Stage 4 Stomach Cancer: She Came, She Believed And She Got to Keep Her Stomach Intact

The file of YM laid buried among the pile of papers on my desk – almost forgotten. But about two months back (mid-2013), a medical doctor came to seek our help. When asked who sent him here, he replied it was his neighbour, YM. I asked the doctor how YM is doing. He replied, Very well. This episode make me go back to my old files and I started to track YM’s case. This is her story.

YM was diagnosed with stomach cancer in July 2007. A biopsy confirmed a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the stomach.  She underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy. She took Xeloda for two weeks and stopped. Apparently the doctor suggested that her stomach be removed. YM was in a dilemma, not knowing whether to go for the operation or not. I recalled it was at this point in time that YM called me and we spoke on the phone. YM had just started taking our herbs. On 30 December 2007, YM and her family came to our centre in Penang.

This is the recording of our meeting that day.

The following are e-mails that give more details about YM’s cancer experience.

4 January 2008: Dr Chris,
I have come to see you last Sunday. My file number is T-711. I am a lecturer at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. I have decided to hold on to my surgery and take your herbs for a long-term basis. I hope your herbs will prevent the need to do a surgery.  I am taking capsule A, C-tea, Stomach 1 and 2. I am trying my best to adhere to your advice on the diet but I still have the following questions and hope you can answer them for me:

1. Does it matter when I take the stomach tea? Should I take it on empty stomach? Is it ok if  I take it after juice or right after my dinner?

2. Can I take C-tea with Capsule A together or any other supplements like multi-vitamin. calcium, vitamin c, and plant oil?

3. I know that I should take stomach tea and C-tea at separate time. What is the minimum time interval between the 2 teas?

4. I read from your website that capsule A is for detox purpose. But C-tea is also for detox purpose (as told by you). Why am I asked to take 2 things with the same function?

5. Is capsule A made from the plant called “rodent tuber”?

6. May I use other organic sauce or seasoning for taste, besides sea salt and liquid aminos that you are selling at your center?

7. May I consume soup that boiled with chicken (kampung chicken or organic chicken)  or pork but without taking the meat? I know I am not supposed to take meat but I need to know whether drinking meat soup is as bad as well.

8. How about soup with “ikan bilis”?

9. Is it ok to take the following food: “nangka” or jackfruit, peanuts, and small dried prawns? Even if in small amount?

Please do not get upset in answering the questions especially the questions about food. You may have answered them thousands of times but we, the patients, need to hear from you for sure.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Reply to her questions:

1. Better to take after food. Timing? When convenient.

2. Not a good idea. Take Capsule A on empty stomach if no gastric pain. Later take whatever.

3. Okay.

4. Same function but many ways of healing. Attack from all angles not enough.

5. Yes, but with 10 other herbs to balance it.

6. I don’t know what other organic sauce is. Sure it is good stuff? I don’t know.

7. No, no. no. Nothing from things that move with their legs.

8. Yes, but don’t overdo. One tea spoonful of bilis powder maximum.

9. Aya, very bad and my answer is NO.

10. The stomach regurgitates or reflux. Try to take herbs after food and see what happens.

13 February 2008: Dr Chris, I did have intravenous chemotherapy — that was why I was in hospital for a day for each treatment. So the cost includes the intravenous chemo done in the hospital plus 2-3 weeks supply of Xeloda and vitamins. There were 6 treatments like this for the whole course. It cost about RM33,000 in total.

Below is the breakdown of a typical bill:

Room                    RM128 (I wanted to be hospitalized)
Office                    RM45
Lab                        RM200.90
Pharmacy             RM4,523.88
Sterile Supplies    RM132.79
Consultation         RM90
Insertion of Intravenous RM477.47 (insertion of needle into my vein)

I have been taking C-tea, capsule A, stomach 1 and 2 since 1 January 2008, only for one-and-a-half months. I am doing fine so far. Although I do not feel significantly different from before the herbs, I feel well and normal, and I got some good comments like I look better from my face. I believe in the herbs and the natural way of healing, so I will continue taking the herbs and other nutrients and watching my diet. Of course, I will consult doctor and monitor my condition from time to time.

In fact mine is a cancerous ulcer in the stomach. It is not a tumor. It has spread to nearby lymph nodes, therefore, classified as stage 4. It is under controlled after the chemotherapy. Now I wish to keep it under control as long as I can with the herbs and diet. I will take whatever you think is good for me especially it is targeted to cancerous ulcer. I strongly believe that, in my case, it was caused by the Pylori bacteria, which was preventable. I wish I have known much earlier the danger of being infected by this type of bacteria.

20 August 2008:  Dear Dr Chris,
How are you doing? I know that you are a very busy man and I try not to disturb you too much.

If you may recall, I went to see Mr Lee and you end of last year, December 2007. I started to take your herbs 1 January 2008. You asked me to do a blood test at that time I saw you and I did. That was the beginning of the consumption of your herbs.

Seven months after consuming the herbs–Stomach 1 and 2, C-tea, and capsule A–I went to do a scope in my stomach and a full blood test at Subang Jaya Medical Center on July 23, 2008. I asked back the same doctor who did the scope and biopsy on me about a year ago. He was the one who delivered the bad news that I had stomach cancer stage 4. I remember very clearly he said that I had a very big ulcer in my stomach. And a year later he delivered the good news to me. He saw a perfect stomach with no ulcer–it was healed!

My blood test results looked ok too–all tumor markers were within the range except CA19.9, it was 36 (the upper range was 35 based on the report.) My white blood counts was a bit low with a rating of 2.9. I think the lower range was about 4. Anyway, the doctor said that the CA19.9 of 36 was not alarming and I may need to see a blood specialist for the low white blood cells. He declared me cancer-free for now. I just need to monitor closely from now on.

I am aware that I have a low white blood count since I started my chemo treatment last year,  August 2007. If I am not wrong, there is not much I could do about it. It may affect my immune system and so far I am ok without getting sick.

I will continue my diet and herbs regime and will do a check up within half a year or so. I have cut out meat completely and for white sugar and salt, I cut them down as much as I can. I can’t be avoided completely if I eat out, hence I will not eat out unless I go traveling or for special occasions.

Anyway, Dr Chris, I believe in your herbs and I intend to continue taking it as long as I could. I understand that I am cancer free now but this does not guarantee anything. I will not be shocked if it comes back. I just try my best to prevent it from coming back. If it does come back, I will just deal with it accordingly. Of course, I hope that it will not come back with my diet regime and herbs therapy plus the supplements (OMX, plant oil, vitamin C, and complex enzyme) that I am taking.

So much about my updates. Thank you.

 22  August 2008  Many thanks for your prompt reply. I am trying to close the gaps in my understanding of the story. If you don’t mind, can you clarify:

Question: What happened before July 2007. Were you suffering from something?

Answer: Prolonged bloating and a very uncomfortable stomach, no appetite, felt like vomiting. 

When did this doctor say it was stage 4. After the biopsy result in July 2007? And it was stage 4?


You had a big stomach ulcer — your stomach must be bleeding? Lost a lot of blood? He did not treat you for ulcer?  Surprisingly I had no bleeding in the stomach based on what I know–if my stomach bleeds, my stool would be black in color. But my stool was not black but normal color to me. I did bleed but it was red, fresh blood, because I have piles. The doctor who did the biopsy did give me some pills for the ulcer but I went for chemo right away. I still finished the pills anyway.

What did he say about being alive — or his prognosis?

He did not say anything about that because he is not an oncologist. He referred me to an oncologist right after the biopsy results. The referred oncologist (a lady) came to see me and based on the conversation with her, I knew I was very serious and I needed treatment fast. So I decided to go for the chemo treatment within 2 days of the biopsy results.

Did you ask him if there was a cure?

I did not ask him since he is not an oncologist. But my oncologist mentioned to me that I just had to try the drug Xelox first. I might end up in the good basket and I might not be. (Note: XELOX regimen  consisted of taking oral Xeloda plus injection of oxaliplatin.)

Did he ask you to go for surgery? Or chemo?

The oncologist asked me to go for chemo first and when I got response she advised me to go for surgery. The oncologist suggested chemo treatment and it was done within the next 2 days after the biopsy.

You said you have 6 cycles of chemo — Was it from August 2007 onwards? And when did it end? What drugs did they use?

The chemo started  2 August 2007  and ended 23 November  2007 with 6 cycles at 3-week interval. That is, one cycle every 3 weeks. Xelox was the regimen (Xeloda plus injection of oxaliplatin.)

Then you had 2 weeks of Xeloda and stopped the Xeloda — was this after you had completed your i/v chemo?

I was given 2 weeks supply of Xeloda for every cycle of chemo treatment.

After the chemo and Xeloda — were you okay?

Of course there were side effects like numbness in my hands, slight blurred vision, poor appetite, dropping more hair, and low white blood count. Other than that, I was feeling ok generally.

In December 2007 CT scan indicated everything fine. What did the doctor say about this report.

The oncologist was pleased with the results and suggested that I go for surgery to remove part or whole of the stomach so as to remove the source of the cancer within a month after the last chemo treatment, before the drug worn out.

Since response of the treatment was so good, why did you come to see us and want to take the herbs?

I came to see you because I read the book entitled “Cancer Cured Naturally” by Betty Khoo-Kingsley. I believed in it and based on the contact information at the end of the book, I located CACARE. I was reluctant to go for the surgery. I was told by the surgeon (I went to consult a surgeon) about the side effects of having the stomach removed and I would be made very weak. I went to see you to get your opinion as well, and you were very upset by what the oncologist  told me. You said that surgery might not be necessary especially if the cancer had spread. You asked me to give myself 3 months to take the herbs and to do blood test and PET scan within that 3 months. I took the herbs and did blood test but I did not and still have not done any scan yet.

Now that it is healed. Did the doctor tell you why your cancer had disappeared?
The doctor who did the scope for me did not explain anything. He knew that I have gone through the chemo treatment. And I did not go back to see my oncologist since my last treatment in December 2007. 

Did he ask you if you took anything else besides chemo and Xeloda?
As I mentioned above, this doctor did not ask anything and I have not seen any oncologist since December last year.

Your health conditions — before you took the herbs and after you took the herbs — were there any difference? I am trying to find out if the herbs helped you in any way?
Before I took the herbs I was still suffering from the chemo side effects and of course my health condition was not as good. After the chemo and taking the herbs, I feel fine, not lethargic, good appetite, sweat or perspire easily. The only thing is I have lost about 8 kgs or 17 lbs since the treatment and no-meat diet. But I feel healthy.

But I think that what is more important is to see whether the herbs help prevent the cancer spreads further (if is still there) or help prevent the cancer comes back (if I was “cancer-free” after the chemo treatment). I have consulted other oncologists for second opinion and they said the same thing. I should and should have done the surgery before the chemo drug wore out, which should be within a month or two after the last chemo treatment. If the herbs can prolong a relapse or keep cancer away then the herbs is considered effective. Also, if I, the patient, believe in the herbs and help keep my spirit and hope high, definitely the herbs is considered beneficial. Dr Chris, once we believe  that cancer can be cured naturally, then taking herbs therapy is inevitable.

If you were NOT on the herbs — or you have NOT found us — would you have followed the oncologist’s advice and go ahead to have your stomach removed?
Yes. I would have gone for the surgery if the cancerous ulcer was still there. I had already talked to a surgeon before I went to see you.

Even after you have found us, why did you not follow the oncologist’s advice? What made you want to opt for our herbs — knowing that your problem was serious at that time — or you did not consider your situation serious at all?
Although I responded very well to the chemo treatment, I would not think that I was “cured”. I expected my cancerous ulcer was still there and I was facing two options — one is going for the operation, and the other one is taking an alternative treatment. After talking to you, I decided to give it a try on the herbs.

Latest update 19 August 2013: Yes, YM turns up occasionally to collect Cap A, or she sends someone on her behalf.  She has put on some weight and looks very well.  We saw her a few weeks ago when she brought a friend who has breast cancer.

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 A Point to Ponder

What do you think YM’s life is like if she was to follow the doctor’s advice and have her stomach removed?