Ovarian Cancer: Refused chemotherapy but still healthy after three plus years!

A few days before the Chinese New Year, 2015;  SLK, her husband and daughter visited our centre. It was indeed a pleasant surprise for us. SLK walked in and cheerfully greeted us but we could not recall who she was. However, we could faintly remember her husband.

The last time we saw SLK was about three and half years ago, November 2011. Now, here in front of us was SLK again – smiling and saying that she was doing great all these years. Listen to our conversation that day.



Chris: When did you come to Penang.

SLK: Two days ago.

C: How long are you staying in Penang.

S: Till 23 February and going home on 24 February.

C: Why did you come to Penang this time?

S: I miss Penang. In Penang I want to come and see Dr. Chris.

C: You first came to see us in October 2011. It has been …

S: Three and a half years ago.

C: I am indeed very surprised … I don’t believe this!

S: Why don’t you believe?

C: Well, when you first came you had a swollen leg after being discharged from the hospital and you could not walk. The doctor gave you Warfarin and then asked you to go for chemo. You refused. What did the doctor say when you refused chemo?

S: I never went back to see the doctor again.

C: Did he tell you, if you don’t do chemo you might die?

Husband: No, he did not say that.

C: For your swollen leg and pain, the doctor gave you medication.

S: The doctor’s medication did not help. I took your herbs instead.

C: After that you did the e-Therapy. A few days later, you could walk, no pain. You then went home (to Indonesia) Now, you are back here after three and a half years.

S: I took your herbs for nine months.

C: Did the herbs help you?

S: Yes, I got better. The swelling of my leg subsided.

C: Did you take any other medications besides our herbs?

S: No, only your herbs.

C: Did you take care of your diet?

S: Yes, I followed your dietary guideline.

C: Did the doctor say you must go for chemotherapy?

S: Yes, must do chemotherapy. But I refused.

C: Did he not get angry?

S: I never went back to see him again!

C: Did you consult with any doctor in Indonesia?

S: No, no doctor.

Praise God

C: You can eat, can move around, no pain — what else can you ask for? Praise God for this. God helped you. But remember, if you ask God to help but you do not want to help yourself first, then it is useless. Help yourself first and then ask God to help you. It is indeed amazing.

S: Thank you very much doctor for helping me.

C: Yes, we need to thank God for this.

S: When we arrived in Penang, I told myself “I want to go and see Dr. Chris”.

C: Praise God. I am real happy to be able to help you. Take care.

Her Earlier Story

SLK was 49 years old then. She had  a 19 x 16 x 7 cm right ovarian cyst with nodules within it. She underwent a hysterectomy at a private hospital in Penang. Histopathology report confirmed a clear cell adenocarcinoma and endometriosis.

She was in the hospital for 8 days and things did not turn out right for SLK.

  • After being discharged from the hospital, SLK suffered cramps and muscle pull in her left thigh. She had to be hospitalized again. This time it was for 6 days.
  • Unfortunately the pains and discomforts in her leg did not go away. The doctor told her that he had done his best and could not offer any more help.
  • The next day, on 20 October 2011, a desperate SLK and her family came to CA Care. They wanted us to help SLK with the pain in her leg. Unfortunately there were no medical reports and we did not know what had happened. We told the family to go back to the doctor and ask for all the medical records.
  • SLK came back to Penang again and saw her doctors (the surgeon and blood specialist-oncologist) on 18 November 2011. The oncologist asked her to continue taking the Warfarin for another six months and this time with an increased dosage. The doctor said she would be cured after six months.  In the meantime, SLK was asked to undergo chemotherapy for her ovarian cancer.
  • SLK refused chemotherapy. She also did not want to take the Warfarin anymore.
  • On 23 November 2011, SLK and her husband came to see us again with all her medical reports.
  • SLK was prescribed herbs and at the same time underwent the e-Therapy.
  • After three times of e-Therapy, SLK could walk. The swelling of her leg subsided. SLK said, “Previously if I walked, my left leg became swollen. I could now walk to the market and also travel by bus. I felt lighter when I walked. Before coming to CA Care I could not walk like I do now.”
  • Husband, “Now she can walk so far – from Gurney Park to Pulau Tikus market – with no problem. Before your treatment, we had to take a taxi to come and see you. Now we just take the bus and walked wherever we want to go.”

We did not get to see SLK again after that … until February 2015!

For more details: We have written about SLK’s e-Therapy experience earlier, https://cancercaremalaysia.com/2011/12/18/ovarian-cancer-after-surgery-left-leg-swollen-painful-and-uncomfortable-herbs-and-e-therapy-helped-her/