Being alive and healthy is not good enough, he wanted a “CURE”

Jack (not real name) is a 69-year-old Indonesian. Some 20 years ago, he was told he had hepatitis B. For all these years he did nothing about it. And he did not have any symptom.

In May 2013, he went to a private hospital in Melaka for a checkup.

  • Blood test — tumour markers and liver function enzymes — were all within normal range, except for a slightly low platelet count.
  • Ultrasound of upper abdomen showed a heterogenous solid lesion in segment 7 measuring 5.7 x 6.8 cm. There are multiple cysts in both lobes of liver measuring 7 to 12 mm in size. Multiple cysts in left kidney, largest 2.9 x 4.9 cm and a large right renal cyst, 8.4 x 10.1 cm.
  • CT scan of abdomen confirmed a 7 x 6 x 6 cm tumour in segment 7 of liver. This is suspicious of HCC (liver cancer).

Not satisfied, Jack went to Singapore for second opinion.

  • MRI on 4 June 2013 confirmed the presence of a large enhancing mass lesion in segment 7 and 6, measuring 6.2 x 6.2 x 5.3 cm. The right kidney cyst was 10.3 x 6.8 cm in size.
  • There was no MRI evidence of extrahepatic metastatic disease.


 Jack came back to Penang again. Blood test done in a private hospital on 12 June 2013, showed everything was normal. Two days later, he and his family came to seek our help. Listen to our conversation that day.



Chris: You have consulted three doctors. What did they ask you to do?

Son: All the three doctors suggested surgery, remove 45 percent of the liver.

C: Did you ask if doing this can cure?

S: There is a high chance that the cancer would recur after 2 years.

C: How much is it going to cost you?

S: If done in Singapore it is SGD 45,000. If in Malaysia it is RM 45,000.

C: So, what do you want to do? Go for surgery?

Patient: If possible, I want to avoid that.

Jack was prescribed liver herbs. On 30 April 2014, almost a year later, Jack’s son wrote:

Dear Dr. Chris: My father shows no sign of pain and has good appetite. He lost a lot weight but has since maintained at around 59 kg. Apparently last month he went for USG on his own without us knowing. The result showed slight increase in the size of the tumor.

One month later, May 2014, Jack and his son came to our centre.

Chris: How are you doing?

P: Fine, except that the food is not delicious. Because I cannot eat meat.

C: Okay, you can go home and die!

Listen to this story:  This patient who was medically given up told us that he would like to eat what he liked because he did not want to die with an empty stomach and turned into a hungry ghost! One year 8 months later, he died.

P: I am growing thinner.

C: Why do you want to grow fat? You are not a pig or a cow — to be sold by the kilos. Being alive and healthy, with no pain, can eat, can walk, can sleep — what else do you want?


Unfortunately, most patients are like Jack. When they feel well — the first problem they encounter is their diet. Cannot eat this, cannot eat that. This is the most common complaint!

Read this story and listen carefully to the video:

Not long ago, I received an email from the daughter of a patient with medically-given-up pancreatic-liver cancer. She wrote:  Doctor, my father getting fed up eating food without oil. Is it ok if we use small amount of oil or ghee to cook his food? 

To that, I replied:  Let him die if that is what he wants. Go eat what he likes and see what happens. I am not god to give patients permission to eat this or eat that. I am telling you, if you eat bad food you die. As simple as that.

Apart from the diet, another problem facing patients like Jack is the sheer ignorance or the lack of wanting to know the reality of their illness. Three doctors have told Jack that 45 percent of his liver had to be cut off. Does that not sound serious to you? Spend SGD 45,000 or RM 45,000 (take your choice) but within two years, the cancer is expected to come back! Giving you two years is rather generous indeed! You could be dead after the surgery!

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  1. Liver Cancer: 3 cm Tumour OUT, 8 cm Tumour IN After 9 Months and S$28,000-Surgery
  2. Cancer Recurred Three Months After Surgery
  3. And this story — the mother of all disasters, A Great Failure and Let Down. Sam was operated on in October 2008 and by April 2009 he was dead. That was just six months after his liver surgery.

Apart from the sad experiences above, here are what the experts said about liver cancer, like the one that Jack has.

  • Hepatocellular carcinoma is an aggressive cancer that frequently occurs in the setting of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. It is typically diagnosed late in the disease course, often precluding curative surgical therapies.
  1. A total of 850 patients with hepatocellular carcinoma were seen during the last 8 years.
  2. The median survival of 229 patients who received no specific treatment was 1.6 months — 0.7 month for Stage 3 patients, 2.0 months for Stage 2, and 8.3 months for Stage I.
  • From January 1999 to December 2010; 320 out of 825 consecutive patients with a diagnosis of HCC and not appropriate for curative or palliative treatments were followed and managed with supportive therapy. The median overall survival was 6.8 months, corresponding to 33% of the patients being alive at one year.

For the above data, it is clear that patients with HCC or liver cancer would not be able to survive long — average 6.

When Jack came back to see us ONE year later, he was well — only on herbs and change of diet, without any medical drugs. What was not well with him was his dissatisfaction of not being able to eat what he likes — our suggested diet was not delicious enough!

We have many liver cancer patients who are like Jack. They were on our therapy and lived much longer than 6 months. That is if they take care of their diet.

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  3. Only On Herbs And She Lives More Than Five Years!

So, to patients like Jack we ask: Being alive and healthy, with no pain, can eat, can walk, can sleep — what else do you want?

Unfortunately, we know that some patients, even if they are getting better, they do not have a sense of gratitude — to appreciate and be grateful for what they are blessed with. They demanded more — they wanted a total cure! They wanted to eat what they like. They want to go back to their old way of life.

Jack’s story did not end yet. After two years of being alive and healthy, he courted disaster!

Disastrous Ending?

In October 2015, we received an e-mail from Jack’s son.

Dear Dr. Chris,

In April 2015, my father had decided to take up treatment in X Hospital, China. Some of the treatments are interventional embolism therapy, cryoablation therapy — in the last six months. His weight before treatment was 59 kg, now 51 kg.

Even though I was against this idea of going to China for treatment, I respected his decision. Currently, he developed ascites in his body. The doctor helped to drain the fluid, around 3.5 litres. From your website, I understand that you have herbs for ascites. Could you prescribe for my father?

Jack and his family made 3 trips to China and spent about SGD 60,000 for treatment there. According to his medical report these were what the doctors did for him:

  • Interventional embolization with LOHP + 5FU + Lip.
  • Immunotherapy.
  • Cryoablation.
  • He was given Genoderma lucidum (Linzhi) capsules to take on discharge.

Jack’s son came to Penang and sought our help again. Listen to what Jack’s son had got to say that day.



Chris: Your father. Already two years. How is he now?

Son: As I mentioned in my e-mail. Six months ago he decided to go to China.

C: What did they do to him there?

S:  Interventional embolization, immunotherapy and cryo-therapy!

C: Wah, how many times did you go there and how much did it cost you?

S: Three times, costing about SDG 60,000.

C: Why did he want to go to China?

S: Before going there, we had a family discussion. I told my family. Dr. Chris is not a saint but what he said is very logical. It is about quality of life. I told my father, perhaps after you got to China may end up worse off. It turned out to be true. There are four of us, and three of my brothers were against him going to China.

C: There is this man from Medan. He too went to China (same hospital). He spent almost IDR 3 billion! And he did not find any cure — became worse. I asked him: Why do you come and see me? He replied: I have no more money! This man also told me that he know about CA Care even before he went to China but he did not want to come here because he did not want to follow our recommended diet. So I asked: Now you are here, do you want to follow our diet?  He said yes. I told him if you want to eat what you like, you better leave. I cannot help you.

S: My father said Dr. Chris’ herbs cannot block the growth of the tumour. But I told him you only follow 90 percent of his recommended diet. Cannot.

C: Yesterday, one patient with liver cancer was here. He was told he had only 9 months. Now with the herbs and proper diet, he is still alive and healthy after one year! He can play golf and walk long distance. Then he told me a friend sent him a video which said he must not eat rice but eat a lot of meat and eggs instead. I told him, Okay, go home and eat these. Be prepared to die after one month!

S: When we were in China, the doctor there also said it is not right NOT to eat meat and eggs. I didn’t want to argue with the doctor because I was not able to speak Chinese. Two weeks ago, my father’s stomach was bloated with fluid inside. We had to go to the doctor (in our hometown) to tap it out. But the doctor said the fluid can come back again.

C: Before going to China, did you ask if the treatments they are going to give, is going to cure your father’s liver cancer?

S: They cannot! I already told my father. In the website they never ever mentioned cure. They only say they may be able to extend his life. I said told my father, Dr. Chris already extended your life for 2 years, what else do you want!

C; That is what I mean by people not being thankful. They do not acknowledge and thank God for what is good. They only want what they want. This is the problem with many cancer patients. Okay, you went to China many times. Did your father get better and better — after spending all that money?

S: Weaker …. one time my father asked the doctor why after coming here (China) he became weaker. The doctor did not answer!

C: Does he know that he is not getting better?

S: Now he knows he is not good!

In summary, for patients who come to seek our help, we would like to tell you these once again — frankly and bluntly.

  1. Read and Learn. Know what your cancer is all about. Know what you are up against. Don’t depend entirely on others to tell you what t do. Learn and heal yourself. Know that there is no cure for cancer but you can find healing. If you don’t want to read or know, you may end up being a “dead duck”!
  2. Be grateful for what you are each day. To be able to live — free of pain, being able to eat, sleep and move around, etc. Thank God for each day that you have. But if you are always asking for the impossible, you will never be able to be happy and satisfied. You will never find healing with such an “ungrateful” attitude.
  3. To heal, you need to accept the hard reality that you MUST change — change your attitude about life, change your lifestyle and change your diet.
  4. Know that your health is your responsibility. Others around you may be able to help but they cannot cure you. You need to help yourself and heal yourself. And make no mistake, you cannot find healing on your own terms.





Medically Given Up Lung Cancer: She died after 5 years on CA Care Therapy

NG was a 83-years old lady when she had been coughing. A CT scan done on 19 October 2009 showed a spiculated lesion measuring 1.5 x 2.7 cm in the right lower lobe and an ill defined lesion measuring 1 x 1.5 cm in the left lower lobe of her lung. Solitary mildly enlarged lymph node in the middle mediastinum. At least three lesion in the spleen, the largest measures 1.2 x 2.0 cm.

Untitled- 5

Untitled-1 copy


Due to her age, the doctor told the family not to proceed with any medical treatment.

Desperate, her son came to seek our help on 23 October 2009. NG was prescribed herbs and told to take care of her diet.

This is her story ….

Page_19s Page_20s


We were informed that NG has passed away on 10 August 2014, almost 5 years after being diagnosed with lung cancer. All these years she had been on our therapy. She was 88 years old when she died.

The question we wish to pose is: Did she die of her cancer or of her ripe, old age?

Based on this story, do patients really need to panic and rush to undergo invasive treatments? Do you really need that chemo or radiation? In NG’s case, the doctor had the wisdom to realize that NG would perhaps die sooner if she were to undergo those standard invasive treatments .

We we saddened by NG’s demise. (But, who don’t die? Remember that when we were born we were already destined to die!). We understand that the family had lost a loving mother. However, we are also glad to note that NG had lived to a ripe age without sufferings from her cancer. She is indeed blessed. Glory be to God!

The Spiritual Side of Healing Cancer

To us, we believe that patients’ recovery and survival are more than just medical or herbal success. It is God’s grace.

Science does not believe in the mind, hope, faith, spirit, and grace – for the basic reason that we are all supposed to be an equivalent to a super machine. What we cannot see, measure or analyze do not exist and do not count. Those who associate with them are thus branded unscientific or spiritual fanatics!

We wish to view healing from a different perspective.

  • Man comes into this world with a purpose. He is not just a machine but also a spiritual being. When we fall sick, often we yelled out GOD, WHY ME? It is as if God hates us or does not favour us. Some go to the extent and reasoned that we get sick because we are being punished. Not so.
  • In this world, each of us is given the liberty to choose – to exercise our rights to live life the way we want it. Some people live wisely while some others live foolishly. So, we reap what we sow – we are responsible for our actions.  Through our own ignorance, we violate Nature’s Law of Health – so we get sick, irrespective of whether how pious we are.
  • Ask a scientist, why is there such a thing as pain? Pain is not meant to torture us. Pain is nature’s early warning signal to the body that something is not right within it.  Unfortunately, many choose to ignore the signal by “cutting” off that warning signal. Instead of taking a pause and ask what has gone wrong, we prefer to take the easy way out – take pain killers. We cut off or deaden the alarm system. We allow things to continue to go to go wrong without us having to know about it as long as it does not bother us. Ultimately, too much painkillers may land you on your back in the hospital to nurse a more severe damage. Who is punishing who now – your own foolishness or someone else?
  • Illness too, can be viewed as a blessing – as a signal in our body for us to do some accounting and reflecting of what we are doing, who we are and where we are going.
  • Many people are too busy on their feet chasing after their gods. Perhaps being forced to sleep on our back and staring at the blank ceiling above can spur some ”consciousness” into us and bring us back to our Living Creator? After all, those material gods that we have been chasing after all this while cannot help much in terms of cancer cure.
  • There is a now a new and growing belief that every cell, tissue and organ in the body is conscious and has innate intelligence. They have the capacity to heal. Curing a disease, aiming only at the malfunctioned organ is inadequate and would not bring about healing.  To achieve complete healing we need to heal the whole body – the physical at all levels, the mind and the spirit or soul.
  • If we cannot heal the mind then we cannot heal the body. It is for this reason that we spend time with you asking you to let go of your bottled-up emotional stress such as anger, hatred, fear, etc. When the mind and the soul find peace within, the physical healing starts within you. Taking herbs is NO magic unto itself – it cannot heal any one until you have that frame of mind that wants to heal.
  • One lady came to see us and said because of chronic diarrhea she had for the last twenty years. And for the last twenty years she had been on antibiotics and all kinds of drugs. Nothing cured her. The moment she stepped into the Cancer Center until she left, there was nothing that she could say but complaints. The fear of what the herbs can do, the antibiotics that she is taking, the side effects, the possible bitter taste of the herbs, the difficulty of cooking the herbs, etc., etc.  Chris told her this: Nobody on earth can cure your sickness. If your mind is already too loaded with such stressful burdens, there is no need to take any drugs or herbs. It is not going to work. Even herbs, assuming that they have ears to hear like human beings, would be just as bothered or reluctant to impart their healing properties to such difficult people. Too, bad – no cure. At CA Care Centre we tell all helpers – when we prepare the herbs, do it with a feeling of love. That feeling is an important “ingredient” for the healing of the sick.
  • If illness has a purpose then it means that you can hope to stimulate your body to heal itself after having found that purpose. Of course many people do not wish to believe this. And of course some people do not want to know or find that purpose. Ingrained in their mind is the feeling of anger, frustration, revenge, unhappiness, hatred etc. – why ME? I have been so good, etc., etc. why ME?
  • A lady with breast cancer came. She had her breast removed, did all the required radiation and chemotherapy. And she came through all these very well, unlike others who did not take the herbs. Chris told her that: you are indeed very fortunate. She turned around and asked:  What is so fortunate about it?  I already got cancer. Unfortunately, that is the position taken by most patients. Chris told her. Look at your arm they are not swollen. There were no adverse side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy on your body. This morning, I had two phone calls, informing me that two cancer patients had just died. One of them was a distant relative. She had breast cancer and after undergoing treatments like you the cancer spread to the bone and then the liver. I have also seen breast cancer patients whose arms were swollen like solid rock after such treatments. Are you not lucky that these do not happen to you?
  • Those who can “see and experience” changes in their minds and souls experience real healing. One yogi who had cancer wrote, There is pain but there is no suffering. Physically, patients may not be cured of their cancer, but spiritually healing can take place. When the mind is healed so will the physical body – so be patient for this takes time.
  • Having a purpose in life is important. It becomes more meaningful if we can share our tears –  and our joys –  with others. Unfortunately, in our society many people look inwards, and are reluctant to open up and share. When someone got cancer – he coils up inside himself, not wanting to share that burden with others. Some women even hide it from their husband – let alone their friends or relatives. Is it shameful to tell others that we got cancer? What is so special about that, since cancer is so common nowadays? There is nothing to lose but is everything to gain by sharing.
  • Unfortunately, some people would ask for help but would not give or wish to share their joys. When they got well from their cancer, they prefer not to talk about it – wanting to forget the trauma or ordeal that they have gone through. For some, perhaps refusing to share stems from the fear that misfortune or soi may befall on them again if they talk about their well being. One incident that we could not forget happened many years ago. There was this young lady who called to thank Chris for helping her mother who had terminal bone cancer and had died. The family was grateful because she died in peace with no pain. Then this lady told Chris she knew of one place where the rodent tuber was found growing naturally. Chris asked if she could show him the place, since we were always in need of these plants to help others as we had helped her mother. True to the nature of any busy executive, she said she could not spare the time to show Chris the place. It is more blessed to give than to receive. We wonder how many people do realize this or know this virtue. By giving your heart to others, you heal yourself.
  • If you find the above comments strange or if you disagree with what we say – we respect the right for you to have your own opinion. You are endowed with the power of choice and responsibility. Follow your heart and mind, and live accordingly. It is after all your life.


Nose (NPC) Cancer: Eleven Plus Years on Herbs Part 3: I Want Healing Not Cure

  • My radiologist was strongly against me taking herbs – NO herbs. She said there is no evidence that it is going to help. But I told her, “No evidence does not mean that it does not work!”
  • Later while on the treatment, I found that in cancer they are just talking about cure for five-years (i.e., 5-year survival rate). The doctor was very clear. She said after five years if the cancer comes back it is going to be a new cancer – a new disease. Meaning I collect another new cancer. Then patients will have to undergo a new treatment regimen all over again.
  • When I talked to God, He promises healing not cure. That was when an “angel” came into the picture and told me about you and the role of CA Care. Your role is about healing not curing.
  • I told the radiologist, “I am going for healing not cure”. She replied, “There is no such thing as healing.” She told me, “Our job is to cure you!” But look at the 5-year-survival rate of Stage 2 to 3 for this cancer. There is a 70 percent chance of survival – for five years and 30 percent will die within five years.
  • Before starting with the treatment, did you not ask the doctor about the survival rate? At that point in time, you don’t ask anything. You are more concerned with how to go forward. The assumption was that doctors know everything and they know what they are doing. And they will be able to cure me!
  • I did not realize all these important questions at that time because I was not yet there. But I went through with the treatment I began to ask questions. The initial impression given to me was that doctors have all the answers to my cancer. And they will be able to cure me. When I asked if there was a possibility of something might go wrong the answer was, “In NPC, this is the standard procedure with very good recovery rate.”
  • I assumed that doctors will tell you about all the side effects. My assumption was wrong!
  • At that time, I was looking forward to getting out of it, so there was no desire to go and find out what was going to go wrong with the treatment. No, no, we don’t do that.

My Comments

In life there are many things we take things for granted and we live with our assumptions. Often such assumptions are wrong! Peter had to learn it the hard way.  The book that had opened my eyes to the dark side of modern medicine is the book by Robert Mendelsohn, Confessioin of a Medical Heretic. I think everyone should read this book. Dr. Mendelsohn was not any ordinary doctor. He was a director of Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital and associate professor at the University of Illinois Medical School.  Read what he said,

  • I believe that … the greatest danger to your health is the doctor who practices modern medicine…I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth – doctors, hospitals, drugs and equipment – and the effect on our health would be … beneficial.
  • I believe that modern medicine’s treatment for disease are seldom effective and that they’re often more dangerous than the diseases they’re designed to treat.
  • If you are sick … your first defense is to have more information about your problem … You’ve got to learn about your disease and that’s not very hard. You can get the same books the doctor studied from. (Read them. It is most likely that after reading you will be more informed than the doctor himself).
  • Doctors in general should be treated with about the same degree of trust as used car salesman. Whatever your doctor says or recommends, you have to first consider how it will benefit him.
  • You should seek out and talk to people you regard as having wisdom. (Doctors tell you – don’t listen to the untrained, the quacks or pseudo-scientists). But Dr. Mendelsohn wrote, They are wrong – they are protecting their sacred authority. You may find that you can do without the doctor!
  • Doctors are only human – in the worst ways … because doctors turn out to be dishonest, corrupt, unethical, sick, poorly educated and downright stupid more often than the rest of society. (For more click this link:


Unfortunately we live in the world where we are made to believe that modern medicine and its accompanying technology is proven and scientific. This is far from the truth. Dr. Peter Ooi is no “school kid” and he understands what science is.  When the radiologist said there is no evidence that herb is going to help she is just being naïve – ignorant at best.  Peter ‘s answer to her was right on the spot,  “No evidence does not mean that it does not work!”  If you don’t look for evidence – you find no evidence. And if you deliberately don’t want to find evidence you will not find one either. It is as simple as that!

Dr. Sydney Singer is a medical anthropologist. Read what he said.

In 1972, Dr. Samuel Epstein – one of the world’s authorities on chemical causes of cancer – told the US Senate Select Committee – “ In this country you can buy the data you require to support our case.”

Now, I hope you see some light.

Curing and Healing

 There is a big difference between curing and healing. A cure is a successful medical treatment that removes all evidences of the disease. A cure is what the physician hopes to do and hopes to bring to the patient. For example, the liver is resected. The tumour is gone. That is supposedly to be a cure! Healing goes beyond curing. It is an inner process through which a person becomes whole. Healing takes place at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The capacity to heal physically is necessary for any successful cure but healing can also take place at deeper levels whether or not physical recovery occurs.

There are cancer patients for whom curative treatment ultimately proved impossible; yet inner-healing process takes place. Healing brings inner peace and a sense of connectedness with the Absolute One, thus makes a transformative difference in the quality of life. For those who have found inner peace, travelling the healing journey takes a new meaning. At that point, there may be pain but there is no suffering.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D. (in Faith, Hope and Healing) said, ”Healing and curing are two very separate processes …  when you focus only on the mechanical aspects of treatment and curing your disease while neglecting yourself and your life, you are expending your energy by engaging in a struggle and your life becomes more like a war than a process of healing.”

In the many years dealing with cancer patients I have to come to realize that you will not win fighting a “war” with cancer. You also cannot defeat cancer with your professional pride and ego. To win, cancer patients need to look inside themselves – know what their weaknesses are and then learn to live with their cancer.

Read the full story of Peter’s experience

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Healing Takes Time – No Such Thing As Instant Cure

Cancer does not strike like a thunderbolt. In the book, What You Really Need to Know about Cancer,Dr. Robert Buckman estimated that it takes about two and a half years for a simple cancer call to grow into a lump, the size of a small grape which is visible to the naked eye. If it takes that much time for a lump to form, it is logical to expect that it may take that much time for the lump to regress and disappear through the process of natural healing.

Most of the patients who come to CA Care are in the advanced stages of cancer. After taking the herbs for a week or two, they usually experience some relief and this raises their expectation that healing should come immediately. Such high expectations is indeed regrettable and unrealistic. Cancer patients should be patient for healing takes time.

Even more tragic is that, after regaining some health and doing rather well, some patients even go further and take additional herbs touted by others in the hope that their healing comes even faster. This is indeed the wrong thing to do! We know of many cases where patients die soon after taking such instant healing herbs. Cancer patients cannot afford to make any more mistakes because this will cost them their lives.

Breast Cancer: Herbs and e-Therapy Restored Her Wellbeing After 106 Times of Radiation Treatments Part 6: Four Days of Healing at CA Care

Acknowledgment: Permission to use this video without having to hide her identity is granted by the patient.

This is a bitter-sweet story of Le, a 37-year-old female from Indonesia. She came to us on 14 October 2011 after having been diagnosed with breast cancer that had probably spread to her lungs. She had undergone 106 radiation treatments besides taking a variety of supplements.  She presented with aches and pains throughout her body, especially the joints. Bodily movements were difficult.  She could not sleep well and she had coughs.

After four days here, how do you feel now? Le: Healthier. I feel better.

When you came here last Friday (four days ago), compared to to-day, do you feel you are better? Le: Yes. I can walk faster now. I have more energy. It is like I was before I had cancer. When I came here I was still tired and lethargic. But yesterday I could walk from the apartment to the market. My husband took the wrong turn and we missed the market. We had to walk up and down everywhere. But I was alright. I had no problem walking. And I also walked fast. Before I had to drag my feet when walking and my back was hunched.

What about your sleep? Le: Before I came here, I had to wake up five times a night to urinate. I coughed. So my sleep was not good and disturbed. I often had dreams of my loved ones who had died. They came to invite me to “go home”. After I took the herbs and did the e-Therapy I could sleep well. I had no more dreams.

In terms of bodily movements, are you more agile now? I realized the first day you were here, you had difficulty moving your hands, etc. Le: I am back to being a normal person now. I can do the following (demonstrate all the actions):

  1. Raise my arms up high and straight up.
  2. Put my hands behind my heads to tie my hair. Before when I had long hair my daughter had to tie my hair for me.
  3. I can hold the broom and sweep the floor. I can swing my arms.
  4. I can make my bed and fold the blanket.
  5. I can bend down and touch the floor with my hands.
  6. I can bend my wrists.
  7. I can undress and wear the bra by myself.
  8. I can fold my legs and cut my toe nails.
  9. I can climb in bed right away without any having to slide in slowly.
  10. I can fold my arms and use my little finger to clean my ear.
  11. I can clap my hands – no pain.
  12. I can use my hand to smack the mosquito – no pain. Before it was painful even to touch the skin.
  13. I can snap my fingers and make this clicking sound.
  14. I can grasp something and bend my fingers.
  15. When I breathe deeply, there is no more tightness in my chest.
  16. This morning I walked faster than my husband.

Now you seem to have regained your movements and quality of life. Are you happy? Le: Yes. This is what I have been hoping for. When I was unable to walk I told my pastor that I wanted to die. I have lost all hope. This is because

  • Movements were so difficult.
  • I can’t even scratch my buttock when I felt itchy. My husband had to help me scratch.
  • I could not button my trousers – my husband had to do this for me.

See now, I can twist my body to the right or left without any pain, I can stand on one leg and I can eat rice with my hand.

Now do you still want to die? Le: No, no more.

I really don’t know why I did what I did that Friday night (four days ago). Usually I would only ask you to take the herbs first for a few weeks or months before going into the e-Therapy. However, that night I sensed that you were having much difficulties and so we decided to put you on the e-Therapy right away. I did not know why I did that. Perhaps it was God who was helping you!

Okay, four days on the Therapy. Did you feel good? Le: Absolutely good.

Are you confident now? Le: Absolutely confident. When I came here, I knew that this is God’s answer to my prayers.

When you go home, take the herbs as instructed. Then you must take care of your diet as we have taught you. Exercise. Don’t think too much – relax and take it easy. Don’t stress yourself too much. What is important is to try to live a normal life. Le: My facial appearance looks good now. More “glow”.

Okay, I am real happy. Please take care when you are at home. Remember what we have told you. Do not do anything that is not right. And above all, remember that healing takes time. Have patience. 

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