Larry Burkett’s Cancer Experience: The Undemocratic and Monopolistic American Medical System for Cancer Treatment

Larry Burkett was the founder and president of an nonprofit ministry called the Christian Financial Concepts. In early 1995 he was diagnosed with kidney cancer that had spread to his shoulder blade. He shared his cancer experience in his book, Hope When It Hurts.

Hope when it huerts Larry Burkett

The following are quotations from his book.

  • In the space of three weeks – Monday, March 13 to Monday, April 3, 1995 — doctors not only discovered two malignant tumours in my body, but I underwent radically invasive surgeries to remove them.

Round one – removing my right kidney

  • March 20, 1995 – my right kidney removed. The procedure itself lasted for nearly four hours, and it was completed without a hitch. The results came in a “good-bad news” format. The bad news — the tumour was definitely renal cell carcinoma … the good news was the lack of any other detectable cancer in the tissues surrounding the kidney.
  • I left the hospital within four days.
  • Little did I know at that time that the surgery, called a radical nephrectomy, would cause me great grief over the next year. It seems that one of the primary nerves from the area of incision got trapped inside the scar tissue and it became inflamed. As a consequence, it has hurt ever since.

Round two – removing my left shoulder blade

  • Two weeks to the day after my kidney surgery I went back to the operating room, this time for removal of my left shoulder blade (scapula).
  • Prior to my second surgery, the doctors explained that I would have very limited use of my left arm after my scapula was removed. A total scapulectomy is a very rare procedure. The scapulectomy itself went smoothly, even though it lasted nearly five hours. The aftermath was much more painful than the first surgery.
  • The doctors could find no evidence of cancer in the surrounding tissues. Their report was, “We got it all.”
  • In fact, the doctors were quite mystified about how the primary kidney tumour metastacised to my left shoulder but failed to spread other tumours elsewhere. Normally when a soft tissue tumour has metastacised, cancer has spread into other organs of the body.
  • Five days after my left shoulder blade was removed, I was released from the hospital.
  • Everything became an effort. It was an effort to sit up. It was an effort to move. Every day presented a new battle with pain. Sleep was elusive. I was so fatigued that I’d doze off, only to be awakened by the intense pain.
  • I found myself getting depressed as I viewed the future. The combination of still facing a future with cancer, as well as a significant disability, began to weigh me down.

The road to recovery

  • About a week or so after my second surgery, I returned to Emory University Hospital for a check-up and to get the staples removed from my shoulder.

Dr. Graham, who specialises in cancer of the urinary tract … shared a very sobering statistic with me.

  • Only some 20 percent of renal cell carcinoma patients who had a metastasis like I did survive more than two years, and only a small fraction survive more than five years.
  • Once my kidney and tumour had been removed … there were very few treatments available for renal cell carcinoma, and most of those didn’t work very well. Traditional chemotherapy would be of no virtual value to me … radiation wouldn’t be of much value. In fact, when renal cell carcinoma is exposed to radiation, although the tumours do shrink back, they very rarely ever disappear.
  • So, essentially, I was looking at a cancer for which there is no treatment, outside of surgery, and virtually no cures anybody knows of.
  • The next logical question I asked Dr. Graham was, “What do we do next?”
  • “Wait,” he said. “There’s nothing else to do. If something else shows up in your body, then we will aggressively try to treat that. In the meantime, you just have to wait.”
  • I felt this was like asking a skydiver who had just jumped out of an airplane without a parachute to wait and see if he could land on something soft when he hit the ground. Possible, but the chances aren’t very good.
  • Weak as I was physically, I left the doctor’s office that day with a renewed determination to find some type of proactive treatment — something that I could do to strengthen my body’s war against the reappearance of cancer cells.

Search for an alternative treatment

  • Bill White …. said, “Larry, I would like to share something with you. A good friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer … his doctor gave him only a few months to live. His son … started looking all over the world for any treatment that might help. After careful research, they settle on one in Prague in the Czech Republic.”
  • All too often, we have the tendency to think if we aren’t doing something here in America, then it can’t be done, and that’s simply not true. Doctors in other nations are doing excellent research also.
  • A friend said, “But Larry these alternative treatments are untested and unreliable. We don’t know what risks they present. There are no hard statistics on how effective these alternative treatments are.”
  • Larry asked, “Okay, how about this? One treatment I heard about is toxic to the human body. Doctors typically purchase it for $50 per dose and sell it for $2,000 per dose to the patient, and many patients who take this treatment do not survive more than five years. Would you allow doctors to continue treatment like that?”
  • I just described what many patients on chemotherapy are facing. The FDA is applying a more stringent standard to new treatments than they have to traditional chemotherapy.
  • Somehow, there has to be a better way to treat cancer than chemotherapy and radiation, without all the negative side effects. And until we can find it, it seems logical to me that we as Americans should be able to choose a treatment of choice, especially if it can be proved that the treatment is not inherently harmful to the human body.
  • In the United States we still employ the same basic treatments that we available twenty-five years ago, namely, chemotherapy and radiation. Based on the number of people I’ve known who didn’t survive these debilitating therapies, I have to ask myself, “Is this the best we can do? Are the current cancer treatments good enough …?
  • Obviously medical experts are looking for better treatments, but the complex rules established by the FDA leave only the largest companies with the resources to get new therapies approved. I suspect that all too often the incentive to develop cheaper, less toxic treatments conflicts with the return needed on previous drugs.
  • You must take the initiative to become informed and take responsibility for your treatment.

The three criteria for alternative therapies

  • To evaluate all of the options, I narrowed my search for an alternative treatment by establishing three criteria.
  1. Scientific Merit: The treatment I chose to use had to have some scientific merit. It couldn’t consist of chicken bones, chants, or magic potions. When examined, the information had to have some scientific proof, based on repeatable, verifiable data.
  2. No Harm: The treatment I chose should pose no further harm to my body. On other words, it had to be nontoxic.
  3. Referrals. I insisted on talking to people who had taken the treatment and survived. From the scientific viewpoint, that’s called anecdotal or testimonial data. There had to be survivors with whom I could talk. In other words, it had to have some measurable degree of success.

Alternative Treatment in Prague

  • The treatment offered in Prague, Czech Republic, caught my attention for (these) three reasons… and the more I learned, the more convinced I became to try it.
  • The treatment in Prague was very simple. I received twenty injections over a twenty-four day period. After that initial treatment, I have to take booster shots about once every six months. That’s all.
  • The entire trip, including treatment, airfare, lodging and meals for two costs about the same as one day in the hospital here in the US!
  • The cost was quite reasonable (about $2,000 at that time, plus travel and lodging).
  • I’m not in a position to make claims and promises for anyone else regarding this treatment. What I can tell you is that six other people who were diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma at about the same time I was have all died within the last year. I’m still alive.
  • I feel good and I’m not suffering from cancer at this point.

It’s time to reform the FDA

  • I personally think it’s ridiculous that this treatment and others like it are not available to patients here in the United States. The treatment is not legal because it can’t pass the stringent requirements passed by the FDA.
  • I might add that the many chemotherapy drugs, vastly more toxic and harmful to the human body than the majority of these alternative treatments, are legal and available.
  • Although the FDA asserts they’re trying to protect the interests and well-being of the public, the fact is that they continue to make it difficult and costly to use new, NONTOXIC cancer therapies, while continuing to approve the use of highly potent and toxic chemotherapy drugs.
  • One can only conclude that money, and not the well-being of patients … dictates what will and won’t be available on the market.
  • In my judgment, if a particular treatment can be proved to be nontoxic, and it has a reasonably verifiable track record of helping people, the FDA should get out of the way and let American citizens make their own decisions about what treatment to pursue. This is a free country, and we’re supposed to be free people.
  • Even if a particular treatment doesn’t cure cancer, I should still have the right to make my own choice. What upsets me is that there are existing treatments that CAN help people but the system won’t even allow doctors to mention them.
  • I am concerned that the current system exists to protect some large and politically influential financial interests, rather than to serve hurting people who are desperate for help.
  • I know there are literally thousands of cancer patients around the country who are dying because they either can’t tolerate the traditional medicines — chemotherapy or radiation — or because they don’t work for them. There is no excuse for such limitations on medical options for people living in a free country.
  • Is there a risk associated with alternative therapies? Of course. There’s a calculated risk regardless of the treatment you choose. But if you’re a terminal patient dying with cancer, you’ve got a 100 percent risk of dying if you do nothing.
  • So the way I see it is, if all normal options are exhausted, any risk you take can only improve your opportunity to live longer, with a better quality of life. If the price is reasonable and the patient agrees, I say, “Go for it.”

FDA- Protecting Patient’s or Protecting Cronies’ Interests?

  • Martin adds the following insight into why scientific studies have been so difficult to come by to validate alternative treatments. “To understand why a lot of therapies have not be tried to date is to understand the relationship between the academic centres and the corporate centres. For instance, if you tell a professor you would like to do a certain study, he likely would reply, “I don’t know where to get the money.” But if you suggest using a drug from a certain corporation (for the study), he knows where he can get the money.
  • According to Ralph Moss … the pharmaceutical companies have been in collusion with some of the big cancer treatment centres in the country and they are out to disprove all EFFECTIVE natural cancer therapies. Naturally, the big drug companies don’t want competition, and the easiest way to undermine any new effective treatments is to get some well-funded medical school to prove the treatments don’t work.
  • The pharmaceutical companies in America have a huge vested interest in pushing their drugs, which yield billions of dollars in annual profits. Ant it’s certainly not in their best financial interests to pursue inexpensive alternative therapy that might work.
  • I think the problem boils down to greed: the simple love of money.
  • He who has the gold, makes the rules — the result is that medical students are never taught methods of treating cancer, other than the “big three” treatments — chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.
  • It is a criminal offense for doctors to engage in medical treatments that lack FDA approval, which is the case for a great many alternative cancer therapy treatments.
  • Remember, many of these doctors have spent more than a decade in their preparation to practise medicine .. a great many doctors find themselves in quite an ethical bind. Do they …keep the priority of seeking the health and well-being of their patients? Do they take the risk of being jailed here in the US or being fined by the FDA or losing their medical license? Many elect to remain quiet, sticking to what they were taught in medical school, where they learned to dismiss the field of alternative cancer treatments as “quackery.”
  • Most oncologist stick to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as the only options available. Some literally don’t know any better. Others are motivated by their own financial gain and … use fear tactics to get their patients to do what they want. “Choose anything other than these three choices, you’ll die” they say. What they don’t say is that chemotherapy and radiation can kill just as readily as the actual cancer.
  • I asked Dr. Dan Clark, about the toxicity of chemotherapy and he reflected, “How can you cure cancer with poison? When you read about (chemotherapy drugs), every one of them causes cancer … They cause a destruction of the intestinal tract lining, cause damage to the liver cells, interfere with the endocrine gland function, cause sterility and weaken the immune response … So how can that work? It’s illogical.”

The Big Bully and the FDA Raid

  • Let me say here that I was taking an alternative therapy available in Tennessee. This therapy consisted of an electromagnetic device invented by an acclaimed physicist. The device had been proven harmless … the physicist had used it on himself and it did no apparent damage to him. The magnetic field that he was using was only a fraction as powerful as that used in an MRI machine.
  • Unfortunately, either through ignorance or otherwise, he began accepting terminally ill cancer patients as test subjects before FDA investigative device permits were sought (he later told me the potential costs were prohibitive).
  • As words got out, this physicist found himself with cancer patients knocking on his door — many of whom had been given up by the medical system— asking if he could help them. Not having the heart to turn them away, he began to treat patients.
  • I personally had been treated on this machine several times and though I didn’t have any visible tumours, I did have some indication that the machine was helping me.
  • The FDA, along with state and local authorities, raided the facility where this machine was located, leaving behind them a federal court summons. The charges were operating harmful devices without permit, extorting money from patients, and using unapproved medical devices for the treatment of cancer.
  • The friend who … was operating this facility never charged anybody a dime.
  • My question is, isn’t this still a free country? And shouldn’t consenting adults … be allowed to choose the therapies they want, provided those therapies can be shown to be no more harmful than the traditional therapies now being used by the medical society….?

They Did it Again

  • Let me share with you another story that was told to me by an attorney.
  • In 1993, a physician in Atlanta and a cardiologist from Emory University invented a machine that he was going to use to treat cancer.
  • A terminally ill AIDS patient was provided to this doctor and went through the same procedure: recycling the blood through an external heating machine, then cooling it back down and putting it onto the patient’s body. The effect was that the patient showed no HIV indications subsequent to the treatment.
  • With that success … a second patient was provided and the same procedure was repeated with the same results.
  • The anesthesiologist who assisted (in the procedure) was so impressed by what he saw that he … called one of the local newspapers and one of the local TV stations in Atlanta and explained what the doctor had done — a revolution in AIDS treatment and a potential cancer treatment as well.
  • In a few weeks, this doctor’s office was raided by a combination of the FDA and local law enforcement agencies.
  • The machines were confiscated … all records were confiscated and this doctor’s licence was suspended.
  • Pressure was brought to bear, to force this doctor to recant any involvement that he’d had with the machine… he was pressured to sign a statement that the device was fraudulent and would not work on other patients. The threat behind that was the loss of his medical licence for the rest of his life.
  • The physician who had referred the two patients was pressured under the same threat: If he did not sign a document stating that these two patients DID NOT have AIDS …his medical license would also be denied and he could no longer practise medicine within the United States.
  • The doctor who invented the machine was fired from his hospital with the research university.
  • I have no personal, firsthand knowledge of these events, but I know (the attorney who told me this story) very well. He’s an honest, ethical man and he represented the doctor who invented this machine and assures me that the scenario that I just explained to you did happen.
  • These are just two of the many horror stories of what has occurred throughout the United States. In my opinion, it’s time we put a stop to it and reasserted our rights as American citizens to choose the treatment we want, as long as we’re knowledgeable, consenting adults.

Note: Unfortunately the Aliatos clinic in Prague, Czech Republic has since disappeared!

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Information about Cancer: Don’t Panic!

stupid defined 2

If you or your loved ones happened to have cancer, there is no need to panic. Take time to learn by reading from different sources. There is  NO right or WRONG way to handle cancer. It is only your way.

So without knowledge or information, how can you handle this situation? Read, Ask, Think and Reflect and Make Your Choice using your COMMON SENSE.

At the end of it all, it is you and you alone who pay for the consequences of your own choice.

We have written 3 comics to help you understand the “Cancer Game.”






Info about lung cancer: Ignorance Kills

Most people come to us after all medical treatments have failed them. They often say: “I don’t know”, “They never tell me about all these”, etc. etc.

Pleading ignorance is no use. Your life is in your hands and you have a choice. The problem is, many people choose to be ignorant!

If you have lung cancer, there are two comic books that may help you – i.e. if you want to learn and know more!







Mom With Lung Cancer: Surprise! Surprise! Four Years on Herbs and Still Doing Well!

SC (H222) was 68 years old when her problem started. She is a non-smoker. She started to have coughs for the past six months. There were no other symptoms apart from pains at the right shoulder blade.  A CT scan on 4 September 2008 showed a  3.0 x 4.75 x 3.0 cm opacity in right middle lobe of her lungs, suggestive of a neoplastic mass. Bronchial brushings showed moderately large neoplastic cells. Her blood test was normal, apart from a mildly elevated CEA (8.0).

CT scan on 4 September 2008.

SC underwent a CT scan of her brain and abdomen and these were normal. Her bone scan was negative for metastasis.

Her doctor suggested surgery since this was regarded as an early stage lung cancer, Stage 1B. Surgery was done on 29 September 2008 but it was aborted – an open and close case. The cancer had spread to the back of the chest wall and was now considered a Stage 4 lung cancer. The doctor suggested chemotherapy and said that without this treatment she would only have six months to live. SC declined chemotherapy. Her sister died one year after undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for her breast cancer.

SC came to seek our help on 18 October 2008 and was started on Capsule A, Lung 1 and Lung 2 teas. SC has been taking our herbs ever since – four years now.

We received this email from her daughter on 9 August 2012.

Hi Prof Chris, Im

Last week, my brother and I took Mom to see Prof X, the doctor who referred Mom for surgery back in September 2008.   We last saw him in October 2008 when we went back to him after Mom has recovered from the open-close surgery.   At that time, he recommended chemo which we did not go for.

I still remember the conversation that we had with Prof X back in October 2008 when I asked him what will happen if we decided not to go for chemo.  He mentioned then that at stage 4, a patient will generally have 6 months to live or at the most 2 years. When I asked him what will happen if we decided to go for chemo. He was unable to give a reasonable answer. And we never went back since then.

As Mom was complaining that the pain was still there even after we tried the ‘Soothanol’, we decided to take her to see Prof X hoping that he can prescribe something to ease her pain.

The following was what transpired:

When we went inside his office, Prof X was flipping back and forth what seems to be Mom’s file.  I was surprised that they still managed to find Mom’s file after 4 years.
He looked up from his file and read out Mom’s name.

Prof X:  Chan Saw Chun  …. (scanning our faces)

Kim:  Yes… this is my mother (I gestured to my Mom)

Prof X gave Mom a look, gestured her to sit down and then went back to the file, which understandably does not contain any information post 2008.

Prof X:  You were last here in October 2008 … (he was trying to recall).

Kim:  Yes

Prof X:  What happened since then?  Did you go to another hospital?

Kim:  No

Prof X:  What happened?  (We could see that he was scanning Mom with a look of bewilderment)

Kim:  You recommended chemo but we decided not to do the chemo.  So, we did not come back.

Prof X:  Are you seeing any doctor? (He was still having this bewildered look on his face)

Kim:  No.

Prof X:  You look good Auntie (speaking to Mom).  Prof X repeated: You did not see any doctor?
Kim:  No, the only “doctor” that we saw was Prof Chris.  My mother is taking his herbs.

Prof X quickly scribbled your name on Mom’s file.

Prof X:  Is this the guy who wrote the book on the rodent tuber?

Kim:  Yes, I believe Prof Chris wrote on the subject.  You can find more information about Prof Chris on his website.  (I volunteered)

Prof X:  She is looking good.  (Prof X gave Mom a smile).  Why are you all here today?

We told him about Mom’s pain which has been there from Day 1 but currently more intense.

He then gave Mom a physical check behind the screen. When he was done…

Prof X:  She looks good.

Prof X then recommended that we do an X-ray of the chest to find out what is causing the pain which we complained.  I happened to bring along the old x-ray.  Prof X compared the 2 x-rays but there was not much that we can see from the new film except that the new one shows that the same patch is slightly bigger.

He recommended that we come back next week to do a CT scan.  I asked him what will happen next.  He said: Depends on the results, radiotherapy may be recommended.

He then asked whether we are taking any pain killers.  I said, No but we have tried before some over-the-counter pain killers which did not help.   He scribbled some prescriptions for us to buy from the hospital’s pharmacy and it turned out to be Arcoxia which Mom had tried before.

I was hoping that Prof X could prescribe some pain management pills or programme but I guess that would not be forthcoming until another round of thorough check is done.

We are of two minds about going back next week for the CT scan.  On one hand we thought perhaps it would be good to know Mom’s current status so that we can get relevant herbs from you if the cancer has spread to other parts?  But at the same time, I don’t want Mom to worry too much or having to go through the whole process again –  up and down the hospital for checks over & over again.   Shall we go for the CT scan?  Are all those rays going to do Mom any good especially in her condition?  We have heard that CT scan can cause damage to cells.

However, it has given us tremendous pleasure to see Prof X’s reaction when he saw Mom still in such good shape after 4 years without chemo and just taking your herbs.   His bewilderment seems to give Mom a lot of motivation too.

We have stopped using the Soothanol for the past few days as Mom was complaining about skin irritation.  I am currently applying tea tree oil on her – which provides her with some comfort but the pain is still there.

We received another email from Kim the following day.

Hi Prof Chris, Im

Guess what!  I have just received a private call from a nurse.  We have never spoken to each other before.  The last we saw her was 4 years ago.  She “heard about our visit to” Prof X last week.  And after seeing Mom’s condition after 4 years, she wants to know more about your herbs.  She has a friend with cancer and would like to recommend her friend to try. I have given the website (, )and told her about Mr. Yeong and Khad for her to find out more.

She confided that it is very sad to see patients “going off” one by one. She’s hoping that her friend can try the herbs. This is incredible! Seeing is believing! Keep up the good work!  Best regards, Kim.

Update: 15 August 2012: Hi Prof, Im, Irene,

We went for the CT scan yesterday. We reached the hospital at 3 pm. Did the scan at 3.30 pm but only managed to see Prof X at 7.30 pm. Left the hospital at 8.30 pm. We ended up spending nearly 5 hours at the hospital.

CT scan 14 August 2012

Anyway, we are VERY HAPPY with the results. Mom was expecting the worst as she thought the cancer has spread to other areas hence the persistent and intense pain. But as it turns out, the cancer has not spread – still confined to the right lung only. The left lung is all clear.

When Prof X told us the results, Mom asked again in disbelief. “No spreading?”   She was very happy. Prof X explained that the shape of the right lung has changed. The tumour has grown bigger and the pleura has thickened. There was some fluid but he said not to worry as its minimal. Prof X explained that due to the enlarged tumour and thickening of pleura, Mom will experience some chest congestion (which I think explains her shortness of breath?).

When we asked what is causing Mom’s pain then? Prof X explained that it’s from the enlarged tumour “pressing” the lining or thickening of the lining? (Hope I got this right.).

Prof X later asked us whether Mom wants to try chemo. My brother and I replied that Mom didn’t want it. He then asked Mom the same question directly. Mom replied, No.

Prof X then suggested that he will trace the samples that the surgeon took during the open-close surgery for lab testing to see whether Mom can take oral medication. We asked whether it is similar to chemo. His reply was, but it does not have the side effects of chemo as the drug attacks the tumour directly. He did not tell us the name of the medication but I suspect he is talking about Iressa.

As I was writing this, a nurse called me. I took the opportunity to ask her about the oral medication that Prof X mentioned yesterday. She said it is indeed Iressa. She also shared some of the side effects, e.g., pimples, nails coming off in some cases… she said so far she has not seen any patients on Iressa who survived longer than three years. She told me again just now that she is very surprised to see Mom in her fourth year on herbs.

As we were wrapping up for the evening, Prof X finally said it again, looking really pleased, “I am very surprised to see your Mother maintaining so well for 4 years.”

To sum up, we came away feeling really happy especially Mom. It’s as though a whole burden has been lifted off her. As we waited to pay for the bill, Mom told me adamantly that she doesn’t want to take anything else but your herbs.

She woke up late today at 8.00 a.m. instead of her usual 6+ a.m.   I have not seen her so well-rested for a long, long time.

I guess, we will have to continue to keep her positive. She now knows that there is nothing really “wrong”’ inside her except for the tumour.

Luv, Kim & family 

The full story of Kim’s mother.


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Acknowledgment: Thanks so much Kim for sharing mom’s story with us.

Our Message For All Cancer Patients

The last chapter of this book:  My Patients, My Teachers

Human mind is so wrapped up by pride and prejudice

 that proof can rarely penetrate it ~ Dr. S.I. McMillen in None of These Diseases

I have learnt many things from the hundreds of patients who come and see me. Each and every one of them will somehow bring me a lesson that I learn from – that is if I am willing enough to decipher the message. Therefore I always have to open my eyes and ears at all times. There are two levels of my learning. From the physical aspect, I learnt about the truth of the medical treatment of cancer. This truth is not commonly talked about or rarely documented – if at all, especially in medical journals. But come and sit with me every Friday and Sunday and hear what patients have got to say about their medical treatments. You will be shocked. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a medical doctor in New York, USA (in Knockout by Suzanne Somers) had put it very aptly when he said: It is hard for me to believe that an oncologist who has gone through four years of college, four years of medical school, three years of residency, and then three years of oncology post-residency training can’t connect the dots. You have to be an idiot not to be aware that for most of the cancers chemo isn’t doing anything. It’s all in the journals. It’s not like it’s a secret. The fact of the matter is that 95 percent of the patients who call my office haven been brutalized by the orthodox system … my staff just sits there dumbfounded by their stories, story after story, over and over again. Everyday.

You don’t need to be a doctor to know what the current medical treatments could do to patients. Try not to be blind and deaf and you may probably learn something. Anna D. Smith, a Broadway actress and playwright said: Cancer therapy is like beating the dog with a stick to get rid of his fleas.

I have learnt enough and have said enough about that physical aspect of cancer treatment, and I could go on a meaningless bashing spree. But this is not the purpose of this book. Let me remind you there is also a spiritual aspect of cancer. Pain, joy, and life have inner and deeper meaning. The lessons I learnt have indeed enriched and strengthened my belief in the Almighty Healer – call him God or whatever names you may wish. Things happen for a reason. The sooner we know the sooner we can find healing.

In the story of Ben (Chapter 3), I have learnt my first lesson about God’s way. Ben benefited from the herbs. His doctor said he only had two months to live. He did not die within the two months, instead he got better! For a raw, naïve, non-medical person – that was a great achievement – to be able to prove that the doctor was wrong. Ego gets into the head believing that now you are a hero! I ate my humble pie when Ben died a year and three months later. I wanted to give up CA Care – No use, I can’t cure Ben. It was then that I realized –Am I playing God? Life or death is not for man to decide. It is God’s prerogative. At best – however smart we may think we are, we can only postpone or defer death for only a while. When Ben was in the hospital, he told Cindy that there was no need for any more heroic act, he was ready to go. And he felt at peace. In retrospect and after much reflection, I believe that Ben was meant to be my first cancer teacher. I was raw and naïve and knew nothing about cancer. He was there to lead me. After he had finished his job, he left.

Cure and Magic Bullet

Many patients come to us – not wanting to see the left or right – they have only one aim, expecting and wanting us to cure their cancer. No, we cannot cure you! Don’t ever expect that after you have taken our herbs the cancer will go away the next day or a few weeks or months later. Such expectation is ridiculous. The situation becomes even more ridiculous when patients who come had already undergone all the medical treatments and failed. Yet when they come to us they expect a miracle – to be cured!  When I think of this – and it happens very often – I am flabbergasted. Simple common sense tells you that it is not possible and unreasonable.

Patients generally want to hear only what they want to hear. And they only want to find what they are looking for. We, at CA Care, spend hours talking to patients trying to help them – trying to make them see what has gone wrong and how to go about living again. But all too often it is just a waste of our time. After a week or two they write back and ask: Why is my CEA still high? Why has my tumour gone bigger? Why is my pain still there? Mind you, these are people who have failed in their medical treatments.

The next favourite question patients often asked is: What are the herbs doing for me? They would like to hear us say: The herbs are going to kill all the cancer cells, or The herbs are going to stop the cancer from spreading, etc., etc. Better still: The herbs are going to cure you of your cancer! These words are pleasing to their ears. But I know, right down in my heart, there is no truth in such claims. So, I would give patients this straight answer: I don’t know. I know they don’t like that answer but I am not going to sell my soul and tell them lies for the sake of being able to sell our herbs.

Let me quote what Dr. David Agus, an oncologist and professor of medicine and engineering at the University of South California (in The End of Illness) said: If you come to me for help in treating advanced cancer detected late … your game is likely to be over soon… I say it because it’s the truth … it’s a shame that the technology and innovation in medical research and treatment are so archaic, outdated, and, dare I say, in some cases barbaric.

Nobody has ever shown that most chemotherapy actually touches a cancer cell. It’s never been proven. Doctors such as myself arrive at solutions through plain old trial and error, and therefore we can’t always explain how things work. I can’t always tell you why a certain drug works or how it works other than to say I have seen results proving that it does. I also can’t always give you’re a straight answer as to which course of therapy might work for you. In fact, doctors – myself included – don’t actually know why these drugs kill cancer cells at all! There’s a lot of trial and error in my business.

Medical science and even an outstanding oncologist cannot answer with honesty this all important question that patients asked. And I am not going to give you half-baked answers to mislead you.

The reason why I say this goes back to spiritual integrity. I can get away by giving you cooked up answers that you want to hear, but is that right? I am reminded of the words of Harold Kushner, a Jewish rabbi: There is the morality of cleverness and wit, in which success means getting the better of the other person by means of a slick business deal or a clever answer. There is the morality of righteousness, in which the highest good is thoughtfulness toward others.

To me, cancer is not just about a tumour in your breast, lung or liver. It is about you, as a human being. There is a quotation: There is no incurable disease, only incurable people. I often tell patients: After talking to you for five minutes, I would probably know if I can help you or not. Many patients come with a lot of personal baggage – this has to be cleared off. Perhaps this personal luggage could be the source of the problem.

Healing on Your Own Terms

After helping thousands of patients over the years, I have learned that almost 70 percent of them are here to find a magic bullet or wanting to find cure on their own terms. Our therapy is not easy to follow. You need to heal yourself – and it is you and you alone who can heal you. Others can only help but you decide you own fate. No two persons taking the same path would end up at exactly the same destination. Cancer is about you as a person. If you are not able to change your mental attitude, your diet, your lifestyle, etc. no one else can help you. You are a goner if you come and tell me: If I cannot eat meat life is not worth living; I have no time to cook the herbs; The herbs taste awful, etc. There is another quotation: You can choose your ways but you can’t choose the result. No amount of money that you have can ensure that you get the result that you want when it comes to cancer.


One frustrating lesson that I have learnt and seen happened over and over again is complacency. This problem arises because patients misunderstood or are misinformed that cancer can be cured. This misinformation is further compounded by the doctors’ pronouncement that everything is alright: I have taken off all the tumours; After five years you are cured, etc. There is no truth in such statements. Patients go home with false assurance and continue to live their previous lifestyle. Unfortunately, soon afterwards, they suffer a relapse i.e., the cancer comes back. One breast cancer patient asked her doctor: Why the recurrence? The doctor answered: Oh, it is just your luck.

We know of cases where cancer relapses even after ten to fifteen years of remission. This implies that there is no certainty of a complete cure for cancer. Perhaps cancer patients are not aware or have not been properly told of the disturbing fact that conventional medical treatments can only help, not cure. In her book, (The Activist Cancer Patient) Beverly Zakarian said: One of the few things known with certainty about (ovarian) cancer is that it is uncertain.

Do not be misled. If you think that you are done with cancer, cancer may not be done with you yet. So, do not be complacent. We take the view that patients need to consider the change to healthy lifestyle and diet as permanent. From our experience, we know that most patients would ask for their unhealthy and forbidden food the moment they feel well enough to talk and eat. This is indeed most regrettable and disappointing. It makes no sense to revert back to an old lifestyle or habits at the first sign of regained health. Also, patients may need to continue taking the herbs and cleanse the body for a long time yet. There are people who would reduce or totally stop taking the herbs after the initial signs of recovery. The risk of a relapse is too great to take any chances. We have numerous stories to tell you about cancer recurrence – and all too often being due to complacency.

Be Grateful

At CA Care we do not set a lofty goal. I hope the picture below impart our message to all of you. You need to cultivate your own well-being or your healing. You need to have time for yourself. After you follow our CA Care Therapy, you may lead a life without pain. And if you can eat, sleep, move around and move your bowels and pass your urine, then I say to you – What else do you want? Be grateful for what you are and what you have. Be grateful for being able to wake up in the morning and have another day.


However, CA Care is a wrong place to come and seek help if you want to see your cancer cured and gone forever. We just don’t have that cure you are seeking for. Go elsewhere and find someone else. And if you can find one who can cure your cancer, please let us know so that we can send all our CA Care patients there too.

Accept Reality

We fully understand that cancer patients want to live as normal a life as possible. They don’t want to be treated as sick people everywhere they go. They want to do what everyone else does. But this is where, common sense comes into play. You have to accept the reality of your situation. If you have cancer, there are things that you can do and things that you cannot do; no matter how well you may feel.

I recall one educated, professional man with pancreatic cancer. He came to see me after his surgery and said: I did the surgery in Singapore. My surgeon said he had removed all the cancer. He came home very confident after such reassuring words from his doctor. However, his medical report indicated that the head of the pancreas and gallbladder had been removed in addition to a part of his stomach, duodenum and proximal jejunum. This is indeed a serious case. Anyway, I did not want to say much, neither did I want to deflate his hope even though I knew that pancreatic cancer is one of the worst anyone could ever have. There is no cure for this. I was very aware that his man was in a denial mode.

I prescribed him herbs. He took the herbs and followed our diet. I must say he was fortunate to have a loving wife and family who cared for him and his food. And he lived in a lovely home.

His blood results for the first six months after taking herbs had been most encouraging. In these six months his CA 19.9 was around 1.0 and all his liver function enzymes were within normal range. However, on 2 November 2003, this patient, his wife and sister-in-law came and presented the results of his blood test and wanted to know why everything suddenly had become bad. Can anybody explain that? In the period from June to November, his CA 19.9 shot up to 417, and all his liver function enzymes were elevated. I told him: I am not god and I do not know everything. Worse still, I cannot fix everything when things go wrong! You have to pay the penalty for whatever wrong you have done! And I asked him point blank: Honestly, tell me what did you do differently in July, August, September and October? I did not know what you did, so I cannot guess. Tell me honestly what happened in those months. Then I drew a chart of his CA 19.9. From June to November, the value had shot up to 417. Why? How could this happen? I told him – You are an educated man and a professional. We all can agree that this graph does not tell a lie.

Reluctantly, he told me that in August 2003, he moved his job position from Penang to Kuala Lumpur because he had won a project. In January to July he lived in his home in Penang with his family. His wife took care of

him and kept an eye on his diet. In August he had to live in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur and needless to say, he was living on hotel food. Although he did not tell me, I came to know that he also traveled to some countries in Europe on business trips. All this happened after August 2003. And in November – barely three months after that, we could see the damage done.

As much as we would like to help, there was nothing much that we could do for him. The last time I saw him was on 2 November 2003 and he died in March 2004.

I often faced such situations – patients coming to me asking why their condition had deteriorated. My standard question is: What “sin” have you committed? Go back and think about what you have done – what you ate and what you did that you were not supposed to do – the answer is there. There is no need to pretend or try to play innocent.

This pancreatic cancer patient tried to justify his move to Kuala Lumpur by saying that he had to work to enable him to support his children’s university education. Granted, we all understand our obligations. But the sad truth, I learnt after his death, was that he was not a poor man. He left millions in his bank account! His only problem was he had NOT learnt life’s lesson – Enough is enough! I also learnt that greed often drives people to disaster.

I said this again and again, we at CA Care can only help you. Your healing is yours to seek and achieve. To those who truly need our help, we say this: Live and don’t give up hope. There is an option. There is hope. But if you want healing on your own terms and refuse to learn and change, then there is nothing much anyone can do to help you. 

This book is available in printed form at our centres only. E-book is available at


Nose (NPC) Cancer: Eleven Plus Years on Herbs Part 3: I Want Healing Not Cure

  • My radiologist was strongly against me taking herbs – NO herbs. She said there is no evidence that it is going to help. But I told her, “No evidence does not mean that it does not work!”
  • Later while on the treatment, I found that in cancer they are just talking about cure for five-years (i.e., 5-year survival rate). The doctor was very clear. She said after five years if the cancer comes back it is going to be a new cancer – a new disease. Meaning I collect another new cancer. Then patients will have to undergo a new treatment regimen all over again.
  • When I talked to God, He promises healing not cure. That was when an “angel” came into the picture and told me about you and the role of CA Care. Your role is about healing not curing.
  • I told the radiologist, “I am going for healing not cure”. She replied, “There is no such thing as healing.” She told me, “Our job is to cure you!” But look at the 5-year-survival rate of Stage 2 to 3 for this cancer. There is a 70 percent chance of survival – for five years and 30 percent will die within five years.
  • Before starting with the treatment, did you not ask the doctor about the survival rate? At that point in time, you don’t ask anything. You are more concerned with how to go forward. The assumption was that doctors know everything and they know what they are doing. And they will be able to cure me!
  • I did not realize all these important questions at that time because I was not yet there. But I went through with the treatment I began to ask questions. The initial impression given to me was that doctors have all the answers to my cancer. And they will be able to cure me. When I asked if there was a possibility of something might go wrong the answer was, “In NPC, this is the standard procedure with very good recovery rate.”
  • I assumed that doctors will tell you about all the side effects. My assumption was wrong!
  • At that time, I was looking forward to getting out of it, so there was no desire to go and find out what was going to go wrong with the treatment. No, no, we don’t do that.

My Comments

In life there are many things we take things for granted and we live with our assumptions. Often such assumptions are wrong! Peter had to learn it the hard way.  The book that had opened my eyes to the dark side of modern medicine is the book by Robert Mendelsohn, Confessioin of a Medical Heretic. I think everyone should read this book. Dr. Mendelsohn was not any ordinary doctor. He was a director of Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital and associate professor at the University of Illinois Medical School.  Read what he said,

  • I believe that … the greatest danger to your health is the doctor who practices modern medicine…I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth – doctors, hospitals, drugs and equipment – and the effect on our health would be … beneficial.
  • I believe that modern medicine’s treatment for disease are seldom effective and that they’re often more dangerous than the diseases they’re designed to treat.
  • If you are sick … your first defense is to have more information about your problem … You’ve got to learn about your disease and that’s not very hard. You can get the same books the doctor studied from. (Read them. It is most likely that after reading you will be more informed than the doctor himself).
  • Doctors in general should be treated with about the same degree of trust as used car salesman. Whatever your doctor says or recommends, you have to first consider how it will benefit him.
  • You should seek out and talk to people you regard as having wisdom. (Doctors tell you – don’t listen to the untrained, the quacks or pseudo-scientists). But Dr. Mendelsohn wrote, They are wrong – they are protecting their sacred authority. You may find that you can do without the doctor!
  • Doctors are only human – in the worst ways … because doctors turn out to be dishonest, corrupt, unethical, sick, poorly educated and downright stupid more often than the rest of society. (For more click this link:


Unfortunately we live in the world where we are made to believe that modern medicine and its accompanying technology is proven and scientific. This is far from the truth. Dr. Peter Ooi is no “school kid” and he understands what science is.  When the radiologist said there is no evidence that herb is going to help she is just being naïve – ignorant at best.  Peter ‘s answer to her was right on the spot,  “No evidence does not mean that it does not work!”  If you don’t look for evidence – you find no evidence. And if you deliberately don’t want to find evidence you will not find one either. It is as simple as that!

Dr. Sydney Singer is a medical anthropologist. Read what he said.

In 1972, Dr. Samuel Epstein – one of the world’s authorities on chemical causes of cancer – told the US Senate Select Committee – “ In this country you can buy the data you require to support our case.”

Now, I hope you see some light.

Curing and Healing

 There is a big difference between curing and healing. A cure is a successful medical treatment that removes all evidences of the disease. A cure is what the physician hopes to do and hopes to bring to the patient. For example, the liver is resected. The tumour is gone. That is supposedly to be a cure! Healing goes beyond curing. It is an inner process through which a person becomes whole. Healing takes place at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The capacity to heal physically is necessary for any successful cure but healing can also take place at deeper levels whether or not physical recovery occurs.

There are cancer patients for whom curative treatment ultimately proved impossible; yet inner-healing process takes place. Healing brings inner peace and a sense of connectedness with the Absolute One, thus makes a transformative difference in the quality of life. For those who have found inner peace, travelling the healing journey takes a new meaning. At that point, there may be pain but there is no suffering.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D. (in Faith, Hope and Healing) said, ”Healing and curing are two very separate processes …  when you focus only on the mechanical aspects of treatment and curing your disease while neglecting yourself and your life, you are expending your energy by engaging in a struggle and your life becomes more like a war than a process of healing.”

In the many years dealing with cancer patients I have to come to realize that you will not win fighting a “war” with cancer. You also cannot defeat cancer with your professional pride and ego. To win, cancer patients need to look inside themselves – know what their weaknesses are and then learn to live with their cancer.

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Dissecting Chemotherapy 10: No Chemo for Mom’s Breast Cancer – Wisdom of a Son

Patient is a 55-year-old female. She had a lump in her right breast and underwent a lumpectomy in June 2011. Unfortunately the job was not done well. The resected margins were not clean. Patient had to undergo another surgery and this time the whole breast had to be removed. The histopathology report confirmed an infiltrating ductal carcinoma, grade 2 with high grade DCIS (more than 25%) with 1/9 lymph nodes shows metastasis. The tumour is ER +, PR + and C-erb-B2: 2+.

After the surgery, the patient was asked to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The son persuaded the mother not to go for further medical treatments. Patient came to us and was prescribed Capsule A, Breast M and C-Tea.

On 18 October 2011, I had the opportunity to talk with the patient and her son.

You were asked to do chemo? Patient: Yes, but I didn’t want to do it.

Why? P: (Looking towards her son) He did not want me to do it.

Ha, ha, he did not want to do it, not you didn’t want to do it.

How old are you now? P: Fifty-five years old.

Son: I did not have much confidence (in what they did on her). She went for an operation and after that the doctor asked her to do chemo. Before the surgery, I asked the doctor, “What is the reason my mother has breast cancer?” The doctor replied, “No reason. If it happens, it happens.” I don’t think this was a logical enough answer because any illness must have a cause. This doctor is an expert – so famous yet that was the answer he gave me – if the cancer is going to strike you, it strikes you.

Anyway, after my mother had the mastectomy, we were referred to an oncologist. She was told to undergo six cycles of chemo and fifteen sessions of radiotherapy. The doctor said, “You go ahead and do these treatments first. Later I shall inform you what else to do.” I asked the doctor, “She had just undergone an operation, can you confirm if there are still cancer cells in her?” The reply was, “No need to ask. You must go ahead and do these treatments.”  I asked him back, “If there are no more cancer cells in her, why must my mother do chemo?” The doctor replied, “Patients overseas do the treatments. We must follow what they do. So your mother has to do the same treatments.” (Son shaking his head) I don’t  think we have to follow what others do. It is illogical. As doctors I don’t think they should say such thing – other people do, so we must also follow. After all, all of us are different.

I again asked the doctor, “ If she were to do three cycles only and she is cured – do we still have to continue to do another three?” The answer was, “No, no, you must complete the entire six cycles. We must follow the protocol.”

According to my mind, this is not the right thing to do. I again asked the doctor, “After the chemo and radiation, do we still have to do other treatments.” The doctor answered, “Yes, yes, but let us not discuss that step yet.” I countered the doctor, “Does she need  to go on receiving the treatment, one after another until  she nearly reach the point when she is about to get into the coffin before the treatment ends?”

With such answers, I told my mother the way she is going does not  seem right.

My Friend Died After Chemo for His Liver Cancer

I had a friend – my business partner. He had abdominal pains. A checkup showed liver tumour.  The doctor asked him to go for an operation to remove it. He went for a second opinion. Another doctor told him surgery would be very risky. He might not survive. He should not operate.  My friend went to seek the opinion of a third doctor.  This one said he should undergo chemotherapy. My friend asked the doctor, “But doctor you only see the scan. You did not do a biopsy.” The doctor replied, ”If I do the biopsy, I might break the liver capsule.”

The family finally decided to undergo chemotherapy but they did not have any clue as to what chemo is. After the chemo, my friend’s abdomen bloated up. He could not eat or drink. He died within a few months. I saw with my own eyes what had happened to my friend. So I told my mother, “You don’t know what chemo is and you don’t know about the side effects that the doctor told us. Let us find another path. “

Chemotherapy and Radiation May Not Cure

They asked you to go for chemo and radiation – did you ask if these will cure your mother? Son: No cure. They said the cancer can come back again. They cannot guarantee anything.

Yes, right – no one can give you any guarantee. But I am a bit baffled. Just because others (Westerners) do these, we also must follow – we must do the same thing.

Parents Value Doctor’s Opinion More Than Their Son’s

My father and mother are not well educated. They only depend on the doctors to tell them what to do. As their son, they would not listen to my opinion. They believe the doctors more. There are things I can understand,  but old folks do not understand even if you tell them. Sometimes relatives come – they give their opinions too. That complicates things even more. Uncle, auntie, neighbours come and put pressure on us. Until now, some people still come to me and asked me to send my mother for chemo. They said that so and so had chemo and was cured. But everyone of us is not the same.

I have read – there were people who died after chemo and there were people who were cure with chemo. I have read all these and told my parents about these. They responded, “Why go and read all these.” They do not  have confidence in themselves.

Oh, they don’t want to learn for themselves? They only want to hear “good things” and only think that they can win? Son: Because they only believe in what the doctors tell them. Actually most old folks behave like this.

It is All About Money First

I checked all the information I got to see if they are true or false. It all boils down to money first. Like in my friend’s case, it is all about money when they discussed his case.

CA Care Website

You visited our website and watched the videos of patients telling their stories in Youtube. Can I ask you one question  –  do you believe what they said?  Son: At least there is something in there – the information in there are better than what the doctor provided. These are real stories of people. I also want to find out if the information is true or false.

I put it to you – how sure are you that the videos are not fakes – made up stories with actors posed as patients? Someone wrote me an e-mail asking how much I paid each patient to talk or act like that? Son: That had never crossed my mind at all. No, no, I don’t have that kind of feeling at all. After all, doctors are also telling the same thing – there is no guarantee about anything. You want to do chemo or anything – there is no guarantee but money must come first. But for the side effects – that not their responsibility.

Advice to Patient

(Turning to the patient) What does your heart say Auntie? P: I never think about this at all.

Your friends or relatives may ask you to go for chemo – are you confused? P: No (shaking her head).

No one can help you except you yourself. So please take care of yourself. This is your illness. We can only guide you as what to do but you must be responsible for yourself. What I tell you may be different from what your doctors tell you. It is up to you to believe me or not. I advise you to take care of your diet. They tell you, you can eat anything you like. In addition I advise you to exercise, take the herbs and be happy – don’t think so much. 

Breast Cancer: Herbs and e-Therapy Restored Her Wellbeing After 106 Times of Radiation Treatments Part 7: My Journey of Ignorance

Acknowledgment: Permission to use this video without having to hide her identity is granted by the patient.

This is a bitter-sweet story of Le, a 37-year-old female from Indonesia. She came to us on 14 October 2011 after having been diagnosed with breast cancer that had probably spread to her lungs. She had undergone 106 radiation treatments besides taking a variety of supplements.

1. I found a small lump in my breast in 2003. I ignored it. In 2009, the lump grew bigger and I felt it while lying down. I went to see a doctor who told me to do a biopsy. I declined. I did not want to do chemo or radiation.

2.  Why did you go and see the doctor then? Le: Just to know if the lump was cancerous or not!

3. The doctor confirmed it was a cancer. I declined medical treatment and opted for supplements and alternative therapies instead.

4. I took “something.” I did not what the concoction was. This cost me six million rupiah per month. The tumour grew bigger.

5.  After taking the concoction, the tumour grew bigger – didn’t you realize that you were not on the correct path?  Le: No, I never thought of that!

6. I didn’t know where else to go. I bought all kinds of products to take. One supplement that I took for a year cost me 700,000 rupiahs per day – each gulp of this supplement cost 700,000 rupiah.

7. The tumour grew bigger and eventually burst.

8. I had no choice. I agreed to go for radiotherapy.

9. After the radiation the tumour shrunk. But four months later another tumour recurred at the collarbone. It was a small lump and then grew bigger until I had a very big lump around my neck.

10. Why did you wait for it to grow so big before going for another round of radiation? Le: I was hoping by taking the supplements the lump would shrink.

11. Since the lump grew bigger and bigger when you were taking the supplements, why did you continue taking them – even when they didn’t seem to help? Le: I just continued taking them. I waited and waited until the lump grew bigger and bigger. 

12. Then I went for more radiation (in total I had 106 radiation treatments). Later they radiated my ovaries for six times. 

13. Before the completion of all my radiation treatments, another lump recurred in my abdomen. 

14. While undergoing the radiotherapy, I was asked to take Tamoxifen. Ten days on Tamoxifen my wrists swelled and I could not bend my fingers. After a month on Tamoxifen I could not walk. 

15. I had to use the wheelchair and my husband had to carry me.

16. My good friend from Makassar called. She told me my body could not take the radiation anymore. I should stop the treatment. But where do I go? I have tried all the alternatives and failed. My friend to me, “Go to Chris Teo. You can check him out on the internet.”

17. Let me ask you this question – if you were to start all over again from 2009 when you felt the lump in your breast – what would you have done? Le: I would come to see you. I would not want to go for medical treatments.

18. When you had that small lump, you went to see the doctor but why did you not want him to do something for you? Le: I went to see a “sinseh”. He told me I had this disease because of my sins. What kind of “sinseh” was that?

19.  What I wanted to know is, do you know that if you have a cancerous lump in your breast, the best option is to have it removed by the doctor? Le: If I were to have met you then, it is most likely that I would follow your advice and have the lump removed. Because after that I can take the herbs, okay – that I would agree. But I don’t want to go for chemotherapy or radiotherapy after the surgery. Unfortunately, I did not know about you then.

It is with sadness to learn that Le had to be hospitalized after her return to Surabaya because the cancer had spread to her liver. She died on 6 January 2012

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Breast Cancer: Herbs and e-Therapy Restored Her Wellbeing After 106 Times of Radiation Treatments. Part 2: Alternative Therapy – My Twenty-One- Million-Rupiah Per Month Treatment

Acknowledgment: Permission to use this video without having to hide her identity is granted by the patient.

This is a bitter-sweet story of Le, a 37-year-old female from Indonesia. She came to us on 14 October 2011 after having been diagnosed with breast cancer that had probably spread to her lungs. She presented with aches and pains throughout her body, especially the joints. She could not bend her fingers.  She could not sleep well and she had coughs.

You found a tumour in your breast in February 2009. Did you ever felt the lump before that? Le: I went to the Cancer Organisation for a Pap smear in 2003. At the same time they also examined my breasts and told me to come back for check up  a year later.

What did they say about your breasts? Le: There was a small lump in my breast but the doctor said it was not cancerous – only something suspicious. I was asked to come back to a reexamination after a year.

You did not go back to see them again? In 2004? In 2005 and 2006? Le: No, I did not go back to see them. I received a letter from the Cancer Organisation in 2007, reminding me to come for a check up. I also did not go back to see them.

What did you do in 2008? And what about 2009? Le: In 2008, I did nothing. In 2009, I felt a lump in my left breast while I was lying down in bed. I used to examine my breasts while bathing. I did not feel any lump.

Was there any retraction of the nipple? Any discharge? Any pain? Le: No, nothing.

What did you do after you found this lump? Le: I went to consult an oncologist. After an ultrasound he told me there was a 80 percent chance that the lump was a cancer. The possibility of it being a benign tumour was 20 percent. I was asked to do a biopsy. I refused to do anything at all.

You were told that the lump was cancerous and you declined medical treatment – then what did you do?

Husband: She started to take vitamins and supplements.  Le:  I took supplements and stopped eating meat but I still ate organic chicken.

Oh, chicken is not meat? Right? Le: (no reply, quiet and embarrassed).

After you took supplements, did the tumour not grow bigger and bigger? Husband: Yes, it grew as big as my fist.

When you discovered the lump, what was the size? Le: Size of my thumb.

Okay, after taking the supplements, and supplements and supplements … did the tumour grow bigger and bigger?   Le: Yes. It grew to the size of a duck’s egg.

Oh, you took supplements and the tumour grew bigger – were you not afraid? Le: I was afraid. Husband: Afraid to die.

Le: In November 2009, I came to Kuala Lumpur for a check up. The oncologist told me he was 100 percent sure that the tumour was a cancer. He asked me to do a biopsy and then go for an operation. I refused and returned to Surabaya.

Why did you ever come to Kuala Lumpur in the first place if you didn’t want to follow the doctor’s advice? Le: I just went for a check up.

What is there to check up? In Surabaya you were told the lump was probably – 80 percent cancerous. And in Kuala Lumpur you were told it was probably 100 percent cancer. What is the whole idea of coming to KL? Waste of money? Le: In Februay 2011, I went to see an alternative practitioner. Husband: She also took other types of capsules besides the supplements.

What did the alternative practitioner do? Le: He tapped the area around my breast. He also gave me some herbs to drink. I did not know what these herbs were. After one month on his treatment, the tumour grew bigger and it eventually burst.

When he saw the tumour growing bigger, what did he say to you? Le: He asked me to go for radiation. But I refused.

Did he warn you that the tumour might just burst? Le: Yes, he did tell me that without radiation the tumour could burst. But I refused to go for radiation.

What happened after the tumour burst? Le: The alternative practitioner wrote me a referral letter to go to the hospital for radiotherapy.

And you still did not want to go for radiation? Le: This time I agreed for go for radiation.

Cost of Alternative Therapy

How much did you have to pay for all these alternative therapies? Le: A lot of money.

How much is a lot? Le: I took a lot of supplements. Husband: For taking this supplement alone it cost 700,000 rupiahs per bottle per day. Le: That is RM 250 per bottle per day.

How many bottles have you consumed? Le: Hundreds.  Husband: She was taking this for about six months. Le: No, I took it for about a year. For one month this supplement cost me twenty-one million rupiahs.

You spent twenty-one million per month for this supplement and you took this for a year? Le: Yes.

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Breast Cancer: Herbs and e-Therapy Restored Her Wellbeing After 106 Times of Radiation Treatments Part 1: Well Being Restored After Two Days on Herbs and e-Therapy

Acknowledgment: Permission to use this video without having to hide her identity is granted by the patient.

It all began with a small lump in my left breast. I ignored it. Some years later, I went to see an oncologist. He asked me to undergo a biopsy and later operate. I declined. I opted for alternative therapy. I took all kinds of supplements (See Part 2: Alternative Therapies  –  My Twenty-One- Million-Rupiah Per Month Treatment).

The lump grew bigger and eventually burst. It was then that I went to see a radiologist and underwent radiotherapy. I had my first radiation treatment in November 2009. I received 25 treatments for my left breast. The tumour shrunk and eventually disappeared.

Three months later, another lump grew just below my neck. It grew bigger and bigger. I again received another 25 radiation treatments for this. The lump also disappeared after the treatment.

Four months later, two more tumours appeared, one on each of my breasts. I again received 25 radiation treatments for each of my left and right breasts.

I also received 6 radiation treatments for my ovaries.

While on radiotherapy, another lump appeared just below my left collar bone but this eventually disappeared after I completed the radiation treatment for my two breasts. However, now I have another lump in my abdomen.

While undergoing the later stage of radiotherapy, I took Tamoxifen.  After two weeks on Tamoxifen my fingers became stiff and it was difficult and painful to bend them. After a month on Tamoxifen I was unable to walk. Also, my neck muscles became stiff.  Before the Tamoxifen I was agile and had no mobility problems. I could exercise. I stopped taking Tamoxifen after a month. My doctor told me the cancer had gone to my bones.

Early this month, a good friend in Makassar called me. She advised that I have had too much radiation already and my body would not be able to accept it anymore. I should look for other alternative treatment. But all this while, I had been on alternative treatments. I took all kinds of supplements. My friend suggested that I go to Penang and meet a Chris Teo.

The above is a bitter-sweet story of Le, a 37-year-old female from Indonesia. She came to us on 14 October 2011 after having been diagnosed with breast cancer that had probably spread to her lungs. She presented with aches and pains throughout her body, especially the joints. She could not bend her fingers.  She could not sleep well and she had coughs.

Le was prescribed Capsule A, Breast L and Breast M teas, Pain tea, Lung 1 and Lung 2 teas besides Cough # 10. She was put on the e-Therapy with Detox #2. That was on Friday evening.

On Sunday night (two days later), Le came back and reported as follows.

I went back to my apartment and slept through the night, from 7 pm to 6 am. I woke up just to eat and drink the herbal teas and then went back to sleep again.

Before this therapy, were you able to sleep? Le: Difficult.

On Saturday (no e-Therapy but only on herbs) did you sleep through the day? Le: Yes. I slept, woke up to eat and then went back to sleep again. I ate corn and fruits.

When you were at home, could you sleep like this? Le: No. At home when I woke up from sleep, I would feel pains. Now, I have no more pain. I could sleep in any position or posture, I had no pain. I was unable to do such a thing when I was at home.

Did you really sleep well – soundly? Le: Yes. I also passed out a lot of “gas” … boot, boot. I would walk to and fro from Kenny’s apartment to the market. I did not have any problem walking. I could not do such thing at home. I would become breathless if I walk like that.

Now, when you walk, did you become breathless? Le: No. Now, I can also hold the broom and sweep the floor. I can now make my bed and fold the blanket. I could not do that before. I could not even lift the blanket let alone fold it. This morning, I even “hit” the pillows.

Now, what other problems do you have? Le: Coughs. Before, I was not able to twist my body around – to the right or left. I would have muscle pull or cramp. Now, no more cramps. After taking the herbs for two days, there are no more body pains.

No more pain anywhere? Le: No more.

So, for the past two days, do you really feel well? Le: Yes. Strong (taking a deep breath).

Do you have any other problem? Le: Only cough now.

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