said that there could be no harm in trying something radical. So I sent you a fax, to the number that was printed in the books. I got a reply that directed me to Khadijah and Johan and I then turned to them for further help.

We sent your herbs to the Philippines and then a month later we visited him at his home in Agoo, La Union, Philippines. (This was perhaps the last time that I would be able to see my father alive, so we made this special trip to the Philippines, since the doctor said he is to die very soon). I explained the method of brewing the tea and how to consume it. Of course, all these were explained to me by your very helpful group in Subang. We kept sending a monthly batch of herbs and capsules regularly.

(After taking the herbs: Rotten-minced-meat-like tissues flowed out through the tube. It was very smelly. The colour was very dark brown. This rotten tissue kept flowing out of the tube for a few weeks).

My father’s recovery has been, if I may use the word, MIRACULOUS. After two months on the herbs he began to eat and put on weight. He gained his strength in leaps and bounds. At the end of the fourth month, my mother and relatives told me that he was stronger than he was a year ago. In January 2003, my father had gone for his check up (ultra sound scanning). As my mother explained, the doctors themselves could not believe the result. There was absolutely no sign of the tumour or growth. I was jumping with joy. I must confess that before the ultra-sound scan, we were just happy that my father was feeling good, but to be told by the astonished doctors that they could not find anything wrong with him, well, that was simply astounding.

All family members of anyone that is diagnosed with the big C cannot but feel helpless. Even with the conventional therapies given by the hospitals, total recovery is never assured. After reporting to you personally the diagnosis of my father’s latest check up, I realized that even you did not want to admit that the cure is 100%. … I wish to thank everyone at CA CARE at Subang – Khadijah, Johan and Patrick and most especially you, Dr. Teo, for the help and understanding that was shown to me and my family in my time of need.

Thank you very very much. KML

Medical History

Name: Conrado Wania Mabalot Male, Age: 68  Address:  La Union, Philippines.

First week of June 2002: Experienced pain around abdomen, Pain killer was prescribed. Mid-June 2002, ultrasound revealed a mass around pancreas. Doctor said it started from the tail.

Late June 2002: Specialist advised CT scan which confirmed growth in pancreas and advised surgery to remove it. Prior admittance to GH, test indicated enlargement of the heart.  

CT scan report dated June 26, 2002:CT scan of the upper abdomen … reveals a 18 x 13.4 x 2.4 cm mixed density irregularly enhancing mass with loculations in the left hemiabdomen involving the pancreas and stomach. Impression: pancreatic carcinoma infiltrating the stomach. 

Upper Abdominal CT scan dated July 2, 2002: Re-evaluation of outside upper abdominal CT scan taken June 26, 2002 shows the following significant findings:  Large mixed isodense and hypodense mass lesion … the mass intimately related to the tail and distal body of the pancreas. Contiguous body of the pancreas is also enlarged.The mass is extragastric with the mass encroaching the greater curvature of the stomach and displacing it medially, the transverse colon is also compressed posteriorly. Nodule component of the mass impinges and extends into the lumen of the distal body of the stomach. The mass measures 12.4 x 13.4 cm in its widest diameter, its height is 18 cm. Findings are consistent with pancreatic body and tail neoplasm.

9 July 2002: During surgery, growth was found to be too advanced and clinging to the other organs. Doctors could not remove the growth.

16 July 2002: Discharged from hospital, not given any medication.

 Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center: Summary and Discharges, dated July 16, 2002

Impression: Pancreatic CA Important treatment: laparotomy, gastrojejunostomy, placement of drain, biopsy.Final diagnosis: Pancreatic CA Remarks: May go home.

18th July 2002: Started to take spirulina at the same time came to CA Care, Subang Jaya.

Koreena wrote again in reply to our clarification:

His condition before taking herbs:
a. He slept so little , 2 to 3 hours and then got up.

b. He could walk a few steps only because he felt tired. Then he would sit down and most of the time he was lying down.

c. He couldn’t eat much; maybe 2 – 4 tablespoons of food then would stop because he felt something blocking every time he tried to eat.

His condition after taking herbs:
a. He started to eat more and then he gained weight.

b. His skin colour changed, in fact, even better than two years ago.

c. His can even work, repair aircons, fridge, etc.

d. He can sleep in any position.

After the ultrasound in January 2003, the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him and everybody couldn’t believe what had happened. Even the doctor who did the surgery couldn’t figure out what happened. Then, for the first time my mother told my father that he had pancreas cancer, Stage 4 and that the doctor told her that he got only 3 to 6 months to live!

Now my father is home and is doing all the work that he used to do. He is still taking all the herbs, spirulina and an iron vitamin.

Ultrasound report dated January 27, 2003: The liver is not enlarged with smooth borders. The intrahepatic bile ducts and vessels are undilated. The gallbladder is not enlarged. The spleen is normal. The pancreas is not enlarged. The head measures 1.6 cm, the body measures 1.05 cm, the tail measuring 1.65 cm. with smooth borders and homogenous parenchymal echopattern. Impression: normal liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys and urinary bladder.

Healing Turned Rotten

It was 8 p.m., Friday 26 March 2004 when I got a call from Koreena. She told me that her father’s pancreatic cancer had recurred sometimes in December 2003. (Note: He started taking herbs in July 2002).

This relapse did not surprise me at all, for we knew that he had stopped taking the herbs after he became well and after the doctor certified via an ultrasound finding that the cancer was gone! Bravo – he was cured and he went back to his old ways – old lifestyle and took in all the bad food all over again.

The doctor told the family that his condition this time was worse than the previous time – it would be lucky if he could last till his next birthday; that was in May.


This case is one of the best results we ever had with pancreatic cancer. But unfortunately it turned rotten rather fast. However, if we view this case positively, it was not bad at all. The patient survived one and a half years!  The doctor gave him only 3 to 6 months to live when he was diagnosed with this late stage cancer.

It is indeed frustrating. Human beings don’t learn. I have been telling all cancer patients this: Never ever think that your cancer is cured. It can come back. Do not be complacent. You must not go back to your old lifestyle and start taking those rubbish food again. This kind of message often always never gets into their heads. The moment a test or scan shows that the cancer is gone or is under control, they forget everything that I told them. I told Koreena this: God has given one chance and her father did not wake up to this call. He took this blessing for granted. I don’t know if there is going to be another chance. I have many more frustrating stories like this.

In my work, I take comfort in this prayer (by Reinhold Niebuhr): O God, grant me the courage to change the things I can, change, the serenity to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference. Your will be done!

I realize that it is impossible to change human beings. They need to change themselves.