Video Presentation: Talk by Chris Teo, 11 May 2013 Kuala Lumpur

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Pt 1 Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Pt 2 Die of Cancer or Of Treatment

Pt 3 Overblown Statistics and Empty Promise

Pt 4 Doc, Give Me An Honest Answer

Pt 5 Beware Expensive and Dangerous Drug That Does Not Cure

Pt 6 Does Chemo Make Sense? Are Doctors Truly Honest?

Pt 7 Chemo Treats or Promotes Cancer?

Pt 8 Don’t Panic, Heal Yourself

Pt 9 Believe the Diagnosis Not the Prognosis

Pt 10 Chemo Almost Kill, Herbs Kept Him Alive

Pt 11 To Live or Die Is Your Choice

Pt 12 Recovered:  Even After Doctor Said No Chance

Pt 13 Doctor’s Bullying Ways and Self-interest

Pt 14 The CA Care Therapy


Part 2: Conversation with Chris Teo in Penang

Corinna is a 51-year-old Singaporean lady. On 5 May 2012 she was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. From the pancreatic tail the cancer has also spread to her liver and also the posterior aspect of her stomach. The surgeon who did the biopsy told Corinna that medical treatment would not be able to cure her. Nevertheless she was asked to seek further opinion from an oncologist.

After waiting for one and a half hours, Corinna got to meet her oncologist. Consultation with him was a great disappointment. After paying SGD 700 and talking for about 10 to 15 minutes, Corinna ended up more depressed, helpless and devastated. Whatever hope and expectation she had after her cancer diagnosis were dashed by this oncologist.

It was at this time that we got a phone call from our sister-in-law in Singapore. Corinna is her sister and she requested for us to talk to Corinna and her husband. So on 17 May 2012, Corinna,her husband, daughter and sister flew to Penang. We sat down to talk with the family for about two and half hours.

The following are recordings of our conversation that day.

Acknowledgement:  Thank you Corinna for your permission to share this story without having to hide your real identity.

At CA Care we take hours to talk to patients and explore ways as to how we can help them the best we can. We learn nothing from patients if we only talk for 10 to 15 minutes! Questions such as:  where you live, what car you drive, what job you have or do you have any health insurance, are not in our scope. These questions may turn out to be cruel! What if the patient is poor? It is okay if he/she is rich – the answer may inflate his/her ego but a poor man may be intimidated by such questions. Then, what would be the reaction of the healer. Would I treat the poor differently from the rich? Where is the compassion in this so-called noble, healing profession?

We would rather spend time with you explaining what you can do to heal yourself. We want you to be able to ask sensible questions. We know you are “fighting” the battle of your life and you have to bear the final consequence of that decision. It is our duty to provide you with honest and balanced answers to enable you to make informed decisions.

  • In the case of Corinna. She had seen the oncologist. He suggested chemotherapy even though she was placed in the “hopeless” category, where only a miracle can save her. So my first question after hearing her story was: What is it now that you want to do? You have to make that decision.
  • Our CA Care Therapy is not an easy path to take – go for chemo if you want it easy.
  • If you decide to follow our CA Care Therapy you need to be fully committed, you need to change your diet, lifestyle and mental attitude.
  • We encourage you to seek peace in Spirituality. In addition, exercise and have time for yourself.
  • You need to take herbs – but know that herbs by themselves are not magic. There is no instant cure either.
  • Healing takes time and before that can happen, you will initially experience a “healing crisis” or some difficulties first. Are you willing to go through that?
  • So reflect on these requirements and decide for yourself what you want to do for yourself.
  • Be forewarned again that our healing path is not easy to travel. Not everyone who comes to us can find healing – only 30% do, the rest don’t.
  • However those who persist, benefited. At CA Care we often see miracles happen – much beyond our expectation.
  • CA Care does not promise you a cure. We believe no one can cure cancer anyway. Because somehow and sometime later, the cancer could strike again.
  • As cancer survivors, you need to learn to be grateful for what you have and what you are. Thank God for whatever blessing that comes your way each and every day.
  • And above all, learn to live with your cancer. No one wins in a war!

Her full story:


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Part 2: Conversation with Chris Teo in Penang

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Breast Cancer: Herbs and e-Therapy Restored Her Wellbeing After 106 Times of Radiation Treatments Part 7: My Journey of Ignorance

Acknowledgment: Permission to use this video without having to hide her identity is granted by the patient.

This is a bitter-sweet story of Le, a 37-year-old female from Indonesia. She came to us on 14 October 2011 after having been diagnosed with breast cancer that had probably spread to her lungs. She had undergone 106 radiation treatments besides taking a variety of supplements.

1. I found a small lump in my breast in 2003. I ignored it. In 2009, the lump grew bigger and I felt it while lying down. I went to see a doctor who told me to do a biopsy. I declined. I did not want to do chemo or radiation.

2.  Why did you go and see the doctor then? Le: Just to know if the lump was cancerous or not!

3. The doctor confirmed it was a cancer. I declined medical treatment and opted for supplements and alternative therapies instead.

4. I took “something.” I did not what the concoction was. This cost me six million rupiah per month. The tumour grew bigger.

5.  After taking the concoction, the tumour grew bigger – didn’t you realize that you were not on the correct path?  Le: No, I never thought of that!

6. I didn’t know where else to go. I bought all kinds of products to take. One supplement that I took for a year cost me 700,000 rupiahs per day – each gulp of this supplement cost 700,000 rupiah.

7. The tumour grew bigger and eventually burst.

8. I had no choice. I agreed to go for radiotherapy.

9. After the radiation the tumour shrunk. But four months later another tumour recurred at the collarbone. It was a small lump and then grew bigger until I had a very big lump around my neck.

10. Why did you wait for it to grow so big before going for another round of radiation? Le: I was hoping by taking the supplements the lump would shrink.

11. Since the lump grew bigger and bigger when you were taking the supplements, why did you continue taking them – even when they didn’t seem to help? Le: I just continued taking them. I waited and waited until the lump grew bigger and bigger. 

12. Then I went for more radiation (in total I had 106 radiation treatments). Later they radiated my ovaries for six times. 

13. Before the completion of all my radiation treatments, another lump recurred in my abdomen. 

14. While undergoing the radiotherapy, I was asked to take Tamoxifen. Ten days on Tamoxifen my wrists swelled and I could not bend my fingers. After a month on Tamoxifen I could not walk. 

15. I had to use the wheelchair and my husband had to carry me.

16. My good friend from Makassar called. She told me my body could not take the radiation anymore. I should stop the treatment. But where do I go? I have tried all the alternatives and failed. My friend to me, “Go to Chris Teo. You can check him out on the internet.”

17. Let me ask you this question – if you were to start all over again from 2009 when you felt the lump in your breast – what would you have done? Le: I would come to see you. I would not want to go for medical treatments.

18. When you had that small lump, you went to see the doctor but why did you not want him to do something for you? Le: I went to see a “sinseh”. He told me I had this disease because of my sins. What kind of “sinseh” was that?

19.  What I wanted to know is, do you know that if you have a cancerous lump in your breast, the best option is to have it removed by the doctor? Le: If I were to have met you then, it is most likely that I would follow your advice and have the lump removed. Because after that I can take the herbs, okay – that I would agree. But I don’t want to go for chemotherapy or radiotherapy after the surgery. Unfortunately, I did not know about you then.

It is with sadness to learn that Le had to be hospitalized after her return to Surabaya because the cancer had spread to her liver. She died on 6 January 2012

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