Cancer of the Rectum Stage 3: Almost Nine Years on Herbs – Surgery But No Chemo or Radiation

ST (M-73) is a lady from Medan. She was 50 years old when diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2002. About a year before this diagnosis, she passed out blood in her stools. She took all kinds of herbs but the herbs did not help her.

In December 2002, she came to a private hospital in Penang and underwent an operation. The pathology indicated a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of the rectum, Duke’s Stage C (infiltrating into pararectal node). Pararectal nodes with metastatic adenocarcinoma (1/5).

ST was fitted with a colostomy bag for three months. In April 2003, the bag was removed and her colon rejoined. The doctor suggested that ST undergo radiotherapy. She refused. She told her doctor that she wanted to take our herbs.

ST came to seek our help on 18 April 2003 and was prescribed Capsule A, C-tea, GI 1 and GI 2 teas. Three months later, ST came back again and reported that she was getting better. An USG done on 4 July 2003 confirmed that everything was normal.

Since ST is from Medan, we do not get to see her often. She came once every few years. However, she continued to take the herbs over these years. On 30 December 2011, ST dropped by the centre. She was doing fine. She went to see her doctor and the doctor told her that everything is normal.



Questions to ponder

After the surgery she declined radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

  1. What could have happened if she was to undergo radiotherapy as suggested by her doctor?
  2. Would radiotherapy make any difference to her well-being today?
  3. How much better could she be with radiotherapy? Or would it result in some unforeseen, long-term side effects?