Benefit of chemotherapy for colon cancer revised from 3% to 4% and then 40%

PY is a 57-yer old male. He passed out blood in his stools. Unfortunately the doctor told PY there was nothing to worry about. “You look healthier than I am” the doctor assured PY. But it was not to be. A colonoscopy on 19 May 2014, indicated cancer of the rectum.


PY underwent a laparoscopic surgery. The histopathology report of 28 August 2014 confirmed a “moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma, T3No, Duke B” of rectal and sigmoid colon.

Initially the surgeon told PY that since it was a Stage 2 cancer follow up chemotherapy was optional. It was up to PY if he wanted to undergo the treatment or not. However, later the surgeon came to another conclusion – PY needed chemotherapy after all.

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