Cervical Cancer: My wife died

Jonathan Chamberlain’s wife, Bernadette, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1993. She underwent surgical investigation, radiation and chemotherapy and was dead exactly a year later. There is no doubt that she died as much from the treatment as from the cancer itself. Looking back, Chamberlain feels that the biggest mistake they made was to do what the doctors advised because Bernadette could not have died sooner if they had done nothing.

In his book: Cancer Recovery Guide, pg. 28, Jonathan Chamberlain wrote:

When my wife Bernadette learned that despite all the surgery, radiation and chemotherapy her tumour had returned, she was informed that she had three months to live. She was told this on 17 January. She died on 16 April. Three months exactly.

I had a chance to talk with Jonathan when he visited CA Care in 2009. In our conversation one evening by the beach, Jonathan said:

  • From my own experience with my wife, we were in awe of the doctors …. We were in awe of our ignorance. We assumed that the doctors were best … I realized that was the biggest mistake I have ever made – to do what the doctors advise. You learn the hard way. 
  • She (wife) suffered from chemotherapy and it killed her. She died not just from cancer. She died from cancer plus chemotherapy. She died within one year because she did everything that doctor advised her.


Link to Jonathan’s website: http://www.fightingcancer.com/biography.htm