Ovarian Cancer: Part 2 Initially We Did Not Believe in What You Are Doing

Our interview with Siti was done in 2005. She had been taking our herbs for the past five years.


All these are God’s blessing.

Husband: We are indeed grateful to Razuddin who “pushed” us so many times to come and see you. At first we were hesitant.

Because you did not believe in what we do?

H: Yes indeed – I don’t believe in your herbal therapy. But then Razuddin kept insisting and one day we fixed an appointment in my office. Then I relented and he drove us to Penang to see you.

Siti: When we came I was till undergoing my chemo.

H: She already had two cycles and was going on to the third. I still remember you tell me, “If you want to go for chemo, you can then take the Chemo Tea.” My wife took the Chemo Tea and she felt the difference! Before the herbs, she had pains, fevers and was unable to sleep due to the chemo. Before she started on the third cycle of chemo she took the Chemo Tea – three days before and three days after the chemo. She was alright – no problem. This result started to make us believe in what you are doing.

Well, as I have said, you are blessed. Whatever it is you received this blessing. There are people who missed on this. At CA Care we are not “hunting” for people to come and see us. Those who need our help can come those who want us to help them, we will help. Those who don’t need our help – that’s fine.

H: I am indeed grateful to Razuddin for his insistence to bring us here to see you. If not for this repeated insistence we would not know you. It’s indeed God’s blessing. So the truth is, we started off being very skeptical about what you are doing – and we did not believe your therapy.

(Note: Razuddin is our colon cancer patient. He underwent surgery but refused chemo absolutely. He immediately started on our therapy and has been doing fine for many years now).

Siti, when you came to Penang that day, did you believe us at all?

I was doubtful – not sure at all. But after I started taking the herbs, I felt better and my health improved. I started to believe you.

After you started on the herbs, you gave up after the third cycle of chemo. Why did you give up chemo?


H: She was getting better. There is no reason why we should go for anymore chemo.

The doctor was not angry with you for not continuing? Did he not call you to come back for the fourth shot?

Yes, the doctor kept calling me but I just did not turn up.

After taking the herbs, did you really feel better?

Yes, I felt my body was healthier. I have no more pains. I had more strength.

H: My wife had Stage 4 cancer. Most of my friends knew this. But after taking your herbs, these friends were really surprised to see her so well and healthy. Some of them were asking where to find your herbs. Some of these people have relatives who had undergone chemo – only one died recently.

Siti: My friend told me that I don’t look like a cancer patient.  I don’t look like I am having cancer because I looked so well and healthy.

H: She did not show any symptoms that she had cancer.

How long were you on the herbs before you could feel that you were doing well?

After taking the herbs for about a year.

Apart from our herbs, did you take any other herbs or medication?

Only vitamin supplements. No other medication.  Even when I was undergoing the third cycle of chemo, I did not take the doctor’s medication. I threw them away. I just took Dr. Chris’ herbs.

H: One more positive point. After taking the herbs we also went for the blood tests. The results were good. We repeated the test a few months later. The results were also good.  So that increased our confidence in what you are doing. Now we are confident.


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