Ovarian Cancer: Part 3 My Experience With Chemotherapy and Your Herbs


When you underwent chemotherapy, you were told that you had Stage 4 cancer. Did the oncologist tell you whether the chemo was going to cure you?

H: This was what the doctor told us after the surgery, “Remember you must go for chemo. You need to go for six cycles.” I still remember this was what he told us. Then he added, “You have Stage 4 cancer – you must go for chemo. Remember that.”

Did you ask him if the chemo can cure her?

H: At that time my impression was chemo would be able to cure her.

Did you suffer while undergoing chemotherapy?

Yes. I couldn’t sleep. Vomited and had pains until the bones.

H: On top of it, she was bald.

Becoming bald, that is a normal thing! Every three weeks you have one cycle of chemo. How long did your suffering last after each chemo.

One week of suffering. After I regained my strength I went in for another shot. I couldn’t eat and my body felt very tired. During that time I felt like dying. I could not carry anything and I was drained off my energy. After I recovered I have to go for another bang.

You had three cycles of chemo. Which is the more difficult – the first one or the second one?

The second was worse than the first one. But for the third cycle I was alright – that was after I started to take your herbs.

Oh, you started taking the herbs after your second chemo and just before your went for the third one?

Yes, before the third chemo. I took your Chemo Tea and also the Upper Pain Tea.

H: I still remember what you told me, “I am not pushing you to go for chemo. But I also do not tell you to stop the chemo. I don’t want the blame. But if you want to go for chemo then take the Chemo Tea. “ So she took your teas and went for her third chemo.

Did you suffer any side effects after that?

Very little.

H: I observed her. There was difference this time. Before the herbs she had to sleep and was in pain. After taking your herbs there was no more problem. That was what I observed – there was this difference.

Siti: One more thing doctor. During the first chemo and the second chemo, the doctor said my blood was not good. After taking the herbs for about a month or so, the doctor said my blood was good. That was what the doctor in the government hospital told me. But he did not know that I was already on your herbs. I have another problem when I was on chemo. I tend to forget things. I boiled water for hours and I did not remember that. When I boiled the herbs and then went upstairs, I had to pray and pray that I did not forget what I did.

That was what they called, “chemo-brain”. Now, it has been five years since you have chemo – do you still have this chemo brain?

Yes, once a while. I still tend to forget things.

H: But this problem was not as bad as previously. Before it was severe.

Who said you had Stage 4 cancer?

The surgeon who operated on me said so. I just met her last month (after five years).  This is what she told me, “Patient who had cancer like you, ought to be sleeping on the bed and not able to walk around.” She was implying that I ought to be dead by now.

That was what she told you?

Yes, the specialist who operated on me.  One day, my son was also admitted into the same hospital for his appendix problem. I was in the hospital and happened to meet the surgeon. She said, “ Siti, you are well?” Her tone and reaction showed me that she was really surprised that I am still alive. She then phoned another doctor and said (I hear her conversation): “You still remember Siti – a patient some four to five years back. She is still around!” Imagine what she said, I am still around and alive! Then she told me, “Siti, come back and let’s have a CT scan.” She persuaded me to come back to the hospital and do the scan. After thinking about it, I thought I should do the scan.

I went to do the CT scan. I was trembling at that time – very concerned if they would find something inside me. After the scan, the surgeon stared at me and said, “Congratulations – I could not find anything in there – not even a scar.”

Did the doctor ever ask you what you have been doing?

She did not ask much. She looked at me. I guessed she wanted to ask me something but was reluctant. I was not sure if she was shy or was ashamed or what.

But did she know that you are taking herbs?

Yes, I told her about that but she did not ask me for more details.  After I was told of the CT scan result I said to her, “I want to go and tell Dr. Chris about this.” She asked me, “Who is Dr. Chris.” I replied, “The herbalist from Penang.”

You are indeed blessed. If you asked me then what I could do for you, I must admit I would not know what to answer. But let me remind you that even after surviving five years you are not cured yet. To the doctors surviving five years is considered “cure”. That is not true at all. Even if you survive ten years, it is still not a cure.

I want to thank you so much for helping me. I pray that your will continue to do this good work forever and ever to help our society.

Let us all praise God and be grateful to Him for his blessing. He gave me the knowledge to help others.


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