Holistic Healing of Cancer — Sharing our 20 years of experience

Forty-three Video Clips on Workshop by Chris Teo, organised by CanSurvivepc-workshop_0002



Part 1 IntroductionWe are not anti doctors: http://youtu.be/e2UbMA5jRSM?a

Part 2: Medicine is broken: http://youtu.be/qv603Vw8PWw?a

Part 3: Empower yourself Part 1: http://youtu.be/Fz7jOBKyIS8?a

4  Empower yourself Part 2: http://youtu.be/hrBD582tuLA?a

5  Empower yourself Part 3: http://youtu.be/YrVNMzz_sdU?a

Part 4: Treating the Incurable: http://youtu.be/O1c4Ms5lA2w?a

7  You don’t have to die if you don’t do chemo: http://youtu.be/lfcXLyIW978?a

8  More harm than good: http://youtu.be/FaTslmXFLlc?a

9  Prolong life or prolong misery: http://youtu.be/_MIL-a0rH-Y?a

10 Making sense of what is going on: http://youtu.be/xomIZWjcBIc?a

Part 5: Is doing nothing an option?: http://youtu.be/n8bW9K750Gs?a

Part 6: Mission of CA Care & Sharing of Information: http://youtu.be/W2_sENlOmsU?a

13  Miraculous Healing: http://youtu.be/AqkXlmmOM9k?a

14  More Healing Stories: http://youtu.be/fELj9ZqjJDI?a

15  Non cancer problems: http://youtu.be/ubrAobuOGdI?a

16  The CA Care Therapy: http://youtu.be/7E8o4u0nqB8?a

17  Challenges to Healing: http://youtu.be/PD4YcKk2wNM?a

18  Healing Journey of a Patient: http://youtu.be/iZlPDWRZ0UY?a

19  Cancer is about YOU — Change!: http://youtu.be/tlqprwXeo34?a

20 Death — the ultimate healing: http://youtu.be/gn2rat7NkVQ?a

21 Gratitude: http://youtu.be/3eqth3jYfdU?a

A Time to Share

1 Truth from different perspectives: http://youtu.be/k0GNsY4nJoc?a

2  My first patient did well on herbs: http://youtu.be/bnqZUzo0Blw?a

3  I am glad that I am still alive: http://youtu.be/1mR1myzDXG4?a

4  I outlived my two doctors: http://youtu.be/BV0NSiTTrzs?a

5  Colon-Liver Cancer: Twelve years — I am healthy and full of energy: http://youtu.be/KcCHJeMSeWg?a

6  No chemo for me: http://youtu.be/6RsVSUCAtWI?a

7  I want to be beautiful when I die. But with herbs and good diet I am still alive and healthy: http://youtu.be/cOXBIIZlXLA?a

Question Time

1  Belief & Commitment: http://youtu.be/Fxf2STFwELM?a

2  His kidney function improved. Her blood pressure back to normal: http://youtu.be/qkHvK8pnaF0?a

3  Health is your responsibility: http://youtu.be/pdKGzGj_bqw?a

4  Sharing: http://youtu.be/4NigjKmPzi4?a

5  Diet and no durian: http://youtu.be/YiZE_kuVRlw?a

6  Cost of CA Care Therapy: http://youtu.be/gqVtuJQhdZw?a

7  Bringing herbs overseas: http://youtu.be/jbn2ObhVRcw?a

8  He married his doctor: http://youtu.be/ZG9jg1kmkz4?a

9  Would you go for surgery and chemotherapy again?: http://youtu.be/SLxnCphO55s?a

10  Our experience with kidney tumour: http://youtu.be/LSdF3CgTAe0?a

11  Flow with life: http://youtu.be/eg4njhQHZHY?a

12  Genetic or are you creating your own cancer?: http://youtu.be/6csebTHhHEk?a

13  Should I go for surgery?: http://youtu.be/nKf-gE2NosE?a

14  Healing crisis: http://youtu.be/ext7r29Zmzw?a

15  Kidney failure — Go see your doctor: http://youtu.be/-HlT5S9kTV0?a