Part 3: She Found Hope in CA Care

In mid-May, our sister-in-law in Singapore called to inform us that her sister had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She became the fourth person in her family down with cancer. She requested to see us. Of course, we are here to help those who need our help.

We were indeed happy to know that after two and a half hours of conversation with us, Corinna had found hope in what we are doing. We did not promise her a cure – but we promised to do our best to help her! Are we just providing “false hope”? To cancer patients and skeptics, we have this message for them:

As we talked to Corinna that day, we saw the transformation in her! Watch this video!

Let me reproduce the e-mails that Corinna wrote.

26 May 2012

Hello Corinna, I spent the whole of Saturday editing your videos. What stood out is that the first hour at CA Care was probably the darkest hour of your life — never even smile! Then after that there was magic! You put on your sweet, infectious smile! What happened? Look at those photos —  would you like to tell us what happened inside you? We can share that will those who are going to read your story!

                                                         Her first hour of gloom

                                                     The break of dawn!

Dr Chris,  Thank you very much for the photos.

The first two pictures clearly reflected my fear, my frustrations and confusions.

Having been told by the Singapore oncologist that I have no hope and he couldn’t cure me, I was on the verge of giving up. Will this man (you,Dr Chris) who is talking to me now offer me any solution and hope? I was praying then that GOD will show me HIS direction. The 3rd photo showed my eyes closing talking to GOD.

When you started talking, I became more alert and your words slowly flowed to me and I experienced calm and peace.

I just felt at that moment GOD was communicating to me through you. God was telling me that HE will not abandon me, HIS child. You told me you are not the one curing me but GOD. Your words already healed me then as I have never spoken to any human who puts GOD above himself.

You have helped so many cancer patients, yet you are so humble and did not claim any credit for yourself but gave all to GOD as you believe HE did all the healing. You believe and witnessed many miracles. You helped reinstall my faith in GOD. I was lost but I found my way.

The last 4 photos showed my joy in knowing that it is not the end of the world. I will fight this battle with GOD’s help for my family, all who show me so much love and to you Dr Chris who brought life back to me.  

19 May 29012  Hi Dr Chris/Beng Im,

My husband Gerard, daughter Andrea and I would like to thank you both for the great hospitality on 17th May.

Prior to seeing you, I was lost and confused. I wanted very much to go ahead with chemo despite knowing that my chances of survival were extremely slim, if not zero. I am glad to have made the trip to Penang. You and your wife gave us so much warmth and love.

My faith in GOD has strengthened tremendously after hearing all your talks and stories. I felt like GOD was talking to me through you. I knew immediately then that if GOD brought me to this world so beautifully, why do I want to destroy the clean and pure body that he gave me with chemicals? We always say, Let Nature takes its course – so why don’t I let the herbs and plants from Nature and God Almighty heals me.

I have started taking all the herbs on 18 May and they are so sweet smelling, reminds me of what our parents used to give us when we were young. I didn’t feel any pain throughout the day except vomited once in the evening, probably receiving too many visitors and tired myself out.

I slept last night from 11pm to 3.30 am without taking any further painkiller. My sleep was probably disturbed by my colleague sms  telling me that she lost her job. I felt sorry for her as she is under great pressure.

This morning, Gerard and I went to the beach for a stroll. My back was aching but I feel so great now after taking your herbs. I have faith in all your herbs and GOD above will help me walk this difficult path too.

Thanks once again for everything Dr. Chris and I will continue to update you on my progress. May GOD Bless you and Beng Im always as this world needs you both to bring joy, hope and happiness.

Warmest regards

22 May 2012  Good afternoon Dr Chris,

Guess who called me earlier? I was shocked that he called me personally — The Oncologist !!!!! He asked me why I didn’t follow up with him after seeing him last Monday 14 May. He said I should go for treatment as he thinks there is still hope for me (??????).

I told him I have decided to go for herbal and he repeated that I should reconsider chemo. He said he has read my blood and urine test and I should seriously consider chemo. He asked me to go down to his clinic for further advice as he feels I should give him a chance to talk to me.

I am surprised that someone who dashed my hope reversed his gear so fast. Suddenly he thinks there is hope when in the first place he didn’t even read all my test reports last week when I was in his clinic. I would have waivered if not for the faith you built in me. I am glad that I am strong enough to know what I myself want.

I have already put all my trust in GOD and in your herbs and I will stand by my own decision.

Today is my 5th day on your herbs and I am already feeling so much better. The pain has sudsided a lot and I am much stronger, happier and able to sleep well at night.

Once again I thank you very much for helping me and enlightening me in my most difficult time of my life.  

24 May 2012  Dear Dr Chris,

Thanks very much for your reply and great advice. I would like to update you on my progress as today is my 7th day taking yr herbs. For the past few days, I am able to go to the beach for a walk every morning for half to an hour. But when I am back, I will feel a little tired, on/off nauseous and some discomfort when I cough with spasms from my abdomen once or twice. Strangely thereafter, I would look forward to taking your herbs and every day after the first bowl, all my tiredness, nauseating and discomfort disappeared.

By noon, I become very lively and energetic and I don’t even feel that I’m sick. I know that the herbs are working well on me as my appetite has improved tremendously. I’m following the strict healthy diet recommended by your wonderful wife and I’m glad I have the discipline to do so.

Yes, you can go ahead and write my story even with my name / identity and face. There is no need to mask my “pretty” face – ha, ha, ha!!!! I give you my full approval. I believe God sent you to heal me as you give me so much joy and comfort at my darkest moment in my life when I’m lost and confused. I would have given up and surrendered if not for my prayers been answered by GOD to show me direction to find life again.

Tks vm

Warmest regards, Corinna

Her full story:

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Note: After taking herbs for 2 to 3 weeks, patient decided she wanted to go for chemotherapy. While of chemo, she died in the early morning of 12 December 2012.


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