Advanced Breast Cancer Part 2: To die or to heal is your choice

Advanced Breast Cancer Part 1: You need not have to die!

Paula Black had breast cancer and had undergone a double mastectomy. She told her doctor:

  • But I did not want any of my lymph nodes removed. They are essential part of my immune system, so I need them. And I’m rejecting all radiation and chemotherapy treatments… I believe God is healing me this way.

Paula’s surgeon replied: Paula, I must tell you, I do not agree with your decision.

Without chemo and radiation, the doctor said Paula would have only 3 to 6 months (the maximum) to live. Would you believe that? You should not. Doctors are not God. In this case, Paula’s doctor was wrong. Paula went on to live up to this day and had shared her healing story for the world to know.

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ALL  patients want to be successful like Paula — cancer gone (and I can go back to my old lifestyle again). But let me be blunt. Not many patients can do what Paula did, that’s the real problem! Over the past 20 years we have spent time helping cancer patients. We know what it is like dealing with “sick” human beings. Seventy percent of patients who came to seek our help were searching for the non-existent  magic bullet or expecting us to provide healing on a silver platter. Only a rare few understood that health is their responsibility and they have to work hard to achieve their healing.

All these years, we in CA Care have been saying the same things from the viewpoint of a healer. In Paula’s book, Life, Cancer and God, Paula related her story in great detail. Let me share with you why I said Paula had written a great book that you must read. What Paula did while on her healing journey made her a winner in her battle with cancer. Let Paula be your role model!

Cancer strikes – do you blame God?

It is understandable, many would ask, “Why?, Why me? What bad things have I done to deserve this “punishment”?. It is even harder if one is a God-fearing child of God. Why does God allow this? Has God forsaken me? I have done so many good things, I don’t deserve this.

Paula wrote:

  • My face fell in crushing disappointment … How could God allow this to happen? … I feel frustrated … We’ve given up so much in this world to obey God … and now this? Just think about it. We love God and want to serve Him always … we’ve given away houses, jet airplanes, cars, retirement, and travel benefits … a whole lot of money … We did this willingly in order to follow what we believed God had for us … and then BAM … to get hit with cancer? What is going on? Why would God let that happen?

When I read the above passage, I felt right in my heart what many patients felt, the same way that Paula had felt. Often times, cancer patients told me this – Dr. Chris, don’t worry you already have a reserve seat in Heaven for what you have done for us! I smiled in response but kept silent. I understand, for many believe that they need to do good deeds to gain good credits in order to get to Heaven. It does not make sense why good people get cancer. But being a Christian, I understand we are saved by Grace not good works. If I get cancer, I understand too that I have “violated” God’s Law of Nature – intentionally or unintentionally. Getting cancer is not a punishment from a loving and compassionate God!

I am glad that Paula did not blame God for her cancer! She did not give up on God too. I am equally glad that Paula did not consider cancer is a punishment from God.

Many cancer patients wrote that getting cancer is a blessing – the best thing that can ever happen in their lives, a timely wake up call. We tell patients to look at it as a blessing.

Strong Support from Spouse and Family Members

Without doubt, when you are sinking, you need all the help that you can get or offered to you. Strong support from our loved ones is an essential ingredient to success. Her dear husband, Dale was the rock for Paula. He did all the literature research and was ever a fountain of encouraging words.

  • If you focus on a three-pronged approach — you body, your soul and your spirit — then I firmly believe you will succeed.
  • The most difficult times of life can become the best times of life if we let God direct them. That’s what I’ve experienced. And that can happen for you too, sweetheart.
  • I don’t believe for a second that God caused cancer in your body. That is not like God. Something else has caused this cancer, yet God has allowed it. Soon we’re going to learn why. Then we’re going to find out what we can do about it. That’s just one of the wonderful things about God. He will turn something terrible into something wonderful if we let Him.

Find Strength in Spirituality

My wife and I are Christians. When we set up CA Care in 1995, we set our bearing right. We are open to all God’s children, irrespective of religion, race or bank account. We accept you as you are and encourage you to seek help from your God – whoever you believe in.

Paula found strength is her Christian God. Dale told Paula, Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. From personal experience, I can promise that if you keep pursuing God … you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find what you’re looking for.

Paula wrote:

  • Believing God want me well is the cornerstone of whatever plan I choose to follow. I know I don’t have the power to fix this. But God does.

Friends Be Considerate!

Paula and Dale headed for the hills — just to be away and get things sorted out. In short, they have to run away from all the well-meaning but destructive distractions.  Their phone never stop ringing. Many concerned people wanted to know: How are you doing, What are you going to do? … There is no shortage of recommendations.

  • Good grief, Dale, I don’t think I can handle one more call. I mean, I know their intentions are all good, I know they’re trying to show they care. But the constant bombardment is more than I can handle.
  • What can I do … I am confused and frustrated and afraid. And I have no idea what I’m going to do!

We understand this scenario very well. I used to warn patients, You family members, your friends … As of yesterday they know nothing about cancer but today because you have cancer, they all have become professors or experts on cancer, telling you to do this and do that! Beware.

We are fully aware that loved ones and friends want to show their concern and care. But please take note that your action can be over-bearing. We often received emails saying my friend has cancer, my auntie has cancer, etc. can you please help. Hang on a minute, you are not the patient! How do you know that that patient needs my help? At best, if that makes you happy,  you can just tell the patient that there is such a thing as CA Care — there is no need to go further than that. Let the patient decide what he/she wants to do.

My People Are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge, Hosea 4:6

  • I have no time to think, no time to process. I need quiet. I need time alone with God to figure out how He is leading me. I have to find the path God has for me.

Dale smiled and said I’ve already made the arrangements. We’re all set. Let’s take the dog and whatever essentials we need and get out of town!

  • This is the perfect time to get more books for the research we’re doing on cancer and treatment options. Let’s pick some up and take them with us to the mountains. That’s the perfect place to focus.
  • Our first stop was the library … when we finally checked out, we were both carrying two armloads of books and journals.
  • At the bookstore … after skimming through the mountains of books, we narrowed it down to eight that we just had to have.
  • We were ready …..(to) uncover the mysteries of cancer. There must be more than forty books here. How are we supposed to get through all them in a few days?
  • Dear God, Paula and I ask for Your help as we search for her way of escape … Guide us through this mountain of information. Help us learn what You want us to learn.

Right on spot Paula. We tell our patients. No need to rush to get things done. Take time to reflect and think. Take time to read and gather information. Unfortunately, patients do not want to read. They do not want to find out for themselves. They prefer to mortgage their fate to others (the experts). Experts know best, trust them. Pathetic indeed.

  • Facts are one thing – truth is another. With truth, there are no more mixed signals. Usually truth is so hard to swallow that most people aren’t open to it … And if they do hear the truth, they often go into denial or get angry – even hostile.

Both Paula and her husband started to read and research. And they found many unexpected discoveries.

Dale said, Based on what I’ve been learning, I believe God is answering our prayers. We are finding glimpses of the truth …. There’s nothing that gets me more riled up than knowing I’ve been lied to.

The Truths Discovered

Away from distraction, Paula and Dale started to read more and learned more. I am glad to know that they had a rare privilege to meet a medical doctor who also had breast cancer. Since this book is specially dedicated to Dr. Lorraine Day — “was instrumental in saving my life” —  I guess the doctor who Paula and Dale met must have been Dr. Day. Indeed, if you have breast cancer, I fully recommend that you visit Dr. Day’s website,

Let me give you some examples of the “unbelievable and shocking” truths that Paula and Dale “discovered.”

The doctor (who Paula said had saved her life) told both Paula and Dale the following:

  • I was diagnosed with advanced terminal breast cancer. But as a medical doctor, I knew that standard treatment would not save my life. I knew if I went to the hospital and followed the normal medical protocol for cancer, it would kill me. Instead I diligently searched every alternative method available until I found my way through the maze. Eventually, I reversed my cancer … I got well without radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Do you really think chemotherapy can cure cancer? … Drugs can’t cure disease. Chemotherapy is a drug — it cannot cure cancer.  At best, drugs suppress symptoms …. And all drugs have side effects.
  • Radiation can’t cure cancer either… And radiation does immense damage to healthy cells too.
  • The medical system is broken. It’s completely upside down.
  • When it comes to cancer, doctors are taught only to cut, poison or burn tumours – with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.
  • We doctors are trained only to treat symptoms. Doctors don’t deal with root causes. That’s how the medical system works.
  • Tumors are not the cancer. Tumors are the symptoms of cancer.
  • The patient sometimes shows temporary sign of improvement from chemotherapy and radiation. However, the treatments actually make the cancer worse, not better.

What is cancer?

  • Cancer is the result of a repressed immune system. Cancer results from a broken-down immune system – suppressed immune system – plain and simple. It usually takes years for a tumour to grow to large enough size to detect, which means your immune system has been weakened for a long time. When cancer is discovered, it’s not just your breast or prostate or lung that has a problem … if you have cancer anywhere, it means your entire system is compromised.
  • Cancer is a systemic disease. 

You cause you own cancer!

  • You cause you own cancer … you gave yourself cancer … whether knowingly or unknowingly. You didn’t just randomly get invaded by this disease. Instead you bring this on yourself.
  • Since you caused it, you can reverse it … by rebuilding and strengthening one’s immune system. If the immune system is working properly, it is not possible for cancer to develop.
  • Your immune system is healthy when you feed it the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and water it needs to heal itself. Start by giving your body what it needs to have a strong immune system.
  • You — and only you — must take responsibility … you are the only one who can reverse you cancer. None of us can do it for you.
  • You will reverse it one day at a time.
  • Make necessary lifestyle changes starting now. Learn how to live in a way that you will never, ever develop cancer.
  • You can prevent this disease. You don’t have to get cancer.

Cancer is not hereditary

  • Cancer is passed down through families all right, but not through the genes.
  • With only minor exceptions, cancer is passed down by training the child how to eat, drink, think, and how to cope with stress …. passed down by habit patterns, behavioral models in the home.

Why don’t my doctors tell me all these?

  • There is a protocol for cancer in place that doctors cannot violate with huge liability and personal cost. So they stay with the herd. They place protection of their careers over protection of their patients.
  • Any medical doctor who turns to alternative medicine will be crucified by their peers and by the medical industry. There are big dollars to protect the status quo.
  • Cancer is a big business and bring in hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The doctors are just the middlemen, the salespeople for the drug companies.
  • The big pharmaceutical and medical companies that make billions on the cancer business also spend millions on undermining the claims of alternative medicine. They work aggressively and spend many dollars labelling it “quackery”.
  • There is a massive campaign to keep people moving through the conventional medical system.

Total belief in medical expert?

  • Why do you have to do what they say just because they say it? Instead pay attention to your body. Learn about healthcare for yourself … become an expert on how your body is designed to function. It is not diffiuclt. It just takes some time and attention …. time to read and learn and grow.
  • Don’t ever let a doctor rush you into a decision. It’s a game they play. Don’t play it with them.

Three to six months to live?

  • Doctors do not know how long you’re going to live. It is insanely irresponsible to tell a patient how long they have to live. That is cruel and immoral. Many patients — thousands of patients — die each year because they believe the “threat” their doctors give them.

There is a better  way

  • Now you know … you can stick your head back in the sand and stay in denial if you want to — to your own detriment.
  • Or you question what is happening and look at the information and statistics that are available and accept the truth. The medical system is broken. Standard cancer treatment doesn’t work.
  • There is a better way.

Let me ask you to once again reflect on these quotations:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6.

You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

After his intensive research Dale and Paula did learn many more “unbelievable and shocking”  things about cancer. Dale said:

Finding the “Correct” Truth

  • Most people don’t really want the truth. They want only what they want. Seldom do they seek the complete truth.
  • I am aware that your life depends on you getting all information – correctly and accurately.
  • I am having a hard time finding solid data when it comes to cancer cure rates … it’s what everyone with cancer wants to know.
  • A person is considered “cured of cancer” if they don’t die within 5 years of diagnosis. That ain’t no cure, baby.


  • A person who takes enough chemo to kill all the cancer cells in their body will die from the toxicity of the chemo well before the cancer cells are destroyed.
  • Chemo doesn’t stop cancer from spreading. Chemo can only slow down and shrink the cancer tumour. Meanwhile it devastates the patient’s immune system, making the cancer problem worse …. A weak immune system is what allows the cancer to grow out.

Profit is More Important than Your Life

  • I’ve learned that there’s an unholy alliance between the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA. The FDA approves drugs not necessarily because they’re helpful to the patients but because they bring money and profits to the huge pharmaceutical industry.
  • True, some of the drugs extend life of cancer patients, but none of them cure cancer.
  • The medical industry doesn’t want to cure cancer.
  • The reality … extending the life of people with cancer makes more money than curing them … keep cancer as a chronic disease … provides a long-term profit.
  • If they find the cure for cancer, our medical system would lose literally billions of dollars every year. Hundreds and thousands of jobs would disappear – not just in the medical field but in all cancer related fields.

Patient’s Misguided Priority

  • Ninety-five percent of cancer patients who use some form of alternative cancer treatment have already had conventional (medical) treatment. That’s almost everyone. Many of them had everything orthodox medicine could offer and were sent home to die.
  • This means the alternative medicine was chosen as a last resort when they were already in dire critical condition and medical science had given up on them.
  • I’ve learned that it’s critical to START with an alternative treatment instead of end with one. Make alternative medicine your first option!

Finally, having known all of the above, Paula made her move. Remember, it is useless to know — to spend time reading — if you do not want to act upon what you know!! She wrote:

  • Cancer is about life and death. Cancer is also about choices.
  • No one else could face this enemy for me. This was a battle I had to fight, a war I had to win.
  • I am aware that for me to get well and stay well, I must eliminate things like worry, resentment and unforgiveness from my life. These things affect both my spirit and my soul. If I don’t deal with them, they can manifest in my physical body in negative ways.
  • The conerstone of my new diet was juice — fresh organic vegetable juice. Every day, I also drank … glasses of pure clean water — free of fluoride, chloride and other harmful contaminants.
  • I eliminated … sugar, caffeine, coffee and soda.
  • Meat and dairy products were banned entirely.
  • Nothing cooked, fried or frozen were allowed.
  • No fast foods or processed foods.

I had drawn a line in the sand … I learned that God would use anything for my good and His glory — if I did things His way. God will not tempt you beyond that which you are able to endure … without making a way of escape. God was true to His promise. I had found my way of escape.

The final word from Paula: If you find the truth, will you believe it?


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Knowing The Truth May Save Your Life And Money