Colon Cancer Part 3: Our Privilege to Help This Determined African Lady Who Has So Much Common Sense

You wrote to me sometime in December 2011 asking for help but I hesitated and virtually did not want to take on your case. Why were you persistent in wanting to take our herbs?  Other patients would just have given up and go elsewhere. After all internet / website information are not reliable.

My mind just felt very positive towards trying the herbs. Nobody recommended me, God pointed me in the direction I needed to go.

You have been taking all these supplements before the herbs. These were: a lot of vitamin – B, D, E and K, (mostly chelated), licorice root, milk thistle, wheat grass, raw vegetable protein powder, Poly MVA, Selenium, Chelated iron tablets, broccoli sprouts, colostrums, beta glucans, Co Q10, barley juice, chorella and digestive enzymes. This is besides taking Ibuprofen (for pain) and Xeloda (Oral chemo). Are you still on them now?

I stopped taking some of them. Initially, when I started taking the herbs, I stopped all supplements because I wanted to feel the effects of the herbs. I wanted to know exactly what the herbs will make me feel. I started some of the vitamins after a month on the herbs so that I will be able to identify if need be whichever one causing a feeling/symptom.

How was your health before taking the herbs?

  1. I got intense heartburn that felt like I was having a heart-attack sometimes.
  2. Right now I have a lot of heat! I sweat all time, and I am always hot. I also feel a lot of internal heat. This started after the radiation, I got a test of my hormones and they were elevated and this puts me in pre-menopause.
  3. I don’t get my menstrual period anymore, although I got what I felt like really painful ovulation last month.
  4. I started having psoriasis all over my skin and also a skin outbreak looking like small boils behind my thigh and butt.
  5. The last ultrasound scan showed about 3 uterine fibroids the biggest was about 5cm.
  6. I rarely sleep before 4a.m., although I have gained about 10kg.
  7. I also have a bump on the right inner side of my tongue,
  8. The hospital was planning to remove the whole rectum/vagina and give a permanent colostomy, but I have declined this.  Even the oncologist agrees with me not to do the surgery.  The only thing I am planning to do is close the colostomy after the rectum heals so bowel movements can go the normal route.

Are you in pain? Describe, where, what type and how serious? 

Yes, there is pain, but it has reduced. The pain is in the rectal area, sometimes radiates to the vagina. It aches, sometimes burns. On a scale of 1-10 pain is about 5. 

Can you sleep? 

No can’t sleep. 

Do you feel tired?


How often is your bowel movement? Difficult, constipated, with blood?

Two to three times daily, normal, soft, no blood. 

How is your appetite? 

Appetite is okay, but can be better.

Any swelling?


Do you have any other medical problems such as: gastric?

Multiple uterine fibroids.

Urination: how frequent? Is it painful? Any blood?  

Six to seven  times daily. No pain. 

Do you cough?


Do you have difficulty breathing? Elaborate. 


List and explain any other complaints. 

Very dry skin. Recently I started getting eczema and acne. The bottom of my feet sometimes hurt when I walk. There is a bump on my tongue (pink).

When you started to take the herbs for the first week (r two), did you suffer from any healing crisis? Your conditions got worse and then improved later?

Yes, I had pains all over my body, headache, sore throat, mild temperature and rashes. Some of the symptoms got worse before they got better.

After how long taking the herbs that you felt you were beginning to feel the herbs were helping you?  

From the first week after using the herbs, I felt a difference and I knew that the herbs were helping me.

Why did you say you were getting better after talking the herbs?

  1. In terms of general feelings, I feel great. I am getting stronger physically,
  2.  I don’t sleep at 4 a.m. anymore. I don’t feel tired when I wake up.
  3. Basically, if not for the fistula, I have no symptoms.
  4.  I do more things myself now.
  5. Before I started the herbs, I had slight burning pains from the rectum and sometimes I had to use Ibuprofen (pain killer).  This week, I have not had that pain at all (even when I don’t use the pain tea).
  6. I can sit on a hard surface better now, prior to this moment, it was uncomfortable.
  7. My vagina does not itch anymore. Previously, it was itching so bad that I would scratch it until it bleeds. (Probably this is because you have stopped Xeloda?)  Yes, I was taking Xeloda the month before I started taking the herbs. The psoriasis on my body is also clearing up. They appeared after I started taking Xeloda.
  8. My lower abdomen was very tender upon touch, now I can press it without wincing.
  9. I definitely feel I am making positive progress both mentally and physically. I don’t know what it is but I feel happier!
  10. I tried out my shoulder and neck today. Unbelievable! Zero pain! Just five days ago I was in severe pain.
  11. I walked around for over an hour without getting tired. Before the herbs, I felt tired, and I would always get irritated and my mood changes and I become “snappy.”
  12. I am back to preparing my teas myself without help.
  13. The headache is gone as well as the sore throat and body aches. Yes, I believe it was a healing crisis. It started suddenly, got worse and then disappeared.
  14. I still have some phlegm but, it is clear in color.   It started during the healing crisis, it was milky in colour.
  15. I was able to take a bath without getting fatigued.  I typically spend an hour in the bathroom because of the colostomy. The colostomy is not regulated so, feces  come through it at anytime. Because of the difference in water temperature and body temperature, it stimulates the colon however lightly when water touches it. As I wash, it may come just when I finished washing and before I notice it it’s on my skin, I have to wash again. I could easily take a quick shower to prevent this but, if I go at a normal pace, I would start breathing hard.
  16. I don’t urinate as often as I used to! Previously, I used to urinate about every two hours or four times during the night. Now, maximum is once a night. Lately I don’t urinate throughout the night.
  17. Now, I sleep through the night without the need for urinating. Before the herbs it was difficult getting some sleep. Even if all the lights were off, I still couldn’t sleep till the early hours of the day.  Following the use of herbs, I sleep earlier, even when I try to stay up, I always become sleepy. But most importantly, even if I get six hours of sleep, I still feel very well rested upon waking up.
  18. Now I wake up and I don’t feel tired, I feel well rested.  Previously, I would wake-up, even after sleeping for nine hours and I would be tired.
  19. For me, if I didn’t have the colostomy or if the fistula was fully closed I wouldn’t remember I am healing cancer.
  20. The drainage from the fistula has reduced greatly and the mucus has also reduced. (I remember you saying that one day after the herbs the stools came out a lot into the bag, as never before?) I kept going to the bathroom and frequently too; the stool kept coming and coming like something was pushing them out. But it wasn’t diarrhea, it was soft, very frequent and in copious amount. The second night, the bag would have burst if I didn’t notice it on-time, it was that full.
  21. My nails look better!!! I was looking at them yesterday and I was admiring them because they look pretty, previously they looked terrible. They would bend and contour in odd ways.
  22. I just started sweating and felt the prickly sensation as I was typing this. It happens several times a day, even at night when I am sleeping. 

27 March 2012 

How are you doing over there? What about the fistula wound? Is it closing and improving? Then the heaty feeling inside? Does the C-tea help?

1 April 2012 

Hi Dr. Chris,
I am doing great! I cooked dinner today.  Turned out great! The only thing was, I had to keep my sweat from getting inside the pot.

The fistula is closing, the mucus barely comes out anymore and the exudate has reduced greatly. With the C-tea, I think it transfers the heat from inside the body to outside. I don’t feel the inside heat surge as much as I used to, but the sweating is a lot which is not bad. This is because,  sometimes I don’t feel the heat inside it’s only when I start sweating that I realize my body was hot. I don’t know if what I am saying makes sense? Now I look at the sweating in a positive way. I just tell myself my body is trying to get rid of all the chemo and radiation I bombarded it with. How is Auntie Im? My greetings to her. 

5 April 2012 

Thanks for your email. I am glad that you are living a happier life now —are you going to reconnect the colon? I thought you have done that already since I did not hear from you for a while. 

Okay — you have been on the herbs for more than two months now, going to be three? While on the herbs, did you also take any of the doctor’s medication? 

Compare your life now – after taking the herbs versus those days when you did not take the herbs. A lot of improvements? How do you describe your situation now? Taking the herbs indeed helped you?  Take care, Chris 

Hi Dr. Chris.

I am doing really, really well. I still expelled the dark stuff from my rectum this morning but the horrid smell is reduced.   I am not reconnecting the colon at this time. I prefer not to rush and wait a while for the rectum to heal fully. I may give it another year before deciding.

I am planning to come to Penang soon. But, I will be coming alone.  I will like to have enough money before coming so I can leave with enough herbs.

I have not taken any doctor’s medication since December last year. Now I feel strong /energetic, like I can do anything now. Well, except for my wrist. First it was the left wrist that was hurting. After a while it stopped. Now the right wrist hurts.

The herbs really, really helped the fibroids too! There is no more pressure on my bladder. I gained more weight too. People keep asking me if I am the caregiver to the patient and where the patient is. Of course I say with a huge smile I am the patient.

I thank God for His many mercies. Health is Wealth. 

One last question …

You said you felt well after taking the herbs. What if people put it to you that it is not true and that the “feel good” stuff who wrote about is just your imagination to justify what you are doing for yourself? It is not true!

Fortunately, some of the people who have cancer don’t have pain. However, for those who have pain it can leave you begging for death; even I found myself weighing the benefits of dying rather than continue to suffer the pain. If anyone has been in this kind of extreme pain, I don’t think there is anything in the world that can lead you to imagine “feeling good” when you don’t (well, maybe hypnosis, but I wasn’t hypnotized).

It’s like someone being burned alive, you know your body is healing when the pain reduces even if the scars are yet to fully heal.

When you start losing the muscles in your butt from inactivity, and then you start being active later own, your commonsense should tell you that both experiences are absolute opposites hence they are different and not imagination.

When people around you and even doctors get excited about the changes in you without telling them what you are using, then this is the most definite part proving it’s not being imagined. People are not in my head and they can see me becoming different.

When people can look at you and ask you where the patient is, and even argue with you that you are not the patient; I don’t need anyone to tell me otherwise.

When I can walk for an hour without pain when I could not walk five minutes previously, commonsense tells me things are very different and getting better.

When the pain stopped acting as my alarm clock and I was actually sleeping and waking up on my own terms…oh I knew, I knew without a doubt things were changing for the better.

I could go on, but I’ll hope you get the gist by now. With Stage 4 cancer pain, there is no imagination that can block the pain you are used to experiencing for two years. Unless maybe you are a monk or something (I apologize if that statement is rude). 


I can only say this. This young lady has a lot of common sense. She is not rushing to get herself “cured.” Let the fistula “really” heals first before doing the surgery to reconnect the colon. It is our pleasure to be able to help such an exceptional lady. I am glad that I did recognize my mistake for trying to ignore here request for help. But all the same, this story has a happy ending. May God guide us as we go forward!