Breast Cancer: When Work Stress Showed Up As Meridian Energy Imbalances

Jane (not real name, H-237) was 43 years old when she found a lump in her right breast in mid-2009. Then the lump “disappeared.” In October 2009, she “found” the lump again. She went to her GP doctor who examined her and said there was nothing amiss. But to be “safe” she was asked to go and see a specialist.

A mammogram was done – there was nothing. But USG showed a 1.2 cm lump. A biopsy was performed confirming that it was malignant. On 21 December 2009, Jane underwent a lumpectomy in addition to removing 14 of her lymph nodes. No cancer was found in the nodes. It was a Stage 1 cancer. Immunochemistry indicated that the tumour was negative for ER, PR but strongly positive for c-erbB-2. P53 was strongly over-expressed.

Jane was asked to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Based on the computer output, the oncologist told Jane that the benefit of chemotherapy and radiotherapy would be 16 percent – i.e. 16 out of 100 women are alive and without cancer because of the combined therapy.  Jane promptly refused further medical treatments and came to seek our help on 10 January 2010. Jane told us that she refused chemotherapy because she did not want to lose her hair. Moreover, her mother-in-law who had lymphoma died after two cycles of chemotherapy.

Jane was prescribed Capsule A, C-tea, Breast M and Breast L tea. In additional she was given GY5 and GY 6 tea for her 3 cm functional left ovarian cyst and a small uterine fibroid.

After her first visit in January 2010, we got to see Jane three times in 2010. Then Jane was out of our radar. We did not get to see her again until 24 May 2013, i.e. almost three years later.

Below are readings of Jane’s meridian energy as measured by the AcuGraph.

4 April 2010

1-JC-4-Apr-2010 copy

 10 September 2010

2-JC-10-Sept-2010 copy

24 May 2013

3-JC-24-May-2013 copy

 Listen to Jane explaining what life was like before, when and after she had breast cancer.



Jane was leading a life of extreme stress. Her AcuGraph readings in April and September of 2010 showed severe energy imbalances and we advised Jane to lead a more relaxed life if she wanted to survive her cancer. Jane got the message and in August 2011 Jane decided to retire from her job. And gone were her work stress and job responsibility phobia. She could sleep well. The AcuGraph reading on May 2013 showed it all.

Acknowledgment: CA Care records its sincere thanks to Dr. Adrian Larsen, President of Miridia Technology Inc., USA, for his generosity in donating a unit of AcuGraph 4 for our research. This enabled us to provide “AcuGraph reading” for our cancer patients without charge.



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