Liver Cirrhosis: Five years on, still doing fine

CL was told that she was a hepatitis C carrier. That was 10 years ago, when she was 50 years old. She did nothing about it – perhaps nothing meaningful could be done anyway? On 31 March 2009, CL did a blood test. Her liver function deteriorated badly.

Alkaline phosphatase 355 H
Total bilirubin 22 H
GGT 139 H
AST 118 H
ALT 90 H
Alpha-fetoprotein 39 H


CT abdomen on 15 April 2009 indicated: Liver cirrhosis with portal hypertension. Small haemangioma, right lobe of liver.

The doctor asked CL to have interferon injections – a total of about 50 injections, costing about RM40,000 plus. According to the doctor, CL had a 50:50 chance (what does that mean?). CL promptly declined further medical treatment.

CL then went to seek the help of Dr. Ishak (deceased, medical doctor practising alternative medicine). CL received ozone treatment, coffee edema, etc. After 3 days, CL was told to come and see us for further management.

CL came to CA Care on 8 May 2009 and was prescribed Capsule A + B,  Liver 1 & 2 teas and LL-Tea.

September 2009: Four months on the herbs, CL was more comfortable, more energetic, slept better.

November 2009: Blood test showed improved liver function (see table below).

December 2014: Five years and 7 months later:  CL’s son came to seek our help. This time not for CL but for his father (CL’s husband) who had colon-liver cancer.  The first thing  we did was to enquire about CL’s health.

Chris: More than 5 years now. Is your mother okay?

Son: Yes, she is okay. Doing very well.

C: Did she go and see the doctor for her liver problems?

Daughter-in-law: No, no, no.

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Compare the blood test results over the years

  Alkaline phosphatase Total bilirubin GGT AST ALT Alpha-fetoprotein
31 Mar 2009 355 22 139 118 90 39
Started on herbs on 8 May 2009
10 Nov 2009 144 20 105 101 84 30
18 May 2010 140 17 76 99 71 24
21 Feb 2011 159 26 60 124 69 28.8
26 Mar 2012 142 22 43 64 28 n/a



  1. Some people want others to believe that taking herbs is not “scientifically proven” stuff that can lead to liver or kidney damage. When CL came to seek our help her liver was already “real bad.” And if taking herbs would cause liver damage, then CL would not have survived 5 years. Her liver would have gone “kaputt” by now – considering that herbs would further add to the damage! But instead CL’s liver was getting better.
  2. The doctor suggested 50 injections that would cost her some RM40,000.
  3. There was an Indonesian patient with hepatitis B who came to seek our help. She had received interferon injections. After some months the doctor gave up and told her to stop it, otherwise she was told she would die from the treatment! This patient took our herbs and became better. Click this link to hear her story:
  4. Let’s look at the “opportunity cost.” What can happen if CL were to take the injection? Can her liver condition deteriorate like the Indonesian lady mentioned above? Money lost and liver kaputt?
  5. The question to ask – would the RM 40,000-treatment cure CL? The doctor said, she had a 50:50 chance! Honestly, I don’t understand what the means! Chance of curing or chance of getting worse?
  6. If CL was to ask me then, what her chances would be if she were to follow our therapy, I would have said: “I don’t know! We shall try our best to help you.” I would rather be sincerely honest with her. At CA Care we don’t want to mislead patients by using unsubstantiated, glowing statistics. In other words, we are NOT here trying to push our herbs!