Cervical Cancer, Stage 1B spread to her lungs and liver. She was given three to six months to live

Melisa (a61) was a 44-year old lady.

1997. Melisa’s problem started when she had severe pains in the shoulder muscles. At night she had muscle cramps in the legs. She went to see a doctor who told her that nothing was wrong and that she had been working too hard. She should take a holiday and relax. Some months later she did her annual pap smear. Her doctor said everything was alright.

A few months later, she suffered severe, heavy bleeding. The blood discharge had clots and it flowed out rather suddenly and wet the entire floor of the bathroom.

October 1998.  She went to see a gynaecologist at a private hospital. A biopsy confirmed she had cancer. She underwent a hysterectomy. The pathology report dated 2 October 1998 stated the following:

Hysterectomy specimen: uterus and cervix including short vaginal cuff and parametrium together with both appendages weighing in toto 160 grams. 

The cervix showed a whitish fleshy friable tumour invading almost the entire length and thickness of its wall measuring 5 x 2 x 1.5 cm. The ectocervix and lower uterine segment were also found to be invaded. The vaginal cuff and parametrium were grossly free from any tumour invasion. 

Interpretation: 1. Adenosquamous cell carcinoma of cervix with micrcoscopic  invasion of parametrium but vaginal cuff was clear. Figo Stage 1b.  2. Metastatic involvement of one left internal iliac node.

Remark: altogether twelve right pelvic node and eight left pelvic nodes were received. 

After the operation, she underwent radiation treatments in a hospital in Penang. She suffered badly from the radiotherapy. Barely two months afterwards, Melisa ended up having to go in and out of the hospital due to pains, fevers and high temperatures. Later, a scan showed that there was pus in her abdomen. The doctor extracted out the pus. She was well for a while. Then, a scan revealed that the cancer had spread to her lungs and liver.

Melisa ended up in a hospital in Singapore – in search for a cure. The doctor at first suggested that she underwent a liver surgery to remove the infected parts. Melisa reasoned out how surgery could have helped her when the entire liver and lungs were infected with cancer? She declined surgery but went ahead with chemotherapy. The first shot of chemotherapy was tolerable but the second and third cycles were really bad. She preferred to die rather than complete the entire regimen.

One of her employee told Melisa to seek the help of a Dr.Teo. On 19 March 2000, Melisa came to see us.  At that time she could hardly walk.

We requested to have an interview with Melisa so that we can share her healing experience with others. She agreed. On 14 June 2001 at 4 p.m. a video-taped interview was conducted. Let Melisa herself tell you of her healing experience.

Tell us about your experience of radiotherapy that you had in Penang.

I underwent 25 times of radiation treatment and one session of “internal treatment”. For this internal treatment, three long probes were inserted into me and I had to lie on the bed for 72 hours in a special room – immobilised. During that treatment the doctor visited me once. This was an experience that I would not wish to go through again.

I suffered badly from the radiation treatments. I had sore mouth, was constipated and the anus bled. Sometimes I had diarrhoea. I felt like having a fire inside me. I could not eat or sleep. I vomited. Every morning when I woke up, I dread the thought of having to go through the radiation treatment again.

After the radiotherapy, were you cured or did you feel better?

No. Barely two months past, I spent time in and out of the hospital. I had pains, fevers and high temperatures. The doctor did not know exactly what was wrong with me. Then later, another doctor in the same hospital took a scan and detected that I had pus in my abdomen. I was hospitalised for eight days and the doctor extracted out some 600 ml of pus from my abdomen. He did it three times. Then I was alright.  A few months later, during a follow-up visit, a scan showed that the cancer had spread to both my liver and the lungs. 

What did the doctor say about the cancer that had spread? How serious was it?

The doctor told me that both these organs had numerous dots and at least thirty spots were visible. They were the sizes of five, ten and twenty cents coins.

There was nothing the gynaecologist could do for me. I went to consult a doctor at the cancer hospital. He told me that I could do chemotherapy as a palliative measure but in my case there was no hope for a cure. This was the last stage cancer. I was told to go and make out my will.  My gynaecologist was a nice person – he tried to find doctors elsewhere for me to proceed further with my treatments. At last, I landed in Singapore.

Tell us about your treatment in Singapore.

The oncologist at first suggested that I had surgery to remove those infected parts. On consultation with my Penang doctor, I asked the oncologist how surgery could remove all those spots in the liver. The oncologist replied: Who is the cancer doctor, I or your doctor in Penang? I refused to have the surgery but agreed to go along with chemotherapy.

Before doing the chemotherapy, were you told what this treatment is all about? The side effects and benefits.

No. I had all along believed that the treatment was to kill and get rid of the cancer cells. I was not told that the treatments would be difficult and I had to suffer such side effects. The doctor did not carry out any further test or diagnosis. The appointment was fixed and chemotherapy started the next day “otherwise the cancer cells would spread more” (that was what the doctor told me). I was scheduled to do six cycles divided into 12 shots, i.e. 2 injections represent one cycle. I did not know what drugs were used on me.

(It is indeed most regrettable that Melisa was not able to produce the scan of her metastatic condition. Her Singapore oncologist kept the medical report and scan films. She requested that these be returned to her. Unfortunately, the oncologist refused telling Melisa that she had not completed her chemo-treatments and that he would not be able to return those films and report. This same oncologist also did not disclose the chemo-drugs used on her (many patients also told similar things about this same doctor. This was not an isolated case experienced by Melisa alone). 

Point to ponder: The report and films rightly belong to Melisa. She brought them along to Singapore. How could it become the property of the oncologist? Why did the doctor want to keep her record? We wonder if such conduct is humane/ethical or what? Informed consent means that the doctor is supposed to explain the consequences of the treatment plan to their patients – telling them of both the good and the bad). 

Tell us what was it like to be on chemotherapy?

 It is very difficult to put in words the sufferings I had to endure.

The first chemo-short was tolerable. I felt sleepy, tired and groggy. I did not vomit but I could not sleep.

The second and third shots were really bad. Everything seemed not right. Sitting down was also not right, standing up was also not right. I could not sleep. In whatever position I was in, I just did not feel right. I could not eat. I felt something was blocked in the chest. The stomach felt bloated and there was wind trying to push out. Sometime I vomited.  It was difficult to breathe. My hair dropped off every time I bathe and it blocked the drainage hole of the bathroom. When I stood up I felt like falling down. I could not get into the car – felt giddy and the world spinning around me.

Under such a situation I felt I would rather die. Remaining alive had no meaning any more.

Having got to go through that agony, what did the doctor say about the chances of your cure?

He said it all depends on me. He did not know what my chance was. He said I should be lucky if I could live for three to six months. If I survive then he would give me more chemos. I came to understand that I was given chemo to prolong my life for three to six months. The doctor also told me that if I die I would not die in pain if I had chemotherapy.

(Point to ponder:  Chemotherapy was given to Melisa  just to prolong her life for three to six months? And when she dies, she is NOT supposed to die in pain, if she had chemotherapy. Right? Is that logical? What about the sufferings she had to endure while on chemotherapy? Also, if she survived – she would need to have more chemos? Where is the cure? When is the chemotherapy going to stop – when she dies?) 

How much did it cost you to get your treatment?

One shot of chemotherapy (given over two times) cost me S$6000, i.e. RM 12,000. In addition I have to pay for other costs – like blood test, hospital, hotel, travel etc. So, all in all, each visit to the hospital cost me about RM 15,000 to 20,000.

After all these sufferings and expenses, did your health improved?

No. I was not better at all. I felt miserable. I could not work. I could not do what I like. I had to stay home. I could not even walk out to the gate of my house for lack of strength.  I could not sleep and I could not stand up for long. I felt heaty inside. When I put on the air-con full blast, my head felt cold. When I put off the air-cond, I felt I was on fire. In the middle of the night I stood or sat by the window looking out into the darkness and felt the cool air. I wondered if life is worth living. Life has no more meaning – to be alive like this. I knew I was dying.

Did you gave up chemotherapy?

No. Not yet. Then, one nice worker of mine, who worked in the factory came and told me about CA Care which is right in Penang and which I did not even know about.  Since I have NO other avenues  – To do chemo also die, not to do chemo also die  – I then decided to come and see you.

What happened after you came to see us and took the herbs? This is what happened after I took the herbs that you prescribed.

The first day, nothing spectacular happened. I only started to urinate a lot and felt a bit better. The urine was smelly. Before the herbs the urine was always heaty.

The second day on the herbs, I vomited. Anyway, I kept telling myself. This was to get rid of something in me. I still urinated a lot.

The third day was great. I felt the muscle in the neck had loosened up. I was able to put on my dress and went to my office. Before the herbs I was not able to go to my office. Also I was not able to sit in the car. Now I could do all these. Even my office worker was surprised and asked me if I was already well. I felt elated and confidence grew within me. I knew I was on the right path to healing.  From that day on I felt better and better.

Then, did you continue with your chemotherapy?

I felt better with the herbs. I was in a dilemma – not sure if I should continue with the chemotherapy or not. I asked your opinion but you (Dr. Teo) were non-committal. I went to consult my gynaecologist and seek for more information. It was then that I learnt that chemo-drugs are actually poisons. They not only kill the cancer cells, but also kill the good cells and may destroy the vital organs in my body. All along I thought that chemo-drugs kill only the cancer cells and they would cure me. If this was what it is, I reasoned that all these treatments would damage the organs in my body. How could my body recover from the cancer? I could NOT sleep the whole night and was unsure of what to do. My husband also told me that I had to make up my own mind and decide for myself. At last, I came to the decision NOT to continue with the chemotherapy.

When you decided to stop the chemotherapy – were you under pressure to change this decision? Yes. Many people said many things to me. The problem is that all these comments came from people who NEVER experience the sufferings – they did not know what it was like to suffer from those chemo-drugs. Then the nurse from the Singapore oncologist called me THREE times asking me to come back and complete my treatments. In addition, the oncologist personally talked to me TWICE over the phone telling me to come and complete the treatment. They told me that it would be dangerous if I did not complete the treatment. However, I was firm in my decision. In the last conversation with the oncologist, I told him that I have NO MORE MONEY to pay for the treatments. With that, no more calls came from his office. My ploy to get him off my back worked!

After you gave up chemotherapy and were on the herbs – did you take any other herbs as well?

No. I was firm with this. There were many kind-hearted and well meaning people who came and told me about who is good or what is good for me. I listened to them but I was firm on taking your herbs only. Some people commented that I have been taking the herbs for so long and I should change them for something else. There is no reason to. The herbs helped me and l kept taking them.

Now, Melisa – you have been on the herbs for about 1 year 3 months now. Did you at any one time experience any difficulty?

No. I felt better with each day. Before I had cancer I was very active – running around like a horse. Then when I was sick I could not do anything – could not even walk to the toilet. Now, I am back to almost normal like I was before – running around again like the same horse before. I drove by myself to Johor Baru, Kelantan, Trengganu, etc. I flew to Hong Kong. I drove my four-wheel drive into the hills. I visited my durian plantation. I played golf and carried my own golf bag. I worked in my factory and office from morning till night. I felt normal and I did not worry about my illness at all. I know I am alright now.

Did you go back to see your doctor for any check up?

 No. I used to meet my doctor and he asked me to go back to the hospital and do a scan every six months. He also called me in the office. I said, yes, yes and smiled. Once, I asked my doctor: what would you do if the scan shows that I have a tumour inside me? He said, well go for chemotherapy. No, another chemotherapy is not the answer for me.

Melisa, tell us what do you think is the secret of your healing success?

I believe three factors had contributed to my healing. One – 30 percent was due to my full confidence and faith in the healer. If I have difficulty and if it concerned medical procedures, I went to see my gynaecologist and if I have problems related to my cancer I come to see you (Dr.Teo).

Two – 50 percent, was due to the herbs. They helped me from day one of my taking them. I felt the effects almost immediately. From day three I was able to go to my office. From then on I knew that the herbs were good and right for me. I have no doubt about that.

Three – 20 percent was due to my mental attitude. After I came and see you I knew that I have found my way to healing. I was happy and I did not worry any more. I took life positively. I became well. I look forward to living another 20 years and more. For now, I am hoping to build up my company – bigger and bigger. And I shall continue to take the herbs without fail. In fact, I need to tell you this. I took the capsules A and B five times a day instead of three. I kept the herbs in the office, in the car and by my bed. I took the teas using ten spoonfuls instead of six spoonfuls as you told me to take. I took MORE herbs and never less. Some friends said that the herbs were smelly, tasted so awful and I should look out for better alternatives. I must say I should thank the herbs for helping me. In fact, I figured that I hope to be able to take the herbs for the next twenty years or more. I have my hope.  I have my vision and my dreams. I know where I am going.

Melisa related to us two interesting episodes.    

A nurse in the gynaecologist’s office called Melisa’s office one day. She discretely asked the operator if Melisa was still alive. Her staff replied that her boss was still around and had gone to Hong Kong. The nurse asked if she went to Hong Kong for medical treatment. No, no….on business.

Melisa told us that many of her friends never believed that she had cancer in the first place! On day, one medical doctor came into her office and asked her husband if there was a lady in his office who had cancer and was supposed to die but had recovered instead. Her husband said it was his wife. At the time Melisa walked into the office and the doctor burst out: Who said that people who had cancer need to die? 


We rejoice in this healing. We pray that God will show Melisa His grace and blessing for many more years to come.

It was with sadness that about two years later, Melisa’s urinary track failed and she had stents installed. She was told that this was caused by her earlier radiation treatment.  Then her husband found another woman and this led to a divorce. Melisa died soon afterwards.