Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumour: She can walk after herbs

Julia (not real name) came to seek our help on 20 September 2013 on behalf of a patient who was hospitalsed in a Medan hospital. The patient, JS, is the sister-in-law of Julia’s brother, who do not believe in alternative therapy!

First Visit 20 September 2013

Listen to what Julia has got to say when she first came to CA Care.


JS is a 29-year-old lady and for the past 8 months was unable to walk and needed a wheelchair to move. She was “treated” with alternative therapies which did not help her. About 3 weeks ago, she was hospitalised in a Medan hospital and was diagnosed with a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour at C4-C5. While in the hospital for 3 weeks the doctor did not provide any treatment – she just “eat and sleep” while waiting to undergo radiotherapy.

Any pain? No

Can sleep: Yes

Can eat: Yes

Tired? No

Any swelling: No

Any gastric problem? No

No diabetes or hypertension? No

Bowel movements and urination? Good

No coughs.

The only problem she has is difficulty in walking. In addition there is “humming” sound in her ears.

Second Visit 1 November 2013

After a month on the herbs, Julia came to CA Care again and reported the following:

1. Patient felt better – her body felt “lighter” and “enak (good)”.

2. There was no more humming sound in her ear.

3. She could walk better.

4. She could stand up by herself.

These improvements were observed 2 weeks after taking the herbs when the patient was still in the hospital (without any other medication). JS was discharged from the hospital and was started with radiotherapy (scheduled for 20 treatments).


Julia: I did not bring her (patient) along. She is now able to walk better. You gave me herbs for one month. Now, I am back again.

Chris: When she was in the hospital, she took herbs. At that time she did not receive any radiation treatment yet?

J: Correct, no radiation yet. Now she has so far received 9 times of radiation. She took the herbs for 2 weeks while in the hospital before she was started on radiation.

C: When taking the herbs (before the radiation) did you see any improvements?

J: Yes.

C: Can I say that she improved and is now able to walk because of radiation treatment?

J: No, no! It is because of your herbs. That  is why I am back here again for more herbs.

C: She was “drinking” the herbs while she was in the hospital?

J: Yes, but no one knows about this. We cooked the herbs at home, put them in the thermoflasks and brought them to the hospital.

C: The doctors did not know about this?

J: No, not even until now.

C: After taking the herbs while still in the hospital, she felt better – improved? Didn’t the nurses or doctors ask what you did?

J: No one asked!

Third Visit 28 February 2014


It was indeed a great surprise and also a blessing that Julia and JS came to CA Care. This is because earlier on Julia promised to bring the patient to see us if and when she gets better! She is now honoring her promise by bringing JS this time!

Listen to our conversation that day.

Julia:  I bring along the patient with me now!

Chris: You took the herbs and you can now walk?

Patient: Yes. Before taking the herbs, I was not able to walk normally. I was not even able to sit up without help. I just have to sleep on my back all day.

J: Yes, correct Doc!

C: Can you recognise people?

P: Yes, I can.

C: Any headache?

P: No.

C: When you were in the hospital, what did the doctor want to do?

J: The plan was for her to undergo an operation. But this was not done. We took your herbs instead.  Then she went for radiotherapy.

C: When you took the herbs, did the doctors not get angry?

J: We did not tell them. Actually the doctors did prescribe some medications but we did not take them. We took the herbs instead.

P: After taking the herbs for a month, I improved. I went home and we started radiotherapy after that. But I continued taking the herbs. In total I had 20 times of radiation on the back of my neck.

C: You continued taking the herbs and you can walk now?

J: Yes. In the airport, she walked out of the plane and went through the immigration and customs walking on  her own.

C: You first came here in September 2013. It is now February 2014 – about 5 months on herbs?

P: No, only 4 months on herbs.

C: And you really feel better?

J: Can walk! She walked so much and had no problem. She did not want to use the wheelchair.

C: Before this, you had to use the wheelchair?

P & J: Yes. Before the herbs.

P: Now I don’t need the wheelchair anymore. I can even wash clothes now and do the house chores like cleaning the house. Before I could not do all these.

J: Four months ago, when I first came here, I could not bring her but I did tell you that when she gets better I am going to bring her to see you!

C: Thanks so much for coming. It is amazing and I cannot believe this. Thank God for this blessing. He heals you.