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The author, Carolyn Gross is the founder of Creative Life Solutions, and an award-winning international speaker, trainer, and holistic coach with more than twenty years of experience as a CranioSacral therapist and facilitator for wellness retreats. She is the past president of the National Speakers Association of San Diego and also the author of staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos.

In the summer of 2003, Carolyn was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer (with a 3.5 cm lump). Always proactive with her healthcare and conscientious about annual mammograms, she found herself referred to a specialist who proposed the same treatment her grandmother had received thirty years ago—complete mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy. Her diagnosis traumatized her.

Her specialist (surgeon) announced…”your cancer is advanced, you should have been on my operating table 2 years ago…you have no option but a complete mastectomy: the tumour is too large for anything else. And this is a high-risk surgery. There are no guarantees.” Her oncologist also concurred with the surgeon…”after the mastectomy; we’ll begin full courses of radiation and chemotherapy, and then reconstructive surgery….and also there are no guarantees.”

Carolyn left the ordeal wondering, how do people survive the medical system?

Healing cancer without surgery is a huge undertaking. How did Carolyn find the confidence to not have the traditional surgery and chemotherapy recommended by three doctors? Where did she find the power to do things differently?

As a determined and informed consumer, she conducted research that led her to Mexico, where she met Dr. Geronimo Rubio, a physician whose successful treatment has helped hundreds. Her results were remarkable as well. Within a year her cancer was gone. She kept her breast and her hair and was spared the physical horrors breast cancer patients often suffer. Four years later, she is cancer-free and still going strong.

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The author believes that when it comes to diseases and selecting treatments, our free will and power of choice are important factors that most people don’t fully utilize. Many patients let doctors dictate how long they will live, how their lives will be changed, and even what they should believe. When engaging in the battle with cancer, you need to claim your place of power…and not after certain treatments are underway or completed.

The treatment option Carolyn chose to heal her stage 3 breast cancer was immunotherapy, using a customized vaccine created from her own cancer cells. So off to Mexico she went—to the Rubio Cancer Center, Tijuana where Dr. Geronimo Rubio, MD has been treating cancer patients with his own treatment regimen which he calls “integrated therapy” for the past 25 years.

Dr Rubio uses a broad spectrum of treatments from low doses of radiation and chemotherapy, vaccine injections to stimulate production of new white blood cells, diet to keep the tumour from growing and a strong detoxification to flush the body. The core treatment is the making of customized cancer vaccines that educate the immune system to attack and destroy the cancer. Essentially, it is cancer treatment without surgery. And this is what Carolyn Gross did.

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In addition to the above cancer vaccine treatments, Carolyn follows a strict nutrition and detoxification regime as she believes that diet is important as “consuming the wrong foods can make us sick and cause our organs to malfunction.” She stayed away from sugar and processed foods as cancer cells are nourished by them which later produce inflammation that promote tumour development.

Besides taking anti-oxidants to protect cells from free radicals, Carolyn also advise cancer patients to have a regular detoxification program during and after cancer treatments. This can be in the form of juice and teas fasting, salt baths, coffee enemas and colonics, massage and regular movement (i.e. exercise) as movement is the heart muscle of the lymph system.

The author is also a strong advocate of “quelling emotional storms.” According to her, “emotional storms can be a strange ride because we often don’t know when they are going to surface…and if you are going through hell…don’t stop! Just keep right on going, and you’ll ride it out.” Anger weakens the functioning of the cells, so getting rid of anger is a huge and necessary step. 

Carolyn has survived breast cancer for 10 years already without undergoing the conventional slash, burn and poison treatment methods in the USA. Instead she went to Mexico for the customized vaccine treatment (together with low dose radiation and chemotherapy) coupled with a strict nutrition and detoxification protocol. Is she “cured” according to the conventional cancer treatment wisdom?

Yes, she had a choice. Carolyn Gross has treated and beaten her breast cancer.