Cervical Cancer, Stage 2B Gone Wild Within Six Months – Why?

Amy (not real name) is a 39 year old lady from Indonesia. She came to seek our help on 13 January 2012. She had severe discomforts – her stomach was bloated, very tired and afraid of the cold – even unable to withstand the air-conditioning in our centre.  The first words to me were, “Please help me get rid of the wind in my stomach. I was not able to pass out any gas. And I did not have my bowel movements for the past few days.”

Generally for such a case, I would advise the patient to go back to their doctors. Let their doctors help them. At CA Care we want to heal the whole person – and we don’t know how to “repair your problem” through piece meal effort.  So I told her, “Before I try to help you, please tell me what have you been doing? Only then I can understand what have gone wrong.”

This is her tragic story.

1. In May 2011, Amy had vaginal bleeding once and then there was watery discharge.  A biopsy was done at a hospital in Indonesia. It was confirmed carcinoma of the cervix.

2. Amy came to a private hospital in Penang for further investigation. Physical examination showed presence of a huge mass arising from the cervix involving the left parametrium.  The doctor indicated it was a cervical adenocarcinoma, Stage 2B.

3. She also had a 1.9 x 1.5 x 2.0 cm mass in her left breast. A lumpectomy was performed for her breast. She was started on Tamoxifen.

4. Amy was referred to a cancer hospital for radiotherapy of her cervical cancer. She underwent 25 sessions of radiotherapy and at the same time received 5 cycles of chemotherapy. The drug used was cisplatin given at weekly interval.

5. Amy   also underwent 2 sessions of brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy). This second treatment was done on 2 August 2011. Amy refused a third session of brachytherapy.

6. Her medical report on 9 November 2011 stated,

  • “ There was suboptimal response during brachytherapy which patient was aware of.
  • ”“She was psychologically frail towards end of treatment.”
  • “She still has persistent vaginal mucoid discharge.”

7.  After radiotherapy in Penang, Amy still had vaginal bleeding. She went to a specialist centre in PJ, Selangor for second opinion. The oncologist said, “She came to see me on 24 August 2011 for profuse vaginal bleeding. There was an area of ulceration in the right vaginal vault. I managed to stop the bleeding after using vaginal tampon. Then I referred her to another professor in Kuala Lumpur.”

8. Amy returned to Penang and underwent an operation – TAHBSO (Total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy) on 14 November 2011. “The histopathology report showed well differentiated endocervical adenocarcinoma of the cervix. There is metastasis to both ovaries. There is no tumour response to chemo-radiation therapy.”

9. Back in Indonesia, Amy suffered abdominal pains in mid December 2011. This was what her doctor in a Indonesia hospital wrote, “A recent CT scan was done which showed:

  • Pulmonary metastases – i.e., the cancer has spread to both her lungs.
  • Bilateral hydronephrosis – i.e., swelling of both kidneys due to build-up of urine. This was later found to be due to blockage of the urinary tract.
  • Mass in pelvis with suspected infiltration to bladder and rectum, peritoneum and omentum with ascites.”

The doctor in Indonesia prescribed pain killers and antibiotics.

10. In January 2012, Amy went back to a university hospital in Kuala Lumpur. A CT scan on 4 January 2011 indicated “recurrence of CA cervix with widespread metastasis with IVC (inferior vena cava) thrombous.” AMY remained in the university for 10 days and underwent two surgical procedures;

  • Installation of two stents to relieve the blockage of her urinary tubes.
  • Installation of IVC filter – an “umbrella” structure to reduce the incidence of arterial blockage caused by a blood clot. The device is made from very thin wires, having a mesh-like structure which resembles an umbrella.

In spite of all the above “treatment” and “rescue” procedures, Amy  did not get well.

On 13 January 2012 Amy and her husband came to seek our help – complaining of gas accumulation in her abdomen and not being able to move her bowels for the past few days.


Let me ask you to reflect on these questions.

  1. What do you think are the causes of all these problems? Is it the cancer or the treatments?
  2. What would happen if she just did nothing? Would she be in trouble within six months like she is in now?
  3. Is this the first “tragic case” that such a thing happened?
  4. The surgeon wrote a significant comment after the surgery – There is no tumour response to chemo-radiation therapy.” Think hard – is this the first time someone had realized that chemotherapy and radiotherapy were not effective? If they were not effective, why was the patient subjected to such treatments?  Think again – besides being  ineffective, don’t they do more harm? 

At CA Care we often come across such cases. Take time to reflect on the following cases.

They Died Soon Afterwards – After Radio-Chemotherapy

1. Cervical Cancer Stage 2A – After Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, She Died Within 1 year 8 months

Mother was 64 years old and was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix, Stage 2A in December 2000. She underwent 26 times of radiation and 6 cycles of chemotherapy. The cancer recurred after a year. She had radiotherapy again for 11 times. Her health deteriorated and she was in severe pain. Mother died 1 year and 8 months after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

What had gone wrong? Was it the treatment or the cancer that killed her?

Listen to what the daughter said.



2.    The Biggest Mistake I Have Ever Made

In his book: Cancer Recovery Guide, pg. 28, Jonathan Chamberlain wrote:

When my wife Bernadette learned that despite all the surgery, radiation and chemotherapy her tumour had returned, she was informed that she had three months to live. She was told this on 17 January. She died on 16 April. Three months  exactly.

In our conversation that evening, Jonathan said:

  • From my own experience with my wife, we were in awe of the doctors …. We were in awe of our ignorance. We assumed that the doctors were best … I realized that was the biggest mistake I have ever made – to do what the doctors advise. You learn the hard way. 
  • She (wife) suffered from chemotherapy and it killed her. She died not just from cancer. She died from cancer plus chemotherapy. She died within one year because she did everything that doctor advised her. 



Melisa Abandoned Medical Treatments, After Much Damage Being Done

Melisa-A61, was a 44-year old female.  She underwent a hysterectomy for her cancer of the cervix, Stage 1b (take note – early stage).  After the operation, she underwent 25 times of radiation treatments and one time of brachytherapy (internal therapy). Melisa ended up having to go in and out of the hospital due to pains, fevers and temperatures. Later, a scan showed that there was pus in her abdomen. A scan revealed that the cancer had spread to the lungs and liver.  Melisa ended up in a hospital in Singapore – in search for a cure. The doctor at first suggested that she undergo surgery to remove the infected parts. Melisa reasoned out how surgery could have helped her when the entire liver and lungs were infected with cancer? She declined surgery but went ahead with chemotherapy. The first shot of chemotherapy was tolerable but the second and third shots were real bad. She preferred to die rather than complete the treatments.

Listen to what she said in the following videos:




What if the patients forgo medical treatments?

1.    Cervical Cancer Stage 2A –Survived Five Years With Herbs Only, Refused Radiotherapy

This was a 70-year-old lady. She was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix, Stage 2A, in May 2000. She declined medical treatments and came to seek our help. She was on herbs. Watch the video clips below – they were recorded on 9 November 2001, 6 September 2002, 9 January 2005 and 3 February 2005. Patient had survived about five years – she did not die like the above lady who had the same type and stage of cancer and died 1 year 8 months after undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, in November of 2004, this patient had to take care of her grandchild, was under a lot of stress, decided  not to take her herbs that kept her alive all these years. Then she started to take all the “bad food.” About two months later, she suffered a relapse. Later we learned that she died.



2.  You Can Give Me Anything But Not Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

Yin was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix in 1999. This was followed by an operation. Since everything was clean, no further treatment was indicated. Barely four years later, in August 2003,Yin suffered severe pains in her backbone. The CT scan indicated a small right thyroid nodule and bilateral pleural effusion (fluid in both lungs).

Yin was 67 years old when she suffered this recurrence. Consultation with three oncologists in Kuala Lumpur yielded the same opinion – Go for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  However, the treatment would be only palliative. It would not cure her. At best it was only to promote her quality of life. The prognosis by these cancer experts was six months to live! Yin said she would rather die than undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She had seen how two of her brothers suffered and died while undergoing these treatments.

Yin’s son decided to bring her mother to see us on 23 September 2003. Yin was started on Capsule A, Cervical Tea, Utero-ovary Tea, Bone Tea, Lung Tea and C-Tea. Within six months after taking these herbs, Yin’s life was restored to normalcy and she was free of pains.

Yin died in 2011 because of a heart attack,  not because of her cancer.  She had been taking the herbs for EIGHT years.



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