When Treatments Failed: You Need Not Die Yet! Can Eat, Can Sleep and No Pain – What More Do You Want?

Leo is a 51-year-old man. He was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum. He had  chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After the treatment his rectal tumour was resected. CT scan confirmed metastasis to his liver and Leo was asked to undergo more chemotherapy. He declined. He came to us for herbs. After being on our therapy for more than a month, Leo did another CT scan. He then wrote this email below.

1 November 2012: Dear Dr. Chris,

I’ve just taken my CT scan report. The latest report show that both my lungs cancer cells are under control, no further metastasis. But for liver, it had grown bigger from 0.7cm (CT Scan on 18 May 12) to 2.2 cm. Full report will be shown to you. Please advise should I continue to take the required herbs or need to change your prescription. I’ve started to take your herbs on 16 September 12. I want to continue taking your herbs as I am confident that your herbs do help me. By the way, the doctor is going to close my colostomy next month as they are arranging the surgery.  May God bless you.

Reply:  Thanks for your email. Let me suggest two things here:

a) You have done all the medical treatments and you have taken the herbs for a month.  Ask this question — does our therapy help you in any way. If it does NOT, there is no reason why you should hang on to what we ask you to do. Go and find someone else who can help you better. If it does, continue with what you are doing now. Don’t expect “magic” result.

b) If you wish to continue, I think it is wiser and more sensible to come and see me with all the reports and scans. Come and tell me what is actually happening and we shall see what else we can do to help you.

To me, writing emails and expecting the best, is not the way at all. Regards, Chris

Leo came to Penang on 8 November 2012. Below is what I told him that day.


The following are the gist of what I told Leo. Reflect on these points seriously if you want to be a winner.

1. Learn how to live with the cancer.

  • Cancer is not an easy disease to overcome. So far I don’t know of anybody who can assure you a cure. In this world nobody can cure cancer.
  • So we have to learn how to live with the cancer! Tell your cancer that you can stay with me but don’t disturb me. We both live together – and when I die, we die together. This is the kind of attitude I am trying to impart.
  • If you fight and fight like in a war, your body is going to suffer a lot more. The kiasu patients always want to fight and fight. If you fight may die sooner!  Tell me, where in the world – when there is a war going on, that the people don’t suffer and the country is not damaged?

2.       Yes, I am still alive and not dead yet!

  • Leo:  I was told by the doctor that I only have 6 months to live. Some months later, I met the same doctor again and she recognized me and said, “Uncle, you are still alive?” I replied, “Yes, I am still alive and not dead yet.
  • In your case, looking at the scan, you are not bad compared to others that I have seen. I have seen people with 15 cm tumour in the liver. Leo: Mine is only 2.2 cm.
  • Let me tell you of a lady with liver cancer. She went to see her doctor and was told that there would be no treatment for her. Just go home. She has only two months to live. Now she has survived more than two years without any problem. She is able to sleep well, her appetite is good and there is no pain. Life has been good all the while. What more can she ask for?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=29RVgT9CF1U#!

 3.       If you can eat, can sleep and have no pain – what else do you want?

  • Do not ask for more. This is the reality that I am telling you. Don’t be a kiasu wanting to get rid of the cancer because nobody can really do that.
  • You don’t have to die because of your cancer. Many people die because of other reasons. Walk by the roadside, a car comes along and bang you! You die. Take a bus, and the bus  plunge into a river and you die.

 4, Make a visit to the Chemo Treatment room in the hospital – what do you see there? Go, see and ask. Learn!

 5.       Don’t give up yet even if chemo had failed you.

  • The problem is you are being taught the wrong thing. Eat what you like, they say. And this makes the cancer come back again. Change your diet.
  • The herbs cannot cure you, but the herbs can help you and make you well.
  • In your case, don’t expect that after taking the herbs for about one and half months, the cancer is going to go away. No way – that’s absurd.
  • The herbs we give you are specific for your problems. You take Lung Tea for your lung, Liver Tea for your liver, etc. These herbs have helped many people but that does not mean that they will help you. It all depends on you – the individual. Healing takes more than just drinking herbs!

6.       The Story of My Buddy.

  • Listen to this video. https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2010/12/10/the-story-of-my-buddy-colon-liver-cancer/. He was my classmate in college.  It has been nine years now (since 2004) and he is still doing well. The reason of his success is because he takes care of himself – abide by the good diet!
  • Many people come to me expecting to get the same success but they want healing on their own terms. That’s ridiculous!
  • You need to play your part too – take care of your diet!

 7.       You Need to Face Reality.

  • If you come here expecting me to cure you – then this is the wrong place. But if you come here to learn how to live with your cancer so that you can live a bit longer, then this is the right place to come to.
  • That is the reason why I told you to come and see me and we discuss your problem.
  • If you really value your life, coming to Penang is no big deal. But if you think travelling for an hour or two is already too far then forget about it.
  • I am generous with those who are really interested to help themselves and want to know how to go about it. But if you want an easy free ride, then there is no reason for me to waste my time.
  • My final words. Your life is your responsibility. So take care of yourself.

After his trip to Penang, Leo returned home and wrote this email on 12 November 2012.

Hi Dr. Chris,
I’m back here in Johor. It has been a pleasure to meet you and gain a lot of knowledge from you. I totally agree with what you’ve said and will continue to take the herbs to overcome my cancer problems.

I’ve just received a mail from my FB friend stating that finally the US Doctors do admit that surgery, chemo and radiotherapy do great harm to cancer patients instead of “curing” them. All the work done previously by the doctors only INCREASE the spread of cancer tumors to other parts of the body and also make them more aggressive than the initial tumors. This article is written in Mandarin. They also agree that certain “herbs'” do better job. These will increase our body immune system. I will keep in touch from time to time. Thanks and best regards.


I am well aware that some may agree while others may totally disagree with what I have said. You are welcome to disagree!  The privilege is yours. Over the years I have read numerous books written by experts and my worldview of cancer and its treatment are shaped by I what I have read, together with the experiences of my patients.

Cure: Cure means total elimination of the disease and it will not recur. In medical literature no one talks about cure for cancer. They only talk about remission. According to Dr. Theodore Karrison, patients need to survive for 20 to 25 years before we can say they are cured. In other word, only time will tell if you are cured – no human being can! Prolong survival is not a cure. Being alive for FIVE years does not mean cure. The five years used by most doctors as a measure of cure is an arbitrary figure. There is no scientific basis of choosing this number.

Magic bullet for cancer?





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