Cervical Cancer: Look Up To God For Guidance

Part 1: Cervical Cancer: Oncologist said 70 percent cure if you do chemo and radiotherapy.

WD, 39-year-old, was diagnosed with Stage 2A cervical cancer. She declined chemotherapy and radiotherapy as offered by her oncologist. She came to seek our help instead. Yes, I was ready to help her through this ordeal but at the same time, this case bothered me very much. In an earlier article, I have discussed why there is no right or wrong answer for cervical cancer. WD did not want to undergo further medical treatment and she came with full hope that we at CA Care would be able to offer her an alternative method of healing.

The following are excerpts of our conversation that day:

Chris: I understand. And it is difficult for me to tell you to go or not to go for medical treatment. What can happen if you don’t go for medical treatment? It is indeed difficult for me to answer that. This is because I know that there is no cure for cancer. Of course, if you go for surgery the doctor can remove the “rotten tissue” away. But as it is the doctor did not think it was the right thing to do for you. In such a situation, I suggest that you be patient and pray. To whom do you pray?

WD: I pray to Buddha.

C: Ask Buddha what you need to do now.

WD: I have already done that. And Buddha told me to let go of my problems. Don’t harbour negative thoughts, be positive in my thinking. I would be healed.

C: Did you ask Buddha specifically if you should go for chemo and radiotherapy?

WD: Yes, I did ask that question. Buddha asked me to come and see you. I told Buddha I have 2 options – chemo or herbal therapy. Buddha told me to go for herbal therapy.

Husband: We presented the medium with two name cards – the oncologist’s name card and your CA Care name card.

WD: After meditation on the name cards, the medium said I should go to CA Care. This is because you (Dr. Teo) is my guardian angel.

C: Did you know if the medium knows about CA Care before?

WD: No, no. The medium does not know about CA Care.

Husband: We were confused and did not know what to do next. That was why we went to pray to Buddha (in Medan) and asked for his guidance. After chanting and mediation for some time the medium gave us the answer.

WD: The medium picked up your card and asked us to see you.

C: Where did you get our name card?

WD: A taxi driver gave us your card. We were waiting for the bus after coming out of the hospital. We were not going to take any taxi but somehow we met a taxi driver by the roadside and he started to talk to us. He suggested the we go to CA Care if we wanted to look for another alternative instead of chemo or radiotherapy. He then searched his taxi and found your card and gave it to us.


In life, I have always respected Spirituality. Although I am a Christian I also have high respect for other religions. So, all those who come and see us, I have this to say: Go and seek the help of your God if you need guidance. There is only that much any human being can do to help you with your cancer. At the end of it all, it is just our hands but God who really heals you.

Along the way in life, I also learned that things happen for a reason. God answers prayers, but the answer given may not be what you want to hear or understand. Over the years, I have seen patients being healed for reasons that I cannot explain. And I say – you DON’T need an explanation. What matters is it happened and that is enough. Let us turn to Spirituality for guidance.

In the case of WD. I felt I have a heavy burden on my shoulder. She was so full of hope and trust when she came to us. As much as I feel she has a fighting chance to heal herself, I cannot be sure that she will be healed because no mortal can decide that. This then becomes my nightmare. What if I mislead her? Either way, the path does not seem to be right. In the earlier article I have related some messed up cases of medical treatment for cervical cancer. I don’t want WD to end up like those unfortunate patients. Even if WD were to do nothing, I believe, based on my experience she would not be any worse than those messed-up medical cases which I have come across (see Part 1: Cervical Cancer: Oncologist said 70 percent cure if you do chemo and radiotherapy). .

I reflect on some of the cervical cases I have helped. I am glad that we could help these people. With much respect  I pray that Buddha had given WD the correct guidance when she was told to come and seek our help.

Let me share with you some of our success stories.

1.    Cervical Cancer Stage 2A –Survived Five Years With Herbs Only, Refused Radiotherapy

This was a 70-year-old lady. She was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix, Stage 2A, in May 2000. She declined medical treatments and came to seek our help. She was on herbs. Unfortunately, in November of 2004, this patient had to take care of her grandchild, was under a lot of stress and decided  not to take her herbs that kept her alive all these years. Then she started to take all the “bad food.” About two months later, she suffered a relapse. Later we learned that she died.

2. You Can Give Me Anything But Not Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

Yin was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix in 1999. This was followed by an operation. Since everything was clean, no further treatment was indicated. Barely four years later, in August 2003,Yin suffered severe pains in her backbone. The CT scan indicated a small right thyroid nodule and bilateral pleural effusion (fluid in both lungs).

Yin was 67 years old when she suffered this recurrence. Consultation with three oncologists in Kuala Lumpur yielded the same opinion – Go for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  However, the treatment would be only palliative. It would not cure her. At best it was only to promote her quality of life. The prognosis by these cancer experts was six months to live! Yin said she would rather die than undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She had seen how two of her brothers suffered and died while undergoing these treatments.

Yin’s son decided to bring his mother to see us on 23 September 2003. Yin was started on Capsule A, Cervical Tea, Utero-ovary Tea, Bone Tea, Lung Tea and C-Tea. Within six months after taking these herbs, Yin’s life was restored to normalcy and she was free of pains.

Yin died in 2011 because of a heart attack, not because of her cancer.  She had been taking the herbs for EIGHT years.

3. Melisa Abandoned Medical Treatments, After Much Damage Being Done

Melisa as discussed in Part 1 of this article had a hysterectomy for her Stage 1b cervical cancer. This was followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She ended up having to go in and out of the hospital due to pains, fevers and temperatures due to pus in her abdomen. The cancer had spread to the lungs and liver.  She went to Singapore for more chemotherapy. After the third shot of chemo she “preferred to die rather than complete the treatments.” Melisa came to seek our help and regained her health and lived for a few more years without any pain, etc. She suffered a relapse after her husband left her for another woman. She died soon after that.

4.  Cervical Cancer Stage 3B: Health Restored After Taking Herbs and Giving Up Chemo-radiation Treatments

The Ai Hoa (TAH) is a 78 year old lady from Indonesia. In May 2008 she had chocolate-coloured vaginal discharge. She consulted a gynaecologist and was told there was nothing wrong. In February 2009, the discharge recurred. She consulted another gynaecologist and was again told the same thing – nothing was wrong. (Reflect, this is the same story like WD!) Later in Singapore TAH was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She underwent concurrent chemo-radiation. TAH received 28 times of radiation treatment and 3 times of brachytherapy (internal).  Each chemo treatment was repeated weekly. The drugs used were cisplatin and 5-FU. After four doses of chemo (to receive a total of 8) TAH developed significant myelosuppression (lowering of white and red blood cells).  Chemotherapy was suspended temporarily.Her daughter read our book, Kanker: Mengapa Mereka Hidup (the Indonesian version of Cancer: Why They Live).  This led her to CA Care. After four weeks on the herbs TAH felt better.  Her facial expression improved. She could sit in her daughter’s bread shop for one whole morning. Previously she could not do so even for half an hour and had to go upstairs and lie down. TAH regained her health and decided to give up chemo and radiotherapy.


                                                    Here is The Ai Hoa – 11 January 2014.                                 She has been taking CA Care’s herbs for almost 5 years now after giving up chemotherapy and radiotherapy.