Thyroid & Breast Problems: Let Your Will Be Done!

KC is a 58-year-old Christian worker from Thailand. She had problems with her thyroid since high school days. She was on medication for some 10 years. Then she had surgery followed by medication again. The problem persisted. At one time, while in the United States, she was scheduled for radiotherapy. After reflection and prayer, KC declined the treatment and told the doctor that she would wait until she returns to Thailand to make that decision. Eventually she did not go for any radiation.

KC’s problems remained unresolved:

  1. She had difficulty sleeping.
  2. She became emotional and would cry easily.
  3. She felt uneasy and lethargic.

In April 2012, blood oozed out from her right breast. She consulted her Thai doctor who sent her for a mammogram and USG.

Mammography indicated: “Multiple punctate microcalcification scattering at both breasts and two tiny round calcifications at the left breast.”

USG indicated: “A lobulated hypoechoic at R3-4 position, about 7.4 x 6.7 x 8.2 mm in size and a 0.5 cm cyst at the left -6 position.”

Initially the doctor suggested a “wait and see” strategy. The mass in KC’s breast did not grow in size. Some months later, KC was scheduled for breast surgery. Something amazing happened.

She was wheeled into the operation theatre and was about to be administered the anesthesia when the surgeon walked in and said the he would not proceed with the surgery. KC was sent back to the ward and discharged! Nobody knew why the surgeon made this U-turn.

Later KC met Mary, a lady  from Penang who is also involved in mission work. Mary brought KC to CA Care. KC was prescribed herbs. Her health improved. Two years and 3 months after KC’s first visit to seek our help we had this conversation:

Video 1: Let Your Will Be Done Part 1: Thyroid Problem


Video 2: Let Your Will Be Done Part 2: Breast Problem


Some say miracles do not happen in this modern scientific age. Some say, stories like this are just mere coincidence. To me, I say it is God’s miracles. God performs miracles for a reason that we cannot understand.

Let me confess to you first: I am a Christian and I view life as God-guided and God-blessed.

At CA Care, over the past 19 years, I have seen big and small miracles happening very often – much beyond what modern science can explain. But of course if one is “blind” to miracles then one cannot “see” God’s grace.

Over the years, I have come to understand that every single thing in our life happens for a reason. And it happens for our own good – there is a message behind each of this episode. It is up to us to find out what lesson we can learn from it and improve ourselves. Again, if we are not prepared to learn, we learn nothing.

I have come to understand and believe that God cares for all of us – you and me. You don’t have to carry the label of a religion to experience God’s grace and blessing. God loves everyone. I have seen great miracles happen to non-Christians! I want to believe that in Heaven there is NO religion anymore!

As I reflect on KC’s story above, I feel God’s grace and guidance. Let me invite you to reflect on these:

  1. When KC was in the US, she was scheduled for radiotherapy. She prayed about this and decided to return home to Thailand first. Up to this day, she did not receive any radiation but her health became normal!
  2. KC was on the operation table ready to have her breast removed. The surgeon came it and decided to abort the surgery! I have asked KC if she knew why the surgeon aborted the surgery. She said, “NO.” But KC did tell God, “If this is what you want me to go through, so be it. Let Your will be done.” So God has shown His love to  KC, His servant, in an amazing way!
  3. Did God not open the heart of Mary who heard of KC’s need for help? What if Mary was “blind” or “insensitive” to the needs of KC?
  4. What if KC has a mind of her own and would not want the help offered to her?

As a healer, I did not only see miracle in KC’s life. I also see God’s miracles  in my life. I am being blessed for being able to help others. Let Your will be done, Lord.